League. Flyers should not be unduly troubled by the struggling Pirates in their bid to keep the pressure on Murrayfield at the top of the table.


I Ayr 0mins v Peterborough Pirates Ayr Ice Rink. Lirnekilns Road. Ayr ((1292 263024). 7.15pm. £2.5()(£1.5()). Heineken League.


Every school in Scotland is this week

, being sent the lirst details of the new

1 kids programme of Sport Aid '88,

1 together with a colour poster pack

I aboutthe yearolsport, music and

E carnival which is raising money and

l attention for children here and

i throughout the world.

i The pack- and £10,000 to help the ; campaign - is a gift to Sport Aid '88 i lrom the Post Ollice to mark the launch ; on 22 March of the special issue of 1 sport stamps, celebrating |


anniversaries in football, tennis, skiing and gymnastics. There's just a week or two to go

: belore the launch at the main 1 programme of Sport Aid ’88 and the 1 first day of Global Registration on Thursday 7 April, the date when people everywhere around the world can begin signing up for the next 10km Race Against Time on 11 September.

As a warm-up to The Race Against Time, children aged 14 and under in Scotland and throughout the world have their own event: The Sport Aid

1000, a 1000m race. Every Scottish 1 school has been invited to stage the 1 race, but kids who want to sign up and i run can ask their youth club, sports I group or parents to help.

i As well as checking out The List every

lortnight, it's easy to keep up to date

with all the news on Sport Aid '88.

l There‘ll be special reports every

l Saturday morning lrom 9 April on lTV's

; Get Fresh, with star presenters Gaz Top

3 and David Grant— and there'll be

; regular updates on Independent Radio.

1 In schools which subscribe to The

E Times Network, justtype Sportnet at

3 Systems prompt lor instant


3 It you are interested in taking part in

9 Scotland lor Sport Aid '88, orwould like

' to stage an event—sporting, musical or

anything! to support kids worldwide,

please write in (including a large SAE)

to Sport Aid '88 UK Events, 140

Battersea Park Road, London SW11. And it you are planning something in

Scotland let The List know too, so we

can give it some publicity. Watch out

tor more news 01 Sport Aid ’88 in the

next List.

I Glasgow Eagles v ltlrltcaldy Kestrels Summit Centre. Minerva Way. Finneston.

Glasgow. (041 204 2215). 5pm. £2 (£1). League.

Saturday 12

I Ayr Bruins v Solihull Barons Ayr Ice Rink (all details as above).


I Ayr Bruins v Streatham Redskins Ayr Ice Rink (all details as above).

I Murraylield Racers v Whitley Warriors Murraylield Ice Rink. Riversdale Crescent, Edinburgh (031 337 6933). 6.30pm. £2.80 (£1.70). Heineken League. A vital match for Racers against the surprise team olthe season. Warriors led the league tor a period, and will push the home side hard. With File running neck and neck, Racers can‘t afford any slip-ups.


I Senior Fours Scottish Cup League Final Lanarkshire Indoor Bowling Club. Marshall Street. Wishaw. 2pm.

Saturday 5

I Scotland V England Peffermill. Peffermill Road. Edinburgh. lilam. One oftwo internationals against the English today. although I suspect there will be a few more

people at Murrayfield this afternoon.

Sunday 6

I Scotland V England Peffermill. Peffermill Road. Edinburgh. 10am. Under-21 International.

RUGBY Saturday 5


I Scotland V England Murrayfield.

Edinburgh. 2.30pm. All-ticket. As usual. they will be long gone by now. but television will provide some solace for those who missed out. Scotland played well though losing a classic match in Wales last month. and will be looking to record a victory against the traditional enemy. who have suffered defeats at the handsof France and Wales already. Scotland start favourites but that often sounds like a recipe for a Scottish disaster.

Saturday 12


I Watsonians v Glasgow Acads Myreside. Myreside Road. Edinburgh. 3pm.

I Stewart Melville F? v Edinburgh Acads Inverleith. Ferry Road. Edinburgh. 3pm. I West at Scotland v Kilmamock Burnbrae. Glasgow Road. Milngavie. 3pm.

Wednesday 16

I Edinburgh U21 V South U21 Meggetland. Colinton Road. Edinburgh. 7pm. Representative Match.


I Scottish Schools Championship Meadowbank Sports Centre. London Road. Edinburgh. 10am. The Scottish Table Tennis Association report a much larger than expected and extremely encouraging entry for this. so it could be a long day.


I Scottish Table Tennis Festival Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre. Largs. The weekend incorporates the Butterfly Scottish Closed Championships on Saturday. with a 9am start. Friday evening sees the opening part of the Scottish Inter-League team tournament at 8pm. with the final stages on Sunday.




I French and Saunders ( 1313(‘219—1),31)pm. New series of the sketch show starring Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

I Arena: An Andalucian Journeyt 1313(2) 9.3(1— 10.20pm. (iipsy ntusic from Southern Spain.

I Aftermath (Scottish) ‘)-- lllpm. ()ne year on. Peter Williams presents a documentary that looks back at the appalling events of the Zeebruggc ferry disaster. What lessons can be Icarned'.’ Passengers and crew recall the events.

I The War at the Worlds 1 Scottish) l—2.35am. Worth staying up for this 1953 adaptation of HG. Wells' book made

ofthe 1930s. This stars (iene Barry. Les Tremayne and Ann Robinson.


I Bob Says Opportunity Knocks 1 1315(1) 7.25-8.2(lpm. Return ofthe 'l‘\' talent show.

I Arena: An Andalucian Journeyr BB( ‘2) 8—9.1)Spm. Secortd part ofthe documentary on the life of the gypsiesof Southern Spain.

I Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (138(2) 8. 15— Ill.ll$pm. Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the classic western - made in 196‘).

IWelcometo LA (1113(‘2)9.1)5—)1).1)5pm. Reports from "The Dream Factory ' as LA salutes British culture. and introductions to the two films portraying LA life which follow: Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye and John Boorman's Point Blank.

I The Comic Strip Presents. . . MrJolly Lives Next Ooor1(‘4) 111.51» 1 l .51)pm. Peter (‘ook lends gravitas to the on-form series. playing a hit man employed to "lake ( )ut‘ Nicholas Parsons (played by himself). But has there been some mistake'.’ Next door Rik Mayall and Adrian lidmondson run a seedy escort agency. Directed by Sammy and Rosie Get Laid director. Stephen Frears.

IThe Stunt Man ((11) I 1.5(lpm 2.1(lant. Enjoyable comedy thriller with Peter O'Toole as a megalomaniacal film director.

I OurMan Flint (Scottish) 12.31)-2.31)am. Send up. over the top James Bond style caper. with James ('oburn as the special agent. Made in 1966.


I Review (BBCZ) S. 15—555p1n. Including an interview with David Byrne. and. as "I'Ls‘ Pity She's a Whore continues at the Citz and opens in London with a production directed by Alan Ayckbourn for the National. asks why incest is a theatrical taboo for today‘s writers and producers.

I Discoveries Underwater ( 1313(2) 8.05—8.55pm. Not since Jacques (‘ousteau has the BB(‘sunk so much money it) to filming underwater. For the first time the divers will be able to talk directly to cameras they explore the the oceans' sea beds. The first tells the story of the search for a 17th century Spanish galleon offthe coast of Florida. Hope they don't have to

pull the plug on thisseries.

I Showtime lrom the Apollo ( BBCZ) 9.35—lllpm. Following the Arena documentary. a new series ofhighlights frorn the Fifties heyday of the famous centre of black American entertainment. The first programme has jazz from Lionel llarttpton and Count Basie together with Nat King ('ole performing ‘(‘alypso Blues'.

I Not Metal (Scottish) llL—Ill.3llpm. Return of London Weekend's classy newspaper satire written by Andrew Marshall arid David Renwick and starring Robert I lardy it) his dual role of Editor and Proprietor. .Iohn (iordon Sinclairisn't in the new series. but his absence ought to be more than made tip for by the

appearance of Richard Wilson (alias

; Iiddte (‘lockerty irt 'l'uttr' Hutu). Wilson I plays the new Managing Editor. 21 famous by the ()rson Welles' radio version

has-been 'l‘\' presenter. who intends to clean up the paper.

I Life Without George (1313(‘1 )

llL ll).3(lpm. Another returning comedy

series Pcnny ('roft's gentle comedy of

unrequited love. starring Simon ('adell and (‘arol Royle.

I Screen Two: Love Birds ( 1313(2) Ill-11.15pmfl‘he story of two I Ialifax mill workers facing rcdurtdancy and their wives. both of whom are about togive birth. Written by Barry ('ollins.

I The Modern World: Ten GreatWriters ((4) SAS- ‘).5(lpm. 'I'. S. liliot and his influential poem. The Waste Land getsthe Bragg treatment it) the penultimate programme til the series.

I The South Bank Show 1 Scottish)

111.31) 1 1.311pm. Profile oftheoriginal comic Lenny I lenry which includes specially written sketches for the programme. But early irt his career. llenry very nearly blew it. ('hris'l'arrant remembers that 'Itswas' was about to axe the uncontrollable talent when suddenly it was realised that I Iertry"s impression of David Bellamy had become a cult. Lenny Henry is also one oftltat rare breed. a successful British comedian who looks as if he's going to make it big in America. and The South Bank Show follows him tothe New York club. (‘atclt a Rising Star.

I The Frightened City 1 Scottish)

l.25—-3. 15am. 'I‘hriller from 1961 with Sean ('onnery. llerbert Lom and John (ircgson.


I The West of the Imagination ((‘4 ) 3—4pm. The American West ltas long been recognised as having a crucial place in US history. Not only was it a new territoryto conquer. as the cult of the film Westerns were to demonstrate. it is central tothe understanding of the psyche ofa nation. This six-part documentary from the maker of ( 'osmus‘ and ( ’mtm't‘titms. David Kennard. ought to Itave a fascinating story to tell.

I Bookie (Scottish) 9— lllpm. Second episode of Scottish Television's new drama series starring Maurice Roeves. Ro'eves and Ilannah work well together but judging from the first episode the direction and editing has to pick up pace. I Wogan— With Sue Lawley ( BBCl) 7—7.-1()pm. Terry‘s still on holiday leaving Sue to hold the baby. Guests this week include Russell llarty. Art Garfunkel. Rod Stewart and A~l la.

38 The List 4- I7 March 1988