I Australia's Bicentenary I)ow it under. the Atissies celebrate and the Aborigines mourn as the lililth anniversary of w hitc European settletnent is commemorated this year with what Labour Pritne Minister Bob l law ke has billed as a 12-month party '. Shotild give them one helluva hangov er.

I The Scotsman All eyes will he on the newly-appointed editor of The Scotsman. Magnus Linklater who takesov er from (‘hris Bauer this month. Sales has c been low after an exceptionally troubled 1987 but morale and expectations are now running high.

I Abortion Bill David Alton‘s fiercely debated Private Member‘s Bill on abortion which seeks to lower the time limit on terminations from 38' to 18 weeks seeks its second reading this month

I The Play on One A new series of specially commissioned pieces by BB(' Scotland. intended to have the same impact as the famous (ills Play for Today programmes begins in January . The first is Down where the Bittialu (in 1‘) Jan.

At the start of the New Year. Sally Kinnes looks forward to the festivals. events and happenings. which will shape the next twelve months. By any standards it is going to be a busy year: a year in which. with the Glasgow Garden Festival as well as the Edinburgh Festival. the spotlight will often be on Central Scotland.

Our month by month guide will put you in the picture. but for full details don‘t be without

9.30pm. BBC! . by Peter McDougall. author ofthe raw and uncompromising play Shout for the Sun and the season continues with new plays by John By rne. lain lieggic and Trevor (iriffiths.

I Communicado. (‘ommunicado. the innovate Scottish touring theatre company . w ho scored notable lidinburgh Festival successes with their version of ( 'armen and Liz. Lochhead's Mary Queen otSmtx celebrate their fifth anniversary this month.

I Philip Prowse Philip Prow se makes a w elcomc return to (ilasgow 's ('iti/ens' Theatre as

designer directorol Noel

(‘oward‘s l‘he l'ortex (21 Jam 1‘) Feb l after soiourns with ()pcra North and (‘ovent (iardcn.

I Traverse Theatre it‘s 25 years this month since the lidinburghTraverse. Britaiii'sfirst studio theatre. first opened its doorsin the tiny Kelly's Paradise. a former


brothel.inthc Royal Mile.


I The Gold at the Pharaohs

The (cw cl in the crow n of

Iidinburgh District


The List in ‘88.

their (in/(f ()fthe Pharaohs exhibition. which is set to rival the l‘)7lls 'l’utankhamun exhibition in splendour. and lidinburgh's own Iimperor's Warriors exhibition as a crowd puller. ('ity Art Centre. Edinburgh. 2 Feb until April.

I Cosi Fan Tutte Scottish ()pcra have an excellent line tip for their new production of Mozart‘s opera. opening (l Feb. with conductor (iraeme Jenkins. director Richard Jones. responsible for Scottish ()pera (io-Round's compelling .llaeheth and Opera Slls Rtgoletto last year. and the inventive designer Nigel Lowery.

I Sammy and Rosie Get Laid (‘an the scow ling. anti-establishment Stephen Frears and gifted writer l lanif Kureshi repeat their 1985 success of .llv Beautiful [.tllmtft’rt'llt’ with their new film Sammy and ROMP (iet Laid (original title The Fuck l‘.’ This is the month to find out when it opens in Britain.

IThe importance olBeind Honest As Anthony

(iav cndish‘s book I Inside Intelliegence adds to the gov ernment's embarrassment over .S/iy't‘tllt‘ht’r. \Vildcat's response is a masical

spoof by David MciNiven. The I mportanee ()fBeing Honest. ()pens 17 Feb. (‘rawfurd Theatre. Jordanhill. then tours. IThe Last Emperor ()pening this month is Bertolucci's The Last Emperor. the first western film to be shot entirely in China. A huge. glossy and spectacular film (though at $25 million its low-budget by Hollywood standards) it tells the true story of the last. adolescent emperor of (‘hina who is ‘re-educated' according to communist dictates and winds tip as a gardener. With Peter O'Toole and John Lonie.

I Edward Harper Mel/stuck Qtare is the new opera. premiered by Edinburgh University ()pera at George Square Theatre ill—l3 Feb. by the distinguiscd Scottish composer. lidward Harper. It's based on Thomas I lardy's novel

L 'mler the (ireen wood Tree and forms part of a double bill with A Vision (if/{titlegard by Alasdair Nicolson.

I National Theatre in Scotland Fresh after one of its most successful years and now under the direction of Richard Iiy'rc. the National Theatre visits both Iidinburgh and (ilasgow with a recent and

a nearly new production. First is ( ‘at (m a Hot Tin

Roof. Tennessee Williams‘ searing portrayal of family life gone wrong. which opens in London on 3 Feb and at the King's. Edinburgh on 22 Feb. Scottish actor lan ('harleson has his work cut out as Brick. the central character. of whom Paul Newman made such a compelling study in Richard Brooks' 1958 film.

I Theatre de Complicité ()ne of the first English- based companies to be commissioned by the Scottish Arts ('ouncil. the

award-winningTheatre dc

('omplicite premier their new show. Anything fora Quiet Life at lidcn (‘ourt. lnverncss this month and then tour to the Tron. (ilasgow l-(i Feb and the Theatre Workshop. lidinburgh NFL? Feb.

I Art and Architecture WeekUettingthe recognition it deserves. architecture is to have its own mini-festival in lidinburgh from 22 to 28 Feb held by Acanthus. a groupofarchitects committed to quality design and conservation. The climax of the week will be the 1988 Conference. 26 and 27 Feb. at which Norman St John Stevas will be the opening speaker.

l volumeoi poetry by l Norman .\lc(‘aig.onthc

l I Piccolo Pack the s‘(‘() i

Left: Christian Bale in Spielberg's Empire oi the Sun. Below Iett: Harvey Keitel ln Down Where the Buffalo Go. night: Waiting for Godot - Alec McGowan as Vladimir and John Aiderton as Estragon in the NT's production. Far right: Hamneti opens in Glasgow.

3P»...- .. ~. s 9,...N \ rv if

I The Woodentops ( )ne of

the most successful bands to have bypassed the system and made it on an independent label. the Woodentops play the ()ueen’sllall. lidinburgh. 18 Feb.

I The Bonfire oithe Vanities An inscrutable title for the first novel by Tom Wolfe w hose thoughts and words have held sway a long time. In the oils his plaudits included nothing less than ‘the best magazine writer in the world' and the film of his book The Right Staff was a brilliant success in '83. ('ape publish his novel this month at £12.95 and he'll be more than happy to sign your copy at Waterstoncs. lidinburgh (ll Feb. lunchtime l and in John Smiths. (ilasgow (date to be confirmed l.

I Toni Morrison in Edinburgh Toni Morrison. author of the much admired lie/m ed and Sung (USU/union w ill be reading from her work in Watcrstones Bookshop. [idinburgh on Leap Year day. 3‘) Feb, \Vaterstones will also be hosting the launch party for a new

evening of 0 Feb. l'i‘ee tickets from bookshop.

take their Piccolo Pack. their highly popular music

6 The List 8 21 January