Music Workshop 31) Feb. I lam—noon. Free. ForS—l-i yearolds.

However sophisticated rttusic sounds. a lot ofit is sintply about rttakirtg a colurttn ofair vibrate. or. irt tlte case of percussion instruments - ltittirtg orte tltirtg with another! I low tlte sound is made frortt musical instrurttertts is tlte subject of tltis talk artd derttonstratiort for 8—1-1 year olds. attd cltildrert are irtvited to bringalong combs and tissue paper. balloorts. 30cm of strirtg or ribbort or a tin of dried beansor beads - all of wlticlt will be used to illustrate tlte speaker's poirtt. Nobooking e just turn up.

Make your own Musical Instrument 27 Feb. lllam—lpm. £1.15. Rtrtg 335 7534 ext 31‘) to book irt advartce (bookirtg opert ttow ). A practical workshop on a similar tltertte for tlte sattte age grottp.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l larttiltort I’lace. 3365-135. Box office Mort-Sat 9.31);th 5.30pm. liar. (are.

Monster Machine livery Monday

5 b.3llpm. 5llp. Bookings takert frottt preccdirtg Friday. Weekly sessions designed for 5—‘) year olds which aim above all to be fun. They are a

dey eloprttertt of tlte popular ‘l-‘un Factories‘ witlt lots of drama based games and fttrt.

I WILKIE HOUSE ( ititltric Street. 335 307‘) Play Group for Under 5s Mon Fri Uant-4prtt. There are places available for this playgroup: drop in or pltorte ('arol on nurttber above for information.

NB As a result of irtcreased actiy itiesat Wilkie I louse an ‘infortttation desk‘ ltas beer) operted to supply details re housing. [)1 lSS. self-help groups etc. ()pert

Mon- Fri 1 lartt 4.30pm.


I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 335 3434

The Gold of the Pharaohs t 'ntil 3” April. Mon. Tue. Sat Illam ()pm; Wed.Thurs. Fri IItht‘lpml Sun noon ()prtt. £1 (()5p). The nmv-famous mask of l’susennes I was tlte irttage the Pharaoh Itoped to take witlt him irttoetcrnity. Its exltibitiortirt Scotland 30”“ years later w asn't exactly what lte had it) mind btrt so amazingare tlte treasures tlte Iigyptians stored tip that it ltas assured tltent lortgevity of sortie kind at least. Not to be rttissed. Special activities for cltildrert will also be available. I FILMHOUSE SS I.otltiart Road. 338 (L383 3 Children's Art Competition wed 34'-I'T13() Feb. +~7pm1 Sat 37 Feb 1 5pm. lintriesto tlte Iidinburgh Film (iuild's Art ('ompetition. opert to cltildren irt Primary and Secortdary Schools irt tlte regiort goon display. tltc tltertte was scertes artd characters front the history of tltc rttovies. Film I FILMHOUSE l.othian Road. 338 3088. (‘hildren‘s Saturday matinees. 3pm. All seats £1 bookable irt advartce. E.T.(I’(i)(StcvertSpcilbcrg.L'SA.1983) 115 rttins. 30 Feb. There have beendozens of films before artd since 15. '1‘. about cute alierts artd young kids. but this rttust remain pick of the bunch. Serious-minded film historians ltave suggested its appeal is subliminal artd that it parallels the storyof (‘hrist contirtg to earth. causing a stir. artd promising to return. But wltatever the reason it's hard to resist arty alien who causes such domestic ltavoc.

The 5000 Fingers of DrT ( t7 ) t t 'SA. 1953) 88 mins 37 Feb. Hollywood has invertted some tyrants irt its time but art obsessive piano teacher'.’ This one keeps keeps his 500 pupils (hence the title 5(lfltlfingers) bent over a massive keybord irt what sounds like a musical adventure somewhat reminiscent of the Sorcerer's Apprentice though with live action.

I ODEON (‘lerk Street. (>67 7331.

Bambi ( II) (David I land. L'S. 19-13 ) 73 ntins Until 19 Feb. 3. 15.4.3tlandb. 15pm.

adults £3 (£1 .50) before opnt1£3.8(l(£3)

after bpm. Last few days of Disney at his rttost disarming as this second re-release in two years testifies.

Theatre I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 (ieorge Street.

335 301-1

Visible Differences artd Joe Sat 27 Feb. 7pm. TAU don't shun difficult issues irt their play for schools but wisely think tlteatrc might be one of the most direct artd accessible ways to confront social problems Racism. artd the bitter conflicts it generates is tltc tltertte lterc in a rtew play . Visible Differences. specially commissioned frortt .-\nn-.\larre l)i Mantbro and given its only public performance irt Iidinburgh at the Assembly Rooms. It forms part of a dotrble bill with botlt play s by the same author. Joe is a gerttlc. pcrceptiy e and often ltrttrty view of the problems of an Italian woman switching culturesand countries w hen she marries a Scotsman and comes to live here. Presented in cortiunction w itlt Annexe 'I'hcatre (‘ontpany as part of the lidinburgh I’eacc I‘estry a1. Joe is a rey ival of a lirte production seen at the Tray erse last year. The plays are also totrrirtg Stratltclyde Secondary Schools until 13 March.

I KING'S THEATRE 3 [ex en Street. 33‘) l3lll. Box office Mon Sat Illam Spin. Jack and the Beanstalk t ‘ntil 2t) l-‘eb. "pm. £15” £05“; cones 1.3.51) £3.51). Absolutely the last listittg of this parttoartd the last btit one partto irt ( ilasgow ()l' Iidirtburgh till rtcxt (‘hrtstrttas

I PLAYHOUSE IS 33 ( ireenside Place. 55" 35‘»)

Peter Pan l'ntil Sat 3t) l-cb. 7.3llpnt. Wed ck Sat rttat 3.30pm. £9.51). £7.51). L55”. (‘ortcs £3 off all prices.

(ieorge ('ole of .llfntlt'r fartte should be unmissable as the famous ( 'aptarn w ho lost his hand to a crocodile. I.ulu isthe high-fly irtg. long-living. shadow-losing hero. beloved of Wertdy and cltatttpiort of flte lttll‘ies.

E30131!— I em,

I ‘L I

1' _

Playhouse. Edinburgh.

If ever there was a children‘s nursery made to be flown out of. it is this one. Big french windowns open on to a huge, dark starry sky. just waiting forthe Darling children to make fheirstylish, flying exit.

If is well prepares the mood for what is to come. The Never Never land is pulsating with tom toms, Indians, lost boys, pirates, animals, a man-eating crocodile— and of course, Captain Hook of the Jolly Roger, who is dying to make someone walk the plank—when he's not leading his crew in a tango, that is.

This is a big, warm-hearted and splendid looking production. full of action and colour. Principals Lulu and George Cole easily have the measure of their parts and no detail has been overlooked. not even sprinkling Michael‘s bearwith fairy dust so he can fly awaytoo. (S.K.)




I A Kind of Living ((4) s S51lprtt. New six-part sit-cont front (‘erttral Stars

heav y weight actor Richard ( iriffiths asa northern socialist w ho escapes frortt his rttiddle-class teacltrrtg profession artd ‘l'hatclterite lifestyle. through his nostalgic memories of the Sixties. Alsostars Frances de la Tour it) her first television

comedy role since Rising [hon/t.

I Scarfe by Scarfe ( 1i1i(‘3)t).35 10.35pm. Repeat showing of the A rcrta programme rtt w lticlt cartoonist ( ierald Scarfe literally sketches a portrait of his life. The documentary won the I luw Weldort BAI’I'A last year for best arts programme.

I Night-time Service (Sentuslt)

11.ll5prtt oam. We hope to have a full report on Scottish 'I‘clevisiort's new night-time service next issue. Ilow ever. as you'll be aw are. after a quicker than expected reaeltittg of an agreement with the unions. TV it) the small hoursis already with tts. Yet another irtdicatiortof TV cotttirtg of age. it‘s time to ptrt Nanny to bed arid herald the era of increasingly dcregularised broadcasting. The programmes may be for the moment a simple rttix of old American sericsand films t there's lx'oyuk and a disaster movie on tonight ) but there are rttore ambitious plans ahead. arid the access to [TX early morning news bulletin at 5am justifies the venture all by itself.


I Grandstand (1313(‘1 ) 12. l5-5.ll5pm. Turn of the Welslt to get harttrttered'.’ Scotland's rugby team travel to ( 'ardiff.

I Scottish Eye ((11) b.3t) -7pm. Report for the Scottislt ('trrrcnt affairs programme by Skyline. The Land In Danger looksat some of the land deals that ltave sold Scottish land to forcigrt buyers.

I Arena: The Story of the Apollo Theatre (813(‘3 ) Sr-‘lpm. I-‘or fifty years I larlem's Apollo Theatre ltas been a magnate of black acting and sittgirtg talent. This two parter (part two tomorrow) looks at some of the now f'arttous names that ltave played there. irteluding [.ionel Hampton. (‘harlie I’arker arid Dizzy (iillespie.

I London's Burning ( Scottish)

9.31) ‘1 l .3flprtt. New drama series set lit a London firestatiort artd based on Jack Rosenthal's earlier TV play.

I The Comic Strip Presents. . . ((4) ltl.5(lprtt- 13.05am. Return of tlteoftett funny comedy team whose success ltas lead them to feature films. Robbie (‘oltrane artd Alexei Sayle star iii the first programme of the series with a story about the making of a Hollywood style epicort the theme oftlte Mirtcrs' Strike.

I The Family Game ( 1313(2)

ll.5(lpnt -1.35am. The Film (‘1th present for the first time on British television. a satire front Japan about a fantin w ho hire

l | l 1



I Music in Camera ( 1313(‘3 ) 3—3.3t)pm. Portrait of Dr Iilisabefh Schwarzkopf and her Ayr-based company. ()pera West.

I The Modern World: Ten GreatWrifers

((‘4 ) U— H). llipm. The usual format of dramatised noy cl artd critics" opinions is applied this week to Virginia Woolfe artd lter .Urs “(II/(mutt

I Did You See . . ? Special (1313(2)

: t)v-t).35pm. Ludovic Kennedy wltohas

always held a special interest in casesof miscarriages of justice. presents art edition of his IV review w lticlt asks wltetltertlte rttle of law is threatened by ‘trial by media'.

I The Last Tycoon ( 1313(2)

lllpm l3.5llam. This 1970 film whiehstars Robert De .\'iro artd Tony (’urtis has been

i described as the best yet attempt to filrttart

F. Scott Fitzgerald rtovel. The screenplay is by l larold I’inter.


I News at Twelve (Scottish ) 4.45—5. 15pm.

Start of a new children's comedy series about a boy w ho ‘broadcasts' ltisowrt nightly television news from his bedroom. I Andy Capp (Scottish) rs" 8.30pm. James Bolam takes on the challenge of turrtirtg the famous Dar/v .ilrrror cartoon strip lift“ a situation comedy.

I Horizon ‘Thinking' (1313(2) s. to—opm. When ('4's liqurnox prograrttrttc tried to get its TV brain round computer intelligence it rttadc a right ltaslt ofit. Will Horizon make a better job ofit'.’

I Face to face t BBC) ) 9.3m it). 15pm. The classic interview series hosted by John Freeman. presents a programme first shown irt 1%1 featuring Dr Martin Luther King.

I Split Screen: A Legal Game ( BBCZ)

If). 15-7 lll.~15pm. Two sides oftlte arguments for fully legalisirtg prostitution - as told by a vice squad inspector and a prostitute.

I T Dan Smith ((11) lt).55pm- 13.35am. Fascinating sounding programme iii the Iileventh I lour series which uses many real characters. including '1‘. Dan Smith. to play themselves irt a contemporary scandal irt local politics that parallelstlte events of the I’oulson Scandal oftlte sixties.


I Mutiny on the Buses ( Scottish)

8 0.30pm. liver-observant readers

pointed out to me that there are rttore than two ()n Illt’ Buses films artd to prove it.

Iterc is the one where Start proposes toa dolly bird clippie.

. I The Third Man (1313(2)9—-1t).4t)pm. Start

of a season of (‘arol Reed movies. The Third Man was rttade irt 194‘). stars ()rsort Welles artd Joseplt ('otton artd remains art all-time classic.

I The Play on One: Unreported Incident

(1313(‘1 ) 9.3(L l lprtt. Maurice Roeves. who stars irt Scottislt 'I‘elevision‘s new series Bookie next Monday (see feature)

atutortointprovetlteirson'sperforrttartce= _ . . . tn the repeatsol lulu l'rum. playsart

at school. It’s directed by Yosltirttitsu Morita.

I Valentino ((11) l3.fl5~3.35ant. Rudolph Nurcyev stars if) Ken Russell'sbiography of the Twenties rttovie star. You've got to be feeling strong for this one. Made in l‘)77.

artd who cart still be caught as Vince I)iver

cx-army (‘orporal irt David Martin's drama. (’orporal Jack Lawrence has forrtted an unusual friendship with the mart lte sltot iii the back durittg a terrorist incident irt Northern island. The couple are invited on to a chat show to telltlteir

The List l‘) Feb— 3 Mar WSS 27