(>68 201‘). 7.45pm. £2.50(£1 .50). Musichy Kabalcysky. May uzumi and Stanford fcaturing soloists l-‘iona Mackic (piano). (iillian McDonain (sylophonc ) and Nicholas .loncslbaritonc).

I Neil Mackie/John Blaker Rciti (‘onccrt Hall. Bristo Squarc. (m7 1011 cxt4577 (Miss Donaldson ). 7:45pm. £3.50(£2.50). 20th(‘cntury music for tcnor and piano including Song (‘yclcs by Judith Wcir and Kcnncth Lcighton. (,‘npu/ilis/ml Songs by Benjamin Brittcn and 'i‘ l-ii'i’wngs with settings by 4'. c. cumnimgs by Raymond Moncllc.

MONDAY 25 Glasgow

I Glasgow Parks Orchestra Wintcr (iardcns. Prcc at door. l2.30pm—»2.30pm. A programmc tor light orchcstra including fas'ouritc classics and music from thc shows.


I The Gondoliers ('hurchhill 'i‘hcatrc. .‘ylorningsidc Road. 7.30pm. £4.50(£3). lixtra datcs: 'l‘uc 2b. chl 27. 'l‘hurs 28. Fri 2‘). Sat 30 (2.30pm ant 7.30pm). (iilbcrt and Sulliyan's popular nuisical pcrlormcd by lidinburgh Sayoy ()pcra (iroup with conductor ( ~hrislophcl‘ Bcll.

TUESDAY 26 Glasgow

I Lunchtime Concert :\sscmbly l lull. Strathclydc t'niycrsity . .lamcs Wcir Burlding. Montrosc Strcct. l'rcc at door. 1. 15pm. ()boc ( Philip l lill ) and piano ((ius/tay l‘cnyo) music by unusual composcrs l.ocillct and Box/a and thc rathcr morc familiar Saint-Sacns.

I The Pearl Fishers 'I‘hcatrc Royal. 1 lopc Strcct. 331 1234. '7. 15pm. lixtra datcs: Sat 30(2. 15pm). ch 3. and l 1. 13. 24 licb ((ilasgow ); 9 and 11 \farllidinburgh). £3-£ 1950. Scottish ( )pcra in a ncw production of Bizct's popular opcra. Sung in linglish. Scc pancl.

I Glasgow Harpsichord Society Mchllan (iallcrics. Sauchichall Strcct. i‘urthcr information: SS2 (i127. 7.30pm. A critical cycning with Kcnncth Walton.

I Pro Arte Recital chry Wood Hall. (‘larcmontStrcct.’1‘ickcts: Ambassador Classics. Kclyinbridgc. 7.30pm. Ifixtra datc: 'l‘hurs 2S. tidinburgh. £3.50(£l .95). (‘uban pianist Nohcma l-‘crnandcz plays works by Scarlatti. Mozart. Schumann. (iranados. (iinastcra and ('hopin.


I Mondrian Trio Rcid (‘onccrt Hall. Bristo Squarc. l-‘rcc at door. 1.10pm. Haydn Piano Trio in A and Schubcrt Piano'l‘rio in B flat.

I The Gondoliers ('hurchhill Thcatrc. Morningsidc Road. 7.30pm. £4.50(£3). [Extra datcs: chi 27. 'l‘hurs 28. Fri 2‘). Sat 30(2.30pm and 7.30pm). Scc Mon 25 for full dcscription.



in concert MITCHELL THEATRE (Granville Street, Glasgow) Sunday 31 January at 7.30pm Tickets £4.50 (usual concessions £3.50) From Ticket Centre, Candleriggs (041 227 5511) Mitchell Theatre (041 221 3198) King‘s Theatre Box Office

ROYAL LYCEUM (Grindlay Street, Edinburgh) Sunday 7 February at 7.45pm Tickets £4.50 (usual concessions £3.50) From Royal Lyceum Box Office tel: 031 229 9697 Credit cards tel: 031 229 4353

I Lontano ()uccn’s l lall. (‘lcrk Strcct . (this 201‘). 8pm. lixtra datc: ch 27. (ilasgow. £4 (£3’£l ). [5(‘A'1‘prcscntsJanc Manning with Lontano. dircctcd by ()dalinc dc la Martincz. in thc Scottish prcmicrcsol Brian l-‘crncyhough‘s IinuIcs 'l'rmisccmlunmics and I'iun’rui/lcs [and II plus thc first pcrformancc ol Div l‘n'u is! [her by (icoffrcy King.

I Nelson Hall Concert Nclson i lall. McDonald Road Public Library. Frcc at door. Spm. Piano ducts pcrformcd by

Pctcr liyans and Andrca Andricysky.

WEDNESDAY 27 Glasgow 1 i 1

I Lontano ('onccrt Hall. (ilasgow L'niycrsity. 33‘) 8855 cxt 4092. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). This conccrt has now bccn CANCELLED.


IThe Gondoliers('hurchhill'i‘hcun-c. .‘ylorningsidc Road. 7.30pm. £4.50(£3). ltxtra datcs: 'l‘hurs 28. Hi 2‘). Sat 30 (2.30pm and 7.30pm ). Scc Mon 25 tor lull dcscription.



I Trombone Recital/Workshop ( 'onccrt Hall. (ilasgow t'niycrsity. l’rcc atdoor. Rccital 1.15pm. Workshop 3pm. .lohn Kcnny plays St'qllt’llltl 1’by Bcrio. hisow n Sonata for unaccompanicd trombonc and :1 [IN Simpli' for trombonc and tapc by Lucian Bcrtolina. Latcr hc‘lldcmonstratc unusual trombonc tcchniqucs in a workshop. opcn to thc public.


I An Evening with Scottish Opera 1 .ccturc 'l'hcatrc. National Muscum olScotland. cntcr by l.othian Strcct. 225 7534. 7.30pm. l-‘rcc (optional scat rcscryation 50p). lllustratcd talk.

I The Gondoliers ( hurchhill 'I‘hcatrc. Morningsidc Road. 7.30pm. £4.50(£3). Extra datcs: Fri 2‘). Sat 30 (2.30pm and 7.30pm). Scc Mon 25 for lull dcscription. I Pro Arte Recital Rcid (‘onccrt l lall. Bristo Squarc. 'I'ickcts: (ins 2019(()uccn’s Hall). 7.30pm. £3.50 (£1.95). Scc 'I’uc 2b. (ilasgow. for full dcscription.

I Mondrian Trio Quccn's l lull. ( ‘lcrk Strcct. 6th 201‘). 7.45pm. £3.50 £4.50 (£3 £2). llaydn‘s'l'rio in A. Bccthoycn's ()p 1 No2 in (i and Schubcrt'sin B flat.

FRIDAY 29 Edinburgh

I Organ Recital Mcliw an 1 lall. Bristo Squarc. 15rcc at door. 1.10pm. Rogcr Saycr with organ music by Duprc. Saint-Sacns and Rcubkc.

I SNO L'shcr 1 tall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. lixtra datc: Sat 30. (ilasgow. £2.50 £9.90. Brydcn Thomson conducts a programmc ol'I‘homas Wilson.

Richard Strauss and [)yorak'chllo ('onccrto with Robcrt (‘ohcn as soloist. I The Gondoliers (‘hurchhill 'l'hcatrc. Morningsidc Road. 7.30pm. £4.50(£3). [{xtra datcs; Sat 30(2.30pm and 7.30pm ). Scc Mon 25 for full dcscription.



I The Pearl Fishers ‘l‘hcuirc Roy al. I iopc‘ Strcct. 331 1234. 2.15pm. lixtradatcs: chl 3. and ll. 13. 24 1"cb ( ( ilasgow );0 and 1 1 .‘ylar ( ladinburgh). £3~£ 19.50. Scc 'l‘uc 2o lor lull dcscription.

I SNO ('ity llall. ('andlcriggs. 222 5511. “7.30pm. £2.50 £9.90. Scc 1"ri29. l-Zdinburgh. tor lull dcscription.


I Piccolo Pack ()uccn's 1 tall. (‘lcrk Strcct. («18 201‘). 1 lam. £1 (75p with badgc adults £2). Morc Sat morning musical tun lor

S- 12 ycar-olds.

IThe Gondoliers(‘hurchhill’l'hcatrc. Morningsidc Road. 7.30an £4.50(£3): matinCc 2.30pm all scats £3. scc Mon 25 for lull dcscription.

I Georgian Concert Society St ( ‘ccilia‘s Hall. ( 'oyy gatc. 'l'ickcts; (ms 201‘) (()uccn's l lall ) or 228 l 155 l t 'shcr 1 lall 1. 7.45pm. £4 (£3 Young Scot £1 1. St .lanics‘s Baroquc Playcrs cxplorc l/Ic.-1_L'i'olI/ic Ian/ig/immim! through thc sy mphonics and llutc conccrtos o1 (‘Pli Bach and .\1o/art and .\1o/art's [zinc/(Ivory .\'iu‘limiu.s1k.

I SCO l'slicr l lall. l.othian Road. 'l'ickcts:

(ins 2019 ( ()uccn's l lall ). ".45pm. lixtra daic: Sun 31 . ( ilasgoyy. £3.51) £9.31). Stuart Burrow s is thc gucst of thc S( ‘( ) in a sclcction o1 .‘slo/art arias. 'l‘hc young Finnish conductor .lukka-Pckka Sarastc is up lront and thc programmc also includcs Bcrg's Lyric Suin’ and thc Symphony No 7 by Bccthoy cn. \Vlli ll’L‘L' liL‘kcts in [711’ l.l.\’!'s tirst L'Vc‘r ( ‘lassical \ttlslc compctitionl Scc (‘ompctitions pagc.



I Friends oi Scottish Opera Scottish ( )pcra (‘cntrc. 39 Iilmbank ('rcsccnt. 24S 45(37 cth 138 and 140. 3pm. Norman Whitc giycs an illustrach talk on grcat Rtissian siltgcrs.

I SCO (’ity Hall. (‘andlcriggs. 227 5511. 7.30pm. £3.5lLr£S.S'0. Scc Sat 30. tidinburgh. lor full dcscription.


I Scottish Sinionia ()uc-c-n's i la”. (‘Ic-rk Sti‘cct. («as 201‘). 7.45pm. £3

(£2.40 £1 .50). 'l'ypically ambitions and cntcrprising programmc from Ncil .‘yiantlc and his Scottish Sinlonia including Schocnbcrg's l’i'rklurlc .N'ui‘lil. 1)yorak Slavonic Damn. 'I i/ Ifu/cnspicgi'l by Richard Strauss and .‘yto/art's l lorn (‘onccrto No 3 with Hugh Sccnan as soloist.

TUESDAY 2 Glasgow

I Landolti String Trio Asscmbly 1 tall. Strathclydc l 'niycrsity. .lamcs Wcir Building. .‘ytontrosc Stl‘cct. i'll’cc at door. 1.15pm. Works by Schubcrt. lidw ard Mc( iulrc and I)ohnanyi.


I Lunchtime Concert Rcid ('onccrt 1 tall. Bristo Squarc. l-‘rcc at door. 1.10pm. Frcnch Baroquc music on bass yiols and harpsichord.



I The Pearl Fishers 'l'hcatrc Royal. 1 lopc Strcct. 331 1234. 7.15pm. listradatcs: ll. 13. 24 licb ((ilasgow ); 9 and 11.\tar (lidinburgh). £3- £19.50. Scc 'I'uc 2(ilor full dcscription.


I Napier College Concert Band 'l‘hc ('hapcl. Napicrfollcgc. 219('olinton Road. 'l‘ickcts: at door. 2.30pm. £2(£l ). Mtisic by Vaughan Williams. Holst and l’rokoticy conductcd by (’hristophcr Bcll.


Glasgow I 17th Century Music ( ‘oncci-i l lull.

(ilasgow t'niycrsity. l-icc atdoor. 1.15pm. .-\ programmc o1 1"th ccntury linglish music forstringsandorgan. including works by .lcnkins. law csand Purccll. on lnstrumcnts of thc pcriod.

I Scottish Dpera 'l'hcutic Royal. llopc Stl‘cct. 331 1234. b.30pm. £1.51). ()pcn drcss rchcarsal o1 (Yul rim (uric.

I SNO ('ity Hall. ('andlcriggs. 22" 5511 7.30pm. [istra datcs: Hi 5. ladinburgh and Sat o. ( ilasgoys . £2.50 £9.90. Popular programmc oi (iricg's Piano ( 'onccrto (Dmitri Alcsccy ). Wagncr's .lliisri'rsingniy ()ycrturc. chcr's

()s crturc to Dcr l-‘ri'iyi‘liiu: and thc ballcl music to I’i'rrus/iku by Strayinsky.


I ()uccn‘s t lull. ( ‘lcrk Sircct . (108 2019. "7.45pm. i'.\tl‘a datc; 1'11 5. ( ilasgow. £3 £3.80. 'l‘rcyor Pinnock is soloist and dircctor in llaydn‘s Lot lcpiano ( ‘onccrto in 1). Programmc also includcs Bach Suitc .\'o 3 ( .\'B lighting up 1 lainlcts not allowcd duringpcrlormancc). 'l clcmann‘s

(om ('I'Il) l’o/mmis and thc Suitc lrom l’ll/(Hlt’l/(l by Stray irisky.


RIDAY 22 Glasgow

I Steam Jenny Scotts ( 'orncr. l)crby Strcct. 334 4891.

I Ceilidh/Dance Riycrsidc ('lub. l'ox Strcct. 248 3144. 9.30pm. £2.50. Bartill latc.

I Naiian 'I‘olbooth Bar. (ilasgow ('ross. 552414‘). Iiycning. l-‘iddlc andaccordion.


I Beam Me Up Scotty ( ‘upiiul i lotcl. (’lcrmiston Road. 334 3391 . 9.30pm. 1.atc bar. Pour singcrs playcrs in ncw scmi<clcctric band.

I North Sea Gas Platform 1.Rutland Strcct. liycning. Rcsidcnt niandolins. guitars and wcll worn songs.

I Royal Oak Infirmary Strch. 557 29%. liycningtill 1.30am. Latc bar with informal songsand music.

I Kevin Tait Kiliy (TSlica's. 511( icorgc t\' Bridgc.2251t>Hi.1-.ycning.

SATURDAY 23 Glasgow

I Nailan Blacklriars. Bcll Strcct. Mcrchant ('ity. 552 5924. .-\1tcrnoon. lnstrumcntal scssion.

I Gaels Blackfriars. Bcll Sti‘cct. Mcrchant (‘ityx 552 5924. liycning. (‘cltic sounds.

I Diggery Venn 'l‘olbooth Bar. ( ilasgow (‘rossp 552 414‘). l-iycning. Small groupol


I C81lidh/DanceRiy‘crsichlut).Pox Strcct. 248 3144. 10pm. £2.50. Bartill latc.

I Kells SCott‘s ('orncr. l)crby Strcct. 334 4891.1iycning. Rcsidcnt clcctric lrish sounding band.


I Royal Oak lnlirmary Strcct. 557 297i.

The List 22 Jan 4 Fcb 1988 25