MED IA LIST Swamptrash and The Alice House will. 357 1450 (for info),

Proceeds are to go to the Scottish Miners' Comomponfy 7.3, 30pm, £2, Liz Relief Fund - some Scottish miners still Ingram teaches beginners contemporary. have not been reinstated since the strike, . GLASGOW Ants cfiumfi Washington and Christmas is a particularly difficult Street 334 3349 (for info), time for them- Thursday Contemporary 7-8.30pm. £2. Jane I CALTON CENTRE 121 Momgomc’)’ Simpson teaches intermediate Street. 661 9121. contemporary, gap It gpIévton :4 Dete- 7-3gpn; 50p]- I HILLHEAD secountinv SCHOOL

ome y asua son our. ee ane . Oakf‘ tdA 3341657 f ' f , I SOUTHSIDE COMMUNITY CENTRE 117 mm?" @333.” 8.938311%?“ Nicolson Street. 667 0484 Alderman teaches.

flap ll Thurs 17 Dec. 8.15pm. 50p. The munday Jan 6_30_8pm_ Karen Paisley

Comedy casuals 0“ "3"" Sec Pane" teaches jazz at beginner/elementary level.

ITR'ANGLHRTSCENTREWcstPl'ton Isms our261 West Princes Streetssl 1mm filmintheWoodvAllcnscason Bank' 332 0877' 2931- Term finiShCS on 16 Dec and which parodies Russi'tn‘litcratu‘rc

Fri Dec. resumes Dee. comedy Casuals 0" lour- 5°C Panel' Tuesdays Scottish Ballet‘s teaching team ‘- m I. p '

First of five programmes which talk tothc

take juniorsforContemporaryatopmand R dasd. t . . adultsforjazzat7.15pm.£2(£l),£l.50for FRIDAY 11 “‘“m "5' “"‘Anm’lfihdmnsky- ITHIRDEYECENTBE3SOSauchiehaII ' °" ° ° “""Vmes‘BBC ) TUESDAY 15

Street, 332 7521 , 6‘7'15pm' Follow'"glast mg“ 540 I Open to Question (BBCl ) 7—7.3()pm.

minutes investigation into Holmes vaim V1- . ' . . . - . tcha ‘l ( rad ) ~ ,~ Edoamewman Tue 8"?" H Dec Ptggot Smith. the first ofa short seasonof L I L ( pm“ Up In thL young

10.3Oam_noon: Advanced/professional, . I, V t t, I questioncrs. dismissing speculation that G 6.30_8me Open Class_ Sat 12 Dec ShorlOCk Ho'mc‘s mo‘ “5' B‘m' Rdmbont he'd fallen out with John Birt over

Perlormance 10.30am—4pm: All day Open worksh0P£5 Stars m. this “mat-36.19.39 mm With Nigel 00mm!" of news and current affairs £2 50 A . k . Bruce d5 DOCK" Watson' rogr'tmmes'md dcfend’n h" It I ( ' )‘ "opportun'lytma “Classw'th ITerenceTrentD'ArbytScottish) p * ' g “cu "fa

I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 331 1234. one who has studied at the Cunningham 12 054 loam D‘Arbv the inwoglw mu] credentials.

"‘9 "unwell" Wed 6—53! 9 and M0“ Studio in New York. Newman has danced sin' ér rc'cmdc'd live tn‘wumch miS

ll—Fri l6 Jan. Scottish Ballet rcvrvc Peter with Extemporary Dance Theatre and ‘Nogcmb tr 16

Darrel” PPPUlat Pmducm’n Of this Spiral. All classes will be accompanied by L '

. . . , , _ I Gramsci- Everything thatConcerns I STUDIO THEATRE. 261 West Princes ( p SATU R DAY 12 Pm'e 4) 9‘ “’P'“- 5“ Pm”-

thc all-day workshop).

Street. 331 2931. I John Huston and the Duhliners (C4) Programme Three in this new series for Ema- 8.3()—9.3()pm. This doeumentaryonthe

the Studio Theatre goes modern with The making ofJohn l-luston‘s 'l‘he Dear/(the I Man in a Suitcase (Seottish)

Water's Edge choreographed by Robert final. masterly. story from .lzlmcsloyce's l l .35— 12.35am. An episode from the

North with music by Ian ‘Jethro Tull' I Assam” 300513, 54 George Street, collection . The Duh/inert). has become a Wm“) rcmcmbc red 605 ATV spy series.

Anderson. For You Were Mine 225 3614, Info, from Kate Ctaik, tribute to one of America‘s greatest which. while not as innovative as The

choreographed by Lloyd Embleton. Dance Classes The very populatdance directors. Produce r/director. Lilyan A 1't’ltgt’r3‘ perhaps. had a certain amount

Libera Me by Paulo Lopes andJust classes. started last year‘ pick up for a new Sicvcrnich. spent every day of filming on of style about it.

Stepping Along by Jane Jewel. 27. 28 Nov season. The range this year is even mOt-c set with Huston. The result is an 18

and 3. 4. 5 Dec. All performances 7.30pm. varied _ you can dance Flamenco one important account of the way the director

£7.50 (£5). Wednesday and Afro-Caribbean the next worked as well as an account ofthe I The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Thursday, At£2(£1)pcrclassthcyarc makingofa beautifully faithful (BB(‘l)(>—7.2()pm. Basil Rathbone and good value, 6pm start. Classcscomjnuc adaptation. See Feature. Nigel Bruce team up again in story based

I GARNETBANK SCHOOL Renfrew Street until Tue 15 Dec. 13 on William (iillett's stage play. See Feature.

I Dick Spanner (C4) ll.3()am—noon. If “mm” ""d BM.” 5 fisc".'l'sh 39”” “f . _ _ . . 1987 b.30— 7pm. .Smtttsh I elet'tstmt make you missed the animated (by (Jerry

. . . . _ t _ t t t more good use of the undoubted talents of 2:33;?” 0f the founder members a f the K e! t't'nside serialised on Network 7 last summer. You.“ 1 ml?!" 5 “WWW, Dmmam‘ . h t , h, t _ H ‘h _ t t {v _ .Soetety. letting them st]! through a year s

(in s d c an“ m mt" Up l u l L wort/t oftt' highlights minute segments have now been collected I The P'rincek Tm“. Giving Dreams a mom" “"9"” 'cpc‘""' Chance (Scottish) tti MM 1 30pm ()n safer ground than when sounding off v0th Sportsman of the war, about modern architecture. Prince

' ' . . Charles talks about the good work done

I North and South. Book Two (Scottish) m the Chm” he m u ~ 7.15—8.45pm. DominatingthelTV v 9' schedules early this week. the continuation of the big tv version of

America's history. Starring Lesley-Anne I My Family and OtherAnimals ( BBCI)


Down and David Carradine. 6.15—6.45pm. Final episode. I Our Geott: A Play by Andrew Nickolds I The Film Club: Le Cinema Dans Les

\ (BBC1)9.()5—1(). 15pm. Patrick Malahidc Yeux/Whentather was away on Business portrays the greatest living (BBC?) 9. 15pm. The first film is a tribute

Yorkshireman. Geoff Boycott. in a to the Cannes Film Festival. Made this ‘comedy drama‘ loosely based on the year it contains scenes from the last events at Harrogate in 1984 when Boycott seventy years of film awards. When rallied his supporters to regain his place Father Was A way on Business is the I985 A F u n on the team. Comedy? Do these people Palme D'or winner directed by Emil realise the seriousness of the matter? Kusturica and set in l95()s Yugoslavia. f I I h ' I I The Beiderheclte Tapes (Scottish) I Clive James in Japan (Scottish) 0 r a t e I y 9—10.30pm First episode in a two part l().()5—l 1.05pm. A chance forthc sequel to the original ‘affair‘ again Japanese to get even when the Australian starringJames Bolam and Barbara Flyn. satirist a 's a visit. 6 1 6 January 1 gcttinginvolved thistimc with matters of Th t R I national security. ea re oya , asgow I Out of Sight (BBCl ) 3.50—4.3(lpm. I The Scarlet Pimpemel (C4) 2—4pm. David Hayman narrates the story of Next best thing to sitting dowm on the 1 Scottish film producer lain Smith‘s Sunday before Christmas and watching remarkable rise from schoolboy amateur Leslie Howard in the immortal classic 3 6 February 1 films to major production credits onThc film version of 1934. could be this 1982 0 0 Killing Fields and The Mission. Half television version. If 'ou‘re a fan of Edlnburgh Edlnburgh celebration. halfcautionarytalc.this Anthony Andrews. itycould even be modest documentary ends on the better. 031 5 5 7 2 5 troubled Hearts of Fire. but looks I Chinese Theatre (C4) 4.40—5pm. forward to David Puttnam‘s plans for a Documentary by Theodora Olcmbert on

British ‘mini-major.‘ (Kenny Mathicson) the traditions of Chinese Theatre. A

A companion programme on Chinese dance DUOJ'O'ISE’UD)’ (he ~>CCUISh Arts CounmI will be broadcast on Wednesday 23 Dccat ILove and Death (BBC2)9_1().25pm. 4.15pm.

I The Money Slaves (C4) 5-5.45pm. For

30 The List 11 Dec 1987-7Jan 1988