I lsthere lite alterwork? Yes. there is with the lntervarsity Club! lVC.‘ is a club for young profession :tl people. We arrange a large number ofdiverse events such as badminton. hillwalking and cinema trips in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. For further details ring Glasgow 041 956 6145 or Edinburgh 031 226 5872.

I Excellent versatile player wanted for folk blues duo. serious committed person only. Contact James Curran. 15 Kersland Street. llillhead G12.

I Creative Dreaming Explore and develop the language of your dreams. Small groups. For details please phone 031 667 7231.

I Musicians required jazz. alternative. dance. music. listablished band or anyone interested. Gigs and’or serious practice. Annie. saxophone player. 14 Dean Path Buildings. 6-7.30pm. I East Kilbride male (23) obsessed with jazz disco dancing. seeks video work with modern pop group. Genuine replies please to A. Maxwell. 23 I)rury Lane Court. Calderwood. East Kilbride. Glasgow.


I Private piano tuition by Celeste Singleton. [)RSAMI). Reasonable rates for all ages and stages. 'l'el041334 4125.

I Alexander Technique 36 York Place. central Edinburgh. John Casey S'l‘A'l‘. Phone 031 669 4502.

I Are You Sell Employed? Accountants‘ Fees too much? Have your accounts and tax returns prepared fora competitive fee by Mark Noonan. Tel 031 554 8262. I Need a flat? Then you need FLATFINDER. A fast. efficient. alternative and friendly way to find accommodation— anywhere. Phone 031 557 3123.

I Decorating Newington Decorators Ltd. Professional tradesmen and specialists in hanging

old fabrics. stripping and waxing doors etc. Ring 031 4400094.


I Anyone living in Glasgow or around. working in Livingston. willing to share petrol or driving. phone 0506 412 362 (day) ; 041 339 5672 (eve).

in 35ft yacht. Learn. improve. enjoy sailingon sunny South Coast. Channel Islands. Brittany. Brochure from WSH. 59 Denzil

Ax enue. Southampton. S()2 0LP.

I Himalayan Trekking Unique opportunity to visit remote area in Pakistan Karakoram. small group.

' personallyescorted.

competitively priced. July 1988.111Gll ADVENTURE. Box No 579.



In the next issue of The List (4 Feb) we will print love letters straight from your hearts to your loved ones. Send your messages (only £1 for up to 25 words) to:

'1'1 112 LIST VALEN'I'lNIiS. 14 High Street.

[Edinburgh Elli l'l‘li.

I Male 22 looking for lovely lady for loving relationship.

Likes cinema. theatre. has

good sense of humour and

has own flat. Genuine

replies please. Glasgow

area. Box No 571. I February is the cruellest one. Sympathetic. shy man

; (32)secks female ' companion for the darkest

months. Films. meals. cycle trips. galleries. ALA. Box No 572.

I Edinburgh male divorced (34). quiet. creative.

i affectionate. Interests: . writing. films. arts. music. ' Gestalt green movement.

seeks similar woman for friendshiptrelationship. Reply to Box No 574.

I Protessional attractive male (40) with zest for living requires like-minded woman (24—40) to add extra spice. Let curiosity get the better ofyou! Please send photo for quick reply to Box No 576.



:. -. . ‘. dsu _. j -. .. f? - .‘z'n. s~ .4e.- fivxfifi’efi 4

~ ~7€ {3,4 I Edinburgh woman (34)

' relationship. Photo if

, write intitnating interests. : Photo appreciated but not


single parent. creative. sensitive. affectionate. seeks colourful unconventional vegetarian man with young outlook for mutually supportive caring

friendship relationship. Box No 575.

I Male (24) likes opera. classical music. eating out. theatre. cinema. travel.

seeks interesting female of any age in Glasgow area for romancing. dancing and general naughtiness. Photo appreciated. Box No 578. I Who wants to know me? Reply to Box No 5710.

I Heavy Metal tan female. not freaky. needs

similar people to go to pub

. gigs with. Edinburgh. Box g . ' a drink‘.’ Bet ybu binned the

No 5712.

I Caring Edinburgh male (32) seeks responsible. warm and solvent female for friendship outings. Please

essential. All letters promptly answered. Reply to Box no 581.

I Edinburgh area. ()uiet single male (32). likes theatre. cinema. travelling. photography. In much need of female friendship— similar interests age group. Please write soon. to Box No 582.

I Gay guy (21) Attractive. quietish. wishes to communicate with similar for friendship leading to

possible. Box No 583.

I Fledgeling TV (25). quiet. affectionate. needs to be taken under your wing. Box No 584.

I Frustrated, unemployed , male graduate (36) seeks i thoughful quiet female (25—40). Non-smoker who enjoys cinema. theatre. music. cookery. Scrabble. Glasgow area. photo appreciated. Box No 585.


youthful. kindly. strong male escort with cultivated mind and primitive body. by this sophisticated. successful female. lonely but hopeful fora happier 1988. Box No 586.

I ‘Lucille' are you out there'.’ Did you meet Jim in the cul de sac. Gave you a number on a Daily Record. Maybe the other Lucille will

remember? Want to take me

out. . .pleasc get in touch. Box No 587. I ‘Lucille' with the voice on

. January 7. Not everyone

gets a Daily Record at the bus stop. Not everyone has this effect on me. Reply to Box No 588.

I ‘Lucille’ Want to go out for

Daily Record with my phone number. If I wasn‘t so shy I'd have asked you yours.

Second chanccs'.’ Box No 589.

I Jewish male Londoner (28) recently moved north to Fife wishes to make new friends. F’M. enjoys films. theatre. good conversation and bad jokes. Have car will travel. Box No 5810.

I Intelligent, good looking professional ‘part—time‘ father (30) with sense of humour and positive outlook. seeks similar lady to chase those occasional rain clouds. Please send informative letter and photo for immediate reply. What have we got to lose?! Reply to Box No 581 l.

I Gay male (24) attractive. intelligent. professional. interested in music. cinema. theatre. entertaining. seeks sincere guy with similar interests for lasting and

: meaningful relationship. Photograph appreciated.

All letters answered. Box No 5812. I Aspiring hero and all round

: good guy ( 22) with feeble

“my .. lug“: moustache and warped sense of humour seeks female with healthy body and sick mind fora wild time. Edinburgh. Box No 5813. I Edinburgh male (22) broad-minded. good sense of humour. interested in local activities. bands etc. seeks lady with good local ' knowledge of places to go. things to do. Photo appreciated. Box No 5814. I Uninhibited tun-loving [Edinburgh male (28) seeks like-minded female. 3 Existing ties unimportant. l Discretion assured. Reply to 'Box No 5815. j I What is Alvy Singer doing in Qlidinburgh'.’ . . . Waitingto imeet Annie Hall! Contact Box No 5816. I Sex without love is an empty experience . . . care to argue the point w ith graduate male (23) ‘Allenesque‘ humour. ‘enjoys travel. cinema. pubs. iconversation. Attractive Edinburgh female (20s) ideal. Box No 5817. I I’ve just moved to Edinburgh area. Professional male. British (27). Tall. dark. handsome. good company. own flat. Hoping to meet young lady (20—35) to show me around. ;Photo preferred. Box No '5818. I Edinburgh area Honest. attractive sincere man j wanted to fill vacancy in life ‘ofintelligent. attractive . female (24). Salary by negotiation —- fringe benefits according to ability and 1 experience. Photograph appreciated. Box No 5819. I Protessional male would like to meet quiet V home—loving young lady. i preferably a graduate in her intid~tw'eiities. for friendship and lasting relationship (Edinburgh area). Reply Box No 5820.



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SERVICES/ TRAVEL 25 words max


PERSONAL 30 words max: Box Nos must be used.

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