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Third Eye Centre, Glasgow 1987 was a non-mover as far as dance was concerned. But 1988 looks like clearing those doldrums which reached their nadirwith the Edinburgh Festival’s dismal dance programme.

With few practitioners living in Scotland, contemporary dance has been crying out for an injection of talent and inspiration. With an eye to changing this situation, Glasgow Independent Dance was set up last year to promote not only indigenous classes and performance, but also encourage new dance to step into the many gaps in the dance calendar.

With Glasgow Independent Dance giving voice to dancers' needs in the west, Third Eye Centre has provided the space. In January, they begin theirlirst season of new dance entitled ‘New Moves', in conjunction with GID, which will continue until the middle of March.

Gregory Nash, Sue MacLennan and Kate Dalton will kick off with a three-week residency (see listings) which culminates in a work specially created for the season. Invited artists Yolanda Snaith (see photograph and listings Snaith makes an early appearance at the Traverse during January), Rosemary Butcher, The Cholmondeleys and The Vic Vics continue a strong programme of performances, workshops and talks and during February (12, 13, 19 and 20), new choreographers are also given a platform.

Throughout New Moves, the Listwill be interviewing those involved and performing in this winter initiative. Next issue Sue MacLennan and Gregory Nash (a founder member of Glasgow Independent Dance) will be in this space. (Alice Bain)


I HILLHEAD HIGH SCHOOL ()akfield Ave. (for irtfo. 334 1657 after6pm). Contemporary Dance Thursday evenings witlt Fiona Alderman. Some experience necessary.

I STEPS OUT 261 West Princes Street. 331 2931.

EDINBURGH Performance

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (ireenside Place. Box Office 557 2590. lilam—6pm Mon—Sat. (‘redit cards 557 25‘)“.

The Nutcracker 3-6 Feb. 7.3llpnt. Slat Sat 6 Jan at 2.30pm. ill-Elli. Scottish Ballet‘s seasonal contribution. Snowflakes arid the Sugar Plum dance to Peter Darrell‘s version with Philip Prowse designs. Music composed by the truly popular Tchaikovsky.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. Grassmarket. 226 2633. Box office Tue-Sat lilam—8pszun 6—1ilpm. Yolanda Snaith 12-‘17 Jan. £4 (£2). Fitting

in a date before her performance in (ilasgow as part of the New Moves Seasor at Third Eye Centre. Snaith is a welcome new year attraction. The lady herselfhas been described as ‘strong. eool. hot. furtn arid awesome'. Her two performances ‘Scarcd Shirtless' and ‘Blue Whiteness Rhapsody" sound impossible to ignore.


I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 George Street. 225 361-1.

Dance Classes llJan—22 March. £2 (£1) per class. New season of classes by a number ofteachers taking a variety of techniques. Noexperience required.

I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Street (229 1071 forinfo).

Wednesday Ballet n. tS—7.3opm. Adults general. but welcome.

Monday Jan6.3tl—7.~15pm. Adult intermediate.

SaIJazz 12.45—2pm. Adultgeneral. beginners welcome.

All classes £2.25 (£2). Reduction for block bookirtg.

I Kids aims to provlda Info about mots In and around Edinburgh and Glasgow for children and young people. Please send details not latorthan 1o dayabofora publication.


Activities and Fun

I CUMBERNAULO THEATRE ('untbei'nauld. (I236 732887

Youth Theatre Re-starts 15 Jan. leadingto a play of the group's owit devising tobc performed at the theatre in April.

I GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane. 33‘) 4298.

Children's Saturday Afternoon Picture Show livery Saturday. 2—4.3llpnt. l"or4 Hyear olds. 5llp. Modellcd on the old-style Saturday morning cincnta clubs for children. l-‘ilm features. cartoons and a serial followed by gantes. competitions aitd turns on the stage.


I THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 331 I234. The Nutcracker t 'ntil t-‘ri l().litl1 i lttipel‘l Sttit 11). As a break front the roundol pantomiittes. try takiitg the kids to the ballet instead. lt'sa truly ntagicalstoi'y. set to 'l'chaikovksy 's bright . memorable score (which includes the famous Hum wit the Sugar Plum l'itll'l'll') arid the product ion. by Peter Darrell. Scottish Ballet‘s founder w lto died last year. has been very well receive d. An added pltis are designs by Philip l’rowse. best-know n for his magnificent work at (ilasgow ‘s ( 'iti/cns Theatre. tltc l{.\‘() iii London arid ( )pera North. The production goes to lidtnbtirgh irt l’ebruai'y. See also Dance page.

Exhibitions I HAGGS CASTLE Hill St Andrew s I my c.

Polloksltields, 4272725.

Making Faces l 'ittil 22 Feb. ln fashion. ritual aitd social occasions the lace always gets its fair share of attention and make tip attd this exhibition looks at some of the amazing fashions across the centuries. _\'ot o\ erlooking the fact that children love to make themser es tip. tltere is a chance for them to try on ntasksand paint a self-portrait

I PAISLEY TOY MUSEUM lin ( ilasgow Road. l’aislcy . 88‘) 4274. ()pening by appoiittitteiit only adults. 25p children .-\n enterprising new venture set tip by two teachers w Ito hay e a great weakness for toys. especially old bears. Best stitted to‘) yearsoltl r .


I CITIZENS' THEATRE ( iorbals. -12‘)flti22. liiixolf. Mon Sat lilaitt Spin.

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp t hill in Jan. 2pm every day ; 5pm oit Wk lolait. 7pm". 11.13 l5.lan. {1 £4.50. .-\ ('hi'istmas sltow rather than a tradittottal panto. this xllmlilui is pitched primarily at children there is no political inittiendoor topical banter. There are gorgeous sets. a good. not too s'ehntultzy storylineand some very good characterisatioits by a strong cast. It could be scarier. but tltere are some wonderful. truly magical

please telephone. 5tlp

I CUMBERNAULO Cumbernauld. ()236 732887. Box office Mon—Fri Illam—(ipiit. Sat 10am—3pm. 6—8pm perfevgs.

John Shearer's Festival of Fun and Magic In Jan. 1.15pm.

Peter and the Wolf 23 Jan. 1.15pm. llandiworks Puppets.

I KING'S THEATRE Bath Street. Box office Mon—Sat noon-6pm. Tel bookings'l‘icket Centre. (‘andleriggs Mon-Sat 1l1.3llam--6.3llpm. 227 S511.

Cinderella l'ntil Sat 6 Feb. 7pm. Wed ck Sat mats 2. 15pm. (ones for kids artd ().-\Ps every day except Sat. 'I‘raditional and ever popular fare front Rikki f‘ulton arid Walter ('arr.

I MITCHELL THEATRE(iranvilleStrect. 2213198. Bosotfichoii- Sat noon 6pm. ‘1 cl bookings‘l'icket (critic. (‘andlcriggx 22" 5511 Mon— Sat lll._3flam 6.30pm.

The Incredible Brechin Beetle Bug t ‘niil Sat ‘1.7.3llpntfl'htirs 7 & Fit 8 1.30pm. A (‘hristntas-in-peril-and-needs-to-be- i‘escued talc front 7:84 'l'lteatre (‘ontpany (a revival of last year‘s paitto by Matt .\lc(iinn).

I PAVILION Renfield Street. 332 1846 MotherGoose {5.25.1325 (kids is ( ).-\l’s L3 25. £2.25)'liradittonal paitto with Andy ('anicron..loltiiny Beattie.

I SECC l-‘innieston. 248 .‘stttlli

Robert Brothers Circus t ‘niil 16.lan. Times of perfs y ary. clteck w itlt yenue for details. 'l'el bookiitgs from(‘andleriggs l'icket (‘entre. Mott-Sat llljflaitt 6.30pm. 22" 551 1 ; tickets I11 pcrsort front Mitchell tlteatrc. (iranville Street Mon ~Sat noon ~6pm aitd King's Theatre. Bath Street. noon- 8pm. 'l‘i'aditional ( ‘lii tstntas circus.

Christmas Carnival t'ntil titan.

l3” lll..“llpl11.Illlptlllllik'tltliil'. .-\ll1lie IIIII ol the fairgroiind pltis \I;Ills.

I TRON THEATRE b3 ’l'rotigatc. 5.52 426" S Babes in the Wood Victor aitd liarry . the carttp. Noel ( ~ttys al‘tl-esqtte \Ial'sttl

ls'ely inside Young l’ei’ltle's Amateur Dramatic Society are the wonderful creation of Alan (itintnting and Forbes Mason.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I BRUNTON HALL .‘ylitssclbiirglt. 665 3711 L‘\I 3‘14.

Elchat Dance Xplosion Re-\I.tt1\ l3.lait. livery \Vednesday 4 5pm. 511p. Dance worksltopstorJ 7yeai olds.

East Lofhian Youth Theatre Re-siai-is 1.‘~_t.-in layeiy Wednesday. 7.30 f)..‘yllpnt. l'ree workshopsfor young people 13' 21 years. I 369 GALLERY 233 ('owgate. 225 3013 369 Art Club lznrol now. iit person. The club. w hich runs front lll.3llam noon eyel‘y Saturday. re-starts 16.1anand coiitinuesfor lllweeks.115(L7concsilor course. lilllllift ( irahant-Yooll will continue to take llte classes whiclt are for 8 I2yearoldsandcoverai'tsaitdcraftsol c‘\cl"\ Still.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘ltambers Street. 225 7534

Competition Entries A selection of some of the best entries from the (‘hristmas competition (botlt art artd poetry) will be on display iii the Main Hall.


Classes 'l'lteati‘e \‘l'orksltop starts its\ cry

The List 8 21 January 1988 25