I Tin Tin (C4) 0. 15--h.3llpni. 'l‘hc in l’rcnch cartoon charactcr and a scrics of fiyc cxtcndcd cditions tclling thc story of Rcd Rackhman‘s'l'rcasurc.

I The Wine Programme ((‘4 ) 9.3a. lllpnt. First in a rcpcat show ing of .lancis Rohinson's w cll thought of w inc programmc. 'l‘onight thc Bcauiolais story and whcthcr or not its worth hanging onto undrunk hottlcs of Nous can.

I Aids NOW(C-ll HUB-l 1.30pm. Starting with a scicncc hascd account of thc curi‘cnt statc of know lcdgc or lack ofknowlcdgc ahout thc y'irus(.1lort'Qtu'stimisrllun

:1 Itsit't'rs ). this is thc first of six major documcntarics on Aids. Aids is hound to hc a thcmc running through 1988 7- it could hc thc ycar in which ifa curc rcmains clusiyc. thc dangcr poscd hy' thc discasc is hcttcr undcrstood. Will Aidshc mat‘ginaliscd as a prohlcni for minority groups as a hctcroscxual cpidcmic fails to matcrialisc'.’ 'l'hc third programmc cxaniins dircctly thc likclihood ofsuch an cpidcmic whilc othcr programmcs takc casc historics of pcoplc and placcs. liss‘cntial y'icwing.

I Subway (C-i) 11.30pm 11.35am. ’l‘hc WSS cttlt hit conicdy sct in thc stylish world of thc l’aris Mctro dircctcd hy l.uc Bcsson. Chistophcr lanthcrt stars.


I Stanley‘s Vision (C4) (i.3ll--7pm. Drama documcntary portrait of paintcr Stanlcy Spcnccr.

I Supergirl (Scottish) 7. 15 -‘)..‘~5pm. l’irst timc on tclcyision for this 1984 ckcing-out ofthc Supcrnian films. l‘ayc Dunaway is thc yillaincss. Hclcn Slatcr Supcrgirl.

I South Riding (C4) 9— lllpm. Start of a rcpcat showing of Yorkshirc 'I‘clcy'ision's scrialisation hy Start Barstow ofWinifrcd llolhy"s historical noy'cl. Stars Dorothy Tutin and Nigcl Daycnport.

I Aspel and Company (Scottish) USS—10.40pm. Hashcs of gctiuinc wit

Ten Great Writers.‘ (Sun. 10 Jan).

makc thc start of yct anothcr

chat show scrics hcarahlc.

I Black Forest Clinic (C4) to 10.55pm. 'l‘hc \‘y'cst (icrman cqiy alcnt of Dallas takcs tip its rcgular Channcl l‘our slot on British'l‘clcyiston. liasily thc most popular programmc on \Vcst ( icrman tclcy ision. this upmarkct mcdical soap hodcs rathcr hcttcr than thc awful (’liitlt'uut'u/lun.

I Another Taste of Scotch and Wry (Scottish) “HIS Ill..‘t5plii. Highlights from prcy ious pi‘ngt'ammcs.

I Barney MillertCJ) 11.45pm 13.15am. 'l'hc Manhattan hascd policc comcdy starring l lal l.indcn starts itsfourth

I Something Evil ((4) 12. 15-‘l.-1();im_ Stcycn Spiclhcrg hcgan his carrccr as a dircctorol'l'Vfilitis includingthc now famous dcmonic truck thrillcr Due/and hcforc that ( ‘u/um/m: .llurrlt'r liy‘I/lt' Book. In IUSZ hc madc a succcsslul rcturn to thc mcdium w ith this gripping supcrnatural thrillcr.


IA.P.8. (C4) 12-30 1.30pm. .\'cw inlcry'icw programmc aimcd at tccnagcrs which includcs in its first programmc a film rcpot't on \Vct Wct \Vct looking through thcir mothcr's rccord collcction. I Eyes on the Prize ( mu ‘3 l 7. 15- s. lllpm. Six part Amcrican documcntary chronicling thc fight for cqual rights for hlacks in thc l'S throughout thc fifticsand sixtics.

I Sports Archive l BM '2 i s. lo 9.40an 1952 is thc first y'car to hc l'ccallcd hy Harry Carpcntcr.

I The Stocks and Shares ShOW( ( ‘4)

8.15 -S.-15pm. A lcw months ago it might hay'c lookcd as if thcrc could hc no loscrs on a TV quiz show hascd oti thc moy'cmcntsof thc Stock lixchangc. Wc all know diffcrcntly now and that should add an cxtra spicc to Anglia (Salt: Off/11’ Century) 'I‘clcyisions' quiz madc in association with Jcrcmy Fox's Action 'l‘inic gamc show company.

I The Modern World: Ten Great Writers (C-i) SAS—Ufifipm. Mcly'yn Bragg(who has writcn thc accompanying hook ) is thc

David Suchet and Serena Cusack as Leopold and Molly atom in Channel 4's examination at Joyce‘s ‘Ulysses' in ‘The Modern World:

scrics editor for thcsc programmcs that look at thc work of authors at work at thc turn of thc ccntury. Joycc and (z'ly's'st’s‘ is thc topic for the first. part- documcntary. part-drama. analysis.

I Did You See. . . ? ( BBCZit)—<).4li. lncludcs a rcy'icw of a 1963 documcntary Time: ()n ()11!‘ Hands which attcmptcd to prcdict what lifc would he likc in 25 y cars timc. '

I Closing Ranks (Scottish) 10-1 1 .3tlpm.

Schcdulcd against thc ncw scrics of Scrccn

'l'wo. ('cntral 'l‘clcs'ison‘s film arm. chith. prcscnts this controycrsial film hascd on thc Iifcstylc of today's policc forcc. Closing Ranks is dcy‘iscd and dircctcd hy Rogcr (iract who madc thc BBC fly -on-thc-wall documcntary sct‘ics I’uln't'. In this film. (it‘acf uscsa scmi-impt‘oy'iscd approach. draw ing on thc documcntary cxpcricncc to tcll thc story of a tough London dctcctiyc w ho. undcr prcssurc from his w'ifc. asks for a transfcr to a quictcr proyincial lorcc. 'l'hc film aims to cxaniin thc domcstic conflicts in thc liy cs of policcmcn (which includcs thc tahoo suhjcct amongst thc policc of wifc hcating) as w'cll as. in thc light ot thc coy'ct' up thc Holloway Road incidcnt. looking at how policc loyality can conflict with moral duty.

I Screen Two: The Vision l mu ‘3) lll.21lpiii 12.05am. Scrccn'l'worcturns with nightmarc Vision of a satcllitc tclcyision futurc and Dirk Bogardc as a fading 'l’\' pcsonality who hccomcs thc frontman for thc sinistcr "l‘hc l’coplc Clianncl'. A scason of Dirk Bogardc films hcgins with I‘lir'St’rlwiIon inc 1:.


I Droids: The Adventures at 82-02 and C-3P0(BBC1)4.35-V4.55pm. Ncwcartoon scrics produccd hy (icorgc Lucas dcpicting thc adycnturcs of thc loycahlc rohots from Slur Wars.

I Merely Modal (C4) 9- 9.45pm. l‘iyc part cxamination of attidudcs to dcath hy thc tcam that madc Just Set for Channcl Four. I After Henry (Scottish) S“ 8.30pm. Simon Brctt's dclicatc radio conicdy somchow sccnis lcss innoyatiyc on tclcy'ision. playing a littlc in thc modc of .‘1 Fine Rumunu'. But thc acting ( l’runclla Scalcs and Joan Sandcrson ) cnsurc its w'atchahility.

ISunsetSongiBBCI ) Ill. lll-lll.55pm. First of a total of thirtccn programmcs rcpcating BBC Scotlands‘sacclaimcd dramatisation of (irassic (iihhon's A Swis- Quair trilogy. thn originally shown thc scrics hclpcd put BBC Scotland's drama dcpartmcnt on thc map as wcll as rckindling intcrcst in (iihhon.

I Australia Live (Scottish) 11.35pm—1235am. The usual hunch of cclchratcd Australians from thc country

‘iZLi’anitij" ,. '*

‘Barney Miller‘ returnsto Channel don Saturdays. that is not only so young that all ltslamous charactct's arc still aliy c. hut tlicy arc also all'l‘V stars.


I The Parliament Programme ((11)

3 2.3llpm. l'l‘.\' cxtcnds its coy ci'agc ol parliamct with four timcs a wcck ('l‘ucsday to l‘riday lcoycragc of hoth llouscs. l’rcscntcd hy‘ ( ily nn Mathias.

I Wild Lite on One ( Hm ‘I tsfin 0pm.

.\'cw' scrics. 'l'onight thc ltlcsty lc of thc Rohin told hy Sir l)ay id .-\ttcnhorougll.

I Viewpoint Special: The Last Dream (Scottish l 9 lllpm. John l’ilgcr. hilnscll an Australian. puncturcs iust a littlc tltc party atmosphcrc. with a thrcc part pcrsonal portrait of Australia. 'l'hc ln'st programmc tclls thc story of thc countrics unsung hcrocs including l’ilgcr‘s grcat. grcat

grandfathcr. who dcportcd for 'tittcring unlawful oaths‘ spcnt thc passagcchaincd to his hcrth on a prison ship.


I Votes For Women (Scottish i 2.3a 3pm. Shccna McDonald hosts thc first in a ncw scrics of nctw'orkcd programnics madc hy Scottish 'lclcyision. l'sing thc Swirls/i Assmihly' yoting systcni llltl w omcn giyc thcir y'icw's on topical issucs. 'l‘hc suhicct of this and ncxt \Vcdncsday 's programlnc is ahortion and l)ayid Alton‘s Bill. Clarc Short. MP. is onc of thc gucsts lincd upto appcar.

I Hannay(Scotlish t 9 l(lpm. Sccond cpisodc of thc ady'ctlttlt‘c scrlcs starring Rohcrt l’ow'cll as John Buchan‘s Richard Hannay . thc charactcr l’ow cll play cd in thc film y'crsion of "l'hc 'l‘htrty .\'inc Stcps'.

IOED:SheerGeniusllslst'l l‘)..‘ll- lllpm. l-‘ifty ycars on. how thc man is ho inycntcd nylon. Conyinccd hc w as a lailurc. committcd suicidc: thc shocking stocking story.


I Bless This House (Scottish i 7.3(k-Spm. (‘omcdy classic from thc scy critics starring thc latc Sid Jamcs -- onc ot British tclcy'ision's funnicst actors.

I LA Law (Scottish) ‘)-- lllpm. Harry Hamlin rctttrns in a ticw sct'lcsol thc compulsiyc. stylish law drama. Kuzak's hatrcd of smoking intcrfcrs with his handlingoftohaccocompany's lawsuit. .


IAids Now((‘4) 1030—] l .sllpm. lchw York on the brink of an cpidcmic'.’ 'I'hc Aids scrics rcports in its sccond programmc.

I Arena: The Dandy/Beano Storyt 13m ‘2) 9.25—lll. 15pm. Cclchrating fifty ycarsof Dcnnis thc Mcnacc. Dcpcratc Dan ct al. with affcctionatc trihutcs from thc likcsof Roy Hattcrslcy and Joan Armatrading. I Whiclier's World: Living with Waltzing Matilda (1313(1) ll).2(l~l l . ltlpm. Alan

The List 8— 21 January 1988 39