(formerly the Toho Company); the much acclaimed dance company. The Kosh. present their new show (grant-aided by the SAC) which is to be big and spectacular where last years hit. The Edge was small and quiet (the company will tour Scotland in the autumn); the Folk Opera of Stockholm are back with productions of Turandot and Leonardo and the Talbot Rice Art Gallery will be the last word in chic. lts inspired and unprecedented exhibition will be of French lmute couture. showing a piece of fashion from every year from l9()(ltothe present day and the State orchestra of the USSR return to Britain for the first time in leycars. I Assembly Rooms The Australian bi-centenary is not being forgotten at the Assembly Rooms with a programme billed as the largest ‘EXH )R'l" of Australian (and New Zealand ) culture to date. Artists include The Front Lawn. ‘a wonderful excursion through suburban New Zealand'. stand up comedian Rod Ouantock. (‘ircus ()1 who in their lilth anniversary year promise to be ‘wackier than ever'. Kate Cebuano. voted Australia's tnost popular female vocalist in limo (sings jazz. blues and contemporary) and two very different one-woman shows. Julie Forsyth plays a boy in Raymond (‘ousse's play. Kids Stuff. a child's eye view of hyprocrisy of the adult world. while Sarah (‘athcart in The Serpent‘s Fall. is a latter-day. unrepentent and tongue-in-cheek Eve. I Film Festival The Film Festival may possibly get yet another Neil Jordan premier. High Spirits. a Fawlty Towers sounding tale about an Irish castle hotel which invents a few ghost stories to revive its flagging trade. I Glasgow Festival ol British Youth Orchestras Scotland's own National Youth Orchestra launch this new Glasgow festival. which it is hoped will become a regular fixture. with a concert at the (‘ity Hall. 15 August. Thereafter the festival will continue the RSAMI).


I The Shaw Biography The biggie of the publishing year will be Michael Holroyd's biography of George Bernard Shaw . of which the first volume is due to be published on 12 Sept. It promises to be a definitive work. and. since it has the approval ofthe Shaw estate. will also be

the official biography. But '

it already has another much-publicised claim to fame since the publishers. Chatto. signed acheque for the highest ever advance to a writer— £625.000.

I Wildcat The Painted Bird presented at the McLellan Galleries was Wildcat's first ever performance. 10 years ago this month. By way of celebration Wildcat are planning a tour ofthe Highlands.

I Olympics It looked dodgy for a while last year with extensive political rioting. but the Olympics are still set fora September opening in South Korea.

I Waterstones in Glasgow Following their success in Edinburgh Waterstones bookshop are opening their biggest branch in the country in Glasgow. this autumn.

I Letters of TS. Eliot The.re have been brave and impressive stabs at piecing together all the details ofthe life ofT.S. Eliot. but the full truth contained in the poet's letters has always been denied to researchers by Eliot‘s second wife. Valerie. Biographers of the future will no longer have the same problem for the letters are finally published. probably in September by Faber. edited by Valerie Eliot. And they are bound to cause a storm.


I Booker Prize Edinburgh‘sown Muriel Spark (even if she does live in Rome. and has been called by the TLS ‘the best English novelist writing today") is being tipped at last for the Booker Prize on 25 ()ctober. with her new novel. A For (.‘ryfrom Kensington (published in March).

I The List It will be three years in ()ctober since The List first hit the streets with a mean-looking Clint Eastwood on the Cover out-starring any rivals on the bookstands.

I The Fabulous Adventures of Baron von Munchhausen Possibly out in the autumn is Terry Gilliam‘s new film with a cast list as impressive and long as its title Sean Connery. Sting. Michael Palin. Bill Paterson and John Neville.


IAmerican Elections Dominating the autumn (and probably the rest of the year till now) will be the US elections on Nov 3. Anticipating the winner. Spitting Image are more

likely to be getting to work on their puppets of Vice-President George Bush than Gary Hart. still perpetually dogged by the Bimbo factor. but their puppet of Reagan can at least finally go into retirement.

I Polish Realities The Third Eye follow their Hungarian Season of3 years ago with a month-long over view of Polish arts over the last decade from 4 Nov—4 Dec. Theatre. music. visual and performing arts and literature will all be included. Similiarly ambitious projects are planned for the future with ideas for a Aborigine and also a Soviet season scheduled for 1989.

I Wine Tasting Waterstones in Edinburgh seem to have become a regular fixture on publisher Mitchell Beazley's wine tasting tour in November.

I The People's Story Due to open in November is The People’s Story. a major new museum in the Canongate Tolbooth which will focus on the life and work of the people of Edinburgh in the last 200 years.


I Old Gringo Too soon to say definately but December could well see the release of Old Gringo which is set in MexiCo where an old prim spinster governess (Jane Fonda) gets kidnapped by an old Mexican bandit (Burt Lancaster).

I The Last Temptation of Christ Another possible release this month is Scorsese's/.115! Temputton ofC/iris‘t. He was all set to make several years ago (the cast we re actually on the plane bound for location shooting in lsrael) when the studio. shaken and made nervous by vastly expensive mega-flops like (‘imino‘s Heaven '5 (iute and Scorsese's own King of

( 'omedy. pulled the plug. I Wildcat Roundingoff their year. Wildcat have signed up Lil. Lochhead to write this year's panto.

I Morris Minor I lard to believe. but it's-lilyears since the Morris Minor. with its revolutionary suspension and engineering first rolled off the production line. It then bumped bumpers with cars like the \‘W beetle (already 12 years old) and the newly-streamlined \"cspa Motor Scooter but snappy- fin-tail styling as seen in the Triumph TR-3 was still another lilyearsin coming.

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