ART & EXHIBITIONS LIST I Vowles were unable to make an

installation at the Royal Museum of O F E Scotland last year because of

administrative brick walls. This month however. their work will appear next door to the museum, at Talbot Rice. They say. ‘The exploitation of ‘history‘ as a consumer growth area has become one of the most significant features ofour ‘post-industrial‘ society. where the illusion is created that all cultural difference can be contained by the ‘museumization‘ of ‘cverday life‘.‘ With consumerism and tourism hailed as the saviours of Western economies and employment it might be difficult to see all sides of this steady but insidious transformation. Art in Ruins are around to show true colours.

Ian Howard 13 Feb—12 March. Recent work

Land of the Pharaohs, Fine Art Society, Edinburgh

Egypt was much in vogue amongst the fashionable of 19th century Europe and it’s no coincidence that the big collections of Eygptology in European museums started at this date. Writers and artists, from Flaubert, Trollope and Edward Lear, to the formidable and intrepid Victorian lady Amelia Edwards, who wrote a book about her experiences, were fascinated by Egypt and went in large numbers, well-padded with all the comforts of

home. David Rubens, the , I which has shiftgd aw'ayjfrom intefrestin Stockbridge-born painter, much The artists went to Egypt in search or tweedy colours of home. A few artists pfghcfoimxazglr‘és'ggcg admired by Queen Victoria, crossed the ‘paintahle ruins' and new, exotic too were attracted by the local people in domestic and architectural settingh desert with ‘a caravan of 21 camels and subject matter. In many ways they and also on display is the fine Head of a ttmrtgutng conundrumst are the wordsthts as many servants and Bedouin Arabs’ painted what they found there as they Nilbian by Scafselli- Aberdeen artist uses to describe his new and there was even an American wouid have painted a scene from the This is an exhibition which gives a paintings. Mediterranean cruise to the Middle Scottish highlands _ as stately, rich and fascinating insight into what 3'89an Lawson Until 6 Feb. Best known East by the middle of the century. Mark dramatic, inspiring and dominant. impressed and moved the Victorians {or his PhotogralfinC collages which piece . . . - ogethcr a land or City scape from

Twain took it in 1867. They were Willineg overawed, who, as is well shown by the individual shots taken at measured

Boberts’ images of Egypt are mapping out the sights with transference to the Thames intervals over a whole dav‘ Lawson in this amongst the best known and most painstaking detail and a passion for embankment of Cleopatra'8 "endle. exhibition atso shows scu'tpmc made memorable. He was a fine painter Wilh typography, all filtered through the verdi’s new 09373 Aida 0'1871t and some time ago in America. The work has a keen eye for the theatrical (one of his rosy eye of Victorian sentiment. architectural influences like the been shipped back specially for this tirstiohs was as a scene painter in the A second, rather different style sphinxes on top of the Royal Academy exhibition. Theatre Royal, Glasgow) and his emerges from the Roberts' school or building in Edinburgh and in the work of I TORMNCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. impressive lithographs of towering landscape and is seen most notably Alexander ‘Greek' Thomson in figg‘gfiéjomfi' 11‘="‘““6l"i‘iSat ruins with light washes of colour went 3 here in the work of Melville. He was Glasgow, had a long and fruitful his" gang; Um“ 13 Feb A ' .

, . . yearin

long way to shape Victorian drawn to the colour and heat of the romance WI"! Egypt and EQVDIOIOQV- my, impressions of this area. Turkish bazarre, so different from the (Sally Kinnes) I369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate, 225 3013.

Mon—Sat Noon-5.30pm. ettttttttttttettetteeh.Macaw...

lived on the Lanarkshire moors for 12

Aniofigcgl which brings/:0gcthcr the 2:212:11":(SizzzlfitlllllC and its foundation in Noon—5pm; Thurs years and has just recently moved m

wor o uropean an merican e . - ~~ . - i _ " . . .' . . Edinbur h. While at Tarbrax, he was artists. A good idea to bring international I THE SCOTTISH ARTISTS SHOP 8 l loward T hehistory of mining in Midlothian on a occupicdgfm several years by the subject work to Edinburgh on a grand scale. but Street. 556 6337. Mon-Sat lliam—4pm. mining site. of Dahtc.s Creation. Anticipating his flit this prOjCCl has sadly fallen 0n SCV'CfaI 5”" 2‘4?” _ . I SEEDS CAFE . to the city. he has finished with Dante and counts. The theme is dodgy (it was meant Painting by contemporary Scottish artists. Susan Hogan Until end Feb. Recent talks of r’cgcncrahng his long "news! in

to link classicism to contemporary art but I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE 140 paintings. ( ommissions undertaken. performance. This exhibition of work over that idea was dropped at the last minute (‘anongate. 556 8136. Mon—Sat I STILLS GALLEIIY 105111gh Street. 557 the past two years. Shows him Sh”

when the exhibition forthcoming failed to “lam-5.30pm. ll-il). Tue-Sat Noon-6Pm- . involved with painting. its literary and

live up to that claim)‘ the moms are spars-o Permanent display of crafts made by California: Women in Photography Lntil 13 Spiritual translations and transfohmahons. and much of the work itself is not the best SCOlliSh CfiiIl-‘PCOPIU “Wk by I?“ “:0m‘C'l Phologral’hCTS I WARE 0" any" 15 Howe Street. 558 these artists could produce. It costs £1 I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 (ieorge living and working in (. alifornia. There is 1276. MomFri loam_6pm; Sat

(50p) to get in and though it hardly seemsa Street. 225 5955. Mon —l-'ri 9ant—S.3llpnt. a touch of the‘self-analySis that we might 10am_4pm; Sundays by appointment. great amount to pay for what has taken so Sat 9.30am— 1 pm. “PCCt {mm “I'fom‘ans hm the” '5 I w,A.s,P_s, GALLERY patriothan‘

much effort‘ it seems unlikely that the Edward Gage 8 Feb—2 March. (iage has usually a good degree of Wll or Hamilton Place (hear Theatre workshop) public‘s interest will be enough aroused on been a well-known figure in the Scottish imagination there as well. Tuc_sun l2.30_5.30pm.

awjntcr‘s dayto pay even that smallpricc art world for many years-- art criticof’l'he Talk Wed lllFe‘b. 7.30pm. £1.50(75p). Kan" Pom” Unms Fch. Installations. to see something so lacking in spirit. The Scotsman for over twenty years. author of lzabela Jedrzctczyk . a photographer and I WESIEB "All-ES REPRESENTATIVE

exhibition is saved by Sol LeWitt‘swall Eye in the Wind a book which looksat lecturer. talks about her approach to comm“ 18 Hailcslahd Place. For info painting, which along with James Lee Scottish art since 1945. teacher at photography. landscape in particular. contact Arts Outreach 225 2424

Byers ,Figmc of Death. give the central Edinburgh (‘ollege of Art. l-‘ettes and inctliuditijilg her experience ofcommissions Puhnc Mum" A voice for the Ans. wed room a crcc sense oftmvcujn t int,- acc Napier College. But throughout (iage an pu ication. 10 F b. 7 _ D- C ‘. Ed-nb ht l I and time. W E’ p remained eittse ttt the heart at all these I moor RICE lint CENTRE Old College, ans :0“nfyand‘houfyou'canuhfi finish/id IROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH 22 interests. that is painting. 'l‘hisexhibition University of Edinburgh.667 IOIICXI Councillors mecin attendanccto George Street. 0f “‘0ka BSSCSSCS (iélgC‘S art {TOUT N10n-sat sun answer questions and listen to viCWS. Edinburgh international Talk Sat 6 Feb. student days right up to 1986. ZPm-Spfn- Similar meetings will be held at Lcith 2.30pm. Free. Dcmctrio Paparoni. editor I scornsa MINING museum Lady An in Rmns- NW"! 13 FOIHZ March- Community Cehtte 18 Feb 7pm and ofthe Italian international art journal. Victoria Colliery. Newtongrange. A“ m Rum-8.01)“ Banks and Hannah gingham Community Centre 22 Feb 7pm.

Tema Celeste, talks about the philosophy Midlothian. (>63 751‘). Tue—Fri



Crawford Centre for the Arts UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS

February Exhibition will consist of works by

> {rt LL] p_] well established ,__1 <1: U R

12 February 13 March

Light and space

Glasgow Painters . 0 . . Looking into paintings

loth February - i()th March l‘l88 Gallery Open l0.00 am 4.30 pm lTues-Satl



Transcriptions photographs by John Charity

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