I Building tor Peace and a Green Planet loam-«1.30pm. Izdinburgh Suite. Spirit

I louse Theatre Workshop continues see Saturday.

I Let's Join Hands Scott Room.

11.15 1 1.45pm ( then 15 minutes past the hour until 7'. 15pm 1. Audio visual presentation by the lidinburghTape-Slide Workshop. linking children in Kenya. India. Dominica. (‘anada and Iidinburgh. I Videos West Drawing Room.

11.15 5pm. Including Litemt Iiurtlt. (‘Ittmt‘t' Uta Lifetime and l'lit'Jottrnt'v.

I Poetry Headings Wildman Room

Noon Zptnfl‘essa Ranstord ol’the Scottish Poetry Library gives talksand readings (repeated three times throughout the evening) and John Taylor encouragesthe audience to w rite their ow n poems on the subject of peace.

I Question Fair Ball Room. 1 Rik-1pm. Development. Aid and Peace organisation representatives available at their stalls to answer questions.

I An Opportunity to Ask Questions Wildman Room 2 4pm. A Soviet representativeon the panel and a phone link up between secondary school students in Moscow and New York with their Iidmburgh counterparts.

I Football in Nicaragua Supper Room. 2pm. Tony 1 liggins of the Scottish Professional l‘ootballers .-\ssociation.

I Lothian Urban Wildlile Group Iiast Drawing Room. 2 .‘~.3ll. ()pen session for questions.

I Do We Need Enemies? Wildman Room .1 4pm. lecturer in Psychology at Strathcly dc l‘niv ersin asks the question. I The Journey West Drawing Room.

5 ".fyllpm. Parts to 15. See Mon.

I The Psychology of Human Aggression Wildman Room 5.307.311an Founder member of the tidinburgh Medical (‘ampaign Against Nuclear weapons. Dr Jim Dy er chairs a session that looksat sortie of the psychological issues involved in Peace Studies. Speakersinclude Dorothy Rowe. author of Living with the Bomb and Michael llare. Bishop ofSt Andrews who is conv enor ot the Scottish (‘hurches Peace Team.

I Miro Supper Room. (i.3(L-S.3llpm. Polk band.

I Is Disarmament Possible? Wildman Room 7 Upm. Discussion chaired by (ieffrey (‘arnall. Vice-(‘hair ofSeottistt ('hristian (ND

I Rock Concert lor Peace Music 1 tall. £2 (£1 )on the door. With Three Dancers. (i Spot Tornado. Noizy Minority. NRC) Disco and Big Blue World. Organised by Iisk Valley Red Wedge.


I Building for Peace and a Green Planet lllam 4.30pm. Spirit House Theatre Workshop continues- see Saturday.

I Namibian National Students Organisation Wildman Room 10.3w] 1.3(iam.

Peter Watkins marathon 14-hour film on the nuclear future is demanding watching, although the screenings here will be broken down into the optimum 45 minute segments designed by the director. The staple medium at his argument is along series of interviews with ‘ordinary' iamilies around the world, intercut with dramatic reconstructions,

Namibian Students discuss their country. I Let's Join Hands Scott Room.

11.15-~1 1 .45pm (then 15 minutes past the hour until 7. 15pm). Audio visual presentation by the Iidinburgh Tape-Slide Workshop. linking children in Kenya. India. Dominica. (‘anada and Iidinburgh. I Videos West Drawing Room.

I 1.15am—-5pm. Including Life ()Il hurt/t. ('lttmt't’ oft! Lifetime and ‘I‘ltt'Juttniey four 45 tninttte parts.

I Frontline Southern Africa West Drawing Room. Noon-3pm. Viewings ol‘C'hannel I’our's [)(’.\'!rll(‘lit't’ lingttgt'ment and Corridors of I-'rt't't1tmt followed by a discussion with the producers.

I Poetry Headings Wildman Room. Noon—2pm. Jenny Robertson gives talks and readings (repeated three times throughout the evening) and John Taylor encourages the audience to write their own poems on the subject of peace.

I Question Fair Ball Room. 1 .31L-4pm. Development. Aid and Peace organisation representatives available at their stalls to answer questions.

I Lothian Urban Wildlite Group liaist Drawing Room. 2--3.3(lpm. ()pen session for questions.

I How Do We Stop Trident? tizist Drawing

Room. 3.311—4.3(lpm. Bill Boston ofthe


documentary tootage, and some horritic photographs trom Hiroshima. It accumulates somewhat slowly. but ends up an enormous, thought-provoking collage which investigates not only iniormation on the nuclear issue, but the very process of iniormation retrieval itselt. (Kenny Mathieson)

American Anti-Trident ('ampaign.

I The Journey West Drawing Room. 5—7.3(lpm. Parts 1‘) and 2f). See Mon.

I Our Planet UnderThreat Wildman Room 7—9pm. Alec Kitson. of the T ck (in7 chairs a Political Parties Question Time. sponsored by the lidinburgh Trades Council. with Brian Wilson MP. John Swinney SNP as well as representatives from other parties.

I Blood on our Hands w'cst Drawing Room. 7—8.3(lpm. Antivivisection video. I Europe and the Middle East 7-9pm. Discussion with various speakers centred on the Middle liast‘s '1 'ncertain l-‘uture‘. I Taxi lorAtrica 8.3(1— 1 pm. £4.5l)(£3). African band Taxi Pata Pata supported by The Mc(‘luskey Brothers and Swamptrash play to support Medical Aid for Mozambique.

I Piece Time Cabaret Supper Room. Rpm—1am. £2 (£1 ) at the door. Jazz and blues from Nobody"s Business. Swing HS and Aorta.


I Building tor Peace and a Green Planet Edinburgh Suite. lllam—me. Spirit House Theatre Workshop present a performance of the show which has been worked on throughout the week.

I Latin America - An Overview w'cst Drawing Room. 1 lam—1pm.

I Geminae Supper Room. 13.3ll--2..‘~llpm. \"iolin. flute and piano music to eat lunch to.

I Music for Meditation Scott Room. 13.45—1 .45pm. Music from the Indian spiritual teacher. Sri (‘hinmoy performed by Transformer.

I The Journey West Drawing Room. lllttrti—2.3llptri. Parts 44». See Mon. ITea DanceBaIl Room. 3-4pm. £1 at door. Dance to the music ot the Bare Necessities Swing Band.

I Freedom: and its Pears Scott Room. 2—3.3(lpm. Ann Long talksabout removing inequalities and the need to achieve individual as well as world peace. I Tahiti West Drawing Room. 2.30—3.3llpmA video trom the ('amPaLL'n for a Nuclear I‘ree and Independent Pacific. followed by a talk by the organisiation‘s I lelen 'I‘urner.

I The Journey West Draw mg Room. 5—7.3llpm. Parts 7 13. See Mon.

I Joe/Visible Oitterences Ball Room. 7—8.3(lpm.£3(£1).Playsonaspectsol racism in Scotland presented by "l ag‘ and 'Annexe‘ theatre companies.

IA Night to Remember Music l lall L.‘~t r: 1. With The Alice I louse. Raygun and The Rockets. Ransom. and others.

I Cabaret Supper Room. llpm Midnight.

£3 (£2). With After Izight Mm-‘e 'tntl Jazzobel.


I The Journey West Drawing Room.

lll.3ll—4..‘~llpm. Parts 14 311. See Mon.

I Conlerence on Accidental NuclearWar llam—- 12.30pm. and 2 .‘xfsllpm, The first session assesses the probability of

accidental nuclear war and the second

looks at the psychological processes that

make it more probable. The speakers are Dr Paul Smoker. Director ofthe Richardson Institute for ( ~onl’lict and Peace Research at the t'niversity ol Lancaster. and Dr Morris Bradley. lecturer in Psychology. at the 1 my erstty of Strathclyde.

I Poetry Reading Wildman Room Noon-1pm. Jim Wilson and John Jordan. I Witch Theatre Group Supper Room. 12.3(1—2pm. Poetry. songs and music to have lunch to.

I Poetry Reading Wildman Room 1.30-2.30an Jenny Robertson and John Taylor.

I No Prerogative to Poison Supper Room. 2-330an Keith Motherson ol INLAP

talkson the criminality ol Nuclear Terrorism under international law.

I Oisarm the Seas Scott Room 3 .‘~,.‘~t 1pm. Workshop with Bill Boston ot the l 'S Anti-Trident ('ampaign. representatiy es from Iiaslane Peace ('amp and North Atlantic Network campaigners.

' I Poetry Reading Wildman Room .‘s ~lpm.

Soo Doe and Davy King.




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