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A totally different eating experience.

30 Sandport Street ? Edinburgh { Tel: 031-554 2921

Opening Hours: lZ-me. 6.30-10.30. Closed Sunday Evenings

Fondues originated in Switzerland as a result of villagers being isolated in the long winter months and food becoming short. They were forced to rely on local produce like cheese, wine and bread. As the cheese became dry it was

melted in wine and eaten with the bread.

The word Fondue, from the FrenchTondreTmeans to melt or blend and a fondue is basically cheese melted in wine.

We at Le Bon do not serve fondue in the strictest sense of the word But a variation which originated in Burgundy. where the cooking is done at the table in a fondue pot.

We serve two types. one being ve etable oil. the other. which has oriental connections. is vegetable stock. rom a refri erated display cabinet are selected a range of tasty morsels as diverse as s ark steak, prawn tails, lamb, pork, beef, liver, chicken, frogs legs, scallops and other meats and fish depending on availability. but normally a range of 15-20 items. Each customer receives a selection of all of these accompanied by a range of di 5 or sauces. The cooking process begins by immersing the meat into the 0' or stock on large forks and then dipping into the various sauces prior to eating.

The process is very relaxing, conducive to correct digestion, great fun and a gourmet's delight to experience so many different tastes and textures at the same mea .

On completing the vegetable stock fondue, a sherry is added and the ’soup’ which has taken on the delicious flavours of eve thing cooked in it, is drunk. A word of warning on the rules of fondueShoul the gentleman lose a dpiece of meat from his fork he buys a drink for all the ladies should the lady o the same she has to kiss all the gentlemen.

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