No special exhibitions for first part of year Permanent collection on show. Soriic rooms may be closed dtie to rcdecoration.

I GATEWAY GALLERY 2 4 Abbeymount. not 0982. Mon Sat Iixhibitions Mon—Sat 10am 5pm. Restaurant.

Raymond Hutchison 20» 27 February. Morioprints by a local artist.

I GALERIE MIRAGES The I ane.4ba Raebtir'n Place. Stockbridge. Mon—Sat 10am 5psztrn 2 5pm. ('losed Wed. Moghul India I 'ntil Sat 13 Feb. The romance of Moghul Indra capttircd iti woodcarvings. furniture. embroidery and

miniatures. I GRAEME MURRAY GALLERY l5 Scotland Street 55botl2tl'l'ue In I lam 5ptnLSat Illamr lpttt. Sol LBWIII l ‘ntrl 15 Feb. Never ltasa (ieorgtan roorti looked quite like this before. I.e\\'itt‘s wall paintings. the colours of crushed berries. turn corners. wrap round window s and doors. conjure mountains and deep cr'eyasses. The age attd reason of neo-classicism have been transformed itito a room for the future by this senior Amer ican concepttial artist. ()nce painted oy er. it has gone forever. so don't miss ll. I HANOVER FINE ART l04 Hanover Street. 3 3:5 24m. Mon to 10am -5.30pm;Sat Warn-4pm. Lillias Blackie and Roberta Merrileesb—23 I'cIt. Recent paintings. I HM GENERAL REGISTER HOUSE Princes Sireet.55ob585 .‘ylon I-ri9am-4.30pm. The Scots in Australia t ‘nttl end()ct. I ITALIAN INSTITUTE 2a Mely ille ( ‘rescent 22b 3 l 7.? \lori I‘ll liram 5pm (closed I 2 mil I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 .\'orthtrttiberland Street I.anc. Glasgow Painters to Feb- l0.\1arch. I MALCOLM INNES GALLERY b7 (ieorge Street. 22b 41.5 l . Mon Fri 9am --bpm; Sat l0ain rlprn. (iencral exhibition of landscape and animal painting. I MERCURY GALLERY 2 3 North Bank Street. 225 3200. The Mercury (ialler'y haye now closed. l'or information contact theirI.ondon branch iti ('ork Street. London. I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 55b892l Mon Sat 10am-5pm; Sutil 5pm. Wilkie Drawingso Feb 27 March A display from the gallery 's collection based around a new acquisition. Redecorations and Restrictions From January to the end of June. the r'cdecor'ation programme. begun with the red room this year. will continue itithe main ground floor galleries. The idea isto recall the spirit ol the period in whichthe gallery was btiilt and its architect Sir \\ rlliatri Playfair Rooms [.5 l8(I.{ng|ish. Dutch arid l8th century Iitiropean) w'illbe closed tititilcarly .‘ylarch. NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George [V liridge. 22o453 l Mon Fri 9.30am 5pm; Sat 9 30am lprn; Sun 2pm 5pm. Scotland at Play I 'ntil l5 May Sport gets the documentary treatment as the library looks at its history in Scotland from the Middle Ages to today. I NETHERBOW 43 l ligh Street. 556 9579. Mon Sat ltlam 4.30pm and evenings when performances. ('afe. Artsplay Weds from 3 Feb. 3 4.5 5 30pm.Paintingand drawing rttaking a piece specially for the conference. Acanthus is a nationwide organisation currently compromising 12 independent architectural practices which have joined forces to protnote the raising of statidards of design aridcraftsmanship throughout the country I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND t‘hambers Street. 225 7534. Mon-Sat ltlarri 5pm. Stiiil 5pm. care. European Art 1200—1 800 A rich display in a refurbished gallery. Iiighty gold snuff boxes lined up in tiny splendour contrast to the ntighty weight ofdark Dutch oak.


.I “a _k.._’~ . .

,'_. . ' l- t. I'px‘HI.‘ . .. I. I 1 Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh One floor up, the Portrait Gallery have allocated a room specially for photography. Not before time. Scotland has bred photographers of great artistry and skill since the medium was discovered, Hill and Adamson being names from that period in the 1840‘s when photography was in its infancy.

Moves by the gallery to accomodate photography seriously began in 1984 when they declared that the collection already held would be officially known as the Scottish Photography Archive. Under the direction of Sara Stevenson individual rarities and whole donated collections (most recently the Edinburgh Photographic Society Collection) have been added steadily to what was already a fine and extensive representation of the history of photography.

Temporary exhibitions in the past, have mostly concentrated on historical work. But this first exhibition in the new permanentgallery shows anotherside to their collection. Oscar Marzaroli‘s portrait offhe painterJoan Eardley looks across to Norman McCaig, jauntily holding a cigarette for Jessie Ann Matthew in map-tabled Bennets Bar. Ron O’Donnell's daft stuffed trout

Imagination is fired w itli thc inctision ol the Meisson I.l()ll This pelted. rather than fierce majesty was just one of 259other animals and birds ordered by Augustus the Strong for his Japanese Palace. Together in shining w hite porcelain they would have been a right royal sight. Design For Savings 1 'ntil ls Feb An exhibition of posters corrirnissioned for advertising National Savings ( ‘ertificates. From the first world war to the present. they provide fascinating social insights as well as excellent exatnples ofgraphic design styles through the 20th century workshops for ages 8 l 1

Children's Writers Workshop Sats front b Feb. 10.30am--l2.30pm. For ages 8 l l on the subject of Egypt and the Pharaohs. Booking for both workshops essential.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 (‘umberland Street. 557 1020. Mon— Fri l0am--6pm. Sat 10am—4pm.

Ken Bushe Until 18 Feb. Recent work. Jane Charles and Ed a Margaret Burke Llntil 18 Feb. Recent glass.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 55b 892]. Mon-~Sat 10am 5pm. Sun 2—-5pm. Scottish Photography 1938—1988 In January the Portrait Gallery opened their first permanent space devoted to photography.

1-5" . t '-’


t -‘ I: I I I ‘5‘” .y'. 7 ~ a: . , a ' f , “(23:59.

in a box sits in colour underneath a i traditionally styled portrait of a gillie 5 with salmon by Glyn Satterley. These are the gallery‘s new acquisitions. The accent is Scottish I there are examples by some of the best - known Scottish photographers of the last four decades

The boys from the Gorbals and boys made good (see photo above of John Byrne by Antonia Reeve), landscape, cityscape, spirit and heart are all brushed in this one room. Equally importantly the state of the art is laid , out formini-assessment. Portraits and 2 documentary prints not surprisingly are in the majority, but it is clear that in the r last few years photographers in this country are proving just how inventive i and flexible the medium can be. Ron ' O‘Donnell (cover photographer of this edition oi The List) and Calum Colvin are now well~known for their manipulationofsubjecttotheatrical ; effect and Thomas Joshua Cooper for his dark, meditative studies of nature not natural. 2

This exhibition states clearly in black r and white with a dash of colourthat in the right hands photography is one of the most powerful and creative communicators and artforms of our day. (Alice Rain)

Work from photographers working in and frorti Scotland during the last 50years have been selected from their collection for the first display. The national

collection which is housed at the Portrait i (iallery. continttes to grow. the most recent gift coming from the Iidinburgh I Photographic Society.

Oueen's World L'ntil end FebThe

exhibition which began at thisyear‘s Festival has been extended due to public demand. Four new relics of Mary Queen recently acquired the fittest existing

portrait of the Scottish poet. James lIogg. known astlie 'Iittrick Shepherd. It is included in a small display iti Room 1 of j important acquisitions made since 1982. I PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP GALLERY 23 Union Street. 557 2479. Mon- Sat 3 “lam—5.30pm. Prints by Scottish Art Colleges Until 20 Feb. Heads ofdepartments in the four Seottish art colleges have chosen twenty new prints by students and post—graduates each. (iood opportunity to buy a print as prices are very reasonable.

Printmaking Course 27 & 28 Feb. Weekend courses in etching. lithography and screenprinting. Intensive course in basic skills. £25 (£20).

Life Drawing Thursdays at 7—9pm. £2 per session or save by buying a season ticket. I QUEEN'S HALL Clerk Street. Box Office 6682019. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm.(‘afé. Country Matters Until 27 Feb. A whimsical view of country life by Carmen Abrosevich. I RIAS 15 Rutland Square. 229 7205. Mon—Fri 9. 30am-5pm. I RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars Church. Blackfriars Street (off High Street). 5570707. Daily 10.30am—bpm. Maggi Rambling Until 14 Feb. Hambling's erotic bulls move frorn the Serpentine in London. She is a painter of attack. Seesa moment and freeze-frames. Whether searching in the gutter or the heavens for subject material. she goes all out. llambling treats the fighting btill with the sattte energy she dispenses on a sunset. The exhibition was first shown at the Serpentine. London. Maggi Ilambling regularly appears on the TV arts quiz ‘Gallery‘ hosted by (ieorge Melly. Tadeusz Brzozowski 17 -27 Feb. work by this Polish artist in conjunction with the Wroclaw Museum and the Polish (‘ulttiral Institute. Ruth MacLean 17—27 Feb. A Canadian artist living on lslay. Stewart Stolworthy l7-«27 Feb. An

American artist who spent three months in _

Argyll inspired by the Firth of Lorne at Lunga. Vasile TOCI'I 17—27 Feb. A Romanian artist now living and working in Iidinburgh. Yugoslavia From 1 -9 Febrttary Richard I)emarco is visiting Sarajevo with a number of Scottish artists to take part in the Winter Festival there. Ari exhibition of Scottish art (including work by Jack Knox. Doug ('ocker. Moira lnnes. John Bellany and twenty more). will be mounted at the (‘ollegium Artisictim and installations will be made on site. The trip is being organised iri conjunction with the Scottish Sculpture Trust. Talk Sat 13 Feb. 3pm. Richard I)emarco discusses the work of Maggi Ilambling. ‘Gallery' Showing Sun 14 Feb. 2.30pm. Special showing of Channel 4 programme ‘(iallery' chaired by George Melly with two teams. one led by Maggi Ilambling. (‘ontact the Richard I)emarco (iallery if you wish to attend either the talk (above) or this showing. I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 557 717]. Mon—Fri ltlam-—l hour before sunset. Sat. Stiti 11am— 1 hour before sunset. Inverleith House is open on weekc ndsotily. New Sculpture The pond looked very empty when Reg Butler's little female figttrc left with the (iallery of Modern Art. But the Botanic Garden has filled the gap. David Annand full-size heron with wings spread for flight will permanently reside on the spot. Appropriate too, as real-live herons have been known to fish in the ornamental pond. I ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS for info phone Mtrngo (‘ampbell on 557 5498 or Acanthus 557 5498. Artists and Architecture Conference 26. 27 Feb. A gathering of artists and architects from around the country and abroad get together in the wake of Edinburgh District (‘ouncil's ‘Percentage for Art‘ policy which gives out the message that buildings can be designed and built with works ofart integrated from the beginning. This conference will provide the focus in a mini-festival of architectural events throughout the city during the week 22 28 Feb. Robert Ayres. performartcc artist. is I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon-Sat 10am 15pm; Sun 2—5pm. Scotland‘s antiquities share premises with the Portrait Gallery. I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 225 6671. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Sun Noon—6pm. The Edinburgh International: Reason and Emotion in Contemporary Art tJntil 14 Feb. A major show organised by the Scottish

46The List 5 ~- 18 February 1988