underground with piping I mugs of coffee and soup steaming up the \\ indoxts. Sen ing a menu as \ aried and tempting as Ratt) ‘s. this is the ideal hideau a} for a wet winter afternoon. (Tea and coffee 45p; soup £1.25; gateaux 95p)

0 Clarinda‘sm (‘anongate 557 ISSH. Mon Sat lilam 5.45pm. A ehint/ier inglenook sou eoulnd‘t find this side of I l..M. Montgomery l‘rills


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‘You don't have to eat meat to be big, strong and intelligent‘ might not go down too well with steak-eating rugger chaps, but it‘s the very palatable explanation behind the ‘KaIpna‘ restaurant's elephant logo. While veggies may not relish being compared to the leaf-eating giant, the Kalpna does much to dispel the sandal-and- bead image of the human herbivore. At the same time, itaimsto soften the previously rather explosive experience ollndian Curry.

Recently placed in the top three of Egon Honay‘s ‘Just A Bite‘ guide to Britain, the Kalpna was chosen from 950 competitors, the only Scottish restaurant to reach the final. Mrs Mehta, a partner in the business, believes their success is explained by variety, their cuisine spanning four categories: wholefood, vegetarian, Indian and budget. ‘The chef is highly trained, cooking in the traditional Indian way. The menu is largely drawn from traditional Hindu dishes of the Gujarat region in Western India. We wanted to serve the kind of food many of us had been brought up on, but you never see in restaurants. And we were not prepared to compromise for Western palates. Durs are all speciality dishes. The art of good Indian cooking is bringing out the flavours of the spices and the basic ingredients. Flavours are strong but not hot. II dishes are too hot they drown the other subtle flavours. We prepare all our spices and herbs specialty, and dishes are individually prepared.‘

For Edinburgh's second award -winner, the Chinese restaurant North Sea Village, an uncompromising philosophy is equallya trademark. ‘No one can understand the culture of a

and delicate pots of tea. all at old fashioned prices. I'l‘ea 25p; eoftee ~15p; soup thp; gateaux 75p)

0 Chatterbox l2ast l’reston

U.3“am 7pm. Sun

noon (ipnt Morelike (irann) \ front room than a commercial set-up l-ast. homely sets tee and a slap-up spread of cakes and hints. placed too close for ahstinenee it it ever


| erossed your thoughts. ('l'ea 25p; eot'lee 45p; soup Nip; gateaux 85p)

0 Helios Fountain 7 (it‘assmarket . 22‘) 7884. Mon Sat lIlam optn. Not so much olde as alternatixe eltintahles and stools and a health}.

home baking


often delicious. ehoiee of \egetarian and \egan Iood organieot course Be prepared to queue at lunch time. (lea 35 45p. eoltee 45 55p; soup "5p. cakes-75p £12”)

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. .1 ;

The Kalpna‘s head chef withthe Wedgewood plate awarded to each olthe three winners in Egon Bonay‘s1988 'JustABite‘ Guide.

country without first experiencing its food and drink‘ is the mighty motto on which head chef David Ngruns both branches, one in Buccleuch Street (reopening in March), the other in Elm Bow. North Sea Village - referring to the Chinese North Sea, not ours —was the only Chinese restaurant in Scotland and only restaurant in Edinburgh to win a rosette for ‘culinary excellence' in the AA‘s 1988 Guide to Hotels and Restaurants in Britain.

Believing that food is a vital part of Chinese culture, David Ng sees his restaurants as ambassadors forChina, providing quality cuisine and service; and that it attracts regular Chinese diners speaks for itself. His culinary aim is to place Chinese cuisine on a par with French, and each of his staff, no matter how qualified, is specifically trained to meet the North Sea Village‘s stringent requirements.

‘Aquatic lavourites’ with customers are Fried Baked Lobster and Braised

Fresh Fish with Oyster Sauce, but David can do more than cook. His chilling sideline is ice-carving (or margarine, if you want the sculptures to last). With his ice-knife, he’ll attempt anything ‘even pretty girls‘ but until the temperature drops the public demonstration he‘s hoping to stage will have to wait. Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, the reputation continues to rise. (Kristina Woolnough) the Kalpna, 2/3 St Patrick's Square, (031667 9890), and the North Sea Village, 18 Elm Row,(031556 9476) and at 111/113 Buccleuch Street, (031 667 5576).

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The Ubiquitour Chip

Ideal for Meals before and after the Show!

The r’,’17;.t/T.1.s‘l‘.8 I5

.‘H."/A.":'I'7l//)t}/; Seams/i

7? Ashton Lam: oft Bytes Road ‘S-clbgsli‘v fn- (NI .13". 5007


80 Queen St. {dinburgh [H2 4Nf Tel: 03I-220 l238 the Theatre menu

S OOv/OOpm to 50 2 Courses 8. (ireen Tea

lotu & (linger Soup Info to .Shoga no Stinmshiinoi |apanese 80x Yasie no Kushiage Sum t‘ Bit-ad (lt‘!“L)(‘(1\l’t‘F“()t(‘{)l(. Skew t'I. deep tried or Beef Negima

or Chi< ken Yakiton

.Ii Combination of Mun t‘

Green Tea

CAFE - BAR - CANTINA 041- 334 7111


73,quuu SYIIU’, 6tASGOW.211 2200 E N


For private functions contactAllan or Scott

Delicious vegetarian food. Luscious gateaux. Scrumptious scones. Peaceful surroundings. Friendly staff.

Even if you are not a vegetarian, you can enjoy our mouthwatering homecooked food, so why not come in and treat yourself to a meal or just a coffee and cake which is both wholesome and delectable, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Open 10am—6pm Mon—Sat 7 GRASSMARKET, EDINBURGH, 031 229 7884

The list I‘M-eh 3M.” WSS 57