I Slave Trade iTBCi Fury Murry's. 96 Maxwell Street. 221 651 l. 10.30pm.

I Take The Fifth Fixx Bar. 86 Miller Street. 9.30pm. Free.

I The Rhinestones La Taniere. Fox Street. 221 4844. 9pm. Free. Country and western. by any chance'.’


I Orkestra Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073.

.\'o secret about this one: it's none other

than 151.0. only minusJeif Lynne. and

touring under the name ()rkestra for

contractual reasons. Must admit. wouldn‘t

mind hearing 'Mr Blue Sky' again after all

these years.

I One Fine Weekend. Alter Eight Mince and

Bulb Cormorant Calton Studios. Calton

I Road. 556 7066. 8pm. £2 (£1 .50). £2.5(lon

door. Tickets available from Calton Stttdios and Backbeat. Bop away until

j 3am. First of a series of Wednesdaynight


I Tam While Negociants.1.othian Street.

2256313. 9pm. Free.

I Gyroset MUsic Box. Victoria Street. 221)

l71)8.‘).3i)pm. Free.

I The Peristaisis Brothers Boston Bean


I The Critter Hill Varmints The Green

Tree. Cowgate. More hillbilly hollerin'.

I Live band Blues Basement. Broughton

Street. 5567147.

1 I The B-Movies Lord Darnlcy. West Port.

22‘) 4341. 10pm. Free.

I Gyroset Music Box. Victoria Street. 221)

171)8.‘).31)pm. Free.



I BMX Bandits Fury Murry's. 96 Maxwell Street. 221 651 l . Two sets in one night! Enough sweetness to rot the teeth. There's a special guest act as well. whose identity is being kept under wraps. 1 think we can rest assured it's not a stripper.

I Bo’Weevil Riverside. Waddell Court. Gorbals. Rockin' blues. Residency.

I Central Cats La Taniere. Fox Street. 221 4844. 9pm. Free.


I The Men They Couldn’t Hang Venue. Calton Road. 557 31173. St Patrick's Night special. See panel.

I Goodbye Mr Mackenzie Student Union. Teviot Row. 99p. Students and guests only. One wonders if there's to be an upswing in (iMM's fortunes now that they've recruited the nimble-fingered Big John from Blood Uncles. A bit ofJohn's llendrixy raunch rarely goes amiss.

I Shake Up Music Box. Victoria Street. 221) I71)8.‘).3()pm. Free.

I Los Supremos Canny Man‘s. Morningside Road. 447 1484.8.311pm. Free.

I The Block Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.30pm. Free. I The Dan Blocker Experience Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9pm. Free. Country.

I Live band Blues Basement. Broughton Street. 5567147.

I Live band Cavern. Cowgate. 226 5641. I Billy JonesLord Darnlcy. West Port. 229 4341. 11)pm. Free.

. A:

seriously, The Men They Couldn't Hang are playing round these parts again, 1 doing a special St Patrick's Night show i at Edinburgh’s Venue, lollowed by a gig at Glasgow College 01 Technology on Friday 18. However much the band may deny (quite rightly) any musical similarities to The Pogues, both bands are accustomed to lervent atmospheres at their gigs lrom legions oi devoted tans. That’s where any similarity with The Pogues ends, tor The Men They Couldn't hang, apart lrom a deep respect lor traditional music—just listen to theirversion oi ‘The Green Fields 01 France' are very much a rock band, albeit one lrom a slightly dillerent mould.

Their 1985 single ‘lronmasters' was written after the Men's main songwriter Paul Simmonds took an interest in the


34 The List 4 17 March 1988

A band who still take the touring ethic


’5 ‘5”

attempted revolution by Chartists in Newport in 1839, and was chosen as single oi the week by more than a lew papers. The social conscience and sense oi history with which the music resounds is a vital part at what the band are about, which is both paying lip service to the heroes oi the past and charting history as it happens. it's no coincidence that ‘lronmasters" message strikes a chord under Thatcherism, and a later single, ‘Shirt at Blue' hit the message home again, complete with cover art oi a lone striker pacing in iront at a wall at police.

The Men They Couldn’t Hang hail train all over Britain-Oban, Yorkshire, South Wales- mining a rich vein oi iolk history, and augmenting it with rhythms and instruments irom a lot lurther aileld. Well worth seeing it you get the chance. (Mab)



I Nightlile is listed as a diary iirst by dayiin i this section each oi the two particular days 01 l the iortnight are treated as one). then by city ,1 andthen by venue. SpecialClub nightsare I listed undertheirclub namelollowed by theirvenue. A separate venue list lollowsthe diary listings. with addresses and phone numbers. NB in order to be as accurate as possible. only those discos able to conlirm their prices and days are listed in the diary. The venue list may be consulted ior more nightlile locations- but check with venue. Please send inlormation ten days belore pubhcahon.

KliY: students and guestsonly;

[ND] no denims; | .\"l I no trainers.

[A] avail lor private hire on certain nights



I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3261). Spin—midnight. Free. Resident 1).) with the latest sounds.

I Bennets l lpm—-3.3l)am. £2. Mainly(iay with Iii-NRO music.

I Cleopatras 11).3l)am—-2.31)pm. £3. Disco sounds.

I Cotton Club 1 Ipm-3.31)am. £3. Special drinks promotion night each Friday. I Delirium at Tin Pan Alley. l l().3()pm—3am. £2.51) with ticket. Worth a I visit tonight as there are a couple oi discos i to choose from.

I Disco Viva 11).31)pm--3am. £3.51). The Disco Viva house disco in lull swing. High energy funk with personality 1).).

IFollies 11).3()pm—-3.31)am.£3.51). Chart-based disco sounds. [ND] [.\"1']

I Full House Club at l'niversity oi Strathclydc Student L'nion. Mar 1 1 only: 9.31)pm—2am. £2. See Thurs ( Iidinburgh) for details. although Whackhead are replaced by Tom The Man. an a eappella group. Recommended.

I Fury Murry's11pm-3.3()am.£3.51). ‘Funk on Fridays at Furys'. with Radio Clyde DJ chun who adds a touch otjazz. I Hard Rock Catie at the venue. l()pm till late. £3.51). Live music and disco.

I Henry Alrikas Ill.31)pm—-3.31)am. £2.51). With DJ llarvey ()k ran from Videodrome. Two for the price oionc before midnight. Cheap drinks. (Preceded by under 18s disco with Ross King.)

I Hollywood Studios 9pm~3am. £2.51). Live acts every Friday.

IJoe Paparaui llpm—3.31).£3. Disco sounds.

I Maytair l 1pm—3am. £3.51). Over 25s night disco.

I MardiGras 11pm—3.31)am.£3. Ilouse music night.

I Palomino Club 9pm~3am. £3. 1)iseo sounds.

I Panama Jax 111.45pm-«3.31)am. £3.51). Soul and mixed chart music with resident DJs. Tommy Arnold or Raymond Dauren.

I Battles li).3()—3am. £3. Discosounds with DJ. Roddy Stewart.

I Singles Club Vamps Floor at Disco \‘iva. 9.311pm—2am. Admission by membership - contact venue for details.

I Souled Out at The Warehouse. 11pm—3.3()am. £3. Soul and Reggae mttsic with DJ Eddy Bahama.

I Sub Club 1 1pm—3.3()am. £3.51). Non-stop Hip Hop and Soul.

I U Club at Joe Paparazzi. l 1am— 3.30pm. £3. Mixed sounds to dance to.

I Zico's 11)pm—3am. £3. Chart based disco sounds.


I The Amphitheatre 11)pm—4am. The

Friday Night Spectacular. £3.51). llall price before 11pm. 1)] Ross Keddie at the controls presiding over the classy split level dancelioor. [ND]

I BusterBrowns 11pm—4am.£2.51);hali price drinks and admission belore midnight. Chart and dance music. Aimsat over 21is atmosphere.

I Chaplins at Finsbury Park‘s Night Club. 2am 6am. I)ance into the early hoursin the only nightclub open till 6am. Free every week with membership obtained at Finsbury Park.

I Cinderellas Rockeriellas ‘)piii-~3;tm. Cinderellas overcome the residents oI‘St Stephen Street and stay open to 3am all weekend. £2.51) belore 1 1pm; £3 alter



Compiled by iirst class radio and club promotion on 26 February 1988

1(1)l Should Be So LuckyKylie Minoguel’ll'l. 2(2)Te|l it To My Heat‘t’i‘aylor Daynext ris‘la 3(8)Together ForeverRiek AstleyRCA 4(5)Cross My Broken HeartSinittal-‘unfizre I’romo 5(13)Beat 'DisBomb The Bilss.Wi.S‘l¢’r-r())l 6(3)Get Outta My DreamsBilly ()ceanJit't’ 7(6)l Think We're Alone Now'i‘iffanyli.tll 8(4)Bok Da HouseBeatmasters and Cookie CrcwR King 9(12)Doctorin' The Houset‘oldeum ()0 'I‘ 10(9)Sawmix1'i‘he llitmastcrsQuazer 11(7)HOUSB AffBStKrushI’llultngrum 12(23)BoysSabrinalbisu 13(15)Spy in The Housewas Not \N'asi’ontana 14(11)Tired oi Being Pushed Around: Men. A Drum Machine and a Trupctlxmdrm 15(10)Heaven Is a Place on EarthBelinda Carlisle 1 'irgm 16(17)CocoonTimeriderljsson 17(24)That‘s The Way It lst and KimSuprt’ntt’ 18(16)The Right Combinationsev-enth A venue.‘v'ig}ilmun' 19(19)When I Will Be Famouslirost ‘BS 20(-)Who‘s Leaving Whol lazell I)eanI-.‘MI Promo 21(21)0 L'AmourDtillarlxmdon 22(18)Savin' Myselllzria FachinSuturda)’ 23(-)LiesAmanda ScottQtuuer 24(14)Shake Your Lovel)ehhie (iibsonA (lartrrt' 25(-)Give Me Hope. Jo'Annahl-dey-