GLASGOW Performance

I MITCHELL THEATRE ( iranulle Street 221 3198. Bos()lliee.\1on Sat noon opm English Dance Theatre .s' I: March s‘ec Edinburgh per tor manee lor details.

I THIHO EYE CENTRE 351|Sauchteltall Street. 333 "521

New Moves During: l'ehruars and March. 'l‘hir'd l:_\e ( ~enlrc is llll\llll_t_! a season ol new dance which w lll include talks. workshopsand pertor‘nmnces. logo e son an oppor'lunits to hook earls . all information is included in hoth

per tor rnance and classes se Trolls.

New Choreographers l‘). :n i-‘elw “..‘snpm. £3l£2l What's r‘eall) new 111 dance. See thisup and ,eominglmnch.

Yolanda Snaith 3h. 3“ tell. .s’pm. £3.50 (LIFO). Scared Hllllllcss tllltl llluc Whiteness Rhapsods per lor med hs this will} . highls \ rsual and original dancer The Vic Vics 9. lll \lar'ch. Hpm. £3.50 (£3.5lll. A music dance compan} create new works lr'om a pool ol artists lromsuch groups as Man Jumprng. l.umiere and Son. Welfare State and l .udus.

Rosemary Butcher l-l. l5 March. .spm. £3.5lllt;3.5lll. ()ne ol lirrtam'sloremost choreographers Ill ' l’ouch l he l'artlr'.


I THIHO EYE CENTRE 331 l Sauchrehall Street. 333 "521

New Moves Meets the Choreographert )n Saturda) s. as well as classes and

New Moves, Third Eye Centre

The dance season at Third Eye has launched New Dance into 1988 with a positive step. Halt-way through ‘New Moves' Rosemary Butcher, Yolanda

Snaith and the Vic Vlcs are still to come.

As an arttorm then, ‘New Dance' has its masters like Butcher, but because oi its nature will always rely also on ' bringing up new generations

Third Eye has taken this into account and has programmed iour evenings tor young choreographers, some newly graduated irom college, others lorming their own small companies, but all with a commitment to ‘New Dance’.

Last weekend the iirst batch pertorrned short pieces in a mixed programme. Of the tour choreographers taking part, Sarah Whatley was most accomplished. Her very personal movement, earthed but iluid and akin to that oi Greg Nash who she has worked with in the past, built society manners and romance into a touching climax, relieved by laughter. Catherine Tucker by-passed tluency and created a more jagged, anti-dance. Movement seemed based on the playground, boy and girl, tip and teams. The dancers bordered on sell-absorbtlon which at times made this an awkward piece to watch, but as work in progress it has


workshops. there is also the opportunity between 3.30 and 5pm to meet the choreographers taking part in the New Mos es season. liaeh choreographer will talk about her his work lollowed h)‘ an mlorrnal discussion. Free.

20 Feb Meet In} ne Stes ens. .loanna ltr'eslin. .lane Barrett. Andrew llammer'son.

27 Feb .\leet Yolanda Snaith.

12 March Meet Rosemar} Butcher.

Classes .

I GARNETBANK SCHOOL Rentrew Street. Contemporary 'l'uesda} s 7 Hpm with Jane Simpson. £2. 33-133—Nlorinlo.

I HILLHEAD HIGH SCHOOL ( )akt'ield Ave. Contemporary Dance .s' 03(1an {3. l‘hursda) evenings with Fiona Alderman. Some experience necessar'} . ('ontact 33-1 1657 for further details. Jazz'l‘hursdayeveningshBll 8pm. £2. ('ontact Karen l’asi 334 4777 for further details,

I JORDANHILL COLLEGE ( ‘ontact London (‘ontemporars' Dance. ‘I‘he Place. 17 Duke's Road. London \\'(‘lll‘);\B (ll 38" 3ll4l l'ol'delztlls.

LCDT Residency 7 i2 March. i-‘or the second sear. London Contemporin \‘isll Scotland. [his course. lor‘ all agesand ahrlilies. w ill include workshops. classes. open rehearsals and choreographic sessions. gis int: participants the opportunity to wor k with members ol this international cottlpatl}. It was Robert (‘ohan. the compan} 's director. who

Photo: Michael Huxley

Helen Greaves

the basis in balance ior something more.

cram; Russ, took her experiences oi China and turned them into choreography. Smiles and trowns and the attack at the Woman Warrior blended with moments oi pure movement. With confidence, Buss used speech and props in her piece, which, more than an exploration, was a well-formed vehicle

iortesting herskllls.

Helen Greaves made ‘Somethlng to Nothing’ trom the idea at coincidence in movement and music. ‘Chance dance‘ as coined by Merce Cunningham perhaps? In white, dancing to live music, she and partner Dksana Staslw made movement tor lts own sake, ultimately undemandlng but visibly ioyiul to watch. (Alice Baln)


THE QUEEN'S HALL Clerk Street, Edinburgh



OI‘ Burgess, Philby & Maclean (The Musical)

’Hilarious . . . an evening ofsheer entertainment.’ THE GUARDIAN

Monday Night Special Prize for best dressed spy

Saturday 20th, Sunday 21 st & Monday 22nd February 1988, at7.30pm

Box Office, Bar and Snacks open 6.30pm

Tickets: £2.50 (£1.50 concs) Advanceticketsfrom: The Queen's Hall Box Office (031 668 2019) Mon—Sat loam—5pm; Usher Hall Box Office, Lothian Road (031 2281155) Mon—Sat 10am—5pm.




‘\ isual corned) . agility and sheer euthet‘anee. . . skill'ul . . . courageous ... imentise‘ I'ln' (Hum/um

at l.\'( Ill '.\1 S'I'l'l)l() (’amhrirlge Street. Edinburgh

PROGRAMME l: 'l‘ues l—'I‘hurs3 March I988 at 7.30pm

*SEA CHANGE 'ms'ster'ious and esoealis'e' .\"('/r' ( ‘lrrmrr’r‘le *E(‘I.II’SE 'super‘hly executed (i/(lserm' Hem/r! *l'NSl'l'l’ABIF (‘ASE ‘hilar‘ious‘ Nurse! lire lie/m *IN'I‘ROIH'C'I‘ION ANI) .-\l.l.E(;R() ‘thrilling' l'nrks Iii-e I’m!

PROGRAMME 2: Fri 4—Sat 5 March 1988 at 7.30pm *SOLARIS—S(‘()'I"I‘ISII PREMIERE ‘somethingoriginal . . . to

holdly dance. mime.‘sing and

act where no dance company

has ever gone before.

BIN . Radio 4 Krilr'idr)s('()/)r’ ‘a triumphantly audacious piece ol‘total theatr‘e' .\"('/(’./()rlrltrl/

'l‘iekets: £4.50 ( £3 students. ().-\l’s. children. lili-Ill) Sl’liClAl. ( )FFliR! Save over 20%! See both programmes for just £7 (£5 students. ()Al’s. children. [JR-lit)

BOX OFFICE TEL (03! l 229 9697

'l‘he l.isl l‘) Feh *— 3 Mar 108.8 25