3260. 8- 12pm. Free. Club and chart night I Cotton Club 1 1pm- 3am. £2.50. .leansand T-Shirt night real hard dancing.

I Follies 1 1pm<3am. £2. ()y er 25s Night ~ plus cheap drinks?

I Henry Airiltas 7pm~4am. 60p before 10pm. £3.50 after. 60‘s night for over2ls. Diner open for meals and snacks. Some drinks. 60p. INT] IND].

I Maytair 1 1pm 3am. £2. 60s‘ night btrt sneak along earlier (7.30 llprn for traditional ballroom dancing?

I Palomino Club 9pm 3am. £3. Disco sounds.

I Panama Jax 11.30pm 3.30am. £1.50. Mainly a gay night. DI Raymond Dauren. I Ready Steady Do at Follies. 11.30 3am. £2. Whisky. Gin and Vodka at 50p. Music from the 60s (and similar nostalgia? ).

I Scratchtrt Tin I’an Alley. £1 .50with ticket Sotrl. funk and jazz for theyoung and trendy.

I Streetbeat at ('lcopatr'as. I lprri 2.30am. £3 (£1.5llwitli trckct ). David Walter's ‘streetbect’ club: mixed dance music.


I Dub Club at Venue. 10pm 3am. Sam. Edinburgh'sonly 1).] with drcdds. laying down the best ot Reggae dub. Much more variety than other reggae \ enues. ()ccasional liy e acts.

IFire Island I 1.30pm 2am. £1.2017tlp belore 1 1 .451. Well established popular gay club in the city centre.

I Potterrow 8pm lam ( l lappy llotrr 8.30—9.30er ). 'lrlippcst' of the student venues which isn't saying ruuch. l‘sually a palatable night out. though.

I Bokko's 8pm 3am. Free ( l lappy l Iours Sr 11pmi.See Mon.


I The Alhambra 31 Writer-loo Street. 221 3260. S 12pm. Free. l’arty Night. IBennets 11pm 3am. £1. Mainlygay. mainly Ettroheat. I Streetbeat at Cleopatras. llprn - 2.30am. £3(£l .50wiih ticket). David Walters ‘streetbeat‘ club; mised dance music. I Disco Viva 10pm 2am £1 till 11pm. £2 alter. Music from the 60s to the 81 Is. I Fury Murrys 10.30pm 3.30am Prices vary according to groups. The live music night see rock listings for details. I Henry Airiltas 10.30pm 4am. 70p before 10pm. £3.50 alter. 70s music. I Mardioras 11pm 3.30am. £3. House music night. I Maytair 1 1pm 3am. £2. ()ver 25snight disco. I One Hundred Club at Hollywood Studios. 9pm 3am. £1. New elttb. I Palomino Club 9pm 3am. £3. Disco sounds. I Prima Colazlone at Tin l’an Alley. 10.30pmA-3.30am. £1 .50 with ticket. £3.50 without. New I lip I lop and Eurobeat club. I Battles 10.30 2am. £2.50. Motow'nand chart sounds with DJ. Roddy Stewart. Vodka 30p. Lager 50p.


I American House at Fire Island. 11.30pm— 2.30am. £1 .50(70p before 11.45pm). l).ls pick the best from the

limitless variety of American house music.

I The Amphitheatre 10pm 3am. £2. Ilalf price before 1 1pm. Disco inferno lightsup l.othian Road. in a trial run for the weekend.

I Cinderellas Bockenellas 9pm 3am. £1.50before11pm;£2after.()lder Cinderellas crowd enjoy Thursday get together. IND] INTI

I Close Circuit Club at Buster Browns.

10.30pm—3am. £1.50. Various DJs playing

Ilouse. Funk and Soul to a busy crowd. I Diliingers 10pm-Ilate. £2. Appealingto the 18s up. With two floors Dillingersis available 7 days a week for functions. [ND] [NT] [A]

I Kids Love Jelly at the Mission

10.30pm 3am. £1. Younger crowd attracted by a wide range of easy dance and novelty music.

I Rokko's 8pm 3am. I'i'ec ( l lappy Hours 8— l lprn 1. See Mon.

I Tokyo Joe‘s Ilornc Street. 22‘) 1441 9pm 2am (bar opens at 6. 3i ipmi l'.dinbtrrgli's newest gay \entle. llr- NRG music. Relased atmosphere 1 tom Sun 2S Feb Tokyo .loe‘s will become :1 pt I\ ate club though members w ill be allow ed two guests each. Membership available at the cltrb.

I Top 0‘ the Walk 8pm 1 am A dinosaur-rock disco ( I~aglcs.l ed [cpl plus requests. attracting a younger crowd No dress restrictions tonight.



I The Alhambra .il \Vatei'ltio Street. 221 326“.

I Bennets‘)“ ( ilasslord Street. 552 5‘61 I Cleopatras Belmont l anc.

Kely inbridge. 334 0560

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. 3320 12

I Disco Viva 15 l 'nion Street. 221 2426

I Follies 193 Pitt Street. 333 “322 "<3:

I Fury Murrys Uh Masw ell Street. :31


I Henry Airiitas 13 15 York Street. 331 bill.

I Hollywood Studios () lit-mt n Street . 34s~ (3606

I Joe Paparazzi 520 Satrchiehall Street . 331 2111.

I Louis Louis 1073 Arger Street

I Mardi Gras 73 Dunlop Street. 311 Shit I MaytairSauchiehall Street. 332 “‘2

. Palomino 51 “est Regent Sllcel. 332 6223.

I Panama Jax Custom l louse ()tray . 22 l 0865.

I P2312 23 Royal Itxchange Square. 221 5323.

I Battles 15 Bcnaldcr Street. l’ar tick Cross. 334 5321.

I Savoy Savoy Centre. Satrchiehall Slrccl 332ll75],

I Shotgun 4b \Vest George Street.

I Sub Club 22 .lamaica Street. 24846( ill

I Tin Pan Alley 3‘) Mitchell Street. 331 5275. I Venue 474 Satrchiehall Street. 332 38"4 I Warehouse 85 Dunlop Street. 221 3623. I Zico's 178a Ingram Street. 552 6W5


I The Amphitheatre 31 l.othian Road. 22" 7671).

I Barbados Suite in Coasters ( ~omples

I Bermuda Triangle in ( ‘mtsterst 'umpies I Buster Browns 25 27 Market Street. 33h 4224.

I Caiton Studios 26 ( ‘rtlttm Rnatl. 556 7066.

I Cinderellas Bockerlellas W St Stephen Street. 55611266.

I Coasters Complex 3 West 'l'ollcross. 33s 3252.

I Dillingers Videotheque 3s King's Stables Road. 228’ 3547.

I Edgars 96a Rose Street North lane

I Finsbury Park 3---5 South St Andrew Street. 556 1020.

I Fire Island 127 ’rinces Street. 22646611 I The Mission Victoria Street. 225 656‘) I Outer Limits in Coastcrs( ‘omplcs.

I madlsonSGreensrde l’lace. 5573811”

I Shady Ladies ( 'ow gate.

I Tokyo Joe's l Ionic Street. 23*) 144.1

I Top 0' the Walk 25 St James ( 'entre . 55" 2631.

I Venue Calton Road. 557 3073.

I Wilkie House Cowgate.

I Zenatec 56 Fountainbr'idge. 22" 7'23.



I The Open List is a tree listings servicelor all cultural. educational. political and other events that do not tall into The List‘s other listings categories.

I The second Edinburgh Peace Festival runs irom19—28 Febthis year. incorporating a huge range at conierences. talits. theatre. cabaret. music and events. None at it is listed below please see separate Peace Festival Listing lor details.

I Masterpieces ol Glass: Continental and English Glass 1500-1800 Royal Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 11am & 2.30pm. Free. Godfrey Evans gives the latest in the National Museums of Scotland's series of talks on ‘1 lighlights of European Art 1200 1800'.

I Living Dangerously: Two Day Seminar Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Newington. Edinburgh. 031 667 5438.

7.30pm £20(£15)fortwodays. Atwo-day 9

session. led by Terry Crower. looking at risk in our lives and the possibility ofliving dangerously. See also Sat 20th.


I Talir: Breaking the Nuclear Chain MayficldChurch. l Mayfield Road. Edinbtrrgh. 3.45pm. Free. Supporters of Greenpeace Edinburgh host a talk by S.C.R.A.M.

i I Fight Aiton's Bill Picket ()utside Malcolm

Rifkind's Surgery. Glengyle Terrace. Edinburgh 10am MalcolmRifkind abstained in the vote on the second

I readingof Alton's Bill and he is being targeted by l.othian FAB Campaign in an attempt to try and make a high profile

politician change his mind and vote against the Bill later this year. I Homeopathy: Introductory One Day

Seminar 10am -4pm. £15. For venue please :

phone 0698 2837040699 20931. Margaret Roy gives a one—day seminar on the principles of homeopathy. organised by

The Scottish College of I lomeopathy. Glasgow.

I Living Dangerously: Two Day Seminar

Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road.

. Newington. Edinburgh. 031 667 5438. l0am--—5.30pm. The second part ofthc

two-day: event. See Fri 19th.


I Edinburgh's Local Arts Council: Public Meeting Bingham Community Centre. Bingham Avenue. Edinburgh. 7pm. One of a series of public meetings organised by Edinburgh District Council to discussthe future local arts council and what it will

do. All interested are welcome.

I Talk: Contemporary Scottish Sliver Royal Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 12.45pm. Roger Millerof

, Glasgow School of Art gives this last inthe

series of talks. visits and demonstrations

on the subject of Scottish Silver.


I Aids and Me Well Woman Centre. St Brides Community Centre. ()rwell Terrace. Edinburgh. 031 377 5543. 7.30pm. A session offering factual information and a chance to discuss fears and feelings about AIDS.

Attack City Ilalls ( Door F). Albion Street. Glasgow. 7.30pm. Free. A talk arranged by Socialist Workers Glasgow Central Branch. Tony Cluff is the speaker.

I A Poetry Reading 27 George Square. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Dundee poets Kate Armstrong. A.D. Foote.Catriona Montgomery and Harvey llolton will read poetry in Scots. anlish and Gaelic. Presented by the Scottish Association for the Speaking ol \‘erse.


I Taxi For Airica! Henry Wood 1 Tall. Glasgow. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£3). Tickets available from Just the Ticket at \‘irgin Records041 226 4679 or Scottish Anti Apartheid Movement 041 221 1276. Taxi I’ata I’ata and The McCluskey Brothers in a concert arranged by the Scottish Anti-Apartheid Movement in aid of medical supplies for Mozambique and the Africa Fund. See also Fri 26th.

I Edinburgh Bisexual Group Regular Meeting Lesbian and Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 0711 557 3620. 7.30pm. Tonight the regular meeting takes the form of a social night. I The Arts and Craits Movement in America ()ueen‘s Cross. 870 ( iarseube Road. Glasgow. 6.30 for 7pm. Donations. Refreshments available. The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society present an illustrated talk by Wendy Is'aplan.

I An introductory Talk on Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Alva Natural Ilealth Centre. 17 ()ueensferry Street. Edinburgh 7. 30pm. A talk by Robert Ritchie and Jan Chisholm


I Taxi ForAirica! Assembly Rooms. George Street. Edinburgh. 8.30pm. £4.50

(£3). Tickets from Usher Hall Box Office.-

031 228 l 155. Taxi I’ata I’ata.The McCluskey Brothers and Swampirash in a concert arranged by the Scottish Anti-Apartheid Movement in aid of medical supplies for Mozambique and the Africa Fund. See also Thurs 25th.

I The Night Sity in March Royal Observatory. Blackford llill. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Free. The latest in the ()bservatory‘s series of talks on astronomy today.


I Women's Day 60. The I’lcasancc. Edinburgh. 10.30am-v5pm. Edinburgh University Women's Committee holds an open day to which all women are welcome a Wide range ofworkshops available from mime and juggling to discussion of eating disorders and sexual harassment Creche available. For further details call 0316670214.

I Healing the Cause: Two-Day Seminar Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Newington. Edinburgh. 031 667 5438. l().30am—5.30pm. £35 (£25). A twoday workshop in spiritual healing with Michael Dawson.


I Healing the Cause: Two Day Seminar Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Newington. Edinburgh. 03] 667 5438. lli.3()am-5.3lipm See Sat 27th.

I Thatcher‘s Divided Britain: HHS Under

The list I‘ll el‘ .5 \lar lliNtS