Activities and Fun

I GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane. 33‘) 4208‘.

Saturday Afternoon Picture Show livery Saturday. 2»4.3llpni. For 47 l4 yeai'olds. 5(lp. (‘hildren's cinema used to be agreat feature of Saturday mornings. The

(films enor aim to make their Saturday afternoon picture show equally memorable and regularly show a serial. feature and ear toons. Also games and c‘otttpclilions.

I HAGGS CASTLE 11111 St Andrews Drive. l’ollokshields. 427 2725.

Kids should arrive in plenty of time forthe 2. 15pm start for these popular- and free- Saturday activities.

Pancakes 5 March. f) ()years

Kites 12 March. " 12 years EasterActivities 2o March 9 April. Bookingopens Sat 12 March. lllam forthe following activities. Numbers are limited. so booking 1 by phone or in person)is essential. ()ne aetiy it} per child. Minimum age 4 years.

88126 March 11). 15.1111 Storytime Drawing (4 7). lleraldiy (‘2 12); 2. 15pm Pancakes lo ‘1). linger Puppets (5- 8)

Mon28 1111511111 Kites(8 121:2. 15pm

Sugar Bunnies (-1 7'1

Tue 29 Ill. 15am Bannoeks and Butter

(it ‘1). Ragdolls (8 l2); 2. 15pm Sweets

(-1 7). Dressing 1p and Dancing(7~ 12). -Wed 30 11'. 15am ( iingei'bread(5 8),

Nature '1 rail (bring wellies and cagoules if wetll4 "L2.15pm'l‘iIe-making(7 l2). l‘llltlL‘i' Ptippet Bunnies (o 1))

Thurs 31 Ill. 15am Pancakes((>—‘)).

, Storytime l)rawing(4 7); Decorating

luaslei' liggsl8 l2 1. liasler Bonnets(5—-8) Fri 1 April 1”. 15am lzaster (‘ards((H)). Sugar Bunnies14 7);2.15pml\'ites

(8 l2).liasterSweets(4-7)

Sat2 lll. 15am Decorating liaster Iiggs

(8 12 l. l-inger Puppet Bunnies((>-‘)); 2.15pm lxaster Bonnets(5—8).Nature 'l'r'ai|(bring w elliesand cagoulesifwet) i4 "1

Mon 4 1”. 15am ’l'ile—making(7— l2):

2. 15pm Storytime Drawing (4— 7)

Tue 5 1111511111BannocksétButter((r-‘)); 2.15pm Kites(8~ 12)

Wed 5 111. 1 5am Nature Trail (bring wellies and cagoulcs i1 wet ) (4-7). 1 lcraldry

(2 12 l; 2. 15pm Pancakes (64)). Finger Puppets(5 7)

Thurs7 11). 15am Sweets (4»7). Dressing l'pand Dancing(7—»12): 2.15pm Ragdolls (8--12).(iingerbreadl5--8)

Friday 8 11). 15am Storytime Drawing

(4 7).'I‘ile-making (7 -12); 2. 15pm Kites (8 l2). Bannocks tk Butter((»‘))

Sat 9 1”. 15am Sugar Mice (4—7). Samplers (8 121:2.15pmBiscuilsl5-7).(ilove Puppetsm 9)


I HAGGS CASTLE 1le St Andrews Drive. Pollokshields. 427 2725. Get the Message: Different Systems of Communication liniil 22 March. An extensive look at just how sophisticated the basic art of communication has become. from talking drums and carrier pigeon. to newspapers. cable tv and

satellite. There are (llllZl. sheets and things to do. like talking in fan language and there is a special Design-a-Stamp competition with prizes to be awarded by the Post Office.


I CUMBERNAULO THEATRE (‘urnbernauld (1236 732887. Box office Mon—Fri lllam—(ipm. Sat lllam- 3pm. (v~8pm perf evgs. Saturday shows are at 1.15pm. adults £1.51). kids £1.

Kids Stuff

Billy-Goals Grutf and Snow White 5 March. 1.15pm. For 411 years(1 hour)

Magic Bob 12 March. 1.15pm. A magic show for 4- 11 years. (45mins)

I DRAMA CENTRE Ingram Street. 552 5827 Joe and Visible Differences 5 March. 7.3(lpm. For details of prices phone venue. A double bill from TAU and Annexe Theatre (‘onipany with two plays by Ann Marie di Mambro which look at different aspects of racism. The shows are currently


Postman Pat, Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

‘Don‘t expect too much trom this‘ film-maker Ivor Wood cautioned John Cunlitte when he was working on desgins tor Cunlitte’s new TV series, Postman Pat. ‘Just because it‘s on television doesn’t guarantee its success}

Over 30 book titles and millions of sales later, Wood clearly needn’t have worried. Postman Pat has taken off with the most phenomenal success- and at a time when a hardbacked children's book can be lucky to reach sales in hundreds, let alone millions.

The idea lorthe gingerhaired postie with glasses, a big nose, and a cat called Jess arrived via a circuitous route. In his second year at teaching, and already an author for 20 years, John Cunlitte applied tor a job as directorol Play School. He didn't get it, but he was asked instead to write a new children‘s TV series. It was to be based in the country to complement a series set in London and within a few minutes of being asked John Cunlilte had the idea of Postman Pat.

‘A postman‘s a lamiliarligure lor children and they associate him with positive things like birthday cards and parcels, not tax returns’ says John. ‘Having a travelling character as the central figure also helps to keep the stories on the move.‘

John is the first to admit that the stories don’t have any great dramatic events. ‘Most of the drama comes from the weather’. But they have that comtorting blend of lamiliarity and tiction that is common to serial

touring Strathclyde Secondary Schools until 12 March. and this will be the third. and last. public performance.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 1011). Box office noon—8.30pm. ((‘losed Mons)

Ml Boom Sun 13. lprn. Kids 511p,adu|[s£]_ Mr Boom. from the moon. with Boomy Bouncer. his loony hound. presents his one-man-band. Singalong for 2—1 1 year olds.

I PAVILION THEATRE 121 Renfield Street. 332 1846. Box office Mon—Sat lllam*8pm. Postman Pat Tue 8—Sat 12 March. Tue 2pm. Wed-Fri 1(lam. 2pm. Sat lllam. 2pm. 4.3(lpm. £4 (£3) (ireendale's favourite postie. Postman Pat. makes his first appearance live on stage. Tickets are selling fast. so early hooking advised. See panel

I PRINCES SQUARE 48 Buchanan Street Punch and Judy Sunday (1 March. 2.3(lpm. Free. Scott Lovat's Punch and Judy show.


Activities and Fun

I BRUNTON HALL Musselburgh. (165 3711 ext244.

Elchat Dance Xplosion livery Wednesday 4-5pm. 5(lp. Dance workshops for 7 year olds. Last class before liaster. 31) March.

East Lothian Youth Theatre livery Wednesday. 7.3(1- 9.30pm. Free workshops for young people 13~ 21 years. Last class before Faster. 311 March.

I COASTERS 3 West Tollcross. 228 3252. Disco Saturdays. (1.311— lllpm. £1. l‘rider 18s alcohol-free disco. live acts most weeks.


~51" .. 5‘- -' . '” ~—

~ .‘ 4-.. .y X -" .Wyss .u.‘

successes like the Archers.

‘People have often said that it’s like a soap operator children’ says John and like the Archers, people have come to believe the characters really exist. In tact there is a germ ol truth in the idea. When he began writing the series John was living in the Lake District and spent a longtime visiting farms and lriends and taking photographs of the countryside to give the series conviction. And the names at the characters, Mrs Goggins, the Reverend Timms et al? ‘Plucked at random from the Westmoreland telephone directory.’ (Sally Kinnes)

('olinton Road

Easter Sports School 28 March—1 April and 4—8 April.()ne hour sessions 2—3pm and 3—4pm. £4 per week. Weekly coaching for children between 11 and lhyearsin badminton. tennis and squash. Booking available from 14 March.

I HERMITAGE OF BRAIO Braid Road. 447 7145

Hermitage Conservation Group A free group open to anyone interested in conservation (average age is between 11 and 25years). It meets on the first Sunday ofthe month (except Sun 17 April and Sun 8 May) throughout the year at 1pm at the Visitor Centre. This year‘s conservation tasks will include Planting an insect garden.Tree planting. Scrub bashing. Burn tidy. Pond (Tearing. Wildlife surveys. and Footpath and nestbox construction.

I MEADOWBANK SPORTS CENTRE London Road. (ihl 5351. Booking is open now for the liaster holiday play sessions ( includes football. badminton. basketball and soft play) for the under Ills:

Week 1: Tue 2‘)—'l'hurs 31 March.

lllam- noon; Week 2: Tue 5 'l‘htirs7 April. lllam-noon. £1 .511 for a weekly ticket in advance or 511p per session on the day.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street. 225 7534

Make your own Model Space Station March 12. lllam- 1pm. £1.15. Numbersare limited. and you must book in advance. A constructive workshop for 8— 14 year olds. I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l lamilton Place. 226 5425. Box office Mon—Sat ‘).3(lam» 5.3(lpm. Bar. cafe.

Monster Machine livery Monday 5—-(1.3llpm.5(lp. Bookings taken from preceding Friday. Developing from the popular 'Fun Factories' these are weekly sessions for 5—9 year olds which aim above all to be fun. Lots of drama-based games and fun. NB Runs till 21 March.

I 369 GALLERY 233(‘11wgate.225 31113 359 Art Club livery Saturday.

lll.3llam —noon. until Sat 1‘) March. limma (iraham-Yooll will continue to take the classes which are for 8 - 1 2 year oldsand cover arts and crafts of every sort. For fee contact gallery.

I WILKIE HOUSE (iuthrie Street. 225 2079 Play Group for Under 5‘s Mon—Fri

9am 4pm. There are places available for this playgroup; drop in or phone (‘arol on number above for information.

NB As a result of increased activitiesat Wilkie llotise an ‘information desk‘ has been opened to supply details re. housing. D.ll.S.S. . self-help groups etc. Open Mon—l-ri l lain-4.30pm.


I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 225 2424

The Gold olthe Pharaohs lfntil 311 April. Mon. Tue. Sat lllam—bpm. Wedfl‘hurs. Fri “lam—9pm; Sun noon—6pm. £1 adults. concs65p.

The excavated and magnificent treasures from the tombs of the Pharaohs in Tanisin the Nile Delta are on show in the (’ityArt (iallery. Psusennes 1 would be spinningin his grave if he knew. Special activitiesfor children.


I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 228 2688. (‘hildren's Saturday matinees. 2pm. All seats £1 bookable in advance.

When the Wind Blows ( PG) ( UK. 1‘)86)84 rnins. Adapted from his book of the same name Raymond Briggs is in bleak and deeply critical mood in this animated cartoon which looks at the tragic consequences of nuclear war for an average. elderly and desparately unprepared couple. For older children only.

Yellow Submarine (U) ( 1968. UK) 85 mins. Much-applauded. fantasy cartoon feature inspired by the Liverpool foursome. Songs include Lucy in the Sky with [)iamrmds, When I’m ()4. Allyou need is Love.

24'1'he List 4— 17 March was