any one with shares and a masochistic streak: this programme picks over the events of the recent stock market crash. I Land at Mann (C4)7. 15-8. 15pm. Melvyn Braggs's latest homage to his Border Country origins - a portrait ofthe Isle of Man (‘the Mann' of the tiltlc refers to the ancient spelling ofthe islands‘ name.

I The South Bank Show Review (Scottish) l().30pm—12.3(lam. More Bragg - Bragg's arts review of the year.


I Five to Eleven (BBCl) 10.55—1 lam. Christmas readings each morning in the run-up to the big day. with special guest Lord Olivier.

IThe Decameron(C4)12.15-12.30am. Adult silhouettes what next! Boccaccio‘s bawdy l4th century account of Italian life has. in a version scripted by Roger Waddis. been turned in to an animated late night series using an updated form of shadow puppetry.

I Scottish Action (Scottish) b.3ll—7pm. Last in the controversial series which aimed to disuade drinkers from driving partly by publishing the names and addresses of those convicted.


I Open to Question (BBC2) 7—7.4(1pm. An amazing number of public figures seem willing to try to stand up to the questioning. Tonight lan Macgregow faces the minors.

I Keeping Love Alive (C4)8.3()— 10pm. Caught on film. the remarkable live performance of Elisabeth Welch. 6-1 years in show business. who describes her work as ‘telling a story in song‘.

I Something Wicked This way Comes (C4 ) 10—1 1.45pm. Disney's fantasy horror venture was badly underrated when it appeared in 1983. Based on Ray Bradbury‘s novel (he also wrote the screenplay) Jonathan Pryce gives a wonderful performance as diabolic carnival owner.


I Paul Simon Special (C4) 10-1 1 . 10pm. Highlights of the Graceland tour to Zimbabwe. Despite the political controversy. the album threatens to be no more than the eighties equivalent of Tubular Bells.

I Return to Glennascaul (C4) 12.25—12.50am. Well crafted little ghost story starring Orson Welles and shot during a break in filming for ()thello in 1951.

I Jacqueline Du Pre Masterclasses (BBC2)3.10—3.4()pm. Welcome tribute to the brave artist who died recently. On successive afternoons the BBC will repeat the cellists masterclasses made in 1979.

I A Video de Dad (BBC2) 9.30—10pm. Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones with a full length (well halfan hour) feature film from ‘Dad‘ whose stunning home videos featured in Alas Smith andJones.


I The Lenny Henry Christmas Special (BBCl ) 8-8.40pm. Robbie Coltrane and Terence Trent D‘Arby are guest on what should be a Christmas comedy highlight. I Christmas Eve with Val Doonican (BBC 1) 10.40—l 1.30pm. The nearest thing you‘re likely to get to Bing. Christmas isn‘t what it used to be. as you know. but Doonican (who is joined by Howard Keel) isa natural television peformer. hard not to like.

I Paper Kisses (BBC2) 7—8pm. An unlikely find - love letters from the late 19th century telling a tale ofseduction and betrayal - is the basis of Brian Thompson‘s melodrama.

I The Bostonians (BBC2) 10.25pm—12.25pm. Marvellous version of Henry James‘ novel from the Merchant/Ivory stable. Made in 1984 and


Gramsci (C4) Wed 16 Dec, 9-1D.30pm. A semi-dramatised documentary about one of the most inlluential of modern left-wing philosophers, made by the Glasgow-based Pelicula Films Pohn Sessions plays Gramsci, imprisoned by Mussolini in 1926 until his death, six days after release, in 1937, during which years he wrote the notebooks and letters which established his lasting importance.

Mike Alexander and Douglas Eadie have done a line job on limited budgets, emphasising Gramsci’s provincial Sardinian background (inviting comparison with Scotland in relation to London) and relating his life to the wider complexities of Italian history. The film is followed by a discussion programme (made by Scottish Television) on his work, with noted Gramsci scholars Hamish Henderson and Stuart Hall among the

receiving its first tv showingtonight. Starts Vanessa Redgrave and Christopher Reeve.

I Priddy. The Hedgehog (BBC2) 8—9pm. Priddy the ratings stealer I suspect. Ten months in the life ofa hedgehog as filmed by Simon King.


I Christmas Sermon: A Wink of Heaven (C4) 1.45—2.1(lpm. A performance ofTS Eliot‘s dramatistion ofThomas Becket‘s last Christmas Sermon made a fewdays before he was stabbed to death in the same. Canterbury. Cathedral. The sermon. which was used as an interlude to Eliot‘s play . Murder in the Cathedral contained an intimation of his death. It is performer! by Alan Dobie

I Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (BBCl ) 3.40—5.35pm. First showing on tv of the 1984 sequel to Spielberg‘s Raiders ofthe LostArk. starring Harrison Ford. I Miss Marple: 4.50 From Paddinglon (BBCl ) 8. lS—lt).(l5pm. Joan llickson as Miss Marple with a new mystery for Christmas.

I Only Fools and Horses(BBCl) 6.25-7.25pm. Extended special edition of David Jasson’s excellent sit-com.

I In Sickness and in Health (BBC!) 10.05—10.35pm. Christmas sees Alfin hospital awaiting a hip replacement.

I It’ll be Alright on Christmas Night (Scottish) 8—9pm. A new selection of out-takes introduced by Denis Norden. I Inspector Morse (Scottish) 9-1 1pm. A special episode of the hit detective series. I Terms olEndearment(BBC1) l().45pm—12.25am. 1983 multi Oscar winner. containing one ofJack Nicholson‘s most memorable performances. Nicholson plays an ex-astronaut looking for love who runs into widow. Shirley Maclaine.

I The Story of A Recluse ( BBC2)

10.35—1 1.25pm. Stewart Granger makes a guest appearance in Alasdair Gray's ‘finished‘ version of Robbie Louis Stevenson short story Stevenson only got to page three. Set in Edinburgh and made by BBC Scotland. it stars Peter Capaldi. The action igeniously weaves from the present day crew making the dramatisation (with David Hayman as the director and Bill Paterson the producer) and the 1888 world ofa medical student and his family. Gray appears as himself!


I The Old Man ol Lochnagar(C4) 3.50—5.05pm Prince Charles‘ children‘s story adapted for the stage.

panelists. (Kenny Mathieson)

I When We are Married (BBC2)

945—] l .45pm. Timothy West. Prunella Scales Bernard Cribbins and Rosemary Leach appear in this television adaptation of Priestley's enduring comedy.

I Ghost Busters (Scottish) 7.30—9.3(lpm. TV premiere of the enjoyable ghost caper starring Bill Murray. Dan Aykroyd and Sigourncy Weaver.

I Cinderella (BBCZ) 7.40-9.45pm. Rudolf Nureyev in his acclaimed role in the Paris Opera Ballet's new version of Prokofiev‘s ballet.


I The Prime ol Miss Jean Brodie (C4) 1(lpm-12. 10am. Atmospheric adaptation of Muriel Spark‘s novel starring Maggie Smith as the eccentric Edinburgh teacher. Made in 1969.

I The Mystery of Mary Rose ( BBCz) 7.15—8.55pm. J.M. Barrie‘s ghostly play is seldom performed these days and he is known predominately for Peter Pan. But he was a serious playwright who shared some of the same Concerns as J. B . Priestly. This play tells of a mysterious disappearance of a child on a Hebridean island. Twenty years later events repeat themselves. . .

I The Lady's not for Burning (Scottish) 10.30—Midnight. Kenneth Branagh and Cherric Lunghi in a new production of Christopher Fry‘s romantic comedy made to celebrate the author's 80th birthday.


I Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Dreams and Recollections (C4) 8.30—10pm. A chance to see again (broadcast for the first time on Channel Four) Tom Conti as the Glasgow architect in the dramatist documentary made by Scottish Television.

I Wogan’s Radio Fun (BBCl ) 7-7.4(1pm. Terry Wogan ‘cclebrates' in the company of some of the stars of the hayday ofradio comedy in a two part programme. Part two Wednesday.

I Twilight Zone (Scottish) 111-1 1.50pm. Spielberg's disappointing 1983 film version of the cult sci fi tv series.

I Greystoke(BBC1)8.30—10.40pm. Cock-eyed film, supposedly closely based on the original version of the Tarzan story starring Christopher Lambert. Directed by Hugh Hudson it had me screamingto be let out of the cinema cage. First showing on British tv.


I The Life and Adventures 01 Nicholas

chkleby (C4) 3—5.05pm. Back in the days when the Royal Shakespeare Company seemed infallable. a-still-to-take-to- the-air tv station made their first commission. Trevor Nunn‘s acclaimed stage adaptation of Dickens' novel received equally favourable review when it was broadcast in the first month of Channel Four‘s life. It requires more concentration than the tv Dickens we are used to. but it's worth the effort. Roger Rees plays Nicholas. David Threlfall. Smike.

I The Man on the Hill (C4) 6—7pm. Paul Scofield reads from the writings of naturalist and journalist Richard Jeffries in a documentary celebrating his life 100 years after his death.

I Just a Song and Dance Story (C4) 8.30-9.3tlpm. Appropriately. though coincidentally. timed (given his nephew's appointment as C4‘s new boss) documentary profiling Lew Grade one ofthe largest characters in the short history ofcommercial televison. The programme. which talks to numerous people who worked with Grade. including stars like Roger Moore and Nyrce Dawn Porter. and television executives like Charles Denton and Sir Dennis Formann. is a prelude to tomorrow night's annual ‘Archive Night‘. The archive showings this year is a salute to Grade‘s ATV the station that made The Saint. Thunderbirds and Sunday Night at The London Palladium.

IThe Sign ol Four (Scottish) 8—10pm. The definitive screen llolmes. Jeremy Brett. returns in a film version of the faithful television series. See Feature.

I Review ol the Year ( BBCI)

10.2(l—l l.35pm. 75 minutes ofthe events that made the year.


IThe Killing Fields (BBC2)9—l 1.15pm. David Puttnam/Roland Joffe epic on the theme of Vietnam receives its first tv showing tonight (made in 1984).

I Wynlord (C4) 6—7pm. A life as revealed in anecdotes the first of three part reshowing ofa 1974 documentary starring the celebrated broadcaster who died this year.

I Salute to ATV (C4) 8.3(lpm-12.()Sam. A slightly staid selection ofprogrammes from the brashest of the original [TV stations making up this year‘s C4 Archive Night. A 1972 ‘best of‘ compilation from Marty Feldman's Comedy Machine is followed by the first episode of Edward the Seventh starring Timothy West from 1975. a special edition ofSunday Nightat the London Palladium teaming up Norman Wisdom and Bruce Forsyth in 197] and finally an episode of The Saint from 1967.

I Mr Corbett's Ghost (Scottish)

12.15—1 . 15am. John Huston (whose last film as director The Dead has just opened - see Feature) makes his last on screen appearance in this ghost story adapted from Leon Garfield's short story. Co-stars Paul Scofiels. Burgess Meredith. Alexei Sayle and Jools Holland.


I The Mowtown Story (C4) 9.30-1 1 . 15pm Paul Gambaccini presents the story of one of the most influential and successful record labels in the world.

I Taggart (Scottish) 9.45-1 1 . 15pm. Feature-length edition of one of the most successful shows on television. Scheduled to pull in a huge New Year‘s Eve audience throughout the country. And what better way to sober up for the onslaught of drinking to follow than by watching Taggart solve the mystery of the woman who shot her husband dead in the car park at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. My guess is that he wasthe architect.

I ’87 Whistle Test '88 (BBC2) 9.35pm—2.55am. Rocking into the new

The List 11 Dec1987-7Jan 198831