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50 Gordon Street, Glasgow Télepbone: Glasgow 22] 0262

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Christmas opening hours in

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CITY CAFE n { Tables and bar will be trimmed with M ona'ay-Saturday ‘I don't think even now you no 8 steel, with lighting and illuminated undegstangiwhat:;lr: try‘ing Ito do here.’ sand-lasted signs marking out the ( Thursday says em ace" 0 i 8 0* no me ditlerent serving areas. Other signs, some specially made lioniilninos reminiscent ol the old Odeon signs will [1.00-4.00 Sunday destined tor the walls at his latest he made at perspex with red lettering in venture. rellel on a cream background. The 00- () Defer)”;er lb

The City Cele (Whose eniomaiioallv simple design is nevertheless to be eheollve ads have been Whhlhll hl ihls executed in detail. The cottee pots pick magazine) lSh'l eeSY l0 categorise - up on the steel -they’re ‘industrial’ it’s not even as straightforward as standard and they ‘leel’ right. Sam's leSl project. The Gilded Balloon The City Cale echos Italian cales and Resiaoranl. will! Whleh he those classic Fifties American diners _ subsequently severed his felelthShlP. where the owner is triend and conlidant The Gilded Balloon has had something (there won't be Filties American music 0' a "00le hlSlOW up ll" "0W. bl" ll though - it will be Forties and Fifties female: at" iiiodaiiiooglvloi'i‘od use till: d Italian music). A bar as well as ascaie space a a mos no 0 y new ex s e d ta lit, The Ci Cate, am . . until it opened a little over two years :gpgstezmuarzracy Won't: iwho've 5/)61 7' lelmg 71610 bran (I? (f 890- waited to our sim lici , our '

The cily Cale shares with The Gilded maintainedstandgrdatgdiorhagsot J ugly f “.7710sz London bade“le galligioninfhnizgozesrtioif new “h personality. ooino ioiiie oily Cale will Imaginative layout and aeszgn

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Old Town is becoming one oi Sgnsgontltlue"; showing me the the make bmwsmg 5’ treat Edinoorohs’s in-olaces and the City copy lorthe menu which is about to go The List Cele Will he hooino l0 Dill l0f90lleo to the typesetters; ‘Just look at those about Blair Street (which connects prices', An impressive, mixed menu

Hunters Square and the Tron with the which certainly does seem to utter cWhale) heel‘ 0" lhe man. once You value tor money is only one at the

have passed a couple at trendy clothes reasons why sam hopes we win he shoos lillhleh leek 88 ll they ate living lo getting to know The City Cale. Lucas ice become part at the Cockburn Street cream hem the lee cream bar is collection opposite, backstreet Blair another, but people will be equally Street boasts only a back street sauna, welcome to browse through the papers a Dickensian looking supplier ol nuts (which are supplied) over a cup at

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and bolts (apparently the best in the coilee, f 7 ciltlyl) 1nd a lot :i br'igk gather all that Sam is adamam mat The City cm 3/91/0861 . O k W 0 angel” eh e a e opens isn’tdesigned to attractany clique. ‘l nd NIT}: gfgocmre'r'. k "h M k want accessible style’, he says, came 1” a pzc up e a e as ep e ao leaning towards me, inthe way he has f glaiLllille thirties styleJrontage ola which lsjusta little bit menacing, your Copy 0 II no "I08 feeeh ll use as belore it becomes en a in . ‘lt’s not ' warehousing and developed lhe efl going to be loryupplegs-gorgor any set. I Ourflee rZStmdS deeo ehefeelef ol lhe ohlono Wlhdowe- won’t tolerate an elitist environment. to l The design is mostly to Sam’s 0W" We’ve put out necks on the line here a loSlloellve leel Ol What’s right because we have a conviction.’ (although Chrissie Cleln has been The Clty Cate will be open lrom noon commissioned to do the unltorms). A till late every day-and that means 2am _ deliberate movement away lrom the most nights. You won’t quite

the enravaoancos oi so many recent understand what Sam’s doing till you ‘desioner' Duos (‘8 repeal 0l lhe old experience lt- like all good lriends The ideas much later doesn’t pull the wool City Cate is going (0 he worth gehihg to over anybody’s eyes’), the City Cale’s know, (Nigel amen)

The List 11 Dec 1987-7 Jan 1988 57