Performance I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall

Street. 332 7521.

New Moves During February and March. 'l'hird [iye Centre is hosting a season of new dance which will include talks. workshops and performances. To give you anopportunity to book| information is included in both performance and classes sections. At a special price of £18 (£12) you can book up all sev en performances in advance and save £5 (£4).

The Cholmondeleys 5 Feb at 9.30pm. (1 Feb at 8pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Pronounced (‘humleys. this young. vivacious group work in tight groupirtgs. strong unison and highly original material. Radical andoften bizarre and a good watch.

New Choreographers’eb. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). What‘s really new in dance. See this up-and-coming bunch. Yolanda Snaith 2t». 27 Feb. .s’pnt. £3.50 (£2.50). Scared Shirtless and Blue Whiteness Rhapsody performed by this witty. highly visual and original dancer.


Third Eye Centre, Glasgow

Once upon a time there were two sisters. Married on the same day, had a baby on the same day, widowed on the same day and died on the same day, their curious story is remembered in a painting now in the Tate Gallery. Sitting up in bed, these odd Elizabethans and their story caught the eye oi an anonymous artist in 1610 and oi Londoner Lea Anderson in 1984. She needed a crazy name ior her dance company in a hurry. The six woman group, now The Cholmondeleys, punked their hair and made a dance in tutus and Doc Martins to celebrate. Pronounced ‘Chumleys' the name has stuck.

In 1988 it's a gang oi iour. Starting a company straight after college (Laban in theircase) is ion for some, commitment ior others and The Cholmondeleys shed three of its members early on due to their lack oi the latter. Those remaining, with the addition of one other, are pursuing that ‘gap in the dance world‘ which got them going in the iirst place.

But in going torthe gap, The Cholmondeleys have to tight hard ior acceptance by the ‘serious’ dancers and choreographers. “We have to get by a lot oi prejudice because we still haven‘t managed to do any ‘strict' dance. We get criticised for being too up our own tree but that's what we do. We don’t iind it easy to make dances in the way other people do, so we try to concentrate on what we do rather than explain to people why we can't dance properly.‘ Straight-faced, Lea lashes on the irony. ‘Anyway, it’s more


The VicVics 9. 10 March. 8pm. £3.50 (£2.50). A music dance company create new works from a pool of artists front such groups as Man Jumping. Lumiere and Son. Welfare State and I.udus.

Rosemary Butcher 14.15 March. 8pm. £3.50 (£2.50). ()ne of Britain‘sforemost choreographers in "Touch The liarth'.

I TRON THEATRE 'l'rongate. 552 42(17 8. Theatre de Complicité L'ntil (T Feb. 8pm. A strongly visual theatre company which works in a physical. very funny. unique style. See theatre page for more details. Part of a Scottish tour.


I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521.

New Moves Meets the Choreographer ()n Saturdays. as well as classes and workshops. there is also the opportunity between 3.30 and 5pm to meet the choreographers taking part in the New .‘ytov cs season. liach choreographer will talk about her his work followed by an informal discussion. Free. 6 Feb Meet Lea Anderson of'l‘he Cholmondeleys. 13 Feb

Lea corrects. ‘We have danced to opera music as well as raucous rock music. We want to have real contrasts in mood.’ The Cholmondeleys are predictable only ior their

exciting to break new ground,’ she adds.

That new ground is broken into dances oi about ten minutes long (they used to be 3 or tour minutes), plenty of time says Lea to make their point succinctly. it also encourages a diiierent kind of audience, one which is more used to the length oi a track on an LP than an hour long stretch oi new dance. ‘We usually get an audience who go out and see things— bands, iringey stuit, night-clubs— not necessarly dance.’ 80 they snap their wit and talk in a body language at dance all mixed up with mime and eighties rythym, worlds apart from the abstract contemporary concoctions which might alienate a hip young audience.

Meet new choreographers Catherine Tucker. Claire Russ. Sarah Whatley. llelen Graves and Oksana Stasiw. 20 Feb Meet Jayne Stevens. Joanna Breslin.Jane Barrett. Andrew Hammerson. 27 Feb Meet Yolanda Snaith. 12 March Meet Rosemary Butcher. .


I GARNETDANK SCHOOL Renfrew Street. Contemporary Tuesdays 7—8pm with Jane Simpson. £2. 334 3349 forinfo.

I HILLHEAD HIGH SCHOOL Oakficld Ave. Contemporary Dance 8—9.30pm. £2. Thursday evenings with Fiona Alderman. Some experience necessary. Contact 334 1657 for further details.

Jazz Thursday evenings 6.30—8pm. £2. Contact Karen Pasi 334 4777 for further details.


Contact Improvisation Workshop Sat 6 Feb. 1 5pm. £4. Alignment. relaxation. T‘ai ('hi and structured improvisations will be explored in this half-day workshop organised by the Natural Dance Workshop. John Grant and Ronnie Robinson teach. Dancers. actors. sportspeople and beginners welcome.

I JORDANHILL COLLEGE Contact London Contemporary Dance. The Place, 17 Duke‘s Road. London WC1H9AB 01387 3041 for details.

LCDT Residency 7. 12 March. For the second year. London Contemporary visit Scotland. This course. for all ages and abilities. will include workshops. classes. open rehearsals and choreographic sessions. giving participants the opportunity to work with members ofthis international company. It was Robert


Cohan. the company‘s director. who pioneered the concept of the ‘residency‘ in the late 605.

I STEPS OUT 261 West Princes Street. 331 2931.

Tuesday Classes Junior contemporary class (12 years and over) at 6—7pm and adult jazz at 7. 15—8.30pm. Prices below. Wednesday Class Adult contemporary class at 6—7.30pm.

Steps Out Classes run until 23 March. Adults £2 (£1 ). Juniorsil .50.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521.

The New Moves Dance season has aseries ofclasses built into the programme. See below for details.

The Cholmondeleys 6 Feb. Noon—3pm. £3.50. Int/Adv Workshop.

Catherine Tucker (New Choreographer) 13 Feb. Noon—3pm. £3.50. Int/Adv Class and workshop.

Jayne Stevens (New Choreographer)20 Feb. Noon—3pm. £3.50. Int/Adv Class and workshop.

Yolanda Snaith 27 Feb. Noon—3pm. £3.50. Int/Adv Workshop.

Phillipa Donellan (Vic tiles) to March.

10.30am—Noon. lntAdv Class. Rosemary Butcher 12 March. Noon—~3pm. Int/Adv Workshop.

See above for details of New Moves performance and talks.



I FRUITMARKET GALLERY Market Street. 225 2383.

Rosemary Butcher 19. 20 February. £3 (£1.50). As part of a national tour Butcher appears in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. She is well-known for her work during the seventies and eighties and is one ofthe senior choreographers of new dance in this country. In this new piece "Touch the Earth‘ she collaborates with composer Michael Nyman (Draghtsman‘s Contract) and visual artist Dieter Pietsch. both artists ofinternational stature. Should not be missed. Rosemary Butcher is also appearing in Dundee at the Seagate Gallery on 10 March. Aberdeen Art Gallery on 11/12 March and Third iiye Centre on 14 March (see Glasgow

\ :5 ~ Performance).


For Glasgow's New Moves Season at Third Eye, the group are trying out a new piece. It‘s a premiere ior Pastoral not as nice as it sounds says Lea. ‘There‘s electronic guitars and nasty ieedback.’ The idea struck with the hurricane last year which left trees uprooted all over England. ‘People think nature is all lambs and butterflies but it can be very violent.’ The wrath oi the gods has been given the Cholmondeley treatment.

Don't target the goddess. The Cholmondeleys are a conspicuously iemale group. But Lea does not put that down to ieminism. ‘Most companies are so pleased to get a man. out there are things you can do in an ail-women group that you couldn’t tackle so easily in a mixed company. Besides, we wanted to get rid at all that yearning ior men and thought we’d make a positive ieaiure oi the iact.‘ Nothing negative about a Cholmondeley. (Alice Bain)

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE Grecnside Place. Box Office 557 2590. 10am— 6pm Mon—Sat. Credit cards 557 2590.

The Nutcracker Until 6 Feb. 7.30pm. Mat Sat 6Jan at 2.30pm. £4-£10. Scottish Ballet's seasonal contribution. Snowflakes and the Sugar Plum dance to Peter Darrell's version with Philip Prowse designs. Music composed by the truly popular Tchaikovsky.


I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 George Street. 225 3614.

Dance Classes Until 22 March. £2 (£1 ) per class. New season of classes by a number of teachers taking a variety oftechniques. No experience required.

8 Feb—Contemporary with Pat iickersley: 9 Feb—Contemporary with Malcolm Shields; 15 Feb-Contemporary with Pat Eckersley; 16 Feb—Contemporary with Gregory Nash.

I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Street (229 1071 for info).

Classes with Tracy Nawkes

‘Wednesday Ballet 6. 15—7.30pm. Adults general beginners welcome.

Monday Jazz 6.30-7.45pm. Adult intermediate.

Sat Jazz 12.45-2pm. Adultgeneral. beginners welcome.

All classes £2.25 (£2). Reduction for block booking.


Early Dance Course 14 Feb. 10am-4pm. introduction to Baroque Dance. Some experience necessary. For further information send an SAE to Joan English, Flat 4a. Fair-a-Far. Cramond. Edinburgh.

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