Peter Brook’s nine-hourtheatrical epic, THE MAHABHARATA, is having its only UK performances in Glasgow between 13 April and 17 May. Not only is this one of the maiortheatrical events otthe century, it is also the iirst time that the work oi Peter Brook’s company, the International Centre ForTheatrical Research. has been seen in Scotland.

Audiences are clearly eager to catch this masterpiece which has been in preparation for 13 years. The British premiere at the Old Museum oi Transport, Albert Drive, Glasgow, is still over a month away and already tickets are very scarce.

The List is very pleased to be able‘to otter a pair 01 tickets (worth £30 each) for the marathon showing oi The Mahabharata on Tuesday 17 May (1 pm-11pm) to the winner olthis Iree-to-enter competition. In addition we have two copies of Peter Brook’s new book, THE SHIFTING POINT 40 YEARS OF THEATRICAL EXPLORATION: 1946— 1987 (Methuen £14.95 hardback) and two copies at THE MAHABHARATA script (Methuen £4.95 paperback)

as runner-up prizes.

All you have to do is answer the question if ; send in the form by Wednesday 23 March ' ~

when the draw will take place.

What is the rough translation oi MAHABHARATA?

Daytime Tel ....................... ..

Send to MAHABHARATA Competition, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE.

Barry Backhander's appeal Ior mementoes oi Scotland brought lorth an amusing selection ol gilts - both real and imaginary— trom those at you who entered the lirst 01 our National Theatre competitions. They ranged trom a handy travel pack 01 instant porridge to a Glasgow's Miles Better sticker and a sunset over Scaba postcard. This was in addition to unsubstantiated otters oi a tree ticket to Disco Viva's singles' night. a copy ol The List and haggis ice cream. What really mattered was that Elizabeth Taylor. Paul Newman and Burl Ives were the stars ol the lllm version at Cat On A Hot Tin Rootand the readers to win tickets tor the National Theatre’s version were Julian Dawydiak, Carl Elliott (both Glasgow); Anne Houston (Cumbemauld); G. Gardiner (Ayr); Alan Edwards, F. A. Robertson, Ronald Maclennan and Charles McOuarrie (all lrom Edinburgh). Runner-up T-shirts are on their way to P. Smith (Glasgow); Jane Stewart (Rentrew); Lillian McPherson (Port Glasgow); Piers Schrelber, Eric Yaltey. Alison Campbell. Debbie Watson and Mark Coupar (all Edinburgh).

Entries tor the Scottish Love Poems

m V*\.;

.g ,r' ,- I‘

competition varied lrorn the soppy to the cynical. Invariany the cynical ones were the most lun so they got the prizes. But whydid everyone assume that the Scottish loverwas male? Two at the winners came up with a bit oi poetry themselves. The muse Inspired Alastair Paul to write:

A Scot on returning back home

From a holiday spent in Rome

Said. when asked how they rate.

‘As lovers they're great,

But the Scotsman’s still out on his own.’ While Tim Kirby's thoughts on the matter went:

‘With passions hot

The ardent Scot

Thwarts Arctic cold in bed;

But where the clime

ls more sublime

Italian men can take Iesstime

Then go to sleep instead.‘

The other tour readers to win a copy ot Scottish Love Poems (Canongate Publishing) were: Lynne Dougall, George



Every time Deacon Blue have played Glasgow in the last two years the gig has been a sell-out. Tickets lortheir 2 April concert at Glasgow Barrowland have been selling so well that a second show has had to be added on 3 April. The List is olierlng the following prizes to the winners at this competition: 1st Prize: A pair ol tickets lor the 2 April gig plus a copy at their ‘Raintown’ LP. 2nd Prize: A pair at tickets tor their 2 April gig. 3rd Prize: A copy 01 ‘Raintown' tor 1D runners-up. Simply answer the question and send «' a the lorm by Thursday 24 i , _ March when the draw

“' 'giiilltake . place.



Three singles have been taken Irom Deacon Blue's debut LP ‘Raintown' name any one 01 them:

Daytime Tel .............................. ..

Send to DEACON BLUE Competition, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ITE.



Death and drugs on Dublin‘s streets lorm the backdrop to THECDURIER.

a cat and mouse thriller opening at the Cannon on Friday 11 March. The List isgiving away 10 pairs 01 tickets (5 pairs Ior Glasgow and 5 pairs lor Edinburgh) to thewinners olthis competition. Each winner and 15 runners-up will also receive a stylish Courier poster. Simply answerthe question and send in the lorm by Thursday 1 0 March when the draw will take place.

Until last year Cait O‘Riordan. who stars in The Courier. was bass playerand song-writer in which chart pop group?

E Daytimetel ........................................ .. Send to THE COURIER Competition, The.

List. 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH1 1TE.*"


Thomson, J. Soutar and Kevin Dugan.

There was a predictably big response to our Budweiser competition. most people answering correctly that this year's Superbowl was held in San Diego. that it was Walter Payton who retired this yearand that New York has two NFL teams. The winner at the case of Budweiser. thanks to Scottish Brewers. was James Woodhead oi Edinburgh. and the lollowing people will be getting Budweiser T-shirts: Frank Irvine, David Carruthers (Glasgow); Scott Douglas (Linlithgow); Paul Lynch (Paisley): John Ritchie. Andrew Brown. Pete Jones. Stuart Robertson, David Weir and Amanda Welsh (all Edinburgh).

The lollowing readers will be taking a lriend to see THE CAULDRON at the Brunton Theatre tor correctly answering that ‘Alba' is the Celtic word Ior Scotland: Simon Gallacher. B.J.R. Biench. John Henshall. Derek Nelson, Andrew Brown. Mark Coupar, A. Richardson, C.J. Kent. Kenneth Lindsay and Maggie Armour. The Cauldron runs until


Saturday 5 March and then Theatre Alba will be taking it on tour.

The pop group who take their name trom a Vulcan Elder is T'Pau and the readers who won a pair at tickets tor the all-nightSTAR TREK marathon last week were: R.W.B. McIntyre. Gary Brewer. Alastair Pringle (all Glasgow); Alexander Houston (Cumbemauld); George Pomery. Gary vaertnia. John Cinnitie and Paul Lowrie (all Edinburgh). Andrew Cook olWilkieston and Alan MacFarlane oi Glasgow both won a copy 01 STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION now available on ClC Video.

PRICK UP YOUR EARS was based onthe lite oI Joe Orton and the lollowing readers have won a pair ol tickets to see Stephen Frear’s new lllm SAMMY AND ROSIE GET LAID: Jenniler Smith. Angela McCourt, Heather Campbell (all Glasgow); Colin Geddes, Anna Gararro and Jason Carnevale (all Edinburgh). The lollowing readers won a copy at Nanil Kureishi's SCRIPT AND DIARY (Faber G Faber £4.95): Stephen Grant (Glasgow); Rona Thomson (Lanark), Ken Houston and Sarah Maitland (both Edinburgh).

54Thc List 4— 17 March 1988