. Hardly have we folded away the . Damat‘ts. and the nation‘s fashion g houses and high street stores are i hittinguswiththeirsutnmer

Chaps. meanwhile. can tog themselves out in nautical sweaters. baggy high-waisted trews and pastel

collections. lloweyer cold the weather. go shopping for woolltes and oyercoats at this time of year and What you‘ll find instead are stores lull olshort sleeyes and swimming


pink suits from Paul Smith. ()r they can pop into Next For Men. buy (iino jeans and checked shirts or pressed white trousers and blazers. and come out looking like ‘James Dean on the ranch/James Dean at

costumes. acting school (‘ary Grant on an ocean liner.'

Whatever the style. one thing that‘s certain is that the stores will be hoping to do well this season: for many ofthem. winter sales were pretty disappointing. The weather was perverser mild and there just

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But when summer does finally Hemlines went up but winter sales stayed low. But next arrive. what is it the keen MW” of season, expect caution to be thrown to the summer

lashion should look like'.’ 01‘ perhaps ; ' g ' the question is who should they look l breezcs' ‘Idnc Lamacrdft reports'

like‘.’ ‘( iraee Kelly and Audrey younger market). ‘(iigi and Jackie llephurn.'saysthepressladyl‘rom ' ()nassis.‘Warehouse(theJeffBanks ; Next »or.ilyouhuylromtheii Next f group)isalso offering "l’he Audrey

scarf-neck blouses. lot ol‘chiffon and Rivera pants). while (‘&A predict ‘pretty bare necklines and hour-glass


5 jacketin navyorcream. 5 woolshorts.bothby0irk Van SanetromThe

~ Sturgeon a wrap blouse and l baggytrousers in rayon.

l | l

l'oo branches (aimed at a rather

Warehouse. 61.65 Glasstord Street. Glasgow. 041 552 4181.

Top Right: Narrow striped one-piece swimsuit. cotton mix in navy/pink(£24.95) trom Laura Ashley Ltd. 199 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 041 333 0850 and 126 Princes Street. Edinburgh.0312251218. Bottom Right: By Sara

(£150 upwards) trom Corniche. 2-4 Jettrey Street. Edinburgh. 031 556 3707.

Hepburn Look‘ (5(ls‘-style


Above: Mono print viscose pleated skirt with matching blouse in navy/white and lawn/white (£39.95 blouse; £39.95 skirt) trom branches ol Laura Ashley.

Centre: Pink rose print sheath dress. back buttoned. tully lined 100% polyester (£36.99) lrom branches at Next.

top flight: Indigo denim jacket with leather collar. 100% cotton (£45.99). Beige styled cotton trousers (also navy and white) 100% cotton (£29.99). Ecru/navy long sleeve matelot T-shlrt. 100% cotton (£14.99) trom branches at Next.

Bottom Right: One dress born a range at styles in “Garden' labric. yellow/black, yellow/red. white/black, green/blue. 100% country cotton trom Vuokko. 20 Momingside

Road, Edinburgh. 447 9172.

wasn‘t much money around. What

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