male-dominated power structures both in the home and the workplace. Taking the mantle oi breadwinner from her laid oii husband is one step on the way to the confrontation with the boss who believes that with his public position oi authority comes private sexual dominance. As her struggle continues, she becomes more aware oi the extent to which these sexual roles persist in every level oi society, including the union organisation and the rule oi law (one oi the temale pickets is brutally strip-searched); and while her burgeoning political determination pays dividends, her new-found consciousness takes its toll on the ediiice oi hermarriage.

Like an excellent TV soap, Brookside ior instance, the film uses a wealth oi


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Business As Usual (15) a (Lezli-An Boland) ior complaining to him about domestic detaii and recognisahie Barrett, UK, 1987) Glenda Jackson, his sexual harassment of one of the characters to contront the issues at John Thaw, Cathy Tyson, Eamon lemale statt (Cathy Tyson). Her light ior stake with an entertaining directness ' I l Boland. 89 mins. Made under the reinstatement takes Babs to the local that is rarely didactic, sympathetic . .9"!!! (1y auspices oi the now-defunct Cannon union, and as picket action escalates, performances an round, including a I New Directors .Fund, Lezli-An Barrett’s tenSIon arises between Babs and her perfect sienna Jackson, enliven the 771alineej spirited debut is that rarity in British unemployed husband Kieran (John inteuigent and pfovocative manner in cinema, the him with genuine political Thaw), who feels increasingly which it reveals the political dimension Sun 103112.50pmm811me gumption. Glenda Jackson isBabs neglected left at home. to everyday experience. Ataudahte and Stated in Cameo leaflet is Flynn, the manageress oi a Liverpool Busmess As Usual centres on Babs’ unexpected deiight, this movie cries , boutique uniarily dismissed by an discovery oi her strength as a woman out tor a wide audience, (Trevor moors“) (18) & odious area supervisor (Eamon through the disruption of Johnston) PIG TV THE cospsc ACCORDING. TO _ ST MATTHEW (1 Lancaster and Kerr‘s romantic frolicon the largely teenage infantrymen suffered a I Jean De Florette (PG) ((‘laude Berri. the seashore has entered the realmsof 70",? casualty rate during 1() daysof France. 1986) (Eerard Depardieu. Yves Sun 17 at 1 pm movie legend. Edinburgh; Edinburgh ferocious combat to secure a target that Montand. Daniel Auteuil. 121 mins. First Film Guild was abandoned and forgotten part of a magnificent two-film epic set in GONE WITH THE WIND .The Fuw(18)(Brian Dc palma. US‘ immediately afterwards. Provence during the 1920s. In part one 1978) Kirk Douglas‘ John Cassava“. Although inevitably perceived as a Depardieu‘s indomitable hunchback Came Snodgrcss. 118 mins. A Smmgcam leszerentrlyi' in thcci‘ Viztnam genre and very struggles ihmpossible odds to make perk up the credibim uoticm Ohms tra itiona y ma e. t is is an honourable a success 0 is in critcd farmland Sun 24 at 2'30pm s 1' h b v . y q. . .,. account ofthe folly of all wars unaware that his apparently friendlv ty is ut silly De Palma nonsense about . . . . ' ' THE TIN DRUM a girl with psvchokinctic powers and (flit-“110W C 1mm)“ Uifflmen ROiid. neighbours are secretly planning to drive Douglas.s hc'mic attempts to save his (irosvenor. ()deon. Edinburgh; ()deon. him from his hind endowed son from being Lothian; Cannon. Strathelyde; Cannon. Beautifully photographed with flawlcsg . 4(110 Nillllls ruthless'ly exploith by the bad guys. La Scala. ()deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton performances, a towering tribute to the c plenty of Special effects and Chase‘s but I "‘annavh and "97 sister's ( 15) (WPOdY highest aspirations of traditional French Fri 8 at 1 1 15 m nothing of note under the fancy wrapping. NM’ US‘ 1986) Mm Fd’m‘i' M'Chad St"r3"t°ll'ng' Edmhurghi hlmh‘m‘w ° p t - t ' Caine.Dianne Weist. 107 mins.An ~ . ,. , RE Edinburgh,Cdmco ' , 1 t IJllllk ABShelICSIJlUl/x Ami/tutti isa PO "AN & I Gandhi (PG) (Richard Altcnbomugh‘ “Ph'nghfunny: ‘ns‘ghthI_af‘d we" C351 celebration of the work of Bruce (‘onner STRANGE“ THAN UK‘ 1983) Ben Kingsley. Candice Celebrai‘on 0f some SPFPY'S'PBU upbeat and his contemporaries who looted and Bergen. Mat-tin Shccnftggmins. {Qmam'lc pcrambmauons w'thmafam'ly plundered bitsofold film footage tocreate Long-windcd and respectful “E1391?” OEIYFYOEdY knows how' a new art form akin to celluloid mosaic in urg ; i m ouse

making. Six of('onner's films will be

biography/hagio ra h *ofMahatma K. of . . sat 9 at11°15pm g p ) I The Hll(18)($tcphcn Frcarsv UK.1984) shown over the three programmes

that llk. revealing its director‘s faultsand

SID AND NANCY (1 & tendency towards elephantitis at their John Hun‘ Tim R0th~ Terence S‘f‘mP 9” including Marilyn 'I‘i'mcs l-‘ii-c ( 1974) in C|A0! MANHATTAN most acute, one for Auntic‘ htdcn with mins. TWO h“ men are 56mm Spam“) which a woman alleged to be Monroe Oscars and an easy Sp()[-thc-star brmg 3‘ §Upcr8r§55 back ‘0 Lopdon ‘0 face poses nude for the camera. Edinburgh; Fri 15 at 1 1 .15pm competition. Strathclyde; ()deon Ayr we" Filénhoiise ( . k . - I ' 'v) ’osintsev. SOMETHING WILD (18) & prepared for the end. Sly and entertaining 1:87r1()LY)lEr;$:(nr-LL 137 mins. DESPERATELY Vivien i'cighbiiv‘ia osmium: [feslic filifgg§°§smfi‘g‘fj;§c""cm“" we” BMW” “55”” "mm" ""S““k°“p°‘”° SEEK|NG SUSAN Howard. 222 mins. Superb‘swccping‘ d5 m “'8 t . filmed in bleak monochrome. ' ' Southern soap opera with flighty belle 3:012:70'58'38'8 (1C5) (Davjld Mgmctt ' rglqgcrprcupg the wit driwtc Sat16 at11.15pm Leigh sufferingthrough the Cm] War and M}; N )ybm “’101’09” Soc an lcgnd‘ u” (Emmy? [5.1! Er g“ p unwrscly hesnating in choosmg the true I. c USS aum' mms' cc pane ' "33" Y' E m .urb ' m "E" THE FLY (18) 8t object of her deepest affectj0n5_ Edinburgh; Cameo I Kiss of the Spiderwoman ( 13) (llector Edinburgh; Cameo I lnnenpace (PG) (joc Dame, US,1987) Babenco. US/Brazil. 1985) William Hurt. I The Gospel According to St Matthew (PG) Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan. Raul Julia, Sonia Braga. l2] mins. Two (Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy/France, 1964) 119 mins. Maverick, gung-ho pilot Quaid men share a prison cell. victims in their Enrique [razoquh Susanna pascohni‘ is at the helm ofan experiental probe that individual ways of an unspecified fascist Mario Socrate. 135 mins. Using is miniaturized and accidentally injected regime. One is a flamboyant homosexual. non-professional actors and adhering into the bum of a hypochondriac the other a macho revolutionary. The pain Coming soon 10 the Cameo: strictlytothc writings ofthe apostle Supermarketclerk, Short, who hasjust oftheir confinement brings mutual L'TTLE DORRIT Matthew, this isa stark documentary-like been adViSCd 10 aVOid any undue Stress. understanding and 2‘ "‘0‘an C’Whimgc"f recreation of the life ofChrist. With just 24 hours air supply Quaid must mlCS- Glasgow? Gmswn‘" MAUR'CE and Rough-edged but austerer spell-binding. alert Short to his presence and encourage I The Kitchen Toto (15) 1? (Harry llook. WH|TE M|SC|~||EF Edinburgh; Cameo him to acts of unrivalled derring-do asthey UK, 1987) Edwin Mahinda. Bob Peck. I Hamburger Hl||(18) it (John lrvin.US, evade the wicked clutches ofvarious Phyllis Logan. 95 mins. Kenya, 1950. 1987) Anthony Barrile. Michael Patrick industrial spies and megalomaniacs. Mwangi. a young Kenyan boy. witnesses Boatman. Don Cheadle. l 10mins. A Overplotted but engagingly ramshackle the murder of his preacher father for not sober and moving account of the young cartoonish adventure frolic. supporting the violent methods advocated recruits mindlessly slaughtered duringone Glasgow; Cannon Sauchiehall Street, by the independence movement ofthe particular Vietnam offensive in May 1969. Grosvenor. Edinburgh; Dominion. Mau Mau. Taken into employment by the Ordered to capture the strategically Lott-min; Cannon. strathclydc; La Scala, local British police chief as a kitchen toto. .. if positioned Hill 937 in the Ashua Valley. Rialto he becomes a bewildered innocent

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