ensuing effect this has on him and those I NETNERBOW 431112111 SITCC15569579.

new piece of dance theatre by Frank McConnell, telling the story at the return home to the city oI Glasgow by, the central character, Frankie. The city is distinctly Glasgow but the streets we are taken down and the themes explored are lrom everywhere. In a packed energetic show, dancer Frank McConnell and Michael 'Marra retrace Frankie's childhoou,

schooldays and early manhood from

docks to disco, from playground to pubs. These are combined in a dream-like collage of music, dance, song and drama as Frankie finds himself in the city. Gerry Mulgrew directs with clarity and invention. Frank McConnell is former Dance Officer for Arts In File and was last seen in Communcado Theatre Company’s ‘Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Oll‘. Marra has provided music for many productions including Dundee Bep‘s ‘They Fairly Mak‘ Ye WOTK' . Together they create a beautilul double act of warmth and oneness-with menace and tear never far away. Marra's local radio satire is a harsh delight, his voice growls like the city itsell against McConnell's energy and vitality. (Andy Mackie) I Marra is also at the Blue Note,

Glasgow. See Cabaret.


Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

Author of Tamlane (performed by Theatre Alba last year), Edwin Stiven’s latest play is an ambitious and complex work that you feel needs more time and space to tackle its themes properly.

Stiven has delved back into the seventh century and into a collection of poems ot the time to discover a fascinating period at civil war, when Christianity was arriving in North Britain, colliding with deeply ingrained pagan beliels.

Focusing on a young man, Halllin, (Robin Begg),chosen as a warrior by the Celtic goddess Alba, but who is determined himsell to be a Christian, Stiven creates a semi-mystical drama, delivered in old Scots and moving between the lyrical and the passionate.

At its best it, and Charles Nowosielski's atmospheric production, achieve poetic, potent moments and a vision of a volatile, superstitious and politically complex age; at its worst it takes off on flights of dangerous sentimentality and overbearing theatricality and the cast look slightly lost amongst the dry-ice and llickering candles. (S.H.)

close to him. Part of the season ol Women's [Events see ()pen listings for detailsofother events.

The Mother Wed 9 Mar. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). A short one-woman play by Franca Rame about a woman who discovers her son has been classed a terrorist. Performed by Angie Rew and directed by Patti Strachan. this production was first seen as one of Oxygen House's lunchtime plays see panel. Part of the season of Women's Events. See ()pen listings for detailsof other events.

International Evening W'ed 9 Mar. 8.30pm. £2 ( £1 ). Sec Cabaret.

I BEOLAM THEATRE 2 l'iorrest Road. Box Office 225 9893. Mon-Sat Illam-late. ('afe.

Trojan Women \Ved 2 » Mon 7 Mar. 7.30pm. £2.50; cones £2; l".t"1'(~ members £1.50. tidinburgh l'niversityTheatre ('ompany in a production of liuripides' (ircck classic.

Krapp's Last Tape Wed 9 Mar. 1.30pm.

£1 .50( TiLITC members £1). Includes lunch. tidinburgh lfniversityTheatre (‘ompany in Beckett's play.

Safe and The Salvation Seller Wed 17 Mar. 1.30pm. £1 .50(1-'.l."l‘(‘ members£l ). Includes lunch. Tidinburgh L'niversity Theatre (’ompany in a double-bill of new plays by two company members. Safe by Deborah (iallagher is about a prowler; The Salvation Seller by Jzit’r‘ies iillts .lones covering a philosophical conversation oti the street.

I BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. («)5 2240. Box Office Mon-Sat lllatlT-b’pttt. Bar. [D]. [Ii].

The Cauldron Wed 2-1 15eb~ Sat 5 Mar. 7.45pm. £3.75 (£2.25). The last play in the present season at Britnton is the premiere of a new play by Edwin Stiven which. set during a civil war in 7th century North Britain. uncovers a world of Druidism and (‘eltic mythology. Stiven w rote Turn/tine which the company presented last year. See Review.

Strive Wed 2 l‘ri 4 Mar. 10.15pm. £1.The late-night play this week is a production ol Stephen Lowe’s play about the Falklands presented by the Pageant Players.

I CHURCHHILL THEATRE Morttlttgside Road.

Separate Tables Wed 2 ~ Sat 5 Mar. 7.30pm. £2.50. tidinburgh People‘s Theatre in Terence Rattigan's popular drama. exploring the tangled relationships that develop in a private hotel.

A View From the Bridge Wed ‘) - Sat 12 Mar. 7.30pm. £2.75 (£2). tidinburghTheatre Arts in Arthur Miller's great classic. A Midsummer Nights Dream Wed lo Mar. 7.30pm. Leitheatre in a new production of Shakespeare‘s much-loy ed IKTW'S THEATRE 2 [even Street. 22‘) 1201. Box Office Mon- Sat 10am- 8pm. Bar. [1)]. [ti].

Maid olthe Mountains Mon 2*) I-‘eh Sat 5 Mar. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £2-£-l.50. Southern Light Opera ('ompany in the operetta.

HMS Pinatore and Cox and Box Tue s Sat 12 Mar. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm.

£2— £5.50. The (iilbert and Sullivan Society of Iidinburgh in a double bill of light opera.

Evita Wed 16— Sat 2 April. 7.30pm. Matineeson Thurs 17. Wed 23 e& 30 Stank all Satsat 2.30pm. £4.50--£l2.50. (‘oncs1 £2.50off Stalls and (irand (‘ircle Mon-Thurs. First visit to Tidinburgh ofthe Lloyd Webber-Rice hit musical about liva Peron.

I MANOELA THEATRE (iateway tixchange. 2—4 Abbeymount. 661 0982. (‘afe and bar facilities during performances. Skirmishes Wed 2 Sat 5 Mar. 7.30pm. £2.50(£2). Foeus'l’heatre in their successful production of(‘atherine llayes‘s play about two daughters and their relationship with their mother. who is dying.

Tony Allen and Sharon Landau Sat 12 Mar. 8pm. £2.50 (£1 .50). See Cabaret.

Sat 1‘)

Box Office 10ani—-l.3llpm. 7-9pm perf. evgs. (are. [1)]. [1i].

Writing and Producing New Drama Sat 5 Mar. 10.30am-«l.30pm. £2.50(£l.50for under-eighteens). A one-day conference for people interested in producing new drama.

Rent Wed I) Sat 12 Mar. lptu. £1.()xygen '

House continue their new season ofshort

lunchtime play s. focusing this time on new

drama. This latest is by Patricia Morris and looks at "sin and the second-liandcar salcstnan.‘See Panel. The Plastic Surgery is Complete - and Others Wed to Sat I‘lMar. 1pm. £|.()\ygen 1 louse (see panel 1 iii tour yery short new plays by Iain lleggie (aitlhorot ll'lio/lv Healthy (i/ayeou 1. including the funny and obscene Hailing forS/iuggie's Ma. The Lion in Winter Wed to Sat l‘)Mar. 7.30pm. £3 ( £2 1. lidinbiirgh Youth Theatre in a play by James ( ioldman. I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL, Portobello High Street. The Importance ol Being Honest Mon 14 Mar. 7.3lani. ‘l ickets available from Aekl Mitt ray. Bath Street. Porlobcllo. Wildcat in their new touring show . a farce about otlicral secrecy . See Rey rew and also Touring. I ROYAL LYCEUM ( irindlay Street. 22‘) UNIT Bo\()tlice Mott Sat 10am bpm. 10am Split on pert. ey gs. Bar. Rest (are. ll)l. (Theatre-Say er (‘oncession('ards cost £ 1 . last all year. giyc £1 off the full price each time you come tor you and a friend as ailable to ( )Al’s. l .i34l1s_ Students. Disabled. 1 "rider-24 railcard holders. YTS scheme and young people under 18). Tickets for Lyceum productions are also as ailable at the Ticket Centre. Wayerley Bridge; branches of AT May 's tray el and the Death of a Salesman t'ntil Sat 5 Mar. 7.45pm. £2.70-£b. 'lheatreSayer holders £1 ott. A line. poignant pr'oditcttonot Arthur Miller's great tragic play about the underside of the American Dream. directed by lit11\\'tltlltl1‘ltlf_'t‘. Loot Hi 1 1 Mai Sat 2 April. ".45pm. £2.Tll-£b. Tlteatt'cSayet' holder's £1oll. l'Rl'ii l’Rl'VlTiW Thurs l 1 Mar. Sal mat 2b Mar 3. 15pm. Hugh 1 lodgarl directs.loe ()t‘tolt's black comedy . ITHEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 1 lamilton Place. 22(15425. Bo\()llice Mon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm. Bar. (are. [D]. State of Confusion Tue S Sat 12 Mar. Spin. £3.50 ( £2 ). Theatre Workshop start a tour of a new play by Day id Kane. a laictcal look at modern Britain. Scc(iiiestlist. I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. (irassniarket. 22(i2b33. Boy ( )llicc Tue Sat 10am Spin. Sitnb 10pm. Bar. Rest. Tickets also as ail from the Ticket Centre. 22 Market Street. Seats from £2. Sunday s all seats £2 (tiott-tttembet's £2.50). Cloth Caps and Petticoats Wed 2 Suno Mar. 7.45pm. Day members £-t.50;1icon members £4; T‘iill members £3.50; Student members £2. Besoms Theatre (‘ompany present a new one woman play which looks at the life of Keir 1 lardie through the ey'csol the women who knew him. Written by .lariet l‘enton. it is performed by Rhona ('ampbell. The Alexander Sisters Hi 4 is Sat 5 Mar. See cabaret. ls Tito Dead? Tue .s' Mar. 7pm. £1 (Sop). Edinburgh Playw rights' Workshop isa workshop producttori ot a new play by Stornow'ay Duns. Patrick Marber and Tony Morewood l-‘ri lies Sat 12 Mar. See cabaret. Young Lochinvar'l‘ue 15 Mar. 7pm. £1 (50p). Tidinburgh Playwrights‘ Workshop in a workshop production of a new play by Sheila Stewart. based on Sir Walter Scott's poem. I WESTERHAILES COMMUNITY CENTRE 20 llailesland Place. Wester l iailes. 031 4-12 2201.


The Importance of Being Honest Wed 2 Mar. '

7.30pm. Wildcat Stage Productions in their new farce about national security. See Panel and Touring.

rounth "

I The Importance of Being Honest Wildcat Stage Productions toiir their latest show : a musical farce by David Mc.\'ivcn about national security. See Review. l-‘orfurther details please call Wildcat on 041 05-1 (Kltlll.

Victoria Hall. llelens/ntrg/t Thurs 3 Mar. 7.30pm. 0-136 2151. .llugnum Leisure ('entre. Irvine Fri 4 Sat 5 Mar. 7.30pm. 029-1 7S3Sl '. Aberdeen .-lr!\ ( ‘entre Mon 7 & Tue S Mar. 7.30pm. 022-1 035318641122. [Timur Hit/f. I’llllilt't' \Vetl 0&Tliiirs10Mar.7.30pm.0.175 23038; Arts (nu/d I‘lretirre. (ireenoe/y lit 1 1 Mat. 7.30pm; ( 'urrlrnti/ \ew mun Hie/i Seliool. lie/ls/nllSat 12 Mar. 7.30pm; I’urtnliello Town Hall. Iiilrnhure/i Mon l~1Mai . ".30pm:.-1dumSmiI/r ( ‘en/re. KirAi tilt/Y Tue 15 Mar. 7.30pm. 0502 2(i04*).\'. Tout continues.

I Betty and Boaby‘s Macbeth Tony Rope r and lilaine (I Stiiith star 11131 co-production between Dundee Rep and Bristol lixprcss Theatre ('ompany in which Betty and Boaby present their irrcyerent version ot the Bard's classic in their own liy ing room. .-l\yenI/)/\ Roomy. lit/inlntrg/i .Moti 7 - Sat 12 Mar. '1 our continues to Durnfries and ( iallow ay. returning to ( ilasgow in late March. See next issue.

I Bozzy Winged llorse Theatre ( 'onipany in their successful production ot 1-redet re Mohr's play about Boswell.

.‘it’lt'\ I’lieulre. Liturgy/on T liiirs 3 Mai. 7.3llpllt. 58.33h3-1. l’illy/i'l .‘l I'Iy ( it'llll‘t'. I’ins/ev Hi 4 Mar. 7.30pm. 041 SS" 1010. littd of Tour.

I It Happens Every Day Mat‘mclade Productions in a new tragi-eonicdy by Margaret Dent. telling how a mother and her daughters come to terms with their bereavement. l-or further detailsplease callll32~l .3b24‘). .lltli’lie/l I/ieulre. (Ii/(lyg'tlll'ililtlll'S 3 Mar". l’tuy/ei .-lr1s( enlre. Parsley" Sat 5 Mar; .lltii‘Ro/ier! .-lrts( enIre. Stirling Tue S Mai". livre [heat/e. .SI Andrew'sThurs10~ Sat 12 Mar: l'oiir continues to Bishopriggs and l'alkirk.

I Tales of the Arabian Nights (‘onimunicado bring back their successful touring show an adaptation by (iei ry Mulgrew ol the famous tales told by Sclieheic/ade to loreslall ltcr execution for further details please call (‘onimutircadoon031 2207—10-1. Ilur'lmurxlrts ( enrre, Irvine l‘t'l .1 Mar. ".45pm. 0294 7405‘); Hertt/t'ryim I/ieane. Slim/Ii Sat 5 .\1ar.7pni.05012lh2ti.llrgli .Se/tmil. Dun/ermlrne T itc S Mar. " 31 lpni 3 733370; Metlnlhiil Bowling ( ‘lub. Metlnl Tliiirs 10 Mar. "pm. 05112 75mg}; (i/enrvmuHentre. (i/enrollres 1‘11 1 1 Mai 7pm; I’tuy/ev .‘ll'ly ( 'enrre. l’iuy/ei Sat 12 Mar. 7.30pm. 041 SS7 1010 T our continues to l liglilands. returning to ('entral Bell later 111 March.


I BLUE NOTE The Briggait. ’2 ( ‘lyde Street. (1.11 5.52 (“12-7.

Triple Bill Fri 4 Mar. 0pm. £3, The regular cabaret slot at the Blue Note continues with a triple bill combining singer .lcanncttc Burns w rtli Day e Anderson of Wildcat Theatre ( ~ompany and the rev iie group 1 Innatural Acts.

Michael Marra Fri 11 Mar. lllpm. Doors open 9pm. Songs at the piano from the tint Dundee singer in the company ol (’hris Thomson (of The Bathers).

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street . SS." 1010. Box Office openTitc-Sun noon-S30pm. Bar t ( )pcn noon-1 1pm Tue-Sat; 12.30-230pm ck 630-1 lprn Sun 1. The Big Shebang Fri 11 Mar. 7.30pm. £3 (£1.50). An evening of comedy incorporating the talents of The ( 'oniedy Casuals; Wray (iunn and the Rockets; Stu

The List 4 17 March 1988 21