Lance Henriksen. 98 mins. A chance sexual encounter for a Texas youth leads to his abduction by a group ofmarauding bloodsuckers and his difficult transformation to their parasitic mode of existence, As vampire-biker westerns go. this is a pretty good one Glasgow; Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; Cannon I No Surrender ( 15) (Peter Smith. UK. 1985) Michael Angelis. Bernard Hill. James Ellis. 104 mins. Biting black comedy at a chaotic New Year‘s Eve in the seedy Charleston Club. featuring an unforgettable encounter between disputatious pensioners from the local Catholic club and a nearby Orange Lodge. Glasgow; GFT I The Night Porter ( 18) (Liliana Cavani. Italy. 1973) Dirk Bogarde. Charlotte Rampling. 118 mins. In a seedy hotel a former SS man and a concentration camp survivor renew their perverse relationship of years before. Rather distasteful sexual melodramatics. Edinburgh; Cameo I Oedipus Rex ( 18) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. 1967) Franco Citti. Ninetto Davoli. 104 mins. Pasolini‘s harsh. ascetic treatment of Greek tragedy filmed on barren North African locations. One to see with your parents. Edinburgh; Cameo I L'Dell du Malln (Claude Chabrol. France. 1961) Ste‘phane Audran. Jacques Charrier. 75 mins. Early Chabrol thriller. receiving a rare British screening. in which a journalist becomes fascinated by his neighbours; an unusual couple who appear to be carefree and happy. But appearance can be deceptive. Edinburgh; French Institute I Predator(l8) (John McTiernan. US. 1987) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Carl Weathers. Elpidia Carrillo. 107 mins. Arnie and his dirty halfdozen are hired to enter a South American jungle and liberate a cabinet minister held hostage by hostile guerrilla forces. But. lurking unseen in the foliage is a chameleon-like being. waiting to skin alive any unsuspecting human to cross its path. Slow to build but ultimately gripping

macho mayhem Glasgow; ()deon. Cinema.

Edinburgh; Odeon. Strathclyde; Kelburne. Odeon Hamilton. Rialto

I Pretty Baby (18) (Louis Malle. US. 1978) Keith Carradine. Susan Sarandon. Brooke Shileds. 109 mins. A photographer captures the tawdry existence of prostitutes in the Storyville quarter ofNew Orleans. Sensitive study overwhelmed upon its initial release by the controversy surrounding the young Ms Shields. Edinburgh; EUFS

I Prini's Honour ( 15) (John Huston. US. 1985) Jack Nicholson. Kathleen Turner. Anjelica Huston. 129 mins. Slow-witted Mafia hit man Nicholson beds and weds his female counterpart Turner. but middle-aged bliss is not to be his. Skilful black comedy Edinburgh; Filmhouse

I Radio Days (PG) (Woody Allen. US. 1987) Mia Farrow. Dianne Wiest. Seth Green. 89 mins. Amiably laid back family reminiscing about the early Forties and the golden age of radio. Potpourri of modest charm held together by an armful of reliable performances from old hands and the usual flashes of wit and wisdom Glasgow; GFT. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

I Raising Arizona ( 15) (Joel Coen. US. 1987) Nicholas Cage. Holly Hunter. 94 mins. Married ex-con Cage settles down to a life of crime once more and remedies his wife‘s childless state by stealing a millionaire‘s recently whelped quintuplet. Glasgow; Grosvenor

I Rita, Sue and Bob Too (18) (Alan Clarke. UK, 1987) Michelle Holmes. Siobhan Finnernan. George Costigan. 95 mins. Breezily vulgar sex farce in which two likely teenage lasses discover the joys of sex with an older man but decide that it won't come between their friendship. Lothian; Cannon

I Rock 'n' Roll High School (18) (Alan

Arkush. US. 1979) P.J. Soles, Paul Bartel.



A Month In The Country (PG) (Pat O‘Connor, UK, 1987) Colin Firth. Kenneth Branagh, Natasha Richardson. 97 mins. With the best will in the world, A Month In The Country is not a film to set the pulse racing. A thoroughly decent adaptation of the J.L. Carr novel, more suited to the small than the big screen, it is a literate and sensitively handled portrait of two World War One soldiers trying to come to terms with peace time and the lingering traumas of their experiences in the trenches.

Colin Firth is the battle-scarred veteran Birkin who arrives in the remote Yorkshire village of Oxgodby during the summer of 1920. Histask is to restore a medieval wall painting at the local church. Also at work in the village is fellow veteran Moon who is excavating a grave outside the


.' /,c{

’i churchyard. As his labours progress over the course of an idyllic summer, Birkin falls in love with the wile of the local vicar and finds that the tranquillity of rural life helps soothe the memories that continue to haunt and torment him.

An elegant period drama that offers some impeccable performances and the sun-drenched langour of a long-ago summer, A Month In The Country is sadly deficient in the type of dramatic incident required to maintain an audience’s rapt attention. Whilst one can wallow in the good taste, alluring countryside photography and overall ebb and flow of understated, repressed emotion on display, one longs for a moment of riotous abandon or unfettered passion to rend the gentility of a supreme example of a genre that we British do so well. (Allan Hunter)

Da Brudders Ramone. 90mins. Anarchy and rebellion erupt at Vince Lombardi High School when the Ramones come to town. Hit and miss academic capers watchable for the Brudders hilariously laid-back lifestyle. the brill title song and the cherishable line ‘Does your mother know you're the Ramones'." Glasgow: GET

I The Role (PG) (Shyam Benegal. India. 1977) Smita Patil. Anant Nag. Amrish Puri. 142 mins. Based on the life offamous screen personality Ilansa Wadkar. this provides a fasinating ifoverlong peek into how motion pictures were made in Bombay during the heyday of the studio system, Edinburgh; Filmhouse

I Romancing The Stone (PG ) ( Robert Zemeckis. US. 1984) Kathleen Turner. Michael Douglas. Danny De Vito. 105 mins. Retiring romantic novelist Turner is pitched into real high adventure in this

highly appealing escapist fare. Edinburgh;

Filmhouse I A Room With A View (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham Carter.

Maggie Smith. Denholm Elliott. 117 mins.

111gth agreeable. perfectly realised version ofthe EM. Forster novel ofan English rose whose amorous inclinations blossom during an Italian holiday. Glasgow; GFI'

I Roxanne (PG) (Fred Schepisi. US. 1987) Steve Martin. Daryl Hannah. Shelley Duvall. 107 mins. Witty. tender and charming reworking of Cyrano de Bergerac deploying a range ofcomedy techniques as fire chief Martin ofthe enormous proboscis copes with life and lovestruck romance.

Glasgow; Cannon Clarkston Road. Grosvenor. Edinburgh; Dominion I The Shining (18) (Stanley Kubrick. US. 1980) Jack Nicholson. Shelley Duvall. Anne Jackson. 144 mins. Kubrick’s overwrought horror film dispenses with much of the psychic apparatus ofStephen

King‘s novel to concentrate on the deeper terror of a family turning in on itself. Edinburgh; Filmhouse I Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ( L') (Walt Disney Productions. US. 1937) With the \ oices of Adriana Caselottie. I larry Stockwell. Lucille La Verne. 83 mins. 50th anniversary reissue ofone of the most enchanting and influential of animated features. Glasgow; ()dcon I Spaceballs ( PU) (Mel Brooks. US. 1987) Mel Brooks. Rick Moranis.John Candy. 97mins. Feeble Brooks take-offof Star Wars and the space genre that relies heavily on weak puns and juvenile jokes. Intergalactic garbage. Strathclydc; Kelburne. Rialto I Stop Making Sense (PG ) (Jonathan Demme. US. 1984) 88 mins. Dynamic footage of'I'alking I leads in concert from 1983. Glasgow; Grosvenor I Straight to Hell ( 15) (Alex Cox. 11K. 1986) Dick Rude. Joe Strummer. Dennis Hopper. Grace Jones. 86 mins. Best place for Cox‘s atrocioustself—indulgent spaghetti western piss-take Glasgow; GI’I" I Straw Dogs ( 18) (Sam Peckinpah. UK. 1971 ) Dustin Hoffman. Susan George. David Warner. 113 mins. Gripping. scary exercise in the visceral as mild-mannered mathematician Hoffman and his wife come up against smalltown malevolence and are desperately driven towards fighting might with might. Powerful. uneasy entertainment. Edinburgh; Cameo I Subway ( 15) (Luc Bresson. France. 1985) Christpher Lambert. Isabelle Adjani. 102 mins. A smooth. stylish thriller likened to Diva but with adrivc. energy and exuberance all ofitsown. Glasgow; Grosve nor I Theorem ( 15) (Pier Paolo Pasolini. Italy. 1969) Terence Stamp. Ninetto Davoli. 98 mins. A mysterious stranger causes sexual havoc when he moves in with a wealthy family. Intriguing Pasolinian reflection on desire. the family and the make-upof bourgeois society. Edinburgh; Cameo

I The Three Amigos (PG) (John Landis. US. 1987) Chevy Chase. Steve Martin. Martin Short. 105 mins. Dreadful comedy-musical fiesta turkey with Steve and Co searching vainly for laughs in old Mexico Edinburgh: Filmhouse I The Tin Drum ( l8) (Volker Schlondorff. W. Germany. 1979) David Bennent. Mario Adorf. Charles Aznavour. 141 mins. Compelling screen version ofthe Glinter Grass novel about a young boy who ceases to grow physically as the Nazis rise to power in Germany. Edinburgh; Cameo I Tough Guys Don't Dance ( la) 52' (Norman Mailer. US. 1987) Ryan ()‘Neal. Isabella Rossellini. Lawrence 'I‘ierney. 109 mins. A murky. messy brew as Mailer brings his own 1984 potboiler to the scene whilst displaying very little evidence of knowing how to make coherent movies. Glasgow; Cannon Sauciehall Street I The Untouchables ( 15) (Brian De I’alma. US. 1987) Kevin Costner. Sean Connery. Robert De Niro. 119 mins. The best American drama of 1987 as naive Treasury Officer Eliot Ness. gritty Irish cop Connery and a group of incorruptibles tackle the bloated criminal empire of Prohibition kingpin Al Capone. Edinburgh; Dominion I White of the Eye ( 18) (Donald Cammell. US. 1987) David Keith. Cathy Moriarty. Alan Rosenberg. 111 mins. A seriesof ritualistic murders in smalltown Arizona throws suspicion upon audio engineer Paul White whose troubled past and obsession with Apache magic seem to point towards his guilt in the matter. Splendidly absurd. Edinburgh; Filnjhnugc I The Wild Bunch ( 18) (Sam I’eckinpah. US. 1969) William Holden. Robert Ryan. Ernest Borgnine. 134 mins. 1913. A gang ofageing desperados decide to pull one last raid before admitting that their time has passed and Boot Hill beckons Marvellous cast and one of Peckinpah's finest. Edinburgh: IiUI-‘S I Wise Blood ( 15) (John 1 fusion. USKW.Germany. 1979) Harry Dean Stanton. Brad Dourif. Ned Beatty. 108 mins. Dourif is brilliantly cast as religions maniac Bazel Mote in Huston‘s careful screen adaptation of Flannery ()'( ‘onnor‘s fervid and disturbing story of faith in the deep South (ilasgoszI’I' IThe Witches of Eastwick( 18)((icorge Miller. US. 1987) Jack Nicholson.(‘her. Susan Sarandon. 118 mins. Diabolieal romp with Nicholson as the devil incarnate charming the pants off a trio of.\'ew England women who yearn for the man of

their dreams. Glasgow ; Cannon Clarkston

Road. Cinema. Lothian; Cannon. Strathclyde; Cannon. Kelburne. ()deon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. Rialto

I Wish You Were Here ( 15) (David Leland. UK. 1987) Emily Lloyd. 'I‘om Bell. Geoffrey I Iutchings. 92 mins. Sexual misadventures of a precocious teenager in a drab 1050s‘ seaside town. include an ill-fated relationship with a sleazy older cinema projectionist. an unwanted pregnancy. and many rousing cries ol‘lfp Yer Buml'

Enjoyable enough treatment ofthe sexual mores of days gone by. An energetic performance by perky newcomer Mclioytl (ilasgtm '. ( )tlcon. Iidinburgli; ()tleon IWitness ( 151(1’e1er Weir. 1,75. 1985) Harrison Ford. Kelly Mc( iillis. Danny Glover. 112 mins. A young Amish boy isa

witness to murder. The investigation lc‘iitls

a cop into a brush with another culture. a little romance to the sounds of Sam Cooke and the expected police corruption. A great film. Edinburgh; Cameo

Greenaway. UK/Netherlands. 1985)

Brian Deacon. Eric Deacon. Andrea Ferreol. 115 mins. Wracked with grief following the deaths of their wives in a

freak accident. twin brothers become obsessed with the life cycle of birth. death. decay and putrefaction Glasgow; (if-'1'

l l IAZed and Two Noughts(15)(Peter I I

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