I Sport is listed as diary: by sport. then by day. then by event.


I GEAR v Team Simpson Donald Eastbank Academy. Academy Street. Glasgow. 8pm. Division One (Men).


I Boroughmuirv Dundee Meadowbank Sports Centre. London Road. Edinburgh. 3pm. Division One (Men).

I Palmer's Motors v BoroughmuirAces Barrhead Sports centre. Main Street. Barrhead. 1.20pm. (Women‘s Play-Offs).

Monday 22/Wednesday 24

I Scottish Schools Cup Finals Meadoyvbank (as above). 5pm.

Thursday 25

I MIM V Portsmouth PC Forum. Almondvale West. Livingston. 8pm. Family £5;£2 (£1 ); Student£l .50. Carisberg British League.

I Ml Livingston v All Blacks Forrester High School. Broomhouse Road. Edinburgh. 8pm. (Women‘s Play-Offs).

Friday 26

I Scottish Farm v City at Glasgow I iiIIpark High School. (‘airngorm Road. Glasgow. 7.30pm. (Women's Play-Offs).

Saturday 27

I Team Simpson Donald v Magnum Stirling University. Stirling. 8pm. Division One (Men).


I MIM v Leicester Riders Forum (as above). 4pm. Prices as above. League Cup.

I Boroughmuir V GEAR Meadowbank SC (as above). 3pm. Division One (Men).

I Pentland v Cumnock Jack Kane Centre. 208 Niddrie Mains Road. Edinburgh. 3.15pm. Division One (Men).

I MI Livingston v Dundee Wester Hailes Education Centre. 5 Murrayburn Drive. Edinburgh. 11.45am. (Women's Play-Offs).

I Boroughmuir Aces v Boness Meadovvbank (as above). 1.15pm. (Women‘s Play-Offs).

I All Blacks v Edinburgh Royals Tynecastle High School. McLeod Street. Edinburgh. 3.15pm. (Women‘s Play-Offs).

Wednesday 24

I British Light Weight Title Fight: Alex Dickson v Steve Boyle SECC. Finneston. Glasgow. Doors open 6.30pm. Tickets (bookable in advance from A.T. Mays) £10. £15. £20. £25. £30. The re-match of the postponed title fight. in which Larkhall‘s Alex Dickson takes on challenger Steve Boyle from Glasgow, at a weight in which Scottish boxers have excelled in the past. Supporting bouts include an outing for the highly rated Scottish welter-weight Gary Jacobs.

Monday 29

I St Andrews Sporting Club Albany Hotel. Bothwell Street. Glasgow. 041 2482656. Doors open 6.30pm. Members only. Membership enquiries to Albany Hotel. Scottish Light-heavyweight Steve


Williams takes on Luton‘s Alan Baptiste at the top ofthe bill.

EDE- Edinburgh

I Race Days 'I'ucsday . Thursday and Sattrrday . I’oysderhall Stadium.

Beayeihall Road. I-.diiiburgh. Race meetings are Ior I0 races. startiiigat 7.30pm. £2.20Stand: Ll.3II(iround.


I Race Days 'l‘uesday . Thursday and Saturday . Shays Iield Stadium. Ruthei'glen Road. ( ilasgoys. Race meetings are Ior Ill races. starting at “.-I5pm. L2.

FOOTBALL Saturday 20


I Hamilton vaerdeen Douglas l’ai‘k. ilamiItont l5 mins Iiom IiusStation I. 3pm. Stand all-ticket. A ditlictrlt tie tor the y isitors. \s Iio liaye hit a rocky patch.

I Duniermline v Rangers liasi lilltl I’ark. Dunleriiilinet I5 mins lrom Stations). 3pm. All-ticket.

I Airdrie v Dundee Utd Iil'tiiillillc‘ltl. Airdriet l5 mins Irom Airdrie Station I. 3pm. I'nited still not relish this very tricky y isit to take on ( iordoii .\Ic()ueen‘s hard-working side.

I Hearts V Morton ‘I’y iiecastle. Iidinburgh (Buses I. 2. 3. 4. 33. 34. 4-1 I. 3pm. Ilearts again pull an all-I’reiiiier tie. bill should not be in any danger.

I East Stirling v Clyde I‘irs I’ark‘ . l- it‘s Street. Iialkirk. ( Illminsliom (irahamston Station). 3pm

I Clydebank v Partick ls'illum ie. (‘ly'debank (2 mins trom Singer Station I. 3pm.


I Celtic v Hibernian (‘eliie I’ai'k. ( ilasgoys (Buses bl . b2. (i4 ). 3pm. ()iie ol the better-looking ties'. held oy er 24 hours tor

fir'sfi )1.

The British Lightweight Title tight between Larkhall’s Alex Dickson and challenger Steve Boyle is sure to rouse major interest In Glasgow. The tight was postponed when Dickson went down with a virus last year, but he will be restored to good shape torthis one. Boyle, who rather blotted his record last time out with some unsavoury tactics, is a confident challenger, and there is unlikely to be much in it by the Iinish, with the holder probably starting tavourite. (Kenny Mathieson).

live broadcasting by Scottish Television.

Wednesday 24


I Duntermline v Celtic t-Last I: rid Park (as abose I. 7.30pm. Back to important I’reiniei' business tonight . assuming neither club is iiiyoly ed in a clip replay .

I Under-16 International: Scotland v Holland liaster Road. Izdinburgh I litisesJ. 5. |5.-I2. 44). 2 30pm.

Saturday 27


I CBItIC V Morton ( ‘cllic Park (as aboy c I. 3pm. Illis looks a someys Iiat easier task than that laced by Rangers. yy ho tray eI to play Dundee Ltd at 'I'aiinadice.

I Falkirkaearts Iii-oeksille. l'alkll'lst loo yds lrom ( irahamstoii Station I. 3pm.

I Hibs v Duntermline Iiastcr Road. I‘dinburgh (Buses J. 5. 15. I2. 44 I. 3pm. I St Mirren v Motherwell I .o\ c Street. I’aisIey t 10mins lrom (illllltltll’ St Station). 3pm.


I Dumbarton v Clyde Hogltcatl. Dumbarton ( 10 mins trom Dumbarton Iiast Station I. 3pm.

I Hamilton v Kilmarnock Douglas Park I as above). 3pm.

I Partick V Clydebank I’ii IiIII. ( ilasgmy (Buses I . S. 2 l . 5". 00. 0| I. 3pm.

Wednesday 2


I Steaua Bucharest v Rangers Bucharest. .\'o repeat ol Rangers eat her transmissions lo Ibiox lot this y ital match; instead. Scottish 'l'eley'ision \s rIl relay the match liye. 'I'he I2.30pm kick-oil ysill doubtless necessitate a high mortality rate amongst the nation's grannies that day. and more than a tieys extended lunch-hours.

HOCKEY Sunday21

I Scottish Indoor Hockey Championships (Men) and Apex Construction Indoor Cup (Women) Kely in Hall Sports Arena.

Argy lc Street. (ilasgoys . llsll 3.5—7 252.5. I’irst match 10am. \Vomeii'sI-iiial3.10pm. Men‘s Final 4. Itlpm. LI .50t50p). Scotland's premier indoor l Iockey occasion. \s ith the semi-linal and linal stages oI both tournaments to be decided on the new Kc‘lyiii IIaIIarena.

Friday 19

I Edinburgh .\Itisselburgh Racecourse. Musselbiri'gli (Smiles east ot Izdrnburgh on the A I I. National Hunt. ("Iiib L"; Paddock £3.50tL2); includes i'acecai'ds. I-‘irst Race I.~I5pm. lite linal iumps meeting at the seaside track this season. ys ith Hat racing returning in April.

ICE HOCKEY Saturday 20

I File Flyers v Nottingham Panthers Kirkcaldy Ice Rink. Kirkcaldy (0592 52151 I. 7.15pm. £3.00(£I.75). Heineken League.


I Ayr Bruins v File Flyers Ayr Ice Rink. Limekilns Road. Ay r (0292 2fi3024 I. 7.15pm. £2.50(LI.50). Ilcinekerr League. I Glasgow Eagles v Deeside Dragons Summit ('entre. Minerva Way . I-irineston. (ilasgoys . (ll-ll 20-1 2215). 5pm. L2ILI ). League.


I Murraylield Racers v AyrBruins .‘sIurrayl‘ieId Ice Rink. Riversdale Crescent. Edinburgh (03] 3376933). (i..3llpiri. £2.80(£l .70). Heineken League. I Glasgow Eagles v Sunderland Chieis Summit ('entre (all details asabove).

JUDO Saturday 20—Sunday 21

I Letts Scottish Open Judo Championships \Ie‘admy bank Sports ( ~ettlt'c. London Road. I-dinburgh. ‘Iam. L2 (ticket covers both days). (Is er 2tltlcoiripetitors liom IJ countries are taking part. ys ith three

\s eight categoi res to be decided on Saturday . and lotii more on Sunday.

LACROSSE Saturday 20

I Representative Matches I’ellei'mill. I’etlcimill Road. lzdinburglr. Illam. 'I‘yyo matches here today . \s ith Scottish Schoolgirls Ii riicctrrig I Iome Scots I3. and the Schoolgirls A side taking on Scottiin Cougars.


I lndoorTournamenl .'\ll.llltlL't' Sports (critic. .\li|ngay re Road. Iiearsden. (ilasgoyy. |2.3llprii

RUGBY Saturday 27



I Glasgow Acads v Stewart Melville FP Next .-\tiliIL‘\l.'ltlLl. IIeIensburgli I)in e. (iltisgtiyy.

I Musselburgthyrsioney lllll. lxdiiibiirgh.

I Heriots FP v Edinburgh Acads (ioldenacic. Inyeilerth Rots . Iidinburgli. I BoroughmuirvWestotScotIand Meggetland. ( 'oIinton Road. I-dinbui'gh.

Wednesday 2

I Scottish U21 v Scottish Universities Inyeiletth. I’eiiy Road. I-drirbuigh Ih'presentatry c Match.

[MERIDI- Saturday 21

I Run For Peace .\lc.'itloyys. I‘ltlltilHlt‘g’ll. Registration I230prn; I'yent Ipm. A 'yseII-kiioyyn runner" yyrll deliyeran

()Iy mprc-sty lc torch to the Meadoyss to mark the start ot the race. bill I \souldn't look tor any more ( )Iy rnpic-style pertormanccs in the set res ol one-mile races tor runners ot all standards.

Saturday 27—Sunday 28

I Scottish Cross-Country Championships Magnum Sportst'entie. II'HIIL‘ ('ross-counti‘y in I-ebruaiy does notsotind like any sane person‘s ciip oi tea. especially it you are only \satcliing. btrt anyone keen enough to biaye the elements can see the Men slog it otit on Saturday . ys ith the Women getting their turn on Sunday.

i Friday 26—Monday 29

I Scottish Equitable Scottish Open Championships ladinburgh Sports ( ‘Iub. '7 Belloid I’Iacc. Izdinburglr. I‘ri (rpm; Sat ItIam: Sun Semi I‘inals 2.30pm. 5pm. 'I’ickets Sat Ll ; Sun Standing L150; Seating £2.20. A conl'licting tournament in London will mean that this event isnot quite as star studded as last year. at least in the Men's section. bill it should still attract astrongandcompetrtrye Iield 'I‘Irelinal moves to the Skean I)hti Hotel in Aberdeen on Monday at “iiirit'l'ic‘ke‘ts £3.50). ysith teley rsioir coyerage lrom (irampian the ltrre tor yy Iiat seemsan unliker sliitt.

TENNIS Saturday 20—Sunday 21

I Marshall’s Scottish JuniorInvitation Tournament Allander Sports ( 'entre. Milngay ie Road. Bearsden. ( ilasgoys. 9am both day s.

52 The List 19 Feb 3 Mar 1988