There are four elements essential to any great cafe, and these can be defined as location, atmosphere, service and substance.

At The City Café we have worked hard to ensure that each element is as perfect as possible and that the whole is greater than the sum of :its parts.

Every detail in The City Cafe has been carefully considered. Every

_ piece of furniture has been specially commissioned.

Just as a great deal of time has been lavished upon the small, but vitally important, decorative and furnishing details so the menu and wine list have also been conceived with consummate care The menu which offers a wide variety of superb, simple food includes fresh pasta, homemade soup, oysters and Luca’s Ice- cream. And you’ll also find that we serve everything you would expect in a traditional cafe such as Ovaltine and Hot Bovril, ice- cream cones, cigars, cigarettes and boxes of chocolates.

Whether you decide to visit at noon or midnight you will always encounter the unobtrusive, effortless service and the bustling wit and humour that are the hallmarks of a great cafe.