2. An American Tail ( U) 3pm. 6. 15pm. The Name at the Rose ( 18)8. 10pm. WEDNESDAY 6: 1. La Dolce Vita 2pm. 7.30pm. Raising Arizona ( 15) 5.30pm. 2. An American Tail ( U ) 3pm. 6. 15pm. The Name 01 the Rose ( I8)8. IIlpm. THURSDAY 7: 1. Raising Arizona ( 15) 2.30pm.5.3(1pm. Cry Freedom (PG) 7.30pm. 2. An American Tail (L') 3pm. 6. 15pm. The Name oithe Rose ( 18) 8. 10pm.


I EDINBURGH FILM GUILD Filmhouse. Lothian Road. 228 2688. The annual membership fee of £15 allows free admission to all main season films and discount prices on other (iuildcvenls. Sun 13: The Glenn Miller Story ( L; ) 5.30pm. I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY FILM SOCIETY Contact: Societies Centre. The Pleasance. 667 1011 ext-1514. A 24-houranswering service (557 0436) gives details ofthe programme week by week. Membership is open to anyone: students ()APs LIB-10s pay an annual subscription ()1 £ 10. Those in employment pay £15. The holder is entitled to admission to the weekly diet of three double bills. (iuest tickets may be purchased in ELSA shops at Teviot Row. Mandela Certtre. David Ilume Tower. I’GSIJ. The l’leasance and King's Buildings Shop.

Fri 11: Queen Kelly ( PG) 6.45pm andA Streetcar Named Desire ( 18) 8.40pm. I’leasance.

Sun 13: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension ( PG) 6.45pm and When the Wind Blows ( PG ) 8.35pm. George Square Theatre.

Wed 16: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman(15) 6.45pm and Something Wicked This Way ComeS(l’(i)8.35prn. Pleasance.


Crescent. 225 5366. Members £1.


Thurs 17: Strictement Personnel 6pm. 8.30pm.


I CAMEO Home Street.

Fri 11: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid ( 15) and TheJerk(15) 11.15pm.

Sat 12: Eraserhead(15) and The Crazies (18) 11.15pm.

Fri 18: Poltergeist ( 18) and Poltergeist II: The Other Side ( 18) 11.15pm.

Sat 19: Diva ( I8) and Stop Making Sense (PG) 11.15pm.

NB No Late Shows 25 and 25 Dee or I and2 Jan.

I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road.

Sat 19: The Blues Brothers ( 15) and Ferris Bueller's Day 011(15) 11.15pm.


I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk.0324 23805.

1. Bigioot and the HendersonS(PG)

2. l0pm.5.10pm. 8.10pm: Sun5. 10pm. 8.10pm.

2. Roxanne (PG) 2.05pm. 5.05pm. 8.05pm: Sun 5.05pm. 8. .05pm.

3. Dirty Dancing ( 15) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm:Sun 5pm. 8pm.

From 26 Dec: Masters ol the Universe (PG) NB Cinemas closed 25 Dec and 1 Jan. No final performances on 31 Dec.


I CANNON Titchfield Street. Kilmarnock. 0563 37288.

1. Bigioot and the Nendersons (PG) 2.40pm. 5.45pm. 8.20pm: Sun 7.15pm.

2. Until 24 Dec: Dirty Dancing ( 15) 2.50pm. 5.45pm. 8.30pm: Sun 7.20pm.

From 26 Dec: Masters of the Universe (PG) 3. lnnerspace (PG) 2.30pm. 5.30pm. 8.10pm: Sun 7.30pm.

NB Cinemas cosed 25 Dec and 1 Jan.

I KELBURNE Glasgow Road. Paisley. 889 3612.

1. Until 17 Dec: lnnerspace (PG)

From 18 Dec: The Rescuers (U) (matinées only). Outrageous Fortune ( 15) 9pm.

2. Until 17 Dec: Full Metal Jacket( 18)

From 18 Dec: lnnerspace (PG)

NB Cinemas closed 25 and 26 Dee and 1 Jan. Matinees only on 24 and 31 Dec.

I LA SCALA Ilamilton Street. Saltcoats. 0294 63345 ID] Cinema 1 . £1.50 Child/OAP 75p.

1. Angel Neart( 18) 7.45pm.

2. Hope and Glory ( 15) 6pm and 8.05pm.

I OOEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. 0292 264 049. [D] £2.50: (.‘hiId/UB-IlllOAP

£1 .50 (no concessions for last performance Fri and Sat).

1. Spaceballs (PG) Except Mon 14: 10pm. 4.35pm. 6.50pm. 8.55pm.

Mon 14 only: ‘Round Midnight ( 15) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm.

2. Jaws: The Revenge (PG) 2.211pm. 4.30pm. 6.45pm. Dirty Dancing (15) 8.55pm.

3. lnnerspace (PG) 2. 15pm. 5.30pm. 8.10pm.

Nb Cinemas closed 25 Dec and Han. Matinees only 24 and 31 Dee.

I OOEON Townhead Street. I lamilton. ()698 283 802. ID] cinemas 2&3. Fri/Sat £2.50 Child/OAP £1.40. Sun-Thurs £2.30 Child/OAP £1.30. Mon—Fri until 6pm UB40£1.

1. lnnerspace (PG) 2. 15pm.-1.50pm. 7.55pm.

2. Outrageous Fortune ( 15) 2.25pm. 5.10pm.8.15pm.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street. Part 3: Dream Warriors ( 18) 2.25pm. 5. 10pm. 8. 15pm. Nb Cinemas closed 25 and 31 Dec.

I RIALTO College Street. Dumbarton. 0389 62763. £2 Child/U B40/OAP£1. Closed Sundays.

1. Until 17 Dec: Dirty Dancing ( 15)

From 18 Dec: The Rescuers (U) (matinees only). Outrageous Fortune ( 15)9pm.

2. Untll17 Dec: Blind Date(15)

18—24 Dec: Santa Claus-The Movie (U) From 26 Dec: Masters at the Universe (PG) NB Cinemas closed 25 and 26 Dee and 1 Jan. Matine’es only 24 and 31 Dec.



Alexandria Commmunity Education Centre. Main Street. Alexandria. Dunbartonshire. Details available from Stuart Rankin. Rosebank Cottage. Arthurston Road. Jamestown. Alexandria 55150. Guest tickets are available in advance only from Alan S. Davis. 12 Wylie Avenue. Alexandria 56356.

Fri 11: A Room With a View ( PG) alsoThe Plant (Short) 7.30pm.


The ten winners of our Big Easy competition are Claire Gourlay,

L. Bumett-Hall, Ronald MacLennan, Ms 1. Ratineau, Sally Cross, Farida Robertson, J. MacBeth, Gerard Plait, Robert Gibson and Graham Stewart, who will each be receiving a soundtrack album Irom the film lor answering that Breathless was Jim McBride’s remake of Godard’s lilm classic.

The tour people who correctly answered that All 01 Me won Steve Martin a New York Film Critics’ Award for Best Actor are ‘Uncle Vernon', Ronald MacLennan, Patrick Robertson and Andrew Brown and they have each won a Roxanne T-shirt.


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RADIO CLYDE/CLYDE ACTION JAZZ BENEFIT in aid of the CASH FOR KIDS AT CHRISTMAS APPEAL Third Eye Centre, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Greenhall

Café Tuesday 22nd December 1987 - 7pm to 11pm Tickets £3l£2 All proceeds to Cash for Kids at Christmas Appeal. Artists, who include Fraser Speirs, 'About Time’, Graeme Duffin and Lachlan McColl, are performing free of charge and are therefore subject to availability.

Clyde Action

90 West Nile Street

To obtain your very own List t-shirt send a cheque or postal order for £6.50 (inc. post and package) to the address below together with this coupon. Name


More details from: G “1590‘” GI 20H Claire Bradley on Tel. 041-332 0261 0413320261,

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