I Spanish paintersccks

studio with other artists

with view to sharing costs j and ideas. Edinburgh/ 1 Glasgow. Tel 031 447 2820. l I Three professionals seek : West End Glasgow flat.

Three bedrooms and sitting A room required. Ring04l 357 3722 after 6pm. ' I Wanted North-west Glasgow. South-facing large room with large windows. Non-furnished or furnished. Phone F. Taylor. 041 339

0139 (afternoons).



l I Writer(21) non-smoker. j ambitions ofbeing William I Shakespeare. seeks own 1 room in quiet shared flat. ' Phone Douglas on 031 225 j 6465 ext 500. , I Room in large house close to Calton Hill. Share kitchen 1 and other facilities. 1 including garden and park.

Sino-Scottish relations hit rock bottom at precisely 7.32 this morning. I was in the shower at the time when I heard an eldritch screetch from the kitchen. Nothing unusual about that however; it happens whenever Derek Jamieson comes on the air. But la belle dame sans merci soon appeared in person to inform me that there was water water everywhere and she was not amused.

For the past year we‘ve been trying without success to get our upstairs’ neighbours to do something about a leaking pipe. All Friday it had dripped down. like a Chinese torture. and tempers had got frayed.

Eventually assurances were given that the pipe would be repaired, making redundant the basin under the sink which had been gathering the drips. Now we could sleep easy in our warm and dry beds. And have pipe-dreams. no doubt. Fat chance. The drip was steady and getting steadier. There was nothing for it but to confront Mr Hong. despite the fact that he had not got to bed until the early hours when the takeaway shut.

He was most apologetic. At least I think he was. I stuck to body language and reminded him ofthe old Chinese proverb: ‘When a cup is full it overfloweth.‘ He said he‘d see what he could do.

I‘ve lived in flats all my adult life,

Non-smoker. Phone 031 556 5655.

I Professional guy (26) gay. moving to Glasgow in March. needs somewhere to i stay. Phone Mike on 0908 604387 (eve and weekend).

I RADA student on placement in Edinburgh needs accommodation near city centre from 14 March to 8 April. Ring 041 226 4890 (eve).

I Huge airy bright studio

Symon Maclntyre on 031 554 8923.


I Arts-orientated work for intelligent self-motivating mature post-graduate educated woman with management/admin experience. Anything considered. Telephone 031 229 6700.

. .. l,‘ A v. I . a, ,, . .r .3

work. Anything interesting undertaken. Also theatre-orientated. Age 20. Phone 041 956 5911.

I Graduate secretary/PA (35) Outgoing. articulate. artistic. with excellent interpersonal. communication and organisational skills. requires responsible. challenging. varied situation. Phone 031 667

Phone ()41 946 9448 (9am—5pm ).

. -. o . 9097- I Excellent cellistorliddler

s ace for artist(s in Leith. .

’qpvailablc Aprilo)C0ntact I'A'mculélev imeu'gent wanted for folk duo. Must Capable lady W'th have own transport. Work

considerable admin experience and clean driving licence. Anything considered. Phone 031 554 3300.

I Experienced campaigner seeks work promoting pressure group/charity. Anything considered. CV available. Phone Alex on 031229 1553 after 6pm.

Hillhead. Glasgow.



Alan Taylor discusses water margins wide and narrow.

forsaking the dubious pleasures of gardening in favour of living with people above. below and around me. At first I used to share. most notably in London with six expat Scots who couldn‘t look at a lager ad without putting on their coats. That was in Clapham and I came as near then as I ever have to suffering from malnutrition. There being one of us for each day of the week it was decreed that we should take it in turn to buy and cook a meal for the rest. Memory plays fine tricks but I recall the sum 0f£1 being allocated for food. basics like potatoes. salt and canned provisions having been purchased en route to the pub on Saturday lunchtime. That one of the chaps was a vegetarian did not faze the cook ofthe day. He ate a lot of chips. beans and fried eggs and perforce had his own room.

There wasn‘t a moment‘s peace but the parties were good and frequently riotous. Once there was a water fight and my entire wardrobe, two Burton‘s suits. a pair of King‘s Road flares. five shirts with Simon Dee collars, a brown corduroy jacket and a purple pullover. was drenched. Later rowdy guests poured bucketfuls of water through the letter-box ofthe flat above us, occupied by straight-talking Australian nurses.

After Saturday morning I know how they must have felt. Eventually I moved south to Balham where it wasn‘t mandatory to like reggae, but it made life easier if you did. I couldn‘t stand it. I shared with two girls who put up with me frying liver and onions as long as I cleared out any sparrows killed by the cat. I had the feeling I wouldn‘t stay long and

sns no

I Vegetarian cook with an interest in working in a workers‘ co-operative. required for new restaurant in Glasgow's West End.

I Earn 23—24 per hour, part time. ’I‘rustworthy people required to distribute leaflets. Send SAE to A. Vidovic. 102 Raeburn Place. Edinburgh EH4 lHH.

waiting. Contact James Curran. 15 Kersland Street.


I Glasgow club for business and professional people interested in social and cultural activities has temporaryembarrassment u ofwomen members.

6,9,, 5‘:


ugh; 3; 1‘»-




Balance needs redressing. Phone 03552-31537 evenings only.

I lsthere Iile atterwork? Yes. there is with the lntervarsity Club! l\'(‘ is a club for young professional people. We arrange a large number ofdiverse events such as badminton. hillwalking and cinema trips in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. For further details ring Glasgow 041 956 6145 or Dunfermline 738314.

I Lileboat Lunch and Sale Wednesday9 March. 11.30am—2pm. in St Cuthbert‘s Church Hall. King‘s Stables Road. Edinburgh (West End).

In aid ofR.N.L.|. Super lunch— magnificent stalls— too good to miss!

I Wanted: modern comics unusual acts for new club in

lived out of a suitcase for six months.

My only furniture was a bed. a small bookcase and a round bedside table which I bought on a whim in Tooting before I thought of a way of getting it home. it being just too big to get on a Tube. bus or taxi. It was a long way to go with a table on your head and by the looks I got you‘d have thought I was carrying a pitcher ofwater from a well in the Holy Land. It‘s just not true that you can wear anything and get away with it in London.

When I decided to pack up my brother came to stay for a week and immediately noticed my uncurtained windows and how the flat opposite overlooked mine. At a certain time of night expectant female faces gazed across Balham High Street. beaming grins as big as bananas. Even at this remove the sight ofa chimpanzee munching on one is all it takes to bring a flush of embarrassment to my cheeks.

But ifI ever go back to London I‘ll do what I did last week and stay on a houseboat. For most ofthe night. until the tide came in and put us on an even keel. I slept with a foot wedged between the bed and the side ofthe boat, to stop me rolling on to the floor. In the morning I asked the skipper how he could suffer such nocturnal discomfort. ‘Oh. you get used to it‘, he said. ‘Anyway. we‘ve got a water-bed.‘

The List 4— 17 March 1988 55