MAKING TRACKS All-time favourite songs? Lorenzo's hit list is tracks by Billie Holiday and The ' Smiths. plus (not illus) Grace Jones. Stan Get: and SisterSledge.


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weekend in Paris. Lorenzo

wouldtlinginto hissuitcase DM shoes. Studio Line Hair Gel. Toothbrush. Condoms and (not shown) a


The £1000 question: what would he do it he wonthe money? A trip to Peru/Bolivia. and a new lavatory.



STYLE ON THE BOX Broohside, Viva Espaiia (and Yolanda Vasquez). Taggart and (not shown) Cagney and Lacey, would he the programmes Lorenzo would shed a tear over ilthe telly blew up.


With a chance to be anyone lrom a film. book orera. ilemy Fielding's Tom Jones was Lorenzo’s preferred choice because ‘he has an excellent. naughty time and gets away with it.’

define. but the replies to the ‘Grolsch - That‘s Style' questionnaire. distributed to young people all over Scotland at the end of last year. had plenty to say on the subject. Not quite the sort of epigrammatic brevity Oscar Wilde was known for.

Wilde‘s charm and wit is still appreciated however. Winner Lorenzo Mele included him as one of the five ‘objects. songs. people or places' he felt represented 'timeless style‘ though the wordsmith may have felt less than happy about being included alongside ‘black taxi cabs'. "Tuscany" ‘Mozart' and the ‘Glasgow School of Art'. More to Wilde‘s own style may have been the entrant who. to the question 'If you won the i ll)le prize what would you do with it'.” responded dryly ‘Count it'.

The Seventies. which evidently haven‘t been ‘out' nearly long enough to be ‘in'. (whatever fashion gurus threaten) universally drew the harshest comments of the whole questionnaire. There was nearly unanimous disapproval for the flares some of us used to wear so proudly. with the crease painstakingly ironed in. The ‘pseudo-active potential heart attack victims‘ who wear tracksuits to go shopping in Safeways on a Sunday didn’t fare too well either. And we can categorically confirm that codpieces. corsets and bustles are (1e imp and that ‘punk has sunk'. hopefully without trace.

Answers to the question. ‘What would you pack if you were about to go to Paris for the weekend and have 5 minutes to pack‘." drew answers which were clearly much more to do with free association than style. Condoms and silky underwear were high on the list. So were Sllls. dinner suits and silk bow ties. ()ne entrant was determined not to be impressed by what the French think they do well and packed a flask of coffee'. Only one entrant thought a pair ofjodhpurs would come in handy.

In an age which derides uniformity. nearly everyone thought style was a matter of personal preference and claimed to dress to please themselves not anyone else. Televison was surprisingly spurned and to the question your TV has blown up which programme would you shed a tear over. one entry volunteered ‘I placed the dynamite and lit the fuse.’ So much for all-night T\'

Bed was by far the most popular place for reading magazines. and business must be booming for newsagents judging by the quantity consumed. There was a mysterious discrepancy between best read magazines and most enjoyed articles however and how much of his favoured ‘international politics' winner Lorenzo finds in Vogue 1. 'L'unzu. and Smash Hits is anybody guess though he can always fall back on the Morning Star I suppose.

We‘re pleased to report that the ambition to ‘travel. meet people and be happy" much favoured in the replies ofbeauty contestants. didn't figure prominently in answers to ‘Your dreams. goals for the future’." ‘Sell all my horses‘ was one of the most unusual replies whilst ‘make lots of money fast and be a jet-set yuppie‘ would have put the entrant right out ofthe Miss World stakes.

This questionnaire must be one of the few places which could put Mary Poppins. ('ount Dracula. Mr Pye and Ginger Rogers all in the same category not for being stylish. but the character from a film/book/era you would most like to be. Some choices were carefully qualified. like ‘(‘leopatra but only to experience the physical and sensuously emotional love of Mark Anthony and to wear the jewellery". No mention of the asp.

We should in theory be able to describe a profile of the most chic person around from combined entries. Roughly they would dress like Gatsby. move like Fred Astaire. have the wit ofGroucho Marx and live in the Glasgow School of Art. They‘d eat lobster in Raffles. Guinness in Dublin and cream bagels on the moon. And the last. and most popular word in style according to this questionnaire? ‘Any colour you like. so long as it‘s black.‘

The List 4— 17 March 1988 49