even when she‘s asleep. But her personality has won through against her handicap. and this documentary picks up the story as she is about to marry. . .

I On The House (BBC2) 7.30—8pm. New series of the DIY programme. kickingoff with a topical report on smoke detectors. I What The Papers Say(C4)8—8. 15pm. Presented by The Daily Mirror's Paul Foot.

I Arena: Last Waltz in Vienna (BBCZ) 9.30— 10.30pm. To coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the ‘Anschluss'of Austria with Germany. a repeat showing of the film based on Georg Klaar‘s book telling the story of three generationsof Viennese Jews.

I Barry Humphries - This is Your Lunch (BBCI) 10.20-1 1pm. Showbiz tribute to the Australian comic. with special guest star Dame Edna.


I The Comic Strip Presents. . . The Yob (C4) l(l.5(l—l 1.50pm. Keith Allen and Gary Olsen get mixed up with a ‘psychic teleportation' experiment.

I Super Spies Double Bill (Scottish)

1 l .(lSpm—3.3()am. The Double Man from 1967 with Yul Brynner as (TIA agent up against his behind-the-iron-curtain double. followed by Topaz a less than brilliant llichcock film starringJohn Forsythe of Dynasty fame. made in 196‘).

I Screen Two: Shadow on the Earth ( BBCZ) lllpm. This is the first screen play by David Kane whose stage play State of Confusion starts its tour this fortnight (see Guest List). Set in Fife on a housing sccme in 1961 at the time ofthe first space fights. it‘s about a group ofchildren obsessed with the notion ofspace flight who suspect the stranger in the area. played by Andrew


The two-part documentary Into Nicaragua, the first part 01 which Chanel Four broadcasts on 14 March, wouldn’t have been possible it it hadn‘t been tor a remarkable commitment to the project by its crew.

The lilming at this story at a Scottish doctor and a midwile who elected to abandon their more comtortable careers in Britain to spend two years helping in the Nicaraguan Health Service, was only possible because the crew (all members at the Scottish ACTT Nicaraguan Support Group) agreed to work on a deterred payment basis— knowing they might never be paid. While Kate, the midwile, was using her

wedding as a fund raising event to buy vitally needed medical equipment to take with them to Nicaragua, Cormorant Films were attempting to raise through charitable donation the initial tilm budget at £2500. Six months later the Scottish Film Production Company stepped in with a further £15,000 to allow lilming to continue but it was two years belore Channel Four took up the commission and the rest at the £130,000 total budget was met.

The tirst part lollows the couple trom money-raising at home to impressions ol the country on arrival, and part two (which can be seen on Mon 21 March) returns eighteen months later to report on the progress being made in the

country recently awarded the World Health Organisation's annual prize tor the greatest achievements in health

care by a Third World nation. (Nigel Billen)

Dallmeyer. of being an alien. The film is directed by Letter to Brezhnev director (‘hris Bernard.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

10.35-1 1.35pm. Up and coming composer Peter Dickinson profiled.

I The Time The Place (Scottish) 11.35pm—l2.35am. First of a seriesof special link-ups for the programme normally broadcast in the mornings. Michael Scott will be presenting live link-ups with studio audiences in Moscow.


I Into Nicaragua ((‘4) ‘)—9.45pm First of two films made by Edinburgh based production company. (,‘ormorant Films. tellingthe story of Kate and Richard. a Scottish midwife and doctor who made the decision to devote two years oftheir working life to Nicaragua’s health service. See panel.

Admission Free

Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow

DUTCH and F LEMISH OLD MASTER DRAWINGS From the Print Room of the University of Leiden 23 January 31 March 1988 Glasgow showing subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm; Sat 9.30am-1pm

Tel: ()41 330 4221

I The Midnight Movie: The First Deadly Sin (Scottish)Midnight—2.()5am. Frank Sinatra and Faye Dunaway in a New York based cop thriller - made in 1980.


I Budget 88 (Scottish) 3—5.45pm. Coverage of Nigel Lawson's latest financial wizardry.

I Martin Luther King: The Legacy(Scottish) 10.45pm. 20 years to the day since the assassination of the civil rights campaigner. Thames Television present this special documentary. It looks at the FBl‘s attempts to destroy him and tries to discover whether King's message has been interpreted into actions in today's America.

I The Lawyer (Scottish) 12. lSprn—2.3llzim. Not made as a pilot from a TV show, but it turned out to be all the same. Barry Newman went on to star in I’errot‘t’lli.


I Creditors ((11) l().3(l—l2. 15pm. TV studio version of August Strindberg's play with the cast of the praised Almeida Theatre production of 1986 Suzanne Bertish. Jonathan Kent and Ian McDiarmid.


I Film on Four ((‘4)9.3(H 1 . 15pm. Despite many entertaining moments. Charley Gormley‘s tale of a (‘atholic school in Glasgow obsessed with raising its founder to sainthood. is flawed by its lack of internal logic. Tom (‘onti and l lelen Mirren struggle bravely to rescue the film by their performances. only just. in the end.huhng.

I House 01 Wax (Scottish) l.15--2.5(lam. 1953. Nasty little horror outing for Vincent Price.


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