oil andl novel on. And now here we are in 1988. with ugly rumours circulating about the Seventies sneaking back into fashion.

‘lt‘s much more James Brown and Soul Train than the Gary Glitter glam thing.‘ explains Prior. ‘It all started with the clubs. and a few specialist shops selling flares and leather mini-skirts.’ So far. it looks set to remain a clubber's phenomenon. a ghetto fashion. But for those of us who actually lived through the age of Starsky and Hutch cardigans and platform boots those of us who welcomed the arrival ofSills. loafers and Paul Smith suits with joy and gratitude it's still a little too close for comfort.

()fcourse. a lot of fashion starts not on the catwalks of Milan. Paris or London. nor in the big clothing chain stores. but on the streets. Street style remains very much a DIY affair. either for financial reasons (slitting the knees of your Levis is jolly cheap.after all) or as a rebellion against mainstream anonymity. Whether it's punk. gothic. skinhead or Seventies' soulster. it is much more than a way ofdress: it becomes a mark of tribal kinship. a code of


Putting the drama back into fashion shows is w hat the \N'archouse. (ilasgow have in mind for their next show in May. ()ut goes the catwalk. and in comes Borderline Theatre (‘o. who will be staging what promises to be a yerystylish and entertaining event and showing off the Warehouse‘s new high summer collections. It will be held in I’rinces Square. probably on the evening a. 18 May.

Also new at the Warehouse isJunior (iaultier. a slightly unfortunate name for a highly desirable product -- younger. cheaper styles (for men and women) from French fashion guru Jean Paul (iaulticr. and a Jasper (‘onran collection for

'women for the first time. And if you‘ve a taste for fine detail look out for Belgian designer Dries van Noten whose latest styles are inspired by the British raj. ICHl-Nl-SAN AT FOLLIES Ichi-ni-San. well into their second successful year in the Merchant City. (ilasgow. will be holding an afer midnight fashion show at Follies. Pitt Street . Thurs ll) March. 12.30am—Iam. £3 at the door. Mens and womens clothes. from suits to swimwear. spring and summer collections.

KATHERINE HAMNETT AND NIGEL COATES You certainly get your fashionable money‘s worth with Katherine Ilamnett. designer of the boldly stated political

pels wide enough to write a

camaraderie and mutual taste. r


quite simply a dogged determination not to be overlooked in the crowd. It requires unswerving dedication to the cause: specialist stockists must be sought out nationwide and ()xfam shops scoured. and a willingness to buckle to with the needle and thread is often essential. ‘(iive yourself the Gaultier hourglass shape by wearing old-fashioned lace corsets over T-shirts.‘ urged Elle magazine; paint your boiler suit. said (-1). The latter magazine self-style fashion victim‘s l‘ll(1(’"1(’(‘lll71— went so far as to suggest the inside-out suit. and ‘Mothercare (‘outure'z a Babygro sewn to the front of your T-shirt.

Ho ho. you go. But street fashion does have a sneaky way ofending up in some form or another. sooner or later. on the high street shelves. Timid trendies. for example. reluctant to rip the emblem off their own or come to that. anyone else‘s VW. as Beastie Boys fans recently did. can now buy broad rubber belts bearing car emblems in Paul Smith‘s shops. So don't laugh too loudly when the next outrageous street style walks past; next year. you might be paying designer prices for it.

anarchic architectural group .\'A'l'(). It‘ll be very (iaudi. very extreme and should make (‘harlcs Rennie Mackintosh look like Homes and (fun/ens.


‘Movers’ of Scottish Ballet will be choreographing. dancing and modelling the latest collections from ('ruise (‘lothes as part of a ('harity (iala to be attended by Princess Margaret in aid of Scottish Ballet Studio'l'heatre development. Amongst those also appearing will be Robbie (‘oltrane and members of the cast from 'I'ulli Frurli. ('i!_\' I .ig/rrs and Naked V idea. Theatre Royal. Hope Street. (ilasgow. l3 March. 7.30pm. USO-£13.50. FURNISHING MOVES FROM LAURA ASHLEY A new. enlarged Laura Ashley furnishing store will open at ()(l (ieorge Street. Edinburgh on 21 March. The current shop in George Street will become a showroom for the Decorator (’ollection a new. more expensive and tip-market range previously only available in London.

FASHION SHOW FOR DISABLED CHILDREN Andrea Mackie. who is opening herown designer clothes shop at 45 William Street. Edinburgh this week. is hostinga gala fashion show in aid of the Lady lloare Trust for disabled children. It will be held at the Roxburghe Hotel on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 March at 7.30pm. Tickets £5 from Judith

Robertson. The Lady lloare Trust. 3 "MELESS STYLE T-shirt and parachute silk boilersuits. She Seton Place. Iiidinbtirgli. («,7 5930. but proving "moles; style is called in architect Norman Foster to they are going fast. and Monday is mom "'8" money can buy design her new shop in London (it wasa Virtually sold out. ' former garage. has huge cavernous spaces THE IVY LEAGUE (L:;’e:czt:fpi$fi:°$:°s or . mung" . "h and no street level windows). For her new The ivy League. 47 West Nicolson mac”) an "on", on" ' eglféh‘wrhm’O‘fgm: Glasgow shop. opening in the Street. Edinburgh is the place to catch Wilde, the macaw schom , autumnal“ w“ 20. "r Mackintosh-inspired Princes Square at new work by Scottish fashion designers of A", an (old fly“) mack g 2M 6"“. ia’n Lonny" the end of March. she has engaged Nigel andjust arrived isthc brightly coloured mum, and ("own") "a" who “2 "‘3‘" n" (‘oates. founder of the bizarre and spring/summer collection. “many. “on sharp 2nd cm:

The Grolsch That’s Style competition, exclusive to Scotland, uttered two ways to win and two main prizes. A series at heats in the nightclubs around the country produced, alter the grand linal in Follies, Glasgow the most stylish looking person -they won a modelling contract with a London agency. But it was List reader Lorenzo Mele who came top at the That’s Style questionnaire with his account at his stylish litestyle - and won the £1000 prize. Below is his taste ol the eighties. Opposite Sally Kinnes silts her personal highlights of the hundreds oi entries.


They may have nothing else in common but Lenin 'the greatest man at 20th century'. Valerie Singleton and Jane Austen are Lorenzo's choice at heroes/heroines.


To Lorenzo's choice at titles illustrated -- Daily Mirror. Morning Star, Blitz. Smash Hits, Vogue L’Uomo, Man Alive, and The List -- should be added L’Unita and The Face. Favourite articles: international politics and arts reviews. Favourite place to read them: the Underground, the living room.

48 The List 4— 17 March 1988