Ed | date. their demo of a song called ‘The Way I Heart Playhouse Theatre. Greenside lFeel' hints at something worth seeing. Place. 557 2590. 7.30pm. SOLD OUT. I Better Backwards La Tantere, Fox

I The Jasmine blinks and The Jazz Butcher Street. 9pm. Free.

Venue. Calton Road. 557 2590. Doors -

open 7.30pm. Double-header. Don't Edlnburgh

think I could be bothered going to see the . the music" Lord Darnlcy, West Port.

fairly-uninteresting Peel veterans The 329 4341. 10pm Frcc_ Minksi it the altogether more intriguing I The Peristalsis Brothers Negociants. figure 0f the Emma “35".! Sharing li- Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free.

I A Night To Remember Assembly Rooms. - The [tootsie Tootsie Trio (To Be

t t,2253614.8.30 .£3 £2 . s ) ~ H'll.V' t r" George 5 rec Pm ( ) Confirmed) l resendtion a 1c 0 1d . Dflco" BLUE deserved" seem m descm’ed by Gummy Dickens MP as

' ' . . 1‘) . .. git/it'll: smu‘ “6 3816' 9’30pm' FM have had a mention in this column ‘absolute tilth', but we do applaud The cappclla. ballet. string quartet and W E D N E S DAY 2 every iortnight tor the last two years, so Venue in Edinburgh (where the Lads POW“ mm"- 5"“"d~“ dim‘rcm- 56° Glasgow why not another one to congratulate will be playing their only Scottish date Pea“ chtiva' “S‘ings' them on the chart success at Dignity (at on Thursday 25) tor having the nerve to I Bo’wewl Preservation “a” View" ' 9'0" Fl“ 3““ 8" Mm“ 5m“- last). Their only Scottish gig in the near put on a band who were thrown out at Street 226 3816' U arm 9pm MB 9309"" Fm“ (“’nmbu‘ing "“Ck ‘0 ‘hc tuture has been contlrrned as being at seven towns in one day. And there we I an": commm Lord Damlcyl w?“ Wide 09°” compilaii‘m but "m is as the Barrowland on 2 April, where they must leave it. An overwhelming urge 52m. “29 4341' Afternoon. Fm. SLC sat "mm a“ know “hm” them) - . will be supported by the very, very tor some chips 'n' gravy ls

' I Dress the Scarecrow La Tantc re. Fox . "oio Pep Lord Darnlcy‘ we“ Four 229 Street, 9pm. Free. Definitely the worst S 43‘“- “’Pm Frcc- name for a band for some considerable They have recently been snapped up by for haggis supper. I Bon Ton Boulez Music Box. Victoria time, we" done! RCA and teature the vocal talents ot ALBU M 5"°°‘~ 22“ ‘7‘“ £1 “WP” I m More. OnlvThe Deep and The Elliois Eddi Reader. Their debut album is I Friends 0t Carlotta Negociants. Lothian Fury Murrys. 96 Maxwell Street. 22] finished and a single, (Peflectl’ should I The Hepburns: The Mag“: 0' The 225163;} 9pm. Free. Soul and (151 1. 10.30pm. Erk Alotr: offer soknte good be out soon. Hepbums (Cherry Red). Their debm EP sum 1" 5' son is. but seem to have een stuc lna I "'9 “mum's AUId Chit-W- B‘mnyrlgg- pubbrock circuit too long to win the respect I Dunn“; A Luu- In “FT activities the trutt'tiissip: on me, Benefit organised by Esk Valley Red that they deserve. Thc Emms hm.C played two members—Jim McNulty and John d n V 9 Yr 8 a um was a wedgc- With NRG Disc” one of these Towerbeat gigs before. and l Keenan- have "0t been sitting around 8 cious s'umrise- uppeMOSt 0" The was far from impressed with their heavily doing nothing. Jim has been directing Heflbums minds are tunes, cleanly

S U N DAY 2 8 diluted Orange Juice pastichcs. Only the videos to, local acts, while John picked on expressive electric guitars, Glasgow Dccp Survive any-51mins hm 0" the. Keenan has apparently been in London supported by an mdispensnble rhythm

, grounds that I know absolutely nothing remixing a track to, Stock, Aime" and seem)", and heard ""0th production I The Jasmitte‘riltnits and The Jazz Butfher about them! Waterman. mars as clear as a be", suiting The 1:21:33: iii-"63:? 37:? :32 Siriite'aiiiaiipg Edinburgh I HUE AND CRY’s cover version oi Hepburns' unsensationalistapproach.

Prince’s ‘Kiss‘ is currently receiving Icould "V to draw Siniths and heavy airplay trom Italian radio, and Housemaftifls comparisons. but looks like being released as a single they’re 80 Slttlht that l Won't- Matthew

this should be well worth a visit. . . . . Iaushmen Don tSurt Dub( lub.Venue. I The Burden Blues armada La Tan'crc‘ (‘alton Road. 557 3073. Doors open

Fox Street. 9pm. Free. As far as I know 7’30pm. Under the auspiccfiflrcggac

they have nothing to do with Rangers FC. disco The Duh mm a gmup made “pm there, Jones sings all to a' przuhd, ctear voice, four of l {ugh Masakela's old group from I PRODUCER TIME AGAIN-count it he 39" Chame cam, i s 08' even gets Botswana. musicians that played with him that del Amitri, recently recruited by hlm Whistling 3'0"!) t0 the 'an beat- I . The POW“ Phi/WWW Thcairc~ for four years. including the landmark A&M are to work with Don Gehman on can’t hear any singles, but don’t let that (‘Ereeen‘side Place. 557 2500.750pm. ‘TeChnobush' Ll’.and a former'memberof their atbum? My Gehman may be busy bother you. It ’88 is going to see a surge £6.50. I . :lrst‘of d Nigerian i‘Clit :Utll: ensemble. in two‘mg “U” oragmup W "5 0” “CC tealeaves sayt att isone is wort raving H bums deserve to be its "3 SM . no introduction after their storming the weather {mg cum"? crew a'bum’ 8" g p Christmas dates at the Barrowland. Out to I Just Add water Lord Darntcy. west I WE BE MADE 0t stern Stlltt here at R promote their fab new LP ‘1“ Should M" Port. 229 4341. 10pm. Free. See Sat 20. Listenl, so we’re not perturbed by From Grace With God‘. I The Critter Hill Varrnints Green Tree. communications trom people who go I Blues '0' Trouble Preservatinn Halt Cow-gate. More hillbilly hollerin‘. b names m“, sum 5" insinuatm AZTEC CAMERA . . . . e , V V i ii Victoria Street . 226 38”). 7pm. £3.50. . The Penstatsts Bfothefs Boston Bean lsi|ly-skinedt iou'nalists, Barrow'and, Gtasgow. ‘n‘ T may not whip up quitc the storm live Co. St James Centre. 556 01 1 1 . Fifties who have at least seven homes 0, ‘Have you heard the new album- I datith [100d Sweat." night "UL and n" I Live band Cavern. (‘owgate. 226 5641. to have their nanognans‘ cu’s'omg surged 6N0 thavent'_who waved on "7 mistake. , I Lothian and Strategy Soundcheck Rock T H U R 3 DAY 3 out by a bunch oi invading hoodlums. wasdgastgli’msszbanfiam American Club. Venue. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £1.50. 6 I as ow Especially not when it turns out that the " 9 V , Heavy rock/metal. g hoodlum in question are in tact the session men - it they were'Scottishl d Port. 229 4341- “)pm. Free. confirmed). Fury Murrys. 96 Maxwell 11, 3 u 3 d m Such was the nauseatineg loud . . . . , . e eas e oys, an e group I The Heaters Musw Box.V1ct0rw Street street. 10.30pm. Potentlally the gig ofthe conversation behind me as Roddy o . ~ . . . .. . . . . . . banned trom more venues in Britain AftLrnOOfl. FTLL . ROLR Lind fortntght as the first Btg Dish gtg tn a blucs- . . _ Glasgow for over a year will no doubt be i d y I ,t n ' h h] " parody of van Halents IJump’. The I Bedlam Mus1c Box. V1ctor1abtreet.220 acting as a Showcase for their ncw5()ng5. w 9 "up, 5" s W 3t" ey ‘3 us availammy 0' Evemmng am The am 1708. £1 after 9pm. which m. long awaited The Train. hm they re playing in aid of the Hadrian s news was man me ammo m I Live band Cavern. Cowgatc‘ 226 5641. recently changed their name from Wall Restoration Fund, and intend m d m9 "I t ‘9 Boomerang. and have been winning when they get to Scotland to sort out “"539 t "‘3 "9 ° " "‘03 M 0 N D favourable responses with several local such institutions as flogmanay, gingef possm'e disrespefl '07 possm'y “‘3 Edinburgh I The River Detectives The Drawtng severe personal." disorders com neglected ears were lilter to have I The Pogues Playhouse Theatre Rmm‘ Clyde Sm“ mpm' Fm" have its mentolk wear girly dresses and “mum” m some “m' c, . .ngidc place 'ss7 5.9., 7 to 'm ACWS‘iC "am."- I b t m t t t . 7 With the set mixing the introspection LL . . ' “T ' " p I I The Straight Men McNee‘s Bar. Eglinton 08 e [a e 9 ac " 90" s t 0' tworun t A G M I t d t" £6.50. £5.50. Second night oftwo-nlght ( : _ _ , , t _ Wh t n t "I M L d n 9 It 0 in he an 0* Toll. )pm. i fee. I opuldr pub rockers. a ma 3'3 0 3 ace 3 3. apa . . run. See Sun 28. Men Are with the toyousness oi . - trom making a belt at a racket is beer . , I Yargo Venue. (.alton Road. 557 3073. Ed | nburgh .n. sex .n. chips .n. gravy Oblivlous, Everybody Is Number One , Doors open 7.30pm. The singer‘s been . . the suns", band mana ed to ada t raved about in some quarters as I The Proclaimers Usher llall. Lothlan not-so-colncidentally the title at their 9 9

Road. 228 1155. Though it's unlikely that first LP, and their tatem tor the “my-..” successmllt t0 "'8 til" rantle 0' Roddy

Manchester‘s Marvin Gaye. and great Frame’s writing abilities. Nearly every

n .. . -. . - i he Reid brothers will ever follow u the h d t t n u h To MP3 thlngs are predlcted for the group 1n 88. t . . p 38 enrage no on y B 0 9 ry ttipncss quotient for punters at this 0m. masslve chart success of Letter From (“army an arduous task, wetre sure sprig W38 greatly improved on their excruciatingly high- 5mm“ “h?” "VC “Mime.” 5"” “0 you’ll agree, gentle reader) to have " "V ""3 0"3' mo," “3”” o“ A'" I DOMiI’IO PfiflCipiB Lord Darnlev. West Signs Of abatmg‘ And qunc “gm [00' uesttons asked tn the House but also need '8 Everything and Deep and

. . ' I Very Very Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 q ' WM 0 1' W m h Port.229 4341. 10pm. Free. _ e an a , w c was transtormed - - - 1073 Doors o en 7 30 m Debut l for saint Bub 69mm: Who [esponded '0 t i I U" band Prcscm’m" "8'" V'Cmm ' ) . Ed“ h p h h:~ ti) ' g g their “Feed The World’ pisstalte ‘Feed "0'" "'9 makemmk 0" “M m "'8 Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free. V pp” '" “’g d" ' highlight oi the evening along with

IAmmo Cavern. Cowgate. 2265641. Your Face’ with the instruction to ‘treat “Hermon” 8' 8' ,and a 3 am I Billy Jones Lord Darnley, West Port. them with utter contempt' to Band Atd's . '9 t "P as ow 229 4341. 10pm. Free. . “wen Pillar To Post . g I The Block Brothers Preservation Hall. . i Here 8 hoping it s not another two . . . ,, Now oi course Listen. can tcondone I "‘8 Step Fixx Bar. 86 Miller Street. VlCtOrla SUCCL “‘6 3816' 9pm' Frcc' the" mysogtntsttc tyrics and antics’ years henna Mac camera 9.30pm. Free. Relatively unexposed to I Live band Cavern. Cowgatc. 226 5641- Glasgow again. (John Williamson)

40 The List 19 Feb— 3 Mar 1988