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Manon Des Sources (PG) (Claude Berri, France/Italy, Switzerland, 1986) Yves Montand. Daniel Auteuil, Emmanuelle Mart. 114 mins. Provence in the 1930s. It is now ten years since the death of Jean de Florefte. Having driven the indomitable hunchback to his grave, the wily Papet Soubeyran and his slow-witted nephew Ugolin have profited from his demise and run a flourishing carnation farm. Jean's daughter Manon has grown into a beautiful teenager, who tends goats and keeps herself remote from the closed community that were accomplices to the harsh victimisation of herfamily. Then, through the twists of unpredictable fate, Manon is able to wreak her revenge.

With the cruel irony that life can sometimes produce, Ugolin becomes infatuated with the simple child of nature that Manon has become. She rebuffs his advances and his unrequited love intensifies into a dangerous obsession akin to her late father‘s all-consuming pursuit of a viable farm. At the same time, Manon uncovers the source of the spring that is the lifeblood forthe Soubeyran farm and the entire village. She blocks the source and the villagers conclude that their drought is a punishment from God

man-against-tlie-elements material. with an unforgettable leading performance. lidinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild I Dirty Dancing ( 15) (Emile Ardolino. US. 1987)Jennifer Gray. Patrick Swayze. 100 mins. Conventional girl-meets-boy from the wrong side of the tracks enlivened by a few tellirtg period touches ( 1963) and some mildly suggestive boogieirig. Glasgow; Cannon Clarkston Road. Strathclyde: Cannon. ()deon Ayr I Down By Law ( 15) (Jim Jarmusch. 11S. 198(1) Tom Waits. John Lurie. Robert Benigni. 106 mins. Two abrasive hepcats with women trouble and a haplessly innocent Italian tourist with a penchant for American poetry in translation are thrown together in a New Orleans prison cell. but miraculously manage to shamble their way out of confinement and across the Louisiana swamps. Edinburgh; Filmhouse I Dune (PG) (David Lynch. US. 1984) Kyle MacI.ach1an. Sting. Sean Young. 136 mins. An intergalactic trade war rages over the possession of the spice melange. which is exclusive to the planet Dune. L'nwieldy. uninvolving big-budget spectacular. bereft of anyemotional resonance. Weird. laughable and interminable. Edinburgh; Cameo I Eat The Rich (15) (Peter Richardson. 17K. 1987) Nosher Powell. Ronald Allen. Robbie Coltraine. 91) mins. Comic Strip feature that‘s an improvement on The .S'upergruss: an all-star black comedy that lives up to its title. Glasgow; Grosvenor I Empire of Passion ( I8) (Nagisa Oshima. Japan. 1978) Mazui Yoshiyuki.Tatsuya Fuji. 111) mins. In a rural village a peasant woman has an affair with a local layabout. the two murdering her husband who comes back to haunt them. Follow-up to the more explcit Empire oft/re Senses. described as ‘boring. boring. boring‘ by one pundit. Edinburgh; Cameo I Farewell (PG) (Elem Mlimov. USSR. 1983) Stefania Stayuta. Lev Durov. 126 mins. A Siberian village is about to be evacuated because the island on which its stands is in the flooding zone ofa new hydro-electric system. Striking evocation of the struggle to uphold a vanishing way



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for an evil deed that lurks unspoken in their collective past. Using her position of power, Manon is able to expose the wrong done to herfather and bring about the ruination of those responsible but not before events reveal the way in which chance and misfortune have cruelly blighted the lives of all those involved.

A full and satisfying conclusion to the events depicted in Jean De Florette, Manon is, if anything, a richer drama that steers the epic story towards the realms of Greek tragedy. If the first film was concerned with the plight of innocent victims then the second explores the suffering of the guilty as

of life Edinburgh: Filmhouse

I Fatal Attraction ( 18) (Adrian Lyne. CS. 1987) Michael Douglas. Glenn Close. Anne Archer. 119 mins. Happily married lawyer Douglas discovers the price of casual infidelity when his one night stand turns out to be a dangerously psychotic woman who will stop at nothing to get her man's affection. Glossy. well-acted misogynistic I Iitchcock-style thriller. Glasgow; Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; Cannon. Lothian; Cannon. Strathclyde; Cannon. ()deon Ayr

I La Femme de ma Vie ( Regis Wagnier. France. 1986) Jean-I.ouis'I‘rintignant. Jane Birkin. 106 mins. Simon is a virtuoso violinist but lacks self-confidence. The strength of the bottle and his wife‘s support help him overcome his fears. Then along comes Pierre . . .Edinburgh; French Institute

I The Fringe Dwellers (PG) (Bruce Beresford. Australia. 1986) Kristina Nehm. Justine Saunders. Bob Maza. 98 mins. Aborigine girl Trilby has dreams of what the future might hold and ambitions to secure a life outwith the ghettoof shanty towns that her elders inhabit.

Plodding. worthy. realistic drama

Dreadlully dull. Glasgow; GFI‘

I Gardens of Stone ( 15) e: (Francis Coppola. US. 1987) James Caan. Anjelica Huston. James Earl Jones. 112 mins. 50! during the late ‘60s. the framework ofthe film is the story of a young marine who is desperate to see action in ‘Nam. lIis wish is granted and his life is added to the total of sacrifices. Told in flashback from his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. the film explores his induction. training and friendship with the home guards there. among them Caan‘s embittered sergeant.

Staying excusively on the domestic front. Gardens ofSrrme is a love story and a universal tale of young men and the folly of war. It may not all ring true but it‘s certainly worth a look. Glasgow; Grosvenor I Genesis (PG) (Mirinal Sen. France/India. 1986) European financial assistance enables one of India‘s most

they pay a crippling penance for man’s greed and envy.

The photography is remarkable, the tone redolent of Thomas Hardy and the best of latalistic 19th century literature and the performances uniformly excellent. Auteuil, in his comical development from glaikit idiot to heart-broken suitor, assumes Depardieu's mantle as the human soul of this episode and even one‘s contempt for the mean-spiritedness of Montand’s chillingly sell-serving Papet crumbles as one learns of the unkindest of hands that late has dealt him. A stirring achievement, not to be missed. (Allan Hunter)

intriguing filmmakers to create his most personal project to date. In the ruins ofa deserted village two men and a woman scratch a living. and a familiar pattern of sexual tension evolves between them. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

I Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (PG) (Howard Hawks. US. 1953) Marilyn Monroe. Jane Russell. Charles Coburn. 91 mins. Two girls from Little Rock make it big in Paris. Inconsequential musical comedy from the Anita Loos yarn made memorable by the well-matched star team and the number ‘Diamonds Are A Girl‘s Best Friend'. Glasgow; Grosvenor

I Hamburger Hill ( 18) (John Irvin. US. 1987) Anthony Barrile. Michael Patrick Boatman. Don Cheadle. 111) mins. A sober and moving account of the young recruits mindlessly slaughtered duringone particular Vietnam offensive in May 1969 Edinburgh; ()deon

I Heavenly Pursuits ( 15) (Charles Gormley. UK. 1986) Tom Conti. Helen Mirren. David llayman. 92 mins. Conti is the caring teacher caught up in his remedial school’s miracle fever who must determine the plausibility ofdivine intervention in contemporary Glasgow. Edinburgh; [Edinburgh Film Guild

I Highlander ( 15) (Russell Mulcahy. US. 1986) Christopher Lambert. Sean Connery. Beatie Edney. 116mins. A handful of immortals battle through the centuries to win a mythical prize. Daffy fantasy iidvcnturc Edinburgh; Filmhouse I Housekeeping (PG) (Bill Forsyth. Canada. 1987) Christine Lahti. Sara Walker. Andrea Burchill. 116 mins. Scrupulously faithful to the Marilynne Robinson novel. Forsyth‘s film tells oftwo orphaned sisters who are entrusted to the custody of a succession ofge riatric relatives before the arrival oftheir eccentric aunt Sylvie.

Literately scripted. confidently directed. beautifully photographed and performed with sensitive insight. Highly recommended to the discerning palate. Glasgow; GET I lnnerspace (PG) (Joe Dante. US. 1987) Dennis Quaid. Meg Ryan. Martin Short.

119 mins. Maverick. gung-ho pilot Quaid is at the helm ofan experimental probe that is miniaturized and accidentally injected into the bum ofhypochondriac supermarket clerk Short. who as just been advised to avoid any undue stress. Cannon Sauchiehall Street I Jagged Edge ( 18) (Richard Marquand. US. 1985) Glenn Close. JeffBridges. Peter Coyote. 109 mins. Bridges stands accused of the brutal slayingof his wealthy wife. Close is the defence lawyer whose involvement with her client dangerously mixes business with pleasure. Old-fashioned. unremarkable courtroom whodunnit. Edinburgh; Cameo I Julia (PG) (Fred Zinnemann. US. 1977) Jane Fonda. Vanessa Redgrave.Jason Robards. 118 mins. lmmaculately conceived adaptation of Lillian Hellman's Pemimenm telling of her friend Julia and how her political beliefs drew Hellman into the European resistance movement in the 19308- Strathclyde; ()deon Ayr I Junk Aesthetics II a llt ( 18) A celebration of the work of Bruce Conner and his contemporaries who looted and plundered bits of old film footage to create a new art form akin to celluloid mosaic making. Edinburgh; Filmhouse I Letterto Brezhnev ( 15) (Chris Bernard. UK. 1985) Peter Firth. Alfred Molina. Margi Clarke. Alexandra Pigg. 95 mins. Lively Liverpudlian comedy-romance in which two scallies paint the town red with a couple of Russian sailors. Low-budget triumph of rough charm and ready wit. Glasgow; GI’I' I Little Dorrif (U) 117 (Christine Edzard, UK. 1987) Alec Guinness. DerekJacobi. Sarah Pickering. 176 mins (Part I); 181 mins (Part 11) See panel. Glasgow; ()deon. Edinburgh; Cameo I The Lost Boys ( 15) n (Joel Schumacher. US. 1987) Jason Patric. Corey Haim. Kiefer Sutherland. 97 mins. See Panel. Glasgow; Cannon Clarkston Road. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh Cannon. Lothian; Cannon. Strathclyde; I Mala Hoche (18) (Gus Van Sant. US. 1985) Tim Streeter. Doug Cooeyate. Ray Monge. 78 mins. Dingy. dismal feature set in a rain-soddcn Portland. Oregon. detailing a young man‘s infatuation with a sixteen year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico. Edinburgh; Filmhouse I A Man and a woman: 1 wenty Years later (15) (Claude Lelouch. France. 1986) Anouk Aimee. Jean Louis Trintignant. Richard Berry. 108 mins. Lush and rather ludicrous sequel to the chic Sixties success still eternally wafting around elevators the world over. Two decades on. the remarkably well-preserved couple are still part of the opulent jet-set world Glossin filmed with a potent appeal for incurable romantics the world over. others beware. Edinburgh; Filmhouse I Manon Des Sources (PG) tr (Claude Berri. France/Italy/Switzerland, 1986) Yves Montand. Daniel Auteuil. Emmanuelle Béart. 114 mins. See Panel. Edinburgh; Filmhouse I Masters of the Universe (PG) (Gary Goddard. US. 1987) Dolph Lundgren. Frank Langella, Meg Foster. 100 mins. Deadly dull Star Wars-style rip-offas the forces ofgood and evil battle it out Glasgow;Cannon SauchiehallStreet. Strathclyde ; Cannon. Odcon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton I A Month In The Country (PG) s: (Pat O‘Connor. UK. 1987) Colin Firth, Kenneth Branagh. Natasha Richardson. 97 mins. See Panel. Edinburgh; Dominion I A Mouse And His Child (U) (Fred Wolf, Chucj Swenson. US. 1977) With the voices of Peter Ustinov. Cloris Leachman, Andy Devine. 83 mins. Russel Hoban's story of a clockwork mouse and a child who longs to be a toy. Over-talkative and unlikelyto hold the tots' attention. Edinburgh; Filmhouse I Near Dark ( 18) (Katharine Bigelow, US. 1987) Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright,

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