National Theatre Careers Session Thurs 3

Mar. lll.3llam. l-‘ree. .-\ panelofN’l‘ personnel and company members offer advice and answer questions for school leav ers and students who hayea vocational interest in arty aspect ol theatre. ( iroups should reserv e places by ringing NT l-.ducation on (11 2M 98118. ITHIRD EYE CENTRE3511Sauchiehall Street. 332 "521 . (are open 11am-2.3()pm Tue-l’ri and during cyenlttg performances

New Moves Sun 31 Jan [-in 2‘) Mar. The Third liye's extensiye season of dance berl'ormances and residencies continues-e see l)ance listings tor lull details.

Coming Home Thurs ts l'eb. ".3llpm. £3.51); cones £2.5ll;children £1.51). Polish clown. actor and drummer Rick /.oltow ski in a rare performance up Itete. Play inga Polish ( ‘ount. he inherits a cupboard.

w hich he generously decides to open to the public withcomict‘esults.

I TRON THEATRE b3 'l'rongate. 552 420" S. Box ( )ttice 'l'ue-Sat Noon-S'me Sun

12.311-1 lpm. ('Iosed Mondays.

Troy'l‘ue ‘)--Sun 21 l-cb. Spm. £4 non- members; £3 members; £l cones (membersonly ). Body Politic present then new version of Patrick livans' play. a poetic multi-layeied text w hich delves iitto the moral issues at stake as two archeologists search tor the lost city of Troy.

Slipoing Into Darkness Tttc 23 Wed 24 l-‘eb. Spm. £4 non-members: £3 members: £l cones ( members only ). Black Theatre ('o-( )pet alive In their new solo show written by .lamal Ali. See Review.

Bozzy Sat 211 l-‘eb. “1.45pm. Please note late starting time. Prices as above. ()ne mght only for Winged l lorse'l‘ouring Productions In their successlul production ot l‘redciic Mohr's play about Roswell. See I ouring.

Spy Society Thurs 25 Stilt 28 Feb. 8pm. £4 non-members; £3 members; £1 cones lmemlwrsonly ). Natural ‘l‘heatrc

(‘ompany in a spy-spoof. See Panel. Consent'l‘ue 1 Sun 13 Mar. 8pm. £4 non-members: £3 members; £1 concs (members only). Roughcast Theatre Company in a new play by Michael Duke. in which a recently bereaved woman tries to come to terms with her past.

Tennessee Williams v The Critics: Platform Performance't‘hurs 3 & Fri -1 Mar. lprn. £2.50 non-members; £1 .51) members: £1 cones. The National Theatre. complementing their performances of ( "a! on (1 Ho! 'I‘in Roofat the Theatre Royal. (ilasgow and the Kings'l'heatre. lidinburgh present a selection of Tennessee Williams' work. taken from his essays and dramatic writings. See also Netherbow Theatre. lidinburgh.

I ADAM HOUSE THEATRE (‘hambers Street.

Ida Y Vuelta Wed 17 -- Hi 1‘) I-‘eb. 7.3(1pm. £1 .5“. lidinburgh L'niversity Department of l lispanic Studies in a comedy by Mario Benedetti - in Spanish. but there isa detailed synopsis of the play in English iii the programme and a highlevel ofSpanish is not needed to understand the comedy. La Calandra Thurs 25 Sat 27 Feb. 7.3llpm. The Italian Department of lidinburgh l'niversity in a production of Bernardo l)ovi/.i da Bibbiena‘s early Renaissance comedy (in Italian ).

I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 (ieot‘ge Street. 2253bl-1.

Building for Peace and a Green Planet Sat 2n l‘eb. 2pm. As part ofthe Peace l’estiy al. Spirit House Theatre Workshop start rehearsals for a project to be performed on Sat 27th from ltlam-4pm. All welcome to come and join in.

The Importance of Being Honest .\Iot122 l"eb. 7.3llpm. £3 (£2). Wildcat Stage Production's new farce about government secrecy. Part of the Peace Festival (see separate listings). See Panel.

Joe and Visible Differences Sat 27 Feb.


7pm. £3 ( £1 ). TAU Theatre ('ompany and Annexe Theatre (‘ompany join forces in a double-bill of plays by Ann Marie di Mambro. Jm’ is a marvellously funny one-act play in which lolanda.a middle-aged ltalian-(ilaswegian. visits her heavily bandaged husband in hospital. .-\s she ‘cony erses' with him. we begin to learn about her lite and problems. I'TA'l'blt’ Inf/cronies is a new play about racism and fascism amongst the young. If it is as good ast’ is funny and moving. the double bill should be unmissable. See also Peace Festival Listings.

I BEDLAM THEATRE 2 l-‘orrest Road. Box Office 225 9893. Mon-Sat lllam-late. (are.

One in the Oven Wed 34 l-‘eb. l.3l)pm. £1 .51) (lil 'Tt' members £1 ). Price includes lunch. lidinburgh l'niversityTheatre (‘ompany in a new play by company member Simon dc Boursier.

Prometheus Bound Wed 2 Mar. l.3llpm.

£1 .511 ( liI'TC members £1 ). Iidinburgh I'ttiversity Theatre ('ompany . Audience members who are (ireek spirited enough to buy tickets for this and the production of 'I‘ro/un Women are entitled to 5(lpoll the ticket price of the latter.

Trojan Women Wed 1 Mon 7 Mar. 7.30pm. £2.51); cones £2; Iil 'T(‘ members £1.51). l'.dlttl‘ttrglt l'niversity'l‘heatre (‘ompany in a production of liuripides' (ireek classic. Audience members who hay e also bought tickets for Prometheus lfounrusee above) are entitled to 5(lpoff their ticket price for this production.

I BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. 065 2241). Box ()tfiee Mon-Sat Illam-S’pm. Bar. |l)]|lil

Stage SITUCk Wed 111 Sat 211 Feb. 7.45pm. £3.75 (£2.25). Special First Night Price £2.25 ( £ 1 .511). Tickets for three plays (Taming of the Shrew . Stage Struck and 'l‘he(‘auldron)£lll(£(i). ll)"; discountfor group bookings of ten or more. Simon

( iray’s mode rn comedy thriller. which was a West lind hit with Alan Bates.which focuses on what happens when a stage

19 February - 12 March 1988


technician decides to take revenge. l

The Beaf'l'hurs 18- Sat 20 Feb. lll.3tlpm. l £1. ('heap at the price. The Brunton brings back its occasional late-night shows. starting with a chance tosee (‘hekhov's delightful one-act comedy. The Cauldron Wed 24 I‘eb -— Sat 5 Mar. 7.45pm. Prices as for .S'rugeSrrm-k. Premiere ofa new play by Iidwin Stiven which. set during a civil war in 7th century North Britain. uncovers a world of Druidism and ('eltic mythology . Stiven wrote [TINT/(HIP which the company presented last year.

Strive Wed 2 »l‘ri 4 Mar. 111. 15pm. £ 1 . The late-night play this week is a production of Stephen Lowe's play about the l-‘alklands presented by the Pageant Players.


Tin Pan Alley Thurs ts Sat Jul-eh. 7.3(lpm. £3 (£2). Stewarts Melville and Mary lirskine schools join forces for a production ofJeremy James'l'ay lot"s musical tale of Ali Baba transferred to the settingof prohibition ('hicago.

Scottish Community Drama Association: Dne Act Play Festival Hi 27 a Sat 3s lieb. 7.30pm. £2 (including refreshments). The Lothian Regional finals of the one act play festival -- two plays are presented each evening.

Fri 27: The Illusion a new play by Arthur Andrews and The Decisions a new play by Donald McKenzie.

Sat 28: Box and ( or by John Maddison and Morton and Between .lloullifu/s by Alan Ayckbourn.

Separate Tables Wed 2 Sat 5 Mar. 7.3(lpm. £2.51). lidinburgli People's Theatre in 'l‘erenee Rattigan's popular drama. exploring the tangled relationships that develop in a private hotel.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph ('rescent. 225 53%.

Dissident. ll Va Sans Dire Tue 33 lie. .s'pm. 'I‘heatre du 'l‘oucher in a play in l-‘rench by Michel Vinaver. about the relationship

The list 1‘) l-‘eb 4— 3 Mar WSS 21