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Whieker. appropriately. reports on the partsol his world that lies downunder.

l laying already giyen similar treatments to the Brits w ho haye made the ISA their home. now he looks at the poms wholiye and work in Australia. including in this first programme l)orrie Hatinan w ho runs a brothel.


I Anne at Green Gables— The Sequel ((4) The later ad\entttres ol Anne hy lite} Maud Montgomery. l-irst ot two programmes.


I Wish Me Luck 1 Seottish ) h'. 154). 15pm. l.\\"l"s new drama series. lrom the ereatorsol the BBC's It'll/(U. Jill l lyem and Lay iiiia Warner. is onee again that unusual thing. a story lrom the Second World War trom a lemale point ol View. Rate Bullery and Suzanna l lamilton star as women from ditlereni walksol lile drawn to a lietional equiyalaent ol the Speeial ( )perations l-.\eetiti\e. the espionage arin ot the war ellort. 'l’hestory takes them through training to aetion hehind the lines in oeeiipied l‘ranee.


I Hard Cases (Scottish i U- lllpin. Asw llll (.L‘ltll'ill'\(h/U\II1L’Rtlllkk[INN/(«UHW attempts to use drama rather than doeumentary to portray the workingsol a hraneh ol the puhlie set'\ iees. 'l‘he si\ part series written hy .lohn l laryey aridstarring Barry Jackson. is a gritty aeeoiint ot the work ol prohation ollieei‘s.

I Scottish Women 1 Scottish)

INS." l 1.05pm. l'oiex tor Home/i hy any other name. htit not a repeat ol the networked attei‘noon programme hut a seeond. Seotland only edition.


I SplitSecondiseoinsh i USU “pm. l’aul (‘oia presents Seottisli ’l eley ision'shraiid new general know ledge qui/ show

I The Play on One l tilit‘l l Down “here the litlllalti ( in. it} l’elel Mel) the lost in the lilies high piolile seasoiiol new plays seeguestlist

IThat‘s Love t Seottish l 0.3” ltlpni, .\'ew siteomstai'i'inglimmy Mulyille.


IThisisYourLiteist-oiiishi" "Stipm.

ll onight l'li\' liroadeasts the last 'new‘ edition ol the piogiamiiie with whieh Izanionn .-\tltll‘L‘\\s was most assoeiated In the lollowiiig lt\ e weeks. l hames haye sehediiled .is a ti‘ihute elassie editions l root the past. as they woi k out w ho w ill replaee

‘Closing Ranks'. Central's study at police pressures.

Andrew's as presenter.

I Citizen 2000 (C4) Picking up again on the liyes ot the 'eitizens‘ horn in NS) who will he monitored hy teley ision until the year letltl. '


As Burns well knew. the prospeet ‘that (iod the gil'tie gie us. tae see otirselyes as others see us‘ is well-nigh impossihle howeyer desirahle the idea.

But how we see ourselyes —~ the eoneept ol' ‘hody image' so loyed hy psyehologists ~ ean go horrihly wrong. It's prohahly hest known as a symptom ol' anorexia and htiliniia where. in its most extreme hunt. the sul'l'erer sees him or herself as many times higger than he or she really is and true pereeption ol' onesell' reeedes to an irretrieyahle point. liyen more disttirhing are disorders which are aetually eharaeterised hy distortion ol' hody image. such as imaginary hair loss. searring and hideous delorinity.

Looking l'or underlying eatises the stihjeet ol' this R4 doeumentary one of the ohyious eulprits seems to he advertising wliieh is. alter all. consistent. ubiquitous and aimed not at the status qtio. hut something tantalisineg desirahle just heyond it. A Body of Fears. R4. .Ian 14. 8. 15pm.

Another literally mind-hending programme eomes earlier in the week. It deals with a neurologieal rather than psyeliologieal eomeept hut its premise. the idea that one human heing ean eontrol the hrain of another. is no less grisly. This is the suhieet ol the play William and .llury in whieh Mary takes possession ol' hushand \Villiam's thoughts. All this eomes l‘rom the lertile hrain ol' Raold l)ahl who apparently dreamed it up whilst lying in hospital with spinal iniuries during the Seeond \Vorld \Var.h‘spantuiheiunsFearonFour series and can he heard on R4. Sun lll Jan. 7.50pm.

[ilsewhere on the airway es is more palatahle tragedy with l’ueeini‘s sad hut wonderlul opera La Boheme (w hieh w ill ineidently he giy en a new produetion hy Seottish ( )pera in May). l-‘iamma l/zo d‘Amieo is Mimi and Peter l)yorsky is Rodoll'o in this Swiss radio reeording w liieh ean he heard on R3. Sat ‘) .laii. 7.30pm.

l’elet'lt‘t‘sutts play The Mumper ahout a countryside tramp should reek ol' authenticity since he traiiiped the highways and hyw ays pushing his homemade harrow and slept rough from Basingstoke to Bath hy way ol' research. Nigel Stoek plays the title role and the author narrates in The Mumper. R4. Wed Jan 13. 3pm.

Also in January BB(' Radio drama launehes its nationwide eompetition looking lor new seripts l'rom anyone hetween the ages til 15 and 3t) lol' its 1988 Young Playwrights l’estiyal. 'l‘he elosiiig date is 31 May and seripts may he any length hetween l5 and 90 minutes. i-‘or two weeks in()etoher during the BBC Radio l)Raina Young Playwrights l’estiyal all radio drama play slots will he made

ayailahle to young writers »- so start writing?

40'I‘he List 8— 21 January 1988