I Spanish painterxeekx studiowith other artist s with \ levy to sharing L‘t).\l\ and ideas. Iidinburgh (ilangW . 'l'el (BI 44-. 23:”. I Three professionals seek \Vesl l'itld ( ilasgoys lilal. Three bedrooms attd sitting room required. Rinng 35~ 3-7:: after (1pm.

I Wanted North-west (ilasgow. South-lacing large room with large windows. Non-furnished or furnished. Phone l5. 'l‘aylor. (MI 33‘) (ll3‘)(afternoons).


I Confident, outgoing chef needs work in French classical style restaurant dedicated to [lie kitchen. ('ontaet Donald. 3 (‘hancelot 'l'errace. lidinburgh lil lo.

I Arts-orientated work required for woman graduate. experienced in community arts. administration. with management experience. Anything considered. Phone I BI 23‘) (i-r'llll,

I Experienced freelance historical researcher seeking opjmrtunities to delve. Write to Maria. 9a l loward Place. lidinburgh lil l3 5.l'/.. I Transitvan available for removals. courier and band work. With driver. Phone “315561279.

I Experienced campaigner seeks work promoting pressure group charity. Anything considered. ('\' available. Phone Alex on (l3l 32‘) 1553 alter bpm.

I Strathalbyn brewer seeks job in (ilasgow Iidinburgh area. lixperience includes pottery. writing. paint-stripping. etce_tera. Anything considered. Phone for('\' on (MI 33



I Pianist for superior lidinburgh West lind bar restaurant. Classical. jazz. blttes and popular old melodies. Friday and Saturday evenings from 3r» February . (‘ontact Vivienne llendryonll31 2201238.

I Guitarist wanted for live work with (ilasgow band with major record deal. Must be musically adept. Write with details. photo. experience etc to Box S\' l.


I Male (25—35) wanted to help organise an lidinburgh support group for single lonely people. Must be enthusiastic. intelligent and committed. Phone 031 4-17 846”.

I Glasgow club for business and professional people interested in social and cultural activities has temporary embarrassment

How I got home from (ilasgow last Friday heaven alone knows but I‘d

like publicly to thank the railway

porter who helped rue to the taxi rank at Waverley. I had been paying a visit to colleagues at a newspaper which prints paragraphs with more than one sentence and had over- indulged. though I tend now to think that what put the over the eight was the slice of lemon a mischievous barmaid in a converted bank put in my (iuinness. Several hours later. as I stared into a glass darkly in the Press Bar. I realised I should have been in the Abbotsford for an extraordinary general meeting of the Chernobyl Soc. l exited pronto and just caught the six o‘clock from Queen Street whose gentle purring lulled me into a deep sleep. It was one of the swiftest journeys ever from the (‘ity of Dreadful Night to the Reykjavik of the South and l was i reluctant to leave the warm womb of the carriage. But a Billy (‘otton Clone had other ideas and sounded a ‘Wakey. Wakey‘ you wouldn't give to Rip Van Winkle. I could stay on. he said. and within ~15 minutes discover how the weather had changed in the wild west. or get off and brave Ice Station Zebra. I Ie was a well-read chap. despite his Sumo wrestler physique. I disembarked. Conveniently. there was a trolley

waiting for me. one of those long

vehicles which snake in and out along the platform. threatening to catapult passengers to their doom under the wheels of incoming trains. It had been a tiring walk down the carriage and I sat down on the trolley to reorganise my bags. I must have nodded off. When I came to. I was on another platform. miles from anywhere. and a porter was bending over me and offering his services. Before I had time to think ofthe humiliation ofbeing driven round the station like excess baggage. he put an arm round my waist. took my bags. and dragged me. like a \'(‘ I medallist rescuing a wounded i comrade under sniper fire. to a taxi. Needless to say. I missed the E(}.\I. but I’ve been cutting down on official engagements anyway. Still I should have known that I wouldn't make it back in a fit state from (ilasgow. 'I’he damn place always has

coming from.



that effect on tne. I don't know what it is. (‘all it fear. (‘all it terror. (‘all it violence. (‘all it (iBI I. (‘all it What You Will. I certainly wouldn't stay there willingly after midnight. when the coyotes are crooning and anyone ' in trainers wwants to practise 'I‘ae Kwon Do on four-eyes. But I suppose that is only to be expected for as Willie Mellvanney says. you never know in (ilasgow where the next assault on your priv'acy‘s

Not that I subscribe to the stereotypical view of the Old Divot as the diseased lung of the (‘i‘ite d‘Argyll. For as anyone who didn't come up the ('lyde in a banana boat knows she's kilometres better than she used to be. even if her marathon didn't last as long as some bars I can think of. She‘s had a facelift. cosmetic surgery. stone-cleaning. plumbing. electricity. the Betty Ford

of women members.

Balance needs redressing. Phone 03553-31537 evenings


I Is there life afterwork?

Yes. there is with the

lntervarsity (‘lubl l\'(' isa

club for young professional people. We arrange a large number of diverse events

such as badminton.

hillw alking and cinetna trips

in the ( ilasgow and lidinburgh areas. For further details ring

(ilasgowll-ll 95bol~15 or

Dunfermline 73S 3l-1.

I Problems with the

(ierman language? Native offers private tuition for all levels. cons ersation and

translation. Phonell-ll 33‘)


I Private piano tuition by

(‘eleste Singleton.

DRSAMD. Reasonable

rates for all ages and stages.

Ielll~ll 33-1-1135.


I Use your loaf! Make bread. Share your know-how through our PRIVA'I'li 'I'I'I'I'IDN column.

I Alexander Technique 30 York Place. central Iidinburgh. .lohn ('asey S'I’AI’. Phone “31 (ib‘HSllZ. I Speech lessons [)0 yott have a speech problem'.’ or do you just want to speak proper an' ‘at! lfso. phone Andrea on (MI 33‘) 403‘). l.B;\. RSAMD.

I Graduate (Cambridge) student teacher offers tuition in [English lligher.

‘()‘ (irade. ‘S' (irade. and (ierman to I lighcr level. 3 Very reasonable rates.

Phone (Bl 554 Willfi (eve).

I Looking fora mate. a job. j somewhere to stay. an audience. a market place. a l soap-box'.’ (iet in touch with | thousands of people in (ilasgow and lidinburgh by l taking out a classified ad in l The List. l

clinic. Billy (‘onnolly and Klaushaler. (‘atholics at lbrox

well. it's the thought that counts. ; isn't it'.’ And all the gangs are in the Bar-I. and when a contracts out on someone these days it's a case of '( iet (‘lockerty". rather than ‘('lock 'im.‘

And even as I speak the place is a hot bedding plant ofculture with tasteful little shoots shooting up (as only little shoots can) where once men in dirty overalls built ships. The Burrell. whose building everyone prefers to its bric-a-brac. .‘vlayfest. the People's Festival. (‘ulture for the Masses. which makes the Fringe look like an Afro. Scottish ()pera. Least said about that Souness mended. and given six mill he probably would. Imagine Placido Domingo at Ibrox singing "l‘he Sale with the (iovan Boys‘ ('hoir. No. I won‘t listen to those folk who say it‘s all hype. that the Dear Dreich Place is still. despite the winebars and the Merchant City. cafetieres and Jack McLean‘s bunnet. one huge damp housing scheme.

I‘m pleased it‘s beginning to get its act together after millennia of playing second fiddle. But I wish some of its scribes could take a pumice to the chip on their shoulders about Edinburgh. After all we here offer nothing but encouragement to those who want to better themselves. don't we‘.’ J

The List ll) Feb .3 M.”- losst