The Media Show returns to our screens on 8 March (Channel 4, 9pm) with its lively and intelligent magazine-style mixture of items on all aspects ol popular culture. Promoted to a weekly slot, it eschews the smarmy presenter and cult ol the personality profiles to locus with originality on the issues and trends in the world of cinema, television, advertising and all lorm of mass communication.

The lirst programme includes a leature on the Heavy Metal magazine ‘Kerrang’, a revealing look at the vast rewards to be made as a ‘rent-a-gullet’ lorvoicing television commercials and a longer examination of the way contemporary Hollywood has gone ga-ga over the nuclear lamin and the patter of little leet. With lilms like ‘She’s Having a Baby’, ‘Baby Boom’ and ‘Fatal Attraction’ embodying the view that it is possible to be a sexy, loving, lullilled wile, motherand worker, what are the implications lor the leminist movement and how are single careerwomen being perceived? Among those trying to discern a few answers are Nancy Myers, Bidley Scott, Adrian Lyne and critic Judith Williamson who says, ‘The image at the family is rather like the toilet roll

I Horizon ( BB(‘2) 8. l()—9pm. ’I‘wo-parter documenting the Navy's largest military exercise since the Falklands War. The film records the rescue from foreign parts of threatened nationals.

I Moonlighting (BBCZ) 9.30— ll). 15pm. Normally don‘t mention this programme as I assume hip dudes like yourselvesare tuned in anyway. But tonight’s special: Maddie and David are reunited!


IThe Media Show ((‘4) 9— 1opm. Muriel (iray returns with another series ofthe programme that looks at the implications of the doings of the media folk. See panel. I Inspector Morse (Scottish ) 9—- 10pm. Rather unexpectedly. John Thaw‘s latest police series is a huge hit. Back for another series.

I The Play on One: The Party(BBC1) 9.30—1 1.30pm. Last in the excellent series of plays originating from BBC Scotland. TV version of Trevor Griffith's stage play starring Jack Shepherd. Kenneth Cranham. Andrew Kier and Oliver Cotto. The play is set against a background ofthe 1968 Paris riots: in London at the home of a TV producer. the group discuss their belief in a Socialist Society. Much better drama than it sounds.

I Hollywood Salutes British Comedy (Scottish) 10.35—11.35pm. In the presence ofthe the Duke and Duchess of York.

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' ‘- { 2?:t‘09" . ill. ,~

advert- soil but with the emphasis on strength.‘ A stimulating start to another lively series. (Allan Hunter)

Dudley Moore hosts the Los Angeles branch of the British Academy of Film and

Television Arts‘ salute to British comedy.

Boy. am I looking forward to this.

I Super Tuesday (Scottish) 2—2.45pm. ()ne of the advantages ofall night television a special report from ITN on these primary elections. one ofmost important indicators of who might win the race for President.


I Review Special (BBCZ) 7. iii-7.40pm. Three newcomer artists talk about their work in ‘Private View“.

I OED: Whirlpools in Air(BB(‘1) ‘).35—l().ll5pm. Francis Wilson explains what creates a hurricane.

I Dallas (BBCl ) 8—8.5()pm. Welsh actress Annabel Schofield arrives at Southfork and Jenna's marriage could be on the rocks already.

I Chelmslord 123 ((74) ill—10.30pm. Tracing back the rise and rise ofJimmy Mulville to Roman Britain. this Up

( ’helms ford .sort of comedy promises great things. Written by M ttlviIIe and his Who Dares Wins Jimmy McGrath it's based on the indisputable proposition that ( 'helmsford was both funnier and more interesting in Roman times than it is now. I Salem's Lot: The Movie (Scottish) Midnight—2.05am. Genuinely scary vampire movie made for American TV in 1979 and starringJames Mason.


I A Private Function ( (‘4) 9.304 1.20pm Alan Bennett‘s screen play is only one of the marvellous things about this film. A gentle but increasingly bizarre send-up of the nostalgia surrounding class snobbery and rationing in post-war Britain. with Michael Palin. Maggie Smith and Denholm Elliott all on top form. The direction by Alan Mowbray is sharp and funny and the pig is a natural.

I 40 Minutes: l, Alison (BBCZ) 9.3(l—1l).10pm. You may remember Alison French. from a BBCdocumentary seven years ago. Now 24 she still suffers as an athetoid spastic. her body never still.

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