SUNDAY 28 Glasgow

I Glasgow Song Concert Babbity Bowster. Blackfriars Street. 552 5055. 8pm. £2.50. With Stramash. the six strong bunch of singers and musicians who are the ultimate authority on the ('ity's songs.

I Session with Pat McNulty Riverside Club. Fox Street. 248 3144. From lpm. Free. All welcome. The idea is to get a regular session going. Pat plays the Irish pipes.

I Park Bar Argyle Street. nr Kelvin Park. livening. 'I‘he (iaels ptib. big session in the back room every week. Irish and Scots

I Buddies Wintersgills. (ireat Western Road. I',\'etllng. Old time American songs and fiddle tunes.

I Steam Jenny Scott is (‘orner. Derby Street. 334 4801. Iivening.


I The Pogues Playhouse. S()I.I) ()L'I. I‘xtra concert fixed for Mon 2‘).

I Jazzebel ( ilenelg Music. Youngs I lotel. ; l eanungton Ierraee. ‘)prn-~midnight.

I ree Acoustic music nights.

I Seannachie (ireen 'I‘ree. (‘owgate

I‘yenirtg Resident Seotsband.

i I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing

I nsign Izwart. Lawnmarket. Iivening.

I hiee singer guitarists entertain.

P I North Sea Gas Rutlartd Hotel. Rutland f Street. 22‘) 3042. Izvening.

§ I Portobello Folk Group Maxies Bistro.

\teolson Street 6670845. livening.

MONDAY 29 ' Glasgow

I Irish Session Stage Door Bar. (.iorbals Street. 4200022 livening. Best (ilasgow Irisli players.

I Peely Wallys 'l'olbootli Bar. ( ilasgow

( [tiss.222-II‘1‘). Ityening.


I Arlo Guthrie ()ueen's lIaII. (‘lerk Street. T 3l'pm LS 5” ( ULSIII. licketsfrom \ l' grit. Iona records. (ilasgtiys ; Queen‘s

I fall box office. Virgin. and(‘anongate \lusit . l‘dinburgh. Sort of Woody and seasnr‘etl performer in hisown right. See panel

I The Pogues Playhouse Theatre. 8pm. Unis t5 tickets left. See Rock listings.

I Nobody's Business. Baunermans Bar.

( oysgale I'yerting. MacBartok.

I Fiddlers Arms (irassmarket. Iivening.

I ong running Scottiin music session. Bar closesat llpm.

I Happy Daze Malt Shovel. ( 'ockburn Street. 225 6843, Izy ening. Pub guitarfolk tltio

I Miro I lie ( ireen 'I ree. (‘owgale I'\elllll‘2 Bartill lam. Mainlylrish

I Gill Hewitt Royal ( )ak. Infirmary Street. 55 2" ~h Singer with banjo.

r TUESDAY 1 i Glasgow

I Ian Bruce l’olmonr Folk (‘Iub. Polmont. I-alkirk 8pm.

I Live Music 'I olbooth Bar. Glasgow

( ross. 552 41-19.}{vening

3 Edinburgh

I Northumbrian Pipes Kitty U‘Sheas. 5n ' (ietttge ry' Br'rdge.225 1681.1{vening (it aliam Dixon and friends on the little parlour pipes I I Barrie Band (’oys gate. 556 3254. layening. Amplified fiddle. flute and i strings. j I Colin Ramage and Wally Allen Coppers. j (‘ockburn Street. 225 144] . Iivening. Singer guitarists. I Blue Blazer Bread Street. Evening. (iuitarist singers. Jim Knight. Graham \1e( iirk. Sheila McWhirter and Alan I_ lohnston. I I Mirua Fnsrgn Iiwart. Lawnmarket. top

35 l'be list 1‘) Feb - 3 Mar 1988

ofthe High Street. Evening. Furious tunes I Royal Oak Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Eveningtill 1.30am. Informal musieinthe basement bar.

I Kevin Tait Kitty ()‘Sheas. (ieorge IV Bridge. Evening.

EDNESDAY 2 Glasgow

I Honest Sam And The Dealers Riverside ('lub. Fox Street. 248 3144. 9pm. £2. Bar till late. (‘ountry night.

I Eric Culhbertson 'I‘olbooth Bar. (ilasgow Cross. 552 4l4‘). Iivening.

I Naifan Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 l2I0. livening. Naifan play Irish and Scots fiddle and box. Always a big session.


I Singaround Iidinburglt Folk ('lub. ()shourne llotel. York Place. 5565577. 8pm. £2.30(£l.50).

I Shore Bar'l'he Shore. l.eith. Iivening. Acoustic music. fiddle. concertina. guitar. piano. accordion in various combinations. I Happy Daze Malt Shovel. ( 'oekburn Street. 2256843 Fyening Pub guitar folk duo.

I Trilogy Barinermans Bar. (‘owgate. 556 3254. Iiyening. Scots and Irish.

I MUCKIB AUO Kitty ()‘Sheas. 50(ieorge l\' Br itlge. 225 losl. Inserting.

HURSDAY 3 Glasgow

I Star Folk Club ( ilasgoyy Society ( )f .‘vlusieians. Berkelev Street. 8.30an 50p. Bar.

I Red Neck Mothers I'oltiooth Bar. (ilasgow (toss. 552 4l4‘). Iivening.


I Christine Kydd and Andy Thorburn Kitty ()‘Sltea's. ( ieorge l\' Bridge. 225 1081.

livening Vocalsandkeyboard.

I Jim Knight/Colin Ramage/Robin Laing

Iinsign Iiwart. I.awnmarket. Iivening.

'I'hreesinger guitarists entertain.

I Graham McGirk Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557' 2076 I'vening till 1.30am.




I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blackt'riars. Bell Street. Merchant (‘ity. 552 5924. Iivening. Resident band. lady singer.


I Grand Reunion Concert ()ueen's l Iall. (‘lerk Street, 668 201‘), 0.30pm. £5 (£4). Bar. Presented by Platform .lazz. Royal High School Jazz Band; Tribute to Sandy Brown. w ith Al Fairyveather and special guest..Iim(ialloway Seepanel.

I Alex Shaw Trio (tippers. ( 'ockburn Street. 225 I44 I. Iiyening.

I Satstuft ( are Brarritz. Frederick Street. 225 5244. Ixyening. Swingers.

I Peristalsis Brothers Aye Bar. so Queen Street. 220 1283.030pm. Free. I-‘ifties classy pop jazz songs and brass.

I Shore Jazz Shore Bar. The Shore. l.eith. 553 5080. livening. Piano and bass. Rob Pettigrew and Kenny lillis.



I The Big Bands Riy erside ('lub. Fox

Street. 248 3l44. 2’5pm. £1. Now twobig bands irt the afternoon. (ieorge .\lc(ioyy an Orchestra and Bill Fannings Big Band. Scores of musicians. friends and enthusiasts.

I Jimmy Feighan Duartet with Shelagh Buchanan (ilasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 22l 6] l2. 2. l5—4.45pm. 50p. Bar.

I Ron Moore. Rikki Fernandez I.a ’I'averna. l.ansdowne Crescent. 3.39 7128. 8—~l lpm. I Resident Quartet (ilasgow Society Of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 6] I2. 830 11.30pm. 50p. Bar.


I Steve Phillips ( )ILI St I’auls. .Iclfrey Street. 8pm. Bar. £2.50. Support by Alart .lonesand(irant Mc'I'avish. Presented bv Acoustic Routes l'niquely talented I British blttes artist in rare gig. See panel. I Alex Shaw Trio Coppers. (‘ockburn Street. 22.5 I44I. Invening.

I Yella Dug Jazz Band Basin Street. Ilaymarket'Ierrace.3371006.1iyening. I'rad band

I Madeleine Aye Bar. so Queen Street. 220 I283, ‘lpm Free Blues. jazz antlolti syy ell songs from a ( ilasgoyy duo

I Shore Jazz Shore Bar. 'l'he Shot e. l.eith. 553 5080 I unehtime. Various. Mtisicin lltc bar restaurant

I Alex Shaw Trio I’Iallortn I . Rutland Street. 225 2433. lunchtime Pianist.

I Tolo And The Jazz Bostons Preset y atiort IlaII. \ ictoria Street. 226 38H» 2 4pm. I Peristalsis Brothers ( ‘aie Biarritz. Frederick Street. 225 52-14. l‘y ening I'lilties lay es


Glasgow I Spike Bayne And The Jazz Organics

Paisley Arts.lazz. Paisley Arts(‘entre. New Street. 887 I‘ll“ I2 30 2.30pm. Bar. l'ree. Presented by Plattormlazz.

I Dave Wilson And The Uptown Shufllers Bonhams Wine Bar. Byres Road. 357 3424. lunchtime.

I Frank Bolan Quintet I'lte Bar. Iron 'I'heatre. I’arnie Street. 5.52 42h“. £1.50 till 1 30-5er '1 tons weekly jazz scene, I So What Iolbooth Bar . (ilasgoyy (toss. 552 4l4‘). I~.vening. Resident Sunday band.

I Trilogy I)iva Wine Bar. Park Terrace.

1 3pm. (‘ool cocktail jazz.


I Capital City Jazz Band (‘rest 1 Iotel. ()ueen'sferry Road. 332 2442.

2.30 5.30pm.

I That Swing Thang ('afe Biarritz. I-‘redet ick Street. 225 5244. FveningSix piece iump jiye vocals and sw irig group I Jazz Machine Minlo Hotel. to .\tinto Street. 667 I534. 8 I lpm

I Ronnie Rae Trio Platform l.Rutland Street. 225 2433. lunchtime.

I Basin Street Stompers Basin Street. Ilaymarket 'I'errace. 337 1066. livening. 'I'rad and Dixieland venue.

MONDAY 22 Edinburgh

I Jazz 88 Music Box. ‘)e Victoria Street. 22017080 midnight. bar tiII 2am. Free. New twice weekly jazz venue. 'I‘onight. Francis ( 'ow an and Melanie ( )‘Reilly. vocals guitar.

I Edinburgh Jazz Quartet ( ‘oppers. ('ockburn Street. 225 I44]. Iivening.

I Suave Maxies Bistro. Nicolson Street 667 0845. (‘larincl . sax and guitar.

I East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon. Angle Park Terrace. 331 0922. livening Resident 'I‘rad band.

I Brian Johns Rtrtland IIorcl. Rutland Street. 22‘) 3042. Iivening.



I 2933's Jazz Company He ()uineey‘s.

Renfield Street. 333 0633. 9pm.

I Bobby Wishart l laIt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 I210. Fvenirtg. l.eadirig Scottish saxman. resident bartd.


I Swing '88 Malt Shovel. (‘oekburn Street. Iivening. The Hot (‘IubOf Scotland.

I Melanie D’Reilly and Francis Cowan Ilandsels Wine Bar. Stafford Street. 225 552 I. Fvening. Vocal guitar dtioof distinction.

I Peristalsis Brothers Negoeiants. Bristo Sqttare. I-ivening. Forties and fifties popular swing songs and brass.

I Sophie Bancrolt Group Rutland Hotel. Rutland Street. 22‘) 3042. Iiycning. Young mainstream enthusiasts.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band .\'as aar i louse I lotel. May field (ittrdens. (\(y’ -828. Iiyening

I West End Jazz Band Basin Street. Ilaymarket I'erraee. 337 I006. lisening. 'l rad.

WEDNESDAY 24 Glasgow

I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo ( iIilsgtiW Society (It Musicians. Berkeley Street. 8.30pm. 50p. Bar.


I Jazz 88 \Itlsle Box. ‘le Victoria Street. 220 l"08. 0 nudnightbar till 2am. I'ree. 'I’oniglit. Swing 88. Dick I ee arid the hot club boys.

I Alex Shaw Trio (tippers. ( ‘oekbur n Street.225 l44l Inserting.

I Tam White Negociants. Bristo Square. 2256313. 9pm. Singer with a bluesgrowl and friends

I Charlie McNair‘s Band Preservation Ilall. Victoria Street. 226 38I6. Izycnirtg. I Brian Johns Rutland I lotel. Rutland Street. 22‘) 3042. Iivening.

I Take Three Maxies Bistro. Nicolson Str‘eel.667ll845. Izyening Bassand rhythm guitar with sax or cot net.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street. Ilaymarket 'I'er‘race. 33" luoo. livening.


I Chick Lyall Trio Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merchant ('ity. 552 5024. Iivening. Keyboard lead


I Edinburthazz Duarteleoppers. (‘ockburn Street. 225 I441. Iivening.

I After Eight Mince Negoeiartts. Brislo Square. 225 6313. 9pm. I’unky jazz ttlsion. I Shore Jazz Shore Bar. I lie Shore. l.eith. 553 5080. layening. Sax and rhythm section in bar restaurant.

I Jazz Machine Minto i Iotcl. to Minto Street. (aft-7 I534. S I lpnt.

I Beroda Swing Maxics Bistro. Nicols‘on Street. 667 0845. Iivening.

I Templehall Stompers 'I'emple I Iotcl. Iisplanade. Joppa. 660 4264. livening. Resident trad band.

I Graham Blamire Jazz Band Basin Street. Ilaymarket Terrace. 337 I066. Fvening.



I George McGowan Trio with Linda Fletcher Blackfriars. Bell Street. Merehant('ity. 552 5924. Iivening. Resident band with singer and guest soloists.


I Carol Kidd ()uecn's IIaIl. ('lerk Street. 668 201‘). 9.30pm. £4 (£3). Bar. Presented by Platform Jazz. (‘oncert to be recorded by the BBC. (‘rlasgow based jazz ballad singer of International repute. Last year she performed with a string quartet. now she augments her regular trio with The Brass Section.

I Alex Shaw Trio ('oppc rs. ('oekburn