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0 Premiere Mandarin Cuisine Abercmmb} Place. 556 23H Mun Sun noun-2pm and

5.3(L l 1.3(lpm. Subtl} prepared fund. and the banquets for 2 3 4 are excellent. (Illl)

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Authentic Peking and ('antnnese vegetarian cuisine. Friendly l family-run atmosphere. but small. so book in

advance. (£8 ex wine)

Restaurant 32 \'a|le\'ltcld ' ' and will run I l 15“ --|\\ SITCCI. 2291978. I l l’ull L'UUI’SC L'I‘))\[\ L(\Il_L Mon—Sun 5pm—3am. l 1 indi\ idual classes £5.

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0 French Institute l3

2 Randolph(’rexcenl. Edinburgh. 325 53M). Make the must of Edinburgh's l-rench connectinn \\ 1th these

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~ 2 - , 15 v I. this same blinkered behaviour during her career.

‘There was, and is, a great prejudice in the trade against women for the most inane reasons of unreliability due to motherhood, lack of strength to lift pots etc. Many famous chefs have been quoted on this matter.‘ Ms Abady has proved them resoundingly wrong with several culinary achievements, notably winning the 1987 ‘Sunday Times Taste of Britain’ award.

Readers of The List Food Page will bf familiar with the name of Greens. Sisters Claire Stone and Irene Clapham, the joint owners. applied for membership of the ABC, and after having successfully reached the rigorous standards required, have now swelled the society‘s British ranks (doubled them in fact!). No mean feat, and a fillip for Glaswegian food lovers.

‘lt’s a thrilling opportunity,‘ says Claire, ‘a chance to bounce ideas off similarly-minded people, and to pool our expertise.“

Irene agrees: ‘The sense of belonging is an enormous boost to morale in a profession that can sometimes feel very isolated. It can make all the hard work worthwhile.“

Are there any drawbacks? ‘We'll have to brush up on our very basic schoolroom French for one thing,‘ says

Claire, ‘and we‘re duty bound to visit the society‘s annual conference. This year it's in StTropez.’

Poor wee souls! (Marina O’Loughlin) Greens is at 123 Old Castle Road, Glasgow, 041 6331272.

Paul Bocuse, that well known and respected trailblazing chef, has a reputation for innovation and daring invention in his cooking. This enlightened attitude unfortunately doesn‘t extend through other aspects of his thinking. He refuses to have a woman in his kitchen. This, despite having served under a female chef in his formative years. Prejudice and misogyny seem rife amongst the star-seeking new celebrity batch of chef patrons.

A little over ten years ago, some lady chefs tried to attend a chef‘s conference in France, only to be turned away at the door because they were women. This horrified noted food writer Robert Courtine, prompting him to comment: ‘Why do you need their society? form your own.’ A chord was struck. Mme Simone Lemaire, then chef at a Michelin-recommended restaurant in Normandy, decided to found the ABC (Association des Bestauratrices-Cuisinaires), a society dedicated to ‘the defence and promotion of the profession of women chefs.’ Starting with a mere five members, the ABC has built up to an international roll-call of 90, with highly demanding entrance qualifications (anyone using frozen food is automatically disqualified), and an emphasis on quality, purity and freshness.

Vivian Abady, patronne of 36 North Street in Hampshire and, until recently, the Association's only British representative, has come up against

I we is El.

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. ninquorr


3 4 Shore. Leith. 'l’el: ll3l 553 508i)

l a by EQUI

~ Disloi‘o w


FRI and SAT OPEN and LICENSED till 1am

Tel 041 332 4565 441 —-445 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow (32 3LQ

73,005!!! STREET, GLASGOW. 221 2200 G A R D E N


For private functions contact Allan or Scott

__., ,_,_._l

The List 5 - lb’ February 1988 53