BUY AND E “Timm-

I Throw away yourbrolly pack your suntan cream. and escape the winter? ()ne-y ay ticket to Sydney. March ; £300. Please phone .lanipe i on 03) 332 013(1.

I Professional male would like to meet quiet home-loying young lady. preferably a graduate in her m..l-twenties. for friendship and lasting relationship

._ l‘dinburgh area). Reply “(W \0583“.


easy-going company to ‘dis'coyer’ (ilasgow on limited budget.

Box No 5913.

I Gay guy (25) attractiye. tall. slim. honest. professsional. car owner? \\'ith wide interests. seeks sincere guy for

u . ._ '. \l: a .‘ - 3’25 "$5—‘3h .> a v ~ : v > «13in .‘f' a u u- .s" r In. yo - -' s s 0‘}: - air.“ .. ’. z t 5 r' :f: we ' s a - ‘~ ~99. ~ : -_. YL Is ’11: s.1 ,. a s I. .3? "- t , LIL—HRS, , a r 7’ l f 3:. l} a .V P». h: . .‘ {’1 v.’ a, ,x > 5‘ ." \ i 9.. a —> - 1. ‘-: ; 5w .. ‘5" ' l ~:. 3‘.) * least - r \ s .1 ..»* '. W312? 3:359). .-_-'_. .9“ " “- -“:»‘"-'- '- .e

I I Single and 20—40 group

forming for social eyents to make life more interesting. SAP. with brief ideas. (ilasgow area and (‘entral Box No (104.

I Glasgow lesbian. late thirties. attractiye extroyert (who presently feels bewildered). likes cinema.

I I Attractive professional

male (29) tall. slim. non-smoker. en ioys music (classical iaH folk).cinema. theatre and good company. seeks female (35 35 ) with sense of humour (ilasgow area. Photo phone number please. Bo\ .\'o (108.

I Sensitive woman early

“m” "“J '. Prince Charming (30) “Ck” friendship relationship. If theatre. meals out. w ishes to lh'm‘". *l'm- hilPPll." . (.imlcrcllm Slum. \i/L. inwrcslcd. drup u line mch nunfimukcr. sc‘piiriilerl.Ii-L‘cs'nllyloitll ilc‘tl W csclttigil. Glass—'0“- 1"" 5“ without obligation! Photo a strong-ish professional type l“ l""”"“”~‘~'"" ”.”“'_'.°5."‘. m'”' k'l‘d‘ “mm and “l” possible. Bth .\'o 5913. woman (40+ ) for outings. '"Cl“dcf‘llidmf‘.E““in.” I Are You Se” Employed? scmc (,1 hummu; . Somebody out there “an” fricndship. POSSMC ~ pubs. ll .1\ c l. scc s w at m

Accountants’ Fees too much? Haye your accounts and tax returns prepared for a competitiye fee by Mark Noonan. Tel 031 554 3202. I Therapeutic massage A powerful treatment for aches and pains. stress and strains. in the priyacy of yourown home. Phone Ray Major on 0875 3037i», IJoinerJi-L. Duggan. Reliable tradesman.

All types of joinerwork undertaken in ( ‘entral Scotland.

Phone Penicuik 70505.


I Women‘s Sailing Holidays on 35ft yacht. Learn. improve. enjoy sailing on sunny South ('oast. ( ‘hannel Islands. Brittany. Long and short breaks. Please phone for brochure: H703 3(17-1‘).

Ho\ No5”)

I I‘m a bored. fed up girl liying in the middle of nowhere. w ho would like to

, hear from anyone other than sheep. Please reply to Box


I Female (35) ( ilasgow. bored by conyentionalities. spiritual. searching. adyenturoUs; loyes trayel. music.writing alwayson the point of throwing in quiet lilc‘. loy'c to meet similarly ‘misplaced person‘ (male). Photoappreciated. Box .\'o5‘)‘).

I If you‘re a warm. intelligent. sensible female ready for a sincere possibly permanent relationship with

I a loying male maths

graduate (28) liying in (ilasgow. then reply to this ad. Box No5‘)lll






SERVICES/ TRAVEL 25 words max


PERSONAL 30 words max: Box Nos must be used.

to know you. Write to the PERSONAL column of The Us! and find out who it is! I Rescue required (ilasgow-bascd blonde. 3b and in danger of becoming a workaholic. needs a sensitiye. witty and generally wonderful man. Does such a paragon exist'.’ Box No (will.

I Gay male (24) Lonely. celibate American. new to (ilasgow. Loyes indie bands. trayel. food. seeks loyable non-racist friends. Age unimportant. Please write. (ilasgow anywhere. Box \oblll.

I Life may be good but it could be better if you‘re a sparkling. unorthodox. professional man (23—40) who wants to reply to Box No ()03 (Glasgow). Enclose photo if you like.

Name Address

relationship. Why am I having to advertise‘.’ Because there are plenty of younger women about but

4 few intelligent older women. ' This is a genuine

adyertisement. Take a chance and reply. Box No (105.

I Tall single male (25) liying in Edinburgh. optimistic and determined to enjoy his life. would like to meet a sincere. caring female to share in a mutually fulfilling relationship. Box No (\tlo.

I Tall professional male (38) intelligent. affectionate and ftin-oning btit suffering from seyere sense of humour failure. seeks female 25—35 for cure. linjoys cinema. theatre. watersports. Photograph appreciated. Box No (107.

Tel No Message category

Messa e—note: tel nos count as1 word



No of issues

Payment encl.

discreet professional man for meetings. (ienuine repliesonly please.

BU\ \ohll‘),

I Glasgow male (32 ) seeks caring female (35 35) who is fun to be with. My interests include cinema. music. sport. and eatingout. Photo appreciated. Box No (will.

I Professional male (In) seeks intelligent. caring female for lricndship relationship. likes: good food. theatre. cinema. walking. .r\ll lcttcl s

answ et‘etl. Box No ()l 1.



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