redecoration programme. begun with the red room this year. will continue in the main ground-floor galleries. The idea isto Ted“ {MEW'F 0? th°.p?,"‘?d.'" f‘hld‘ ‘hc philospher and town planner, Patrick gallery was built and its architect Sir William Playfair. Rooms 15—18 1 English. Geddes,’ and "‘9" Share a “once” '0', Dutch and 18th century Eumpwn)wm be the subiects and ornament of The Celtic closed um” curl). Marci, Revival. Elaborate decorative effects, I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND llat stylization and often George 1v Bridge. 22o 453 l. Mon—Fri quasi-religious subject matter 330821-5me Sal 9-30am-1pm: Sun characterised their work. Diana and ~Pm‘~ Pm- , , , her Nymphs, by the little known Robert :“ua'lg 3"“ “935'? knf" 81““ 1988. Burns, is a lovely intricate panel, ollowlngthe Festltdl s celebratlon ofthe I d Id t d d h October Revolution. this exhibition co oure go ’ms ,3" green an as examines the historic links cultural. recently been aCQUII'ed by the Gallery. scientific. economic and military _ It‘s a welcome and appropriate between Scotland and Russia. addition i0! it was made for the genteel Burns in Edinburgh Until 8 Jan 1988. An Crawtord tearooms on Princes and exhibition to celebrate the publication of Hanover Street (where [inlets and Miss Burns’ Poems (‘ltit’f/y in (ht’Scnrrish semidge now s‘and). In a rare and 3:31:12L‘iiiiliiniiifn‘loclo“i132?”td'mmgh early example or conscious corporate conse a - ~ p p identitythe owner, Mr D. S. Crawford, quenee ere. , I NETHERBOW 43 High Street. 55o957o. employed Burns to work 0" deSIQlls tor Mon—Sat “lam—4.30pm and evenings all his tea rooms, so he would achieve when performances. ‘unity and coherence' and not the Sax Shaw Until Wed 23 Dec. Fifty yearsof disparate ‘conglomeration’ he feared stained glass and tapeser design- would result it he used a ditterent £092::ggiTylimgrfl/id 33 DC“- architect, painter and house turnisher. at S ' ( i C CS . t - o o - I ODDFELL'ows BAR ()ddfellows llall. Bums Panel 's."'.e. “WOW 9'8“ '" Form, Rmd 1] MW” an attractive exhibition which has been i . .. pm. Kate Lloyd Until 13 Dec. An exhibitionof thoroughly researched arid portraits, interestingly labelled. It includes many I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland picquant details, noting tor example 590°" 557 “’3” M‘m‘F“ “"‘m‘bl’m- 5‘" Robert Burns, John Duncan Phoebe more realistic style at late 19th century "'3' Bull‘s “'33 difficult and gum—4m“ . ,, . . , Traquair, National Gallery, Edinburgh painting'. This seems a pity because cantankerous: and Wile" "9 taught at n a Small Scale Until end Dec. l alnttngs. 8 ll . . . . . "I n d. . I d." an school uttered his students nothing drawings‘ sculpture. ceramics and glass‘ ma exhibitionsllkethisone are an eye era lstinct y l erent featuring the annual common (,f3“x2“ excellent way of highlighting parts or sentiment and View of the world lrom more than a muttered Ave. aha, Kerri and aria" paintings. all forsale. the gallery’s collection which there is say, the MacTaggarts usually on view. on by wall 0' Instruction. He had 100, a I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 55o not always room to have on permanent MacTaggart’s picture, The Storm, llaSSlOfl '0' motor cats and beneath the 8931- Moo-Sal “lam-5pm: Sun 3-5pm display. The pictures shown here are, certianty looks excesssively dramatic MONKEYS, nymphs all? i0ll398 In "'9 00W 35 19°C? 1 Jim- according to the accompanying notes next to Robert Burns’ beautilul Diana Dlana panel. the lllllll'e 0' What '00“ The grca‘5““1‘”fthc Pa“ and P’CSC'“ 3’“ ‘seldom on view because their unusual and her Nymphs (see illus) but neither extraordinarily like a "Hider" 03' 03" Cf’ncmd hm '" gum” "f m“ “"d vivid colours and linear decorative loses anything by the comparison. be discerned about t0 llllii "'9 scene Via swam [a his Gang I J. ' t h‘ character make them difticult Duncan, Burns and Traquair are all the bottom '8" hafld corneriSallY Puma" Gang“, opensmc: 6’3"“ ‘t L neighbours to the earthier colours and losely linked by association with the Kinnes) permanent space devoted to photography. Work from photographers working in and from Scotland duringthe last 50years . - - - - . , , . , , . New Sculpture The pond looked very )0 5 "P 9" '5 CVC" 3“ “Pee” ‘3 have been selected from their collection W orkmop mLmbUS empty When ch BUHCT‘S “‘th female d'Splay WI” '"ummatc the ()mSldc 0m“: for the first display. The national we Drawing ThurdeS at 7_9pm‘ £2 per figure left with the (iallery ofModern Art. building (switched on at 6pm on Mon 14 collection which is housed at the Portrait session or save by bm'ling a season ticket But the Botanic (iarden has filled the gap. Dec). See Feature. See also Peacock Gallery. continues to grow, the most . ousENts HALL Ck,”C Street Box 0m“; David Annand‘s full size heron Printmakers (Outside the Cities section at recentgift coming from the Edinburgh 668 2019. Gardens otScotland Until end Dec. The endOfAn scam") fl" details‘mm‘ Photographic Society. 5 - , development ot gardens from the 17th satellite CXhibiliOn- Queen's World The exhibition which began 12,3312”. 3, the century in contemporary photographs- ' "‘5 “mm” “"3” SHOW “Ward at this year's Festival will continue fora Edinburgh Academy. Introduction to the Royal Botanic Garden S”ch 556 6337- Mon—sat mam'4Pm' further three months due to public . nus 15 Ruuand Squaw. MomFfl Until end Dec. Audio-visual presentation. 5"" 2—4pm- demand. Four new relics of Mary Queen 9.30am_5pm. I ROYAL COMMONWEALTH POOL Dalkeith . sconls" CRAFT CENTRE 140 of Scots have been added to the display. Architects as "my: Um” Jam The annual Rudd. Mon-Fri ‘)2im—1(ipnt;Sat.Sun Canongatci 556 8136- MOn‘Sai New Poma“ 0' "09° The gallery have round-up of architects taking to the brush mam—5pm loam—5 '30pm' recently vaUlTCd the fine“ CXlSIing for reasons other than building. John A Day Down a Galdmme Um“ wed 30 DCC- cm" comm Christmas Show um” end DCC' portrait ofltjhe IScottish poet, James Hogg. Boak and Richard Jaqucs look to the The work of George Wyilie. that whacky Crafts from Scotland suitable for seasonal nown ast e‘ ttrick Shepherd‘. ltis . . . . . . . , scul'.’tor. is mounted into alarre book for Presents- inciudcd in a smaii display in Room Ioi 13213532232Tiiié’iiiifi’tiifii‘ziifi311?. "wine 5 ""5 “W's” GALLERY‘MGCO'eC important acquisitions made since 1982. mm I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Strccb 225 5955- Mon‘Frl 93m‘5-30Pm- . . . . . . . . g Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mon—Sat 53‘ 9'303m‘lpm~ mam—spin. Sun 24pm. The Art of Giving Until 24 Dec. Aseasonal Closed 25. 26. 31 Dec; 1 and 2Jan. mix of work including paintings by Knox European Art 1200—1800 A new gallon- and Houston. colourful Italian ceramics, opens at the museum on Sat 131)cc.' Small bronze sculpture by Jill Watson and displaying the best in the national jewellery by nearly 50 young British collection of Iiuropcan decorative art. dCSigners. First prize in the Christmas . ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Queen draw is a lithograph by Francis Walker. Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; The Win?" will be drawn on wed 23 Dec stin 2—5pm. Closed 15. 26. 31 Dec; 1 and2 3‘ “am '" "1° ga'lC’Y 1,", I r115 SCOTTISH MiiiiitG MUSEUM Lady Scotland‘s antiquities share premises with V'Cmr'a (“’lhcryj , the portrait Ganw._ Newtongrange.Midlothian.o(13 7519. I ROYAL sconisR ACADEMY The Mound. Tue-Fri 108m4-3l’Pmisal/SU“ 235 6671. Noon—5pm; Thurs late opening 6.3(l—8pm. 1- r The Edinburgh lntemational: Reason and leonomno" meme?" Prcst‘mpans and i 7 I g. , , f" Emotion in Contemporary Art Sat 19 Dec—14 Musf‘dburgh) Tue—F“,1,0“mf4i’m' if"; I Feb. A major show organised by the 5W5“? N‘Oonfspm' V'S'“)r_(cn"c‘ M New sculpture at Royal Botanic Garden, Scottish Arts (‘ouncil which brings II'S‘OF'C Cornlsh Beam 5'19"“ and ~ 3, . ... _, Edinburgh together the work of 19 European and dlsplays Showmg Coal'mmmg through the ,,-.-, 808 I PRINTMAKERS wonxsuop GALLERY 23 I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 557 7171. f;;,‘;3fi;‘§;;,’,:'::;,f lg STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street. 557 Union Street. 557 2479. Mon—Sat Mon—Fri l()am—l hour before sunset. Seouand ought. thc Edinburghgpcs‘tival 1140. Tue—Sat Noon-6pm. 10am—5.3()pm. Sat/Sun llam—l hour before sunset. The 18th ccnltun. building in keeping with The Actual Boot Until Mon 16Jan. The Closed over Christmas period. lnverleith House is open on weekends mC Classical thu‘m, which r‘um throughout photographic postcard 1900— 1920. In Print: For Presents Until mid-Jan. An only. the work. will be kmcd 0m with cafe and 1914. an incredible 880 million postcards J

The List 11 Dec 1987— 7Jan1988 51