(ilasgoyv. 7.30pm. A public meeting organised by the (ilasgow (‘cntral Branch ofthe Socialist Workers' Party. The speaker is Rtith Brown.

I Scottish Silver: Visit to Silver Collection at Huntly House Meet at Huntly House. 142

(‘anongate. Iidinburgh. 2pm. As part of the National Museums of Scotland's series of talks and ey ents on the theme of ‘Scottish Silver”. .lane Kidd leads a visit to lluntly House's collection.


I Edinburgh Bisexual Group Meeting lesbian and ( iay ('entre. 58a Broughton Street. lidinburgh. 031 55" 3020. Spm. The regular'l'hursday meeting ofthe lidrnburgh Bisexual ( iroup the subiect for discussion tonight is ‘positiy e erotica’. I Poetry at Newbattle New battle Abbey College. Midlothian. 7.30pm. An evening of poetry from Kathleen .larnie. Anne Steyenson and [NIH Rose. See also Rock at the Auld ('hase. 2.9.1:“). below

I Fight Alton‘s Bill lidinburgh ( 'ity ('hambci's. High Street. lidinburgh. 7.30pm. I-ree. A public meetingorganised by the l-flA.B. campaign. which opposes David Alton's Abortion Bill. Speakers include Yy onne Strachan. chairperson of Scottish 1‘.A.B. and Doctor Nadine Harrison. All welcome.

I Public Meeting to discuss Edinburgh‘s local arts council Assembly Rooms. (ieorge Street. Tidinburgh. (r30pm. 1"ree. ('reche available. ()ne of sey eral meetings all over the city (see next issue). being organised by Iidinburgh l)istrict (’ouncil to outline plans for a local arts council. Meetings will explain how local arts

organisations might be my oly ed in and benefit from an arts council in lidinburgli. Officers and councillors from Iidinburgh l)istriet (‘ouncil will be there to answer questions. I’or further details please call (13122.5 2424 ext (1613 (ioti5~


I Rock at the Auld Chase The Aultl ( ‘hasc. Bonnyrigg. Spm. £l .50(£l l'B40s). Shiver‘n'Shake. Restless Natives and The Fishermen are on the line-up tortonight’s benefit organised by lisk Valley Red Wedge. Money is togo to Newbattle Abbey (‘ollege fighting fund.

I Gothic Art Royal Museum ofScotland. (‘hambers Street. lidinburgh. l lam ck 2.30pm. Virginia ( ilenn gives the latest in the museum‘s series of talks on Highlights rifl'juropmn .-l r! 1200 [800. For further details please call 031 225 7534 ext 20o.

I The Night Sky in February Royal Observatory. Blackford Hill. lidinburgh. 031 667 3321. 7.30pm. Free. The latest in the Royal ()bser‘vatory"s w inter programme oftalks.


I Rally The Mound. Princes Street. Edinburgh. Noon. A rally as part of a full day of action organised by the Scottish Homosexual Action (irottp to protest at Dame Jill Knight‘s ‘Amendmcnt 27‘ to the Local (iovernment Bill. which will make it unlawful for local authorities to "promote homosexuality". See also Public Meeting and Benefit l)iseo below.

I Public Meeting Pleasanee Theatre. o0 The Pleasanee. Iidinburgh. 7pm. Organised by the Scottish Homosexual Action (iroup as part of the full day-of action (see above). Speakers hoped to attend are Janie Buchan. MliP; Ken Livingstone; Peter 'I‘hatchell; Duncan (‘ampbell and Mark Lazarowicz.

I Benetit Disco Tokyo Joes. l lolme Street. West Tollcross. lidinburgh. Upm. Part of the Scottish Homosexual Action (iroup's Full Day of Action money raised willgo to the campaign. See also Rally and Public Meetingabove.

I Ceilidh Walpole Hall. ('hester Street. Haymarket. Iidinburgh.

8pm. £1 .50 before Spm. £2 afterwards. Music by the ('aledonian (‘eilidh Band.

Please don't smoke at the ceilidh.

I Touch for llealth: Weekend Seminar Salisbury Centre. Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 031 667 5438. 9am-5pm. See also tomorrow. £30 (£20). M. Sue 1 lannay leads a weekend session into learning about touch for therapy learninga ‘whole person’ approach to health. covering all aspects of your physical. psychological and emotional make-up. Safe. gentle methods are used to try and achieve harmony.

I First or May Book Sale first or May Bookshop. (‘andlemaker Row. lidinburgh. 11am 2pm. Bid a final farewell to the liirst ()1 May. The radical bookshop. which sadly had to close at the end of last year is having a sale of remnants and damaged stock at bargain prices.


I Touch for Health Salisbury ( 'entre. 2 Salisbury Road. Iidinburgh. 031 no? 5438. 0am-5pm. £30 (£20). See Sat 30.


I Humanism Today— The Humanist Tradition 55 Albany Street. Tidinburgh. 7.30pm. The second in a seriesof discussions under the heading ‘1 lumanism Today". organised by the lidinburgh Humanist Forum. Today's discussion is led by David Kelso. For further details Please contact Bill l‘arrer on 031 3348372. I Scottish Silver— Silvenvork in Scotland before 1100 AD. Royal Museum otScotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 12.45pm. As part of the National Museum otScotland's series or talks and events on ‘Scottish Silver'. Alison Sheridan gives a talk on early silver.


I Dietary Supplements— Do We Need Them and Are They Sate Lecture Theatre 2. Boy d ()rr Building. T'niversity ot‘(ilasgow. 1.15pm. A lunchtime lecture by l)r‘(i.S. l-‘ell (Pathological Biochemistry. Royal Infirmary).

I Talk Stills (iallery. 105 High Street. Iidinburgh. 7.30pm. £1.50 75ptrcduction for series). Susan Butler. formerly editor of ( ‘reutive ( ‘umeru. will talk about the exhibition of women photographers currentlyshowingat Stills.


I Scottish Silver— Visit to Hamilton Inches Meet at Hamilton Inches. S7(ieorge Street. Iidinburgh. 2pm. Part ot'the National Museums ofScotland’s seriesof talks and events on the theme of'Scottish Silver'.

I Glasgow Marxism Today: Scottish Convention and Scottish Republicanism \‘olunteer (‘entre. lilmbank Street. (ilasgow (i2. A discussion withTom Nairn. Reading ~ recent issuesof Radical Scotland.


I Edinburgh Bisexual Group Meeting lesbian and (iay (‘entre. 58a Broughton Street. Iidinburgh. 031 557 3620. The regular Thursday meeting of the lidinburgh Bisexual (iroup as usualon the first Thursday of the month. tonight is newcomers' night. giving particular thought to the problems of new members of the group.

I Investigating Britain's Oldest Industry: Archaeology and the Stone Axe Trade Museum Lecture Theatre. Lothian Street. Iidinburgh. 7.30pm. A lecture given by Richard Bradley. Professor of Archaeology at the L'niversity of Reading. organised by the National Museums of Scotland. For further details please call 031 225 7534.

I Kids aims to provide into about eventsin and around Edinburgh and Glasgowlor children and young people. Please send details not later than to days before pubhcahon.

Activities and Fun

I GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton l.ane. 33‘) 4298.

Children‘s Saturday Afternoon Picture Show livery Saturday . 2 -4.30pm. For l4year olds. 50p. The ('rrosvenor make children's entertainment a priority every Saturday afternoon. Their popular club is modelled on the old-style Saturday morning cinema clubs for children and shows film features. cartoons and a serial followed by games and competitions.

I HAGGS CASTLE 1110 St Andrews l)t‘i\’c. l’ollokshields. 427 2725.

The fun and imaginative Saturday activities continttc at l 1aggs(‘astle until 12 March (w hen booking opens for liaster activities). They are free. but you can’t book in advance for the Saturday classes. so arrive in plenty of time for the 2. 15pm start.

Sugar Mice (4 7 year's) Sat 23.1an.

Glove Puppets ((r t) years) Sat 30.1an.

Exhibitions I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews l)rive.

Pollokshields. 427 2725.

Matting Faces l 'ntil 22 l‘eb. The face has always been on the receiving end olplcnty of greasepaint and mascara and this exhibition looks at how it has been painted and daubed over the centuries. Not overlooking the fact that children love to make themselves up. there is a chance for them to try on masks and paint a self-portrait.

I PAISLEY TOY MUSEUM le ( ilasgow Road. Paisley. SS“) 4274. ()peningby appointment only ~ please telephone. 50p adults. 25p children.

An enterprising venture recently set tip by two teachers who have a great weakness for toys. especially old bears. Best suited to‘)yearsold 6 .


I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE (‘umbernauld. 11236 732887. Box office Mon~l5ri

ltlarn ppm. Sat l0am- 3pm. 6—8pm perf evgs. Saturday shows are at 1.15pm. adults £1.50. kids £l.

Mr Boom Sat 23 Jan. Mr Boom‘s one man band.

Nervous Circus A magic show for 5— 11 years. 3(lJan.

I KING'S THEATRE Bath Street. Box office Mon-Sat noon tipm. Tel bookings'l'icket ('entre. ('andleriggs. Mon~Sat l0.30am-<o.30pm. 227 5511.

Cinderella L'ntil Sat (i I-‘eb. 7pm. Wed ck Sat matinees 2.15pm. (‘oncsfor kids and ()APs every day except Sat. ()ne of the long-running survivors from the panto season. With Rikki Fulton and Walter (‘arr.

I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranville Street. 221 3198. Box office Mon—Sat noon—6pm. Bar. ('afe. Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. (’andlcriggs. 227 5511 Mon-Sat 10.30am-6.30pm.

West Side Story 26—30 Jan. 7.30pm. Sat

matinee 2.30pm. £2.50. £1 .50. l-‘ilties' nostalgia oo/es from this classic and excellent Broadway musical set in the big Apple which should lend itself very well to the talents of the (ilasgow Schools Youth Theatre.

Godspell 3-4» I-‘eb. 7.30pm. Sat matinee 2.30pm. £3.50. £2.50. The life ot'('lirist given the bouncy rock opera treatment. This production is by the MinervaJunior ('lub.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. SS7 I0l0. Box Office Tue Sun noon 7 S..30prn. Michael Breck's Magic Show Sat 30.1an. 1.30pm. £1 adults. 50p kids.

I PAVILION THEATRE Renfield Street. 332 1840.

MotherGoose t‘niil 30.1an. 53513.25. (kids &()A1’s £3.25. £2.25 ). l.ast week of the Radio (‘ly de annual panto with Andy (‘ameron as Silly Billy and Johnny Beattie as Mother ( ioose.

EDINBURGH Activities and Fun

I HALL \Ittsselhtlrgh. (iti5 3711 ext244.

Elchat Dance Xplosion livery Wednesday 4 5pm.50p. l)ance workshops for4 7 year olds.

East Lothian Youth Theatre livery Wednesday. 7.30 9.30pm. l‘ree workshops for young people 13 21 years. I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 I ligh Street. 55o 057‘)

l-‘ollowing on the success of their classes last year. the Netherbow re-starts its programme in February. Painting and Drawing classes w ill run ey ery Wednesday. 3 I-‘eb ‘) March. 3.45pm-~5.30pm. for 7 ll yearolds. Writers Workshops w ill run every Saturday 10.30am 12.30pm. torS llyearolds. There is a fee of £9 for each series and the numberot’ places is limited to l0and 15 respectively. l.ast year they proved very popular so early booking (open now) is advisable.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l lamilton Place. 226 5425. Box office Mon --Sat ‘)..3tlarn~5.30pm. Bar. cafe.

Monster Machine livery Monday

5 »(r.30pm. 50p. Bookings taken from preceding Friday. The emphasis in these sessions is on having a good time which can't be bad. They are designed for 54) year olds and are a development ofthe popular ‘Pun I‘actories' w ith lots of drama based games and fun.

I 369 GALLERY 233 (ms gate. 225 3013 369 Art Club livery Saturday.

10.30am noon. until Sat l‘) March. £15 (£7 cones). limma (iraham-Yooll will continue to take the classes which are for S- l 2 year olds and cover arts and cral'tsof every sort.


I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 225 2424.

The Gold at the Pharaohs 2 l‘eb 30 April. The Pharaohs of ancient Iigypt buried more gold and wealth in their tomb than there is tartan in Scotland. This exhibition. which promises to be as specatular as the'l'utankamenexhibition ol the 70s. highlights some of theamazing

The List 22 Jan 4 Feb 1988 23