Summit Centre. Minerva Way. Finneston. Glasgow. (0-11 20-1 2215). 5pm. £2.00 (£1.00). League.

I Livingston Rams v Murrayfield Summit Centre lcelandia. Almondvale West. Livingston (Livingston -11(i1-11). 5.30pm. Scottish League.


I Indoor Tournament Edinburgh University Sports Centre. Pleasance. Edinburgh. 10am. This gariie is super-fast even outdoors. and should be quite a spectacle inside. not to mention warm and drv.

NETBALL Saturday 6

I Scotland V Wales Bishopbriggs Sports Centre. 147 Balmuildy Road. Bishopbriggs. Glasgow. 0-11 772 (i391. Doorsopert 12.30pm; Presentation 1pm: Under-18 match 1.20pm: Senior match 3pm. £2 (£1 ): S.\'A membersi‘l .50. Senior and linder- IS Internationals.

RUGBY Saturday 6


I Scotland v France Murrayfield. Edinburgh. 2.30pm. All-ticket. Nopoint in giving prices —4 they will be long gone by now. If you are one of the lucky ones. and haven‘t outraged the Scottish Rugby Union by selling your ticket at ludicrously inflated prices. you willsee Scotland try to recover from a disappointing display in Ireland with some controversial team changes. Consolation may be taken from France's own weak (albeit winning) start against England. and the fact they don't like Murrayfield riiucli. The usual live television coverage will have to do for the rest ofus.

Saturday 13



I Stewart Melville EP v Hawick lnverleith. Ferry Road. Edinburgh. 2.30pm.

I Watsonians v Heriots FP Myreside. Myreside Road. Edinburgh. 2.30pm. IWestot Scotland vAyrBurnhrac. Glasgow Road. Milngavie. 2.30pm.

I Edinburgh Acads v Kilmarnock Raeburn Place. Edinburgh. 2.30pm.

Wednesday 17

I Glasgow U21 v Edinburgh U21 llughenden. llughenden Road. Glasgow. 7pm. Representative Match.

SNOOKER Thursday 11-Sunday 14

I Swish Scottish Protessional Snooker Championships Marco‘s Sport and Leisure Centre. Grove Street. Edinburgh. Quarter-finals Thurs 2pm. 7pm. Fri 12 noon. 7pm. Semi-finals Sat 1pm. 7pm. Final Sun 1pm. 7pm. Tickets per session: Thurs—Fri £3; Sat £4.50; Sun £5. Stephen llendry starts favourite to retain the trophy he has won for the past two years. which would make him the first player ever to win three in a row. With a first prize of£9000 at stake. and £4500 forthe runner-up (with £1250 for highest break). the rewards are higher than ever. and competition will be even ficrcer than usual. BBC will cover the tournament. including live coverage of the Final.


I Edinburgh Youth and JuniorTournament Meadowbank Sports Centre. London Road. Edinburgh. 10am.

I Book Choice (C4) 7.50—h’pm. Auberon Waugh. editor of The Literary Review- reviews'l‘oni Wolfe‘s first novel. The Bonfire oft/re I'd/lilies. Tom Wolfe will himself be in Scotland this week. signing copies of the book at Waterstone's. Edinburgh. on Thurs 11 Feb— andhe's interviewed on Cover!” ('over(see Thursday 11th.).

I A Night of Comic Relief ( 1311(1) 7.35pm—3.35am. Something new. something old and something blue too. Might even be funny and it's all in agood cause see feature.


I Gone With The Wind ( BM ‘2) 2.10-5.-15pm. You can just about forgive Barry Norman for his flabby Iii/king Pictures series when it results in another showing for magnificent films like this one. Vivien Leigh. Clarke (table. Leslie Howard and ()livia de I lavillarid star in the classic to end all classics.

I Grandstand (BBCI) 12.15— 5.05pm Live coverage of the rugby international front Murrayfield. where Scotland take on France. begins at 2.25pm.

I Little and Large ( BBCl )o.20—o.55pni. Funniest double act around in anew series.

I Denis Law. . . At Home To Friends (BBCI) 1040—1 1.20pm. The 55 times capped football star chats with his tiiates. I Sinionietta 20 ( BBt‘Z)7.3o—9. 15pm. Highlights from the concert celebrating twenty years of the London Siriforiietta. I Scottish Eye ((‘4)(1.3ll—7.3Ilpm. Colin MacKay reports on the Scots who invented the concept of the Poll Tax in an edition produced by Scottish Television of the new Scottish angle current affairs show.

I The Man With the Golden Gun (Scottish) 7. 1.5—9.35pm. Second of the current trilogy of Bond movies being screened on ITV. Again it's Moore as007. Made in 197-1. it also stars Britt Ekland and Christpher Lee.

I Aspel and Company (Scottish) 9.55-10.-10pm. Guests Elizabeth Taylor and EltonJohn.

ITutti Frutti (BBC2)‘). 15—10. 15pm. Embarrasing moments when Danny relates in a TV tribute to Jazza how The Majestics‘ top ten hit was a fix.


I Lost in Space ((‘4) 1.30—2.30pm. Back. at the end of December. we were a little premature (not to say futuristic) in reporting the start of a repeat screeningof this classic sci-fi show. Well here it is now. and run in the usual exemplary Channel Four fashion. starting at the beginning. as the Space Family Robinson discover a Stowaway on board. Made in 1965.

I Review (BBCZ) 5.()5—5.-15pm. Honestly. the BBC should be able to make good arts programmes in their sleep. Nevertheless. it is nice to report that it seems at last to have found a winning formula. Amongst this afternoon‘s stories a report on the NationalTheatre's production of (‘ur on (1 Ha! I'm Roofwhich will shortly be seen in Edinburgh and



Glasgow. Why. the programme asks. has the play not been seen in Britain since 1958. and why then did the Lord Chamberlain refuse it a public licence‘.’

I Antiques Roadshow ( 1313(1)

530—6. 15pm. Glasgow grannies' nick-hacks.

I Underground to Europe ( 138(2)

8. 10-9pm. This documentary looks at the history of the schemes to dig a tunnel under the English Channel. btit it also makes a little bit ofTV history -- it isthe first programme that the London dominated BBC South and East Region has commissioned from an independent company. Underground In liurupe is made by John Gau Productions.

I Screen Two: Borden 1313(2)

10- 1 1.-10pm. Tim Rose Price's film. already seen at the London Film Festival. tells the story of a group of (‘zechoslovakian's in the early fifties who succeed in escaping to the West. Designer Stuart Walker (who was responsible for the atmospheric settings in An ling/(sh Man Ahmad) set some of the Prague scenes in l)umfries.

I Everyman: Tell Us The Good News (BB(‘1)10.30-11.10pm.lsBritainever likely to see American style TV evangelism'.’ Rosemary llarthill investigates.


I Hospital Watch (BBCl) 1t). llFl(l.-10pm. The l lospital Watch team have picked a sensitive time for the second series oftheir real life soap opera based in the Royal Liverpool hospital. The reportingteani are Frank Bough. DebbieThrower. Magic Philbiri and Robbie Vincent.

I Panorama (BBC! )9.3th). 10pm. Eurofraud -- report on the cheats who are exploiting the Common Market's Agricultural Policy.

I Horizon (1313(2) a. 10~-1)pm. Can we avoid the Greenhouse Effect. do we even need to worry about it and what isit anyway'.’ :

I Bewitched (C4) 5—5.30pm. Always nice to have an excuse to draw attention tothe

The Space Family Robins r Lot in Space. Sundays C4 in the rpeats olthe sci-ii seres.

Channel Four screenings of the American sixties comedy series starring Elizabeth Montgomery as the witch married to art advertisingexecutive. In this edition they go in search of the Loch Ness Monster ~ which should mean a wonderful American's eye view of Scotland.

I Holiday '88 ( BBCl ) 7—7..‘t0pm. Frank Bough. who is bald himself. reports lrom the topless beaches of the French Riviera. I On The Buses (Scottish) s—u.3ttptit. 'i‘hc despised by some btit litrgely popular and it has to be said sexist. racist and bigoted sixties sit com. is now something of acult. The bus garage world peopled by characters of the likes of Reg Varney . Bob Grant and Stepheti Lewis as Blakey'. certainly seems to has e lingered in the mind of director and writer of the nostalgically course recreation olthe fifties. “TS/1 You Were Here. This isa chance to sample the real thing in the lirst of two spin-off feature films forrii the TV series.

I Wild Life on One: Odd noses of Borneo (BBCI ) 8.30—9pm. 'No-otie knows why the proboscic monkey has such a big nose .' Give us a break. (If you like this sort of thing don’t tUTLII The really llT/r/ S/IUH'HI 4.35 when you can 'come face to beak with a massive lappet-faced vulture'.)

I The Play on One: The Ounroamin' Rising (BBCI) 10—1 1 . 10pm. See paticl.

I Survival Special (Scottish)

10.35--l 1 .35pni. David Bellariiy is a'1'\' personality who isn't afraid to tiieet controversy head on. He has been locked tip in Australia and drummed otit ol the llebridees for liisotitspokcn y iews. In this Survival Special. ‘Paradise l’loughed' he reports from the bogs of Scotland‘s 'l'loyy Country" ~ a landscape of unique w ildlite habitats threatened by the process of forestation.

I Sumo (C4) 11.35pm 12.20am From lllL company that alos brings as America's Superbowl. more of the Japanese ritual form ofwrestling. A sort ofone-to-one American football with nappies.


I Votes For Women (Scottish ) 2.3a 3pm. Sheena .‘v/lcl)onald‘s 100 women hay e another chance to vote and comment on topical issues.

I Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess (Scottish) 10.35pm 12.20am. Shallow made for television film biography ol the queen of the forties romantic leads.

I An Outside Chance ((111630 "pm. Robert Kee presents this new series which looks at non custodial alternatiy es to Prison. both as they exist here and in other countries. The series begins by comparing Britain's penal system w ith that ol llollgmd ICampaign(BB(‘3)9.25 10.30pm. It‘s election night in the ad agency soap.

“21-229;- -.'

The List 5 18 February 1988 41