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Over 10 years direct trading with dozens of families in Mexico, Central and South America. Ceramics ' Jewellery * Weavings * Masks ' Music (including RUMILLAJTA records and instruments) 12/14 Victoria Street. Edinburgh EH12HG Tel: 031 226 6695 Wholesale and Retail

Split faced mask; State of Guerrero, Mexico


1] ‘The Queen’s World’, the exhibition celebrating the life and times of Mary, Queen of Scots at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Queen Street, has been extended and enriched: Mary’s rosary & cross, lent by the Duke of Norfolk, and a ring & casket, lent by the Duke of Hamilton, join the unrepeatable collection of treasures now on show until the end of the year. 1] At the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Bellord Road a vast bronze cardinal by Giacomo Manzu presides over the major exhibition of this distinguished ltalian sculptor’s work. 11 Winter on The Mound: ‘The iii/intber Family” by Baerentzen, the National Gallery of Scotland’s first Danish painting, can be seen in

Room '21. ‘ll All three galleries are open Monday to Satur-

NATIONAL closed 2g. 26, 31 Decem- SCOTLAND

day 10—5, Sunday 2-5 but

ber & r, 2 January. Free!

went through the post. Seaside views. family album shots and historical events all take their place in this delightful exhibition.

I TALBOT RICE ART CENTRE ()ld (‘ollege. University of Edinburgh. 667 ill] 1 ext 43(18.Mon—Sat. 10am -5pm. Sun

2pm -5pm.

AlexanderFraser Until Sat 12 Dec. First solo exhibition for this North-East artist in four years. liraser moves from abstraction towards figuration over a series ofseven large canvases. In the upper gallery. drawings and sketches show the workings ofthe larger paintings.

Artists in Residence (ilyn Banks and Hannah Vowles who work under the name ‘Art in Ruins‘ will be working at the university until spring. They hope to be setting up an installation at the Royal Museum in (‘hambers Street in early December. They can be contacted through the Talbot Rice.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b l)undas Street. 55o moo. Mon—liri l 1am—6pm; Sat 10.30am 4pm.

Christmas Exhibition Until 31 Dec. 'I'wenty-seven artists show together in this cosy basement gallery.

I 369 GALLERY 209 (‘owgate. 225 3013. Mon —Sat Noon—5.30pm.

New Paintings by Shiela Mullen and Small Picturestor Christmas tintil 24 Dec.

St Thomas at Aquin's Centenary Exhibition Until 24 Dec. In the upstairs space.

I WARE ON EARTH 15 llowe Street. 558 127a. Mon-Sat lilam opm; Sundaysby appointment.

Thomas Struth, Fruitmarket, Edinburgh The German photographer, Thomas Struth, has conducted a sort at comparative experiment here. He has gone all over the world getting up early to photograph places where people live - not so much their homes, as the streets and buildings. All the pictures are at cities (there is scarcely so much as a tree or an animal in sight) and, as tar as possible, he has avoided including any living thing. There are pictures lrom New York, Dusseldort, Paris, Edinburgh, Tokyo, Home, Hanover and Brussels and the result is rather like the silent commentary or travelogue ettect given by a camera panning past endless cityscapes in a French lilm.

It makes a surprisingly interesting survey. The crazed geometry oi the high rise block is the most notable ieature ol Beaugrenelle, Paris and a statue ot a pontiticating orator stands lormidably in a square in Home with no

Sculpture and Drawings t Intii Tue 33 Dec. Work by [Edinburgh (‘ollege of Art graduate Mary Bourne. currently artist-in-residence in Irvine.

I W.A.S.P.S. GALLERY l’atriothall. llamilton Place (near Theatre Workshop) Tue—Sun 12.30» 5.30pm.

Peter Hill Until 12 Dec. Paintings. drawings and sculpture from the last seven years.

Group Show 14 24 Dec. Work by theartists who work in the WASI’S studios.

Karen Forbes S23 Jan. An installation by this WASI’S artist.

W I This section lists exhibitions at special note held outside Glasgow and Edinburgh. Galleries should contact Alice Bain with iniormation at least two weeks priorto pubhcahon.

I ABERDEEN ART GALLERY Schoolhill. ((1224) 64MB}. \lon - Sat lilam ~5pnizSun 2- 5pm.

(‘loscd 25 Band 3l I)cc; l-4Jan.

50 Years at the Dandy and Beano t‘ntil to Jan. Desperate l)an. Dennis the Menace. Korky the ( 'at and the Bash Street Kids we love them all. This (iolden Jubilee is celebrated with a selection ofnriginal artwork never seen before.

I MELROSE STATION CRAFT CENTRE l’alma Place. Melrose. lib") oS2 3223.

Charity Auction 121)ec 1.30pm. Auctionoi Richard l)ernareo's paintingsand paintings by Dana Sayer in aid ol the St Mary’s Music School. l‘dinburgh.


one to hear or admire his rhetoric. The backs of apartment blocks in Crosby Street, New York are seen as a mass at lire escapes looking like hundreds at Macintosh ladder-backed chairs which have been badly stacked. The street itsell is beginning to break up and disintegrate where it joins the pavement. In another shot at New York the long poles at traffic lights are dangled into the street like the sound boom in a lilm and will evidently go on endlessly changing colour whether there is trattic to regulate or not. Nearer home, there is the stark urban bleakness at West Pilton Circus in Edinburgh and an empty view at Calton Road with its gaping, double arch. Like many at the photographs it’s an ordlnary, even unexciting view, but they all catch the cities oft-guard and though they make no judgements, have something new to say about them. (Sally Kinnes)

52 The List 1i i536 1987—7Jan 1988