Lite StorthBCl ) 10.20pm—12. 10am. This I lorizon Special tells the story ofthe discoverYof DNA. It'sa taleof professional rivalries and accidental breakthroughs perfectly stiited to a dramatic interpretation ~ here the Watson and Crick. the pair credited with the discovery. are played by .leff(ioldblum and Tim Piggott-Smith. Written by William Nicholson and directed by Mick Jackson. the programme has already won the (ioldcn l.eopard‘s liye at 1.ocarno.

I Death in VenicemBCZ)

11.15pm 1.25am. Dirk Bogarde in oncof his most challenging roles. but probably a film best remembered for its marvellous photography and the haunting soundtrack of Mahler's music. Bogarde playsan ageing. homosexual composer whose search for peace and beauty leads him to Venice. where he becomes captivated by the lives of a Polish family. I)ircctcd in 1971 by l.uchino \"isconti and adapted from Thomas Mann's novel.


I The Writing on the Wall (C4)

1055—1 1 .35am. Start ofa repeat showing of Phillip Whitehead's gripping seven part TV history of the seventies. Robert Kee narrates the story of the decade that lead us from the Wilson to Thatcher. The first programme sets the scene with an account of the Wilson (iovernment of 1964—70. I Tutti Frutti (BBC2)‘).05—l(l.05. (ireat rejoicing - a second chance to see John Byrne's hit series of last year. Starring limma Thompson and Robbie Coltrane.


I The ParentTrap: Part Tw0(Seottish) 2.30— 3.30pm. Reasonablyentertaining TV follow-up to the original Disney film. this time with a grown tip 1 Iayley Millsas the twins. I The Tennent’s Sixes (Scottish) 3.3(L-4.30pm. 5—6pm and I 1 .30pm—» 12.30am. Coverage of the Tennent's Sixes. which starts today. from the SliCC. (ilasgow. Holders Aberdeen play Morton in the opening match and they are followed by high flyers. Hearts. More coverage on Monday. I Review (BBCZ) 5~5.40pm. New(and last'.’ ) series of the arts review programme. which includes an interview with director of Danny and Rosie (iet Laid. Stephen Frears. I SmallWorld (Scottish)9.30—10.30pm. Start of the latest university set comedv drama (in the wake of The Historv Mah. l’orterhottse Blue et al). See feature. I 1987 Laurence Olivier Awards ( BBCZ) S. 10— 10pm. First of two flash award ceremonies tonight. These are for theatrical achievement. I Screen Two: Sweet As You Are (BBCZ) Ill—11.15pm. More on Aids Miranda Richardson and Liam Neeson play a couple whose lives come into contact with the disease when college lecturer Liam has a fling with a drug user student. The film‘s written by William Nicholson responsible for the shallow opening film of this season. The Vision.



I Evening Standard Film AwardS(C4) USS—10.55pm. Documentary filmmaker Roger (iraef. whose own film. the excellent Closing Ranks was seen at the London Film Festival last November and on ITV a fortnight ago. produces Channel Four first presentation of the London Evening Standards rather predictable awards.


I The Eleventh Hour: Arab Cinema (C4) llpm—12. 10am. Start ofa season ofArab cinema on C4 - a documentary lookingat the first twenty years of Arab filmmaking. I Talking Pictures (BBCI) 1t). 10—] 1pm. Barry Norman's ten part series about the ‘talkies‘ finally gets underway with a look at the early days of panicked silent movie actors made to take sound tests. I The TeMent Sixes (Scottish) 9— 10pm and 1035—1 1 .05pm. The finals ofthe six-a-side football competition. I Split Screen: Zoos ( BBCZ) 10. 15—1tl.45prn. Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna of Born Free fame argue the case against ZOOS a case which formsthe basis of their presstire group. ‘Zoo Check'. The National Federation onoos reply in their film. emphasising zoos‘ vital conservation role. I Scottish Women (Scottish) 11.05—11.35pm. Introducing Nicholas Fairburn to this group of 100 hundred vociferous Scottish women. should be the next best thing to throwing him tothe lions. I Australia's Royal Birthday Party (Scottish) 12.35—1.30am. Alastair Burnet with suitably portentous not to say ponderous commentary on the arrival of the Prince and Princess of Wales.


I The Play on One: The Dark Boom (BBC!) 9.30—1 1pm. Julian (iloag‘s contribution to BBC Scotland‘s major season ofplays. stars Susan Wooldrige (Daphne Manners in TheJewel In The Crown) in a powerful drama about cot death.


I OED: Glimpses otDeath(BBC1) 9.30—10pm. Strange tales from beyond the grave almost literally. OED puts together experiences of people who have been on the brink of death to see iftherc is a pattern that scientists should take seriously.

I The Management (C4) 10- 10.30pm. Gareth Hale and Norman Pace (stars of Saturday Live) begin their first sitcom. In character as the two Robs. they have become the owners of a night-club their first task removing existing manager. the real life. Paul Raymond.


I The War in Korea (BBCZ) 8. lU—9pm. The final part of Max Hasting‘s account of the Korean War.

I OuestionTlme(BBC1)10—11pm. Belcaguered SDP leader. Robert Maclennan. is one of Sir Robin's guests.


I The Bicentennial Test (BBCZ) 7.05—7.30pm. Coverage of the test from Sydney where Gatting will be looking for revenge.

.Arena: Byszard Kapuscinslti: Your Man Who is There (BBCZ) 925-1025. Portrait of a remarkable journalist. Kapuscinski. a native of Poland has covered over three decades 27 revolutions but is probably best known for his trilogy of books on the subject of tyranny. The first of these. The Emperor. a study of l Iaile Selassie was staged by the Royal Court Theatre last year. This acclaimed adaptation by Michael Hastings and Jonathan Miller can be seen on BBC2 on Tues 2 Feb.


I Scottish Eye ((‘4) 6.30—7pm. Replacement series to last year's Down the Line -- an attempt at a Scottish current affairs series which satisfied no one. Three companies. Scottish Television. Lodestar (Charles Gormley) and Skyline. join forces to produce the programme.

I Octopussy (Scottish) 7. 15—9.4t)pm. Roger Moore as Bond in another entertaining caper back in 1983 (when Bonds weren't afraid of anything not even Aids).

I Suddenly. LastSummer(Seottish) 11.15am-120pm. 1959 version of Tennessee William‘s play adapted by Gore Vidal. Stars Katharine I lepburn. Elizabeth Taylor and Montgommery Clift.


I Wozzeclt (C4) 1.30—3.20pm. Alban Berg's Expressionist opera in aversion directed by Brian Large with the Vienna State Opera.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish) 10.30—11.30pm. Boogie-Woogic Special. The 40s' craze as seen through vintage clips. Goodness!

I Superbowl (C4) 10.45—3am. The Final. The Washington Redskins take on the Denver Broncos.


I Meltdown (Scottish) b.3(l—7pm. With Maggy Pryce.


I The Emperor(BBC2)9—1t).3tipm. Jonathan Miller and Michael Hastings’ stage production of Ryszard Kapuscinski's history Haile Selassie's Ethiopia. The play depicts the last five days of his reign.

I The Drums of Asia (C4) 6-7pm. Spectacular Danish three part documentary following in the stepsof explorer. Hennig Hascund Christensen. I Carry On Up The Jungle (Scottish) 8—9.30pm. Frankie Howard joins the regular crttde crew. Plenty ofjokesabout snakes.

I r'irstTuesday (Scottish) 10.35—11.35an Yorkshire‘s current affairs monthly with the apparently previously untold psychiatric analysis ofJohn Lennon‘s murderer. Mark Chapman.


I Citizen 2000 (C4) 8—8.3tipm. School days for your average Scottish kid or actually. Alexander. a wee boy who lives in a stately home. Latest in the series which follows a group of children till they come of age in the year 2000.


I The Sharp End (C4) 6.30—7pm. Return ofthe magazine programme that looks at issues in the workplace. With presenter John Lloyd.

I Tribute to Minnie Caldwell (Scottish) 8—8.30pm. In memory ofone of Coronation Street's earliest star characters, played by the late Margot Bryant.

I Film on Four-Take Two: AnotherCountry (C4)9.30— 11.15pm. Rupert Everettwith one of his most successful screen performances as the embryo establishment spy. in Marek Kanievska‘s film inspired by Burgess and Maclean.


Spearheading their Aids Action Week. beginning Sun 31 Jan. Radio Clyde are broadcasting a play. Elephant Dances. Sun 31 . 8.45pm. It's set in an Aids ward in a hosptial somewhere in Scotland and focuses on the painful and unexpected dilemma of a nurse who becomes ostracised because of her work. Katie Murphy. best known from her roles in Tutti I’rtttti and The Steamie and James MacPherson play the leads and the play is written by Nick McCarty. whose recent credits include Bergerac. Throughout the week there will be interviews relatingto Aids and the questions and problems it raises on the following programmes Dougie Donnelly Mon—Fri 9am—noon : Jay Crawtord Mon—Fri 2—4pm and Mike Riddoclt Mon-Fri 4—7pm. It will be stressed that the National Aids 1 Ielpline can be called 2-1 hours a day and it isfree from anywhere in the L'K. The no. is0800 567123. It‘s also hoped that Brian Walker. administrator of the Helpline. whose headquarters are in (ilasgow. will be amongst the interviewees.

Who owns Britain? is just the sort of direct and embarrassing question Ray Gosling would ask. Having established in the first programme of his (i-part series that there has been no national survey of who owns what since the Domesday Book he gets down to the nitty gritty and takes on the aristocracy in week two. He‘s lined up Scottish landowner. the 9th Duke of Buccleuch to be interviewed on R4. Thurs 28Jan. 9.30am.

Author of The I’obh/e who had .V'o Toes and The Owl and the Pussycat. Edward Lear is the subject of R3‘s programme on Sun 31 Jan. 8.20pm. This year is the centerary of Lear‘s death and a number of hisletters are being broadcast in which he talks about his painting. his nonsense verse and friendship. I wonder ifwe'll learn what a runcible spoon is'.’

Today's students look remarkably pasive conventional even by the standardsof 1968. It's a year that's up for considerable re-assessment now it's reached an anniversary and. inevitably. a host of books on the subject are being published. Sixties academic and stttdent sympathiser David Caute‘s has written one of them. ()8: The Year ofthe Barricades and the second programme in his six part reivcw of 1968 is on Wed 27 Jan. 1 lam. The Yearotoreams.

David Thomson beat very formidable competition. including John Byrne's screenplay Tutti I-‘rutti. to win the inaugral McVitie's Scottish Writer of the Year award last November. His admirable. touching book. Nairn in Darkness and Light about his semi-blind childhood. should transfer very well to radio and is broadcast as the Book at Bedtime in ten partsfrom Mon 25Jan. 10.15pm. R4. It isabridged and read by Denys Hawthorne.

lfever there was a case ofartistic temperament. Diaghilev. the Russian impressario was guilty of it. He may have revolutionised the ballet. but he sounds like hell to work with. Robert Stephens takes on the role in The False Diaghilev. R4. Mon 25 Jan. 8. 15pm. which tells. in flashback. the story of his none too happy life.

It has taken the bi-centenary of European settlement in Australia and their much-publicised 12-month party. to remind the world not only that the Aborgines exist. but also the amount of devastation the new arrivals caused them. Australia. a l3-part drama documentary begins on Sun 24 Jan. 2.30pm and the following week Michael Pennington plays Capt. Philip. humane skipper ofthe first convict fleet. The cast also includes Patrick Malahide and Steve llodson.

4D The List 22 Jan 4 Feb 1988