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I This section aims to provide a review of everyfilm to be seen in central Scotland over the next fortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

(U)—Universal, suitable forall ages.

(PG)- Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable loryounger children.

(15)- No one underthe age of 15admitled. (18)— No one under the age of 18admitted. g New Release.

I Advertising Award Winners ( t ) A programme of prize-winning advertising films presented in association with the (‘reativc Forum. Fdinburgh; Filmhouse I The African Queen ( t ) (John I ltlston. US. 1951) HumphreyBogart. Katharine Hepburn. Robert Morley. lllZ mins. Grand high adventure from the (‘.S. Forester novel. charting the unlikely but

The Lost Boys (15) (Joel Schumacher, US, 1987) Kieter Sutherland, Dianne Wiest, Corey Feldman, Jason Patric. 98 mins. The Lost Boys is an inventive romp that raids the coffin of the hoary vampire flick, and drags its undead body screaming and kicking into the streetwise daylight at modern America.

Kieter Sutherland exudes charm and menace in equal bites as David, the bleached blonde boss of a teenage vampire pack that wreaks havoc on the Californian coastal town of Santa Carla. When Michael and his younger brother Sam, played by Jason patric and Corey Haim, arrive in town they soon become embroiled in the ghoulish goings-on. A devilish night on the town with David and friends leaves Michael asa half-vampire—hisfirst kill will win him hisfangs.

Michael’s unlikely champions are the

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xii-£5 ri'yl‘if‘vs ’=- . .. .an': , «ii 1 «J ; . .. .. f1: Xfl'rr‘i‘if‘éazifl... I: *' .

winning romance between an unkempt. gin-sodden riverboat captain and a prissy spinster as they chug through the (‘ongo (ilasgoyy :(il'vl~

I AllThatJaat 18) (Bob Fossc. US. 1979) Roy Scheider. Ben \'ereen.Jessica Lange. 123 mins. Fellini-inspired self-examination by

director choreographer Fosse as he lays bare the soul of an artist with a massive ego and an unquenchable appetite for work. wine. women and dance. Edinburgh: lidinburgh Film (Build

I An American Tail (Li) (Don Bluth. L's. 1986) Voices of Dom De Luise. Madeline Kahn. 81 mins. (‘utesyz patrioticanimated feature with the Spielberg touch as the .‘vlousekewitz family make the hazardous journey from old Russia to the New World. Edinburgh; ()deon

I Andrei Rublev ( 15) (Andrei 'I‘arkovsky'. L'SSR. 1966) 181 mins. Extraordinary Russian historical epic focusing on the life ofa 15th century icon painter and the harrowing experiences which provide the inspiration forhis artistry. Iidinburgh:

EUF.‘ l IAngel Heart ( 18) (Alan Parker. LS. 1987) Mickey Rourke. Lisa Bonet. Robert; De Niro. 1 13 mins. Scruffy private eye Harry Angel is hired by the mysterious Louis ('yphre to track down a missing Forties crooner who has reneged on a life-or-death deal. His investigationslead him to a seedy New Orleans dominated by voodoo cults and a trail of extremely dead bodies. (ilasgow; ()deon. Strathclyde: i ()deon Hamilton I Barbarella ( 15) (Roger \'adim. Italy France. 1968)Jane l-‘onda.John Philip Law. Milo()‘Shea. 98mins. Silly. camp 41st-century comic strip with Fonda as the sexy but naive adventuress Edinburgh; (‘ameo I The Belly of an Architect ( 15) (Peter (ircenaway'. l'K Italy. 1987) Brian Dennehy. (‘hloe Webb. Lambert Wilson. 118 mins. Distinguished American 3 architect Stourley Kracklite comes to E Rome to mount an exhibition in memory of his 18th-century predecessor litienne Louis Boulee and gradually becomes convinced. as his health deteriorates. that his unfaithful wife is trying to poison him. Majestic performance by burly Dennehy adds a brutal emotional streak to this typically elegant crossword puzzle (ilasgow; (il’l' I Betty Blue ( 18) (Jean Jacques Beineix. France. 1986) Jean-l lughes Anglade. Beatrice I)alle. 12llmins. 'I‘empestuous taleofamourfou (ilasgow‘. (31"1‘ E I Beyond Therapy( 15) ( Robert Altman. US. 1986) (ilenda Jackson. 'l'om (‘onti. Jeff(}oldblum. 93 mins. Fxcruciatingly bad screen version of the ('hristopher Durang stage farce about two neighbouring psychiatrists and the frenetic sexual problems of their various troubled patients. (ilasgowzfil’l‘


Frog brothers, a couple of fearless vampire killers who are like pubescent Rambos with an MTV fixation. If they can hunt down and destroy the mysterious ‘sleeper’ vampire then Michael will be able to look at himself in the mirror once again; this raises the intriguing question of how vampires manage to shave.

Like any successful movie caper, The Lost Boys concentrates its energies on keeping the action rolling along and uttering liberal spatterings of vernacular humour. Most of the gags revolve around the updating of the vampire myth, like namechecking The Munsters and making the bloodsuckers big fans of Jim Morrison. The best set-piece comes when the vampire hunters barge through a christening to grab their holy water and then proceed to load it into theirwater pistols.

Despite wasting the excellent Dianne

Wiest in what is really little more than a ; cameo,directorShumacherhandles . the nonsense with garlicky wit and The ' Lost Boys can stand proudly alongside l

I The Big Chill ( 15) (Lawrence Kasdan.

['S. 1983) (ilenn (’lose. Kevin Kline.Jeff (ioldblum. 105 mins. A groupofcollegc friends from the Sixties are unexpectedly reunited at the funeral ofonc oftheir number who has committed suicide. lidinburgh; ('ameo

I The Big Easy ( 18) (Jim McBride. LS. 1987) Dennis ()uaid. lillen Barkin. Ned Beatty. 101 mins. Pretty smart copthriller set in sweaty New Orleans where local lieutenant ()uaid tries to clear up a series ofgangland murders. all the while falling in love with lillen Barkin's attorney. in town to investigate police corruption. lidinburgh; Filmhouse

I Bigfoot and the Hendersons ( l’( 1) (William Dear. LS. 19871Joltn Lithgow. Melinda Dillon. Don Ameche. lllmins. Disneyesque family ady enture in which the all-:‘smerican l lendersons crash into the legendary Bigfoot and adopt the surprisingly genial beastie as a domestic pet with predictable complications from the neighbours and blood-hungry hunters (ilasgow; (‘annon (‘larkston Road. ('annon Sauchiehall Street. Iidinburgh; ('annon. Strathclyde: Kclburne. ( )deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton. Rialto

I Black Widowi l5) ( Bob Rafelson. t 's‘. 1987) Debra Winger. 'I'heresa Russell. 10: mitts. (‘hic psychological thriller with Justice Department investigator Winger on the track of mass murdering femrnc fatale Russell. lidinburgh; [iilmlmusc I BOY Soldierl 15) (Karl l'rancis. l'K. 1986) Richard Lynch. .lames Donnelly. Bernard Latham. Ill} mins. ()n patrol in Northern Ireland a private in the Welsh (iuards shoots a civilian in panic during a disturbance. 1n the outcry that followsthc incident. he is charged with murder and

pressure is put on him by the army toplead

its Spielbergian rivals in the undemanding adventure genre. (Colin Houlson)

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