ix???“ is

workshop for 8— I 2 year olds. to Glasgow for the first time. 20 Feb. I Ienry Wood Hall.

I New Moves The Third Eye Centre and (ilasgow Independent Dance give another boost to dance in Scotland with New .Wm't’s

a 6-week season ofclasses.

performancesand workshops and will include visits from the (‘holmondleys the \'ic Vics and Yolanda Snaith.


I Waiting for Godot The National Theatre's Scottish tour continues from 8— 12 March with their new production of Samuel Beckett's wonderful play. ll’uiting for Godot at the Theatre Royal. Glasgow. Michael Rudman. a former Artistic Director of the Edinburgh Traverse. directs. ITraverse After a three month spell of visiting companies at the beginning of the year. the Traverse gets down to business proper and begins its own season. Details have still to be announced but its

rumoured that it will begin

with a lively season showcasing new Scottish talent in both theatre and

other fields. The


Traverse. which has always been a theatre club. (originally to bypass the Lord (‘hamberlain's power of censorship) is also due to finally ‘go public' in the spring.

I Katherine Hamnett Shop Building on (ilasgow 's reputation for fashion the first Katherine llamnett shop in Scotland opens in Princes Square. either in March or the early spring. I Richard Hamilton (itiru of the ()i ls art world and credited with having made the first truly Pop Art work in Britian. Richard I lamilton is the subiect of the Fruitmarket's exhibition this month.

I Frankenstein Jonathan Pope w ill be restoring some of the humanity to Frankenstein when he makes his (‘itizens directing debut. IS Mar-Q April. The play will be a faithful adaptation of Mary Shelley'snovel. which plays down the monster factor. so

beloy ed of later screen versions. and plays up Frankenstein the man.

I Royal Scottish Academy ofMusic and Drama'l‘he new RSA.\lI)buildingin (ilasgow isofficially opened by the Queen Mother.

I The Mission Still trying to fight off his former colleague and now rival

Andrew Iildritch with his

revived band Sisters of Mercy . Wayne IIussey and The Mission play the Iidinburgh Playhouse 5 March. and the Barrowlands (3 March.

I Wall Street Post the October ('rash. but pre the (iuinness trials dtie later this year. Oliver Stone's new film gives Wall Street and insider dealing the same rough ride he gave to Vietnam in his previous and excellent film. Platoon. A formidable cast includes Michael Douglas. ('harlic Sheen. Martin Sheen and Terence Stamp.

I Empire otthe Sun .l .(i Ballard‘s book. Iimpire of the Sun. sees the World War II Japanese invasion of Shanghai through the eyesof an I 1 year old boy. Directed by Steven Spielberg the film version w ill no dotibt be more The (ti/or Purple than Ii. '1'. its treatment of childhood. but with Miranda Richardson in the cast and a screenplay by Tom Stoppard it can't be all bad.

4 Oxygen House with small casts. low prices(£l) and short play s (all under 45 mins) ()xy‘gen House are building themser esan excellent reputation for their seasons oflunchtime theatre at the Netherbow.

Above: Leonard Bernstein. Left: French fashion comes to the Edinburgh Festival. Below right: the Morris Minor is 40

The next series. starting 2 March. will be of new work by Scottish playwrights Iain IIeggic. Jimmy Begley. (‘olin Mortimer and one Iinglish writer. Patricia Mattrice. I Edinburgh International Folk Festival March 25-«3 April.

I The Cauldron Theatre Alba open Iidwin Stiven‘s new Scots play. The

( tut/(Iron on 7 March and will tottr until 9 April.

I Sue Lawley ()ut goes Parky as presenter of Desert Island Discs. They said he was biased towards sportsman and an intellectual lightweight. Russell IIarty confessed he wanted the job w hen Parkinson originally got it. but now he'sbusy starting the week and it‘s gone instead to BB(‘ golden girl Sue Law ley'.

I The Wars of the Roses If you ever wanted to sort out the many parts of Shakespeare's l Icnry and Richard play s. this is y our chance ~- and one that doesn't come round very often. This w ill be the first time the cycle of (i play s have been mounted together for 20 years. and the first time ever that they have been show it as a cycle outside Stratford on Avon. They are being presented by Michael Pennington's and Michael Bogdanov's Iinglish

Shakespeare (‘ompany and they can be seen in sequence from 22 to 26 March at the Theatre Royal. (ilasgow.

I Sadlers Wells in Glasgow Receiving itsfirst production since 192‘) Noel (‘oward's Bittersweet is presented by Sadlers \Vells ( )pera. Theatre Royal. Glasgow 28 March— 2 April.


.1 Glasgow Garden Festival (‘elebrating its ever-rising prestige and confidence. (ilasgow plays host to what is nearly half a year of exhibitions. eycntsand entertattunent. the third (iarden I-cstival and the L'K's biggest public event. The site covers 1 15 acres (of which l7 are w aterl along the (‘lyde where over Illllexhibitsand 50 different events will be on offer ey ery day. The festival opens with a fireworks concert on 3‘) April and highlights include a huge horticultural centrepiece exhibition with contributionsfrom all over Iztirope. l— ltlJuly;a human-sized badgers set and re-creation of a primeval forest by the I'orestry commission;

butter sculpture from Tibet. the Kodak Illk Road Race. the biggest race in Scotland (forms available from end January); the lllk ()K Race (women only. and the biggest women‘s race in Scotland); the first power boat race on the (‘lyde and the first fringe element to the M()I)(also being field in (ilasgow this year); five original trams for children toclamber over. including 3 from (ilasgow . and. guaranteed fun for all children who want to be engine drivers. the BR exhibit is a self-drive simulated high-speed. I Festivals Unit (’oinciding with the start of the (iarden Festival. the I‘estivals I 'nit begin theirthrce year programme ofevents leading tip to lWllw hen (ilasgow becomes ('ityof ('tilture. .\'odetails available at the timeof going to press. bttt riches are promised of w hich the jewel in the crown is rumoured to be Peter Brooksyersion ofthe epic Indian legend the Mahabharata... I DefLeppard Priding themselves on perfection. Def I.cppartl's last 'masterpiece‘ album. I’_\ I'UNItIIIItI was a celebrated 3 years in the


List 8 21 January 1988 7