BBC Scotland’s series of The Play On One has already brought the considerable talents of Scottish writers John Byrne and Peter MacDougall to the screen. This fortnight, however, it's the turn of the newcomers, Iain Heggie and Colin MacDonald. MacDonald makes his television debut with The Dunroamin' Rising, the story of an 88 year old Red Clydesider, still full of


I Cover to Cover ( BBCZ ) 7—7.3(lpm. Spectator columnist. Taki. reviews Tom Wolfe‘s new novel. and Wolfe is in the studio.

I Equinox: Running to Time ((‘4) 8.30—9.3(lpm. Tomorrow. British Rail unveils its new electrically powered high speed train. the Electra. After the disaster of the Advanced Passenger Train (where the passengers had indeed to be advanced to withstand the faulty tipping ofthe carriages). hopes are pinned on the new train. Its first run will be to Leeds. but eventually it will be these trains that run up to Edinburgh. Equinox looks at the economic implications of shorter journey times on the east coast line. as well as assessing the new train itself.

I Paris Texas (C4) 9.3(lpni— l 2. 15am. Last ‘Take 2’ in the Film on Four series heralding the start ofa new season. Thisis Wim Wenders' affecting sudy of alienation which stars 1 larry Dean Stanton and Natassia Kinski.


I Equinox: Playing With Fire ((‘4) 2.30—3.30pm. Repeat ofan edition ofthe science programme that did much to raise the alarm over modern foam filled furniture. and also intriguingly suggested that most peopl‘s surprisingly calm attitude to fire actually puts them in greater danger.

I Heat and Tidy (C4) o—o.3i)pm. As described. ‘lt‘s an adventure. lt‘sa comedy. lt's Bizarre‘. So this new seriesis pretty much anybody‘s guess. All set to the soundtrack of Elvis Presley recordings. it features a motor cycle fanatic on the run from a murder he didn‘t commit.

I Cheers (C4) Ill—10.30pm. Newseries. with some changes to the format: Diane has left and Sam has sold the bar to go ona disasterous round-the-world sailing trip.

pr he's back and trying to get on with the new manager icey Rebecca Howe. I AIDS How(C4) 10.30—11.3(lpm. Final programme in the documentary series looking at the latest developments in the AIDS problem.

vigour, who is put into an old people's home where he finally comes into his own.

MacDonald explains that the story came partly from a friend’s tale of an elderly atheist Marxist who’d been put into a church nursing home. ‘He must be having a terrible time, lsaid. Nota bit of it, he's having the time of his life, said my friend. He can have an argument whenever he wants!’

MacDonald has always wanted to

write lorthe screen, although he began by writing short stories and has had two

plays broadcast on Radio 4. Born in Wick, he now lives in Edinburgh, a quiet-spoken and friendly writer with a great deal of sympathy for his subject. His play has serious points to make about political impotence and the way old people are treated. Starring Russell Hunter, it is also funny, however. MacDonald has nothing but praise for Hunter’s dedication to the part. ‘I met him in London and he looked rather odd. Eventually I said so. He said it was probably his clothes - he’d been walking round for days in shoes and clothes several sizes too large to realise what it would feel like to be wasted.’ (S.H.)

I The Dunroamin' Rising is on BBC 1 on Tues 9 Feb. See Listings.


I Moonraker (Scottish) 7. l4—9.35pm. More Moore. The Bond caper from 197‘). I The Supergrass ((‘4)1().5()pm—12.5()am. Preceding the start of the new seriesof Comic Strip. a screening of the 1985 Comic Strip film one of the funniestso far. Stars Adrian Edmondson with

Jenniffer Saunders. Dawn French. Robbie

Coltrane and Alexei Sayle.


I Small World (Scottish) 1030—] l .3()pm.

Halfway round Lodge‘s Small World and it has yet to take off.

I Meltdown (Scottish) 11.35pm—12.35am. Featuring The Squeeze.


I Scottish Action (Scottish) 6.3(i—7pm. Beginning at new series which follows up the Christmas drink and driving campaign with a series of programmes on the problems of alcohol abuse.

I Mr H is late (Scottish) 8-8.30pm. Oneof Eric Sykes' love 'em or hate ‘em one off comedies. This one has the usual star studded cast and is all about gettinga corpse to a funeral on time.


I The Right Stuff (Scottish) 3—3.30pm. New series from UlsterTelevision presented by Henry Kelly which features a panel of best selling authors in a pop style books programme.

I Holiday On The Buses (Scottish) 8—9.30pm. The second film from the TV series see last Tuesday.

I Focal Point (BBCI ) 8.30—9pm. New seriesof documentaries from BBC Scotland starts with a report by Louise Batchelor.

I The Play on One: Wholly Healthy Glasgow (BBCl)9.3()—1().35pm. lain Heggie‘s prize winning comedy. set in a Glasgow health club. adapted for the season of plays from Scotland.


I Porterhouse Blue (C4) 10.30-11.30pm. Final part of the excellent adaptation of

Tom Sharpe‘s university novel.

I The Fear9—lilpm. New five part thriller from Euston Films (who brought you Minder and the .S‘weeney) with [an Glenn as a ‘designer Gangster'.

I Hang'm High (Scottish) 1(l.35pm—12.4opm. Highlyenjoyable spaghetti style western with Clint Eastwood as a hanged man who lives to avenge his ‘death'. Made in 1968.


Proof— if it were needed that there was much more to Trevor Howard's acting career than good looks and BriefEncounter. His wonderful versatile voice made him a first class actor on radio. as R-l‘s recent production of The Father so clearly demonstrated. If you missed that catch him as the crusty old Brigadier in Goose with Pepper by Frederick Bradnum on Sat 6 Feb. R4. 3pm. part of R4‘s welcome tribute to Trevor Howard who died last month. it is a pity they have to remind us and publish his ‘dates‘ (1916—88) under his name every time it is mentioned in the Radio Times though.

Wagner‘s last opera. Parsifal is not for the fainthearted. Nor does it shun man‘s most complex questions. but the new production by Bill Bryden. Head of BBC Drama. Scotland. has been much praised for its unpretentiousness and clarity. Robert Lloyd as the story teller. Gurnemanz and Waltraud Meier as Kundry have been especially admired. and though Paul Griffiths of The Times noted that one might have wished for ‘more agony" in the third act. you can't have everything. Sat 6 Feb. R3. 3.55pm. There‘s more opera on Mon 8 Feb with Monteverdi‘s Drfeo et Euridice. R3. 2.45pm. and his L'Drieo on R3. 11 Feb. 2pm.

Rona Munro combines playwriting with appearances as halfof The Misfits. ‘an Aberdonian feminist cabaret act‘. That‘s a lot to pack into any act. but she is a good performer and an even better writer. The Dirt underthe Carpet. R4. 'I‘hurs 1 1. 3pm. is a wonderfully rich and carefully crafted whodunnit. written in broad Aberdonian. and guaranteed to keep you guessing right to the end. It stars Alison Peebles and Rona‘s co-star from The Misfits. Fiona Knowles. both on fine form.

The 34 year old Scottish writer Iain Heggie is currently being put firmly in the critical spotlight. both for his play A Wholly Healthy Glasgow. first seen during the Edinburgh Festival and shortly to be seen on TV as part of BBC Scotland‘s new series. the Play on One, and for his new play. American Bagpipes. opening at the Royal Exchange. Manchester. In Kaleidoscope Extra. Wed 10 Feb. 4.45pm Mark Steyn looks at his work.

And ifyou still think you haven‘t excavated the Pharaohs properly. tune in t0 Kaleidoscope on R4. Fri 12 Feb. 9.45pm and hear what Barry Cunliffe makes of the magnificent funerary finds of Pierre Montet in Tanis. Egypt. currently on display at the City Art Centre their only British showing.


As well as the marathon of Comic Relief shows on television both Edinburgh and Glasgow see plenty of live activity to raise money foriamine relief. Below is a lisfol just some of the cabarets and other hot-spots where red noses will be being worn and money being collected. Numerous pubs and clubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh will also be mounting special events and accosting you with red noses. Be prepared!

-and put some olthem in yourpath.


I Assembly Rooms, George Street. Cabaret. Fri 5 Feb. 9pm.

I Burtons Menswear, Princes Street. All-day cabaret and events. Fri 5 Feb.

I Dxfam Shop, Morningside Road. Staff working in fancy dress.

I Stevenson College Student Union. Disco. Fri 5 Feb. 9pm-9am. Lots of fund-raising silly games.

I St James Centre. Security Staffdressing up.

I Traverse Theatre, Grassmarket. Cabaret. Fri 5 Feb. ltlpm.

I Waverley Station. Parcels staff at. appropriately. Red Star. in red noses. Fri 5 Feb.

I College of Art, Edinburgh Fri 5 Feb 9.30am onwards. Students invite you to pay 50p to paint a square foot ofthe longest painting in Edinburgh.


I Alexander Sisters. The wacky twosome. joined by The Surprises. are doing a hectic marathon around clubs. pubs and hotels. doing a dance number in each place and calling at: Central Hotel (7pm): Hospitality lnn (7.20pm); Ingram Hotel (7.40pm); Grosvenor l lotel (8pm); Albany Hotel (9pm);Cleopatra's Nightclub ( l l .3llpm); Riverside Club (midnight); Fury Murry‘s( 12.20); Mayfair ( 12.40); Cotton Club( lam): Bennets ( l .Zilam): Sub Club(1.-t(lam); Mardi (iras (2am ); PanamaJax (2.20am).

I Bishopbriggs Library. Comic Reliefday with face painting and puppets. Fri 5 Feb. I Robbie Coltrane Should be appearing in Glasgow on Fri 5 Feb with membersof Grampian Fire Brigade. Look out for red engines.

I Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld. Cabaret. Fri 5 Feb. 8pm.

I Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock. Cabaret. Fri 5 Feb. 7.30pm.

I Tron Theatre, Trongate. Cabaret. Sat 13 Feb. lllpm.


I Phone 01 436 8340 quoting your credit card number between 7pm on Fri 5 Feb and 4pm on Sat 6 Feb.

I Phone one of the phone numbers shown on the screen during BBC Television's ‘A Night of Comic Relief‘.

I Pay in your donation at any maiorbank, building society or post office, or by posting

it to: Comic Relief, P.D.Box 555, Glrobank plc, Liverpool L69 3N6.

42 The List 5 18 February 1988